‘' Who Me ‘'

In my quest for glory,
I will lie and defame,
Make up a false story,
In order to shame,
When it gets gory,
I will pass on the blame,
Though my patsies may not agree.

The truth I will change,
To suit my needs,
I say, re-arrange,
My ego, this feeds,
It's not really strange,
That I sow the seeds,
While someone else pays the fee.

I'll go above and beyond,
To prove I am right,
Through the evil I've spawned,
You will soon see the light,
Though the truth has dawned,
I'm not very bright,
Even then, I will not let it be.

For those documents, a crook?
Yet there was no offence,
When I gave Putin a look,
He exclaimed, they're defence,
For the copies he took,
I'll blame Mike Pence,
Insanity, will be my plea.

 Least said soonest mended,
Get your nose out my trough,
To those I've offended,
In your faces I'll scoff,
On those I've depended,
They're now saying, sod off?
I ask you, why would they flee.

With the mind of a child,
Some say, spoiled brat,
All those I've defiled,
They claim I'm a rat,
The evidence they've compiled,
Means I'm going to fall flat.
They're trying to cause a melee.

With loser I'm embossed,
This fact I'll deny,
They claimed that I lost,
I say, it's a lie,
There will be a cost,
Yes, people will die,
They don't know the meaning of free.

When I'm granted immunity,
The law I will flout,
I'll kill with impunity,
So be in no doubt,
If not in my community,
You'll be on the way out,
I'll go on a murderous spree.

Litigation now rife,
It's a sign of the times,
They are causing such strife,
Now for me the bell chimes,
Though the bane of my life,
I'll now pay for my crimes,
The verdict is guilty,

‘' Who Me ‘'

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‘` Who Me ‘`

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