Welcome! I write all types of poetry in relation to my life and everyday happenings.
I worked for over twenty five years in the homelessness field in Scotland dealing
with people with drug and alcohol addictions and those with associated mental health problems
which does open your eyes to how our fellow human beings live.
This experience inspires a lot of the content in my work.
I detest politicians and religious leaders from all walks of life who tell us to do one thing
while they do the opposite, this is just another inspiration for my poetry.
I dislike millionaires who tell us to give our all for charity whilst they're swanning around
the world living it up, another great inspiration for the written word.
I admire the work our forces do in very difficult conditions and I dislike unjust criticism and
people who march against them, it is the politicians of this world who should be held to
account not our forces, I enjoy writing poetry about this as it can be a very intense
and emotive subject.
I enjoy writing fictional poems and childrens poems as well as warnings about our planet and
what will become of it if we do not heed the warning signs.
I also enjoy humorous poems and writing about Gods, do they exist, who are they, what colour
are they, where are they.
In general I have always taken what life has thrown at me and dealt with it as I have always
been a half full type of guy.
I enjoy reading the poetry of others as we are all so different, it also inspires me.
I do appreciate comments regardless of type providing it is genuine and constructive so please
feel free to do so, but please leave a contact address to allow me to respond.
I would be privileged if you would sign my guest book,
please read on and enjoy.

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