' He Is Laughing, At You '

Tyrants and dictators,
Are democracy haters,
That is what we're taught to believe,
Filthy traitors,
Despot curators,
Autonomy, is what makes them grieve.

At his ultimate melee,
He wasn't there to see,
You his followers, storming Capitol Hill
While he remains free,
Though you may not agree,
For insurrection, he did not have the will.

You believed the big lie,
By a dishonest guy,
Who obsession is with the word, FAKE,
Yet the facts you deny,
While with him you comply,
You struggle, while he's on the take.

While he flies off,
His head in the trough,
You'll be the one denied bail,
At you he will scoff,
While he lives like a toff,
You're the one languishing in jail.

Corruption he defends,
He pardoned his, FRIENDS?
Then they all flew off into the sun,
On those he depends,
Their life never mends,
You are nothing, while he's number one.

Of you he's not fond,
He has no bond,
Apart from that face in the mirror,
With the lies he spawned,
He had you all conned,
Truth is, he's the ultimate stirrer.

Worshipping false gods,
With morality, it's at odds,
His very presence should give you the chills,
While you give him wads,
It is you he defrauds,
For his lifestyle, you're paying the bills.

Dictators are shrewd,
They pretend to do good,
Trusting him, is a decision you'll rue,
While you still collude,
With the ultimate pseud,
Fact is,

' He Is Laughing, At You '

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` He Is Laughing, At You `

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