Poetry - meloostraightfromhertilt-a-world, Melissa A. Howells

It's free, and always will be.
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1. Home, Ghuey, Sweet Home
2. All Beings Considered
3. This Snake
4. All Of Who I Was
5. Where The Dead Don't Mind...
6. Your Next New Dying Black Swan
7. If This Is Any Art For Which You Care
8. Peace Where There Is No Opportunity
9. What Could a Death Meet-Up Have To Offer?
10. Dragons
11. Someone Send Out A Search Party
12. I Wish God Had Better Magic
13. Canis Latrans
14. What's With The Lead Overshoes?
15. How Does It, How Do You Matter
17. Like The Wind In The Middle Of The Night
18. The Hoping
19. Cuba Libre
20. This Is It
21. The Inner String
22. Max on the max
23. For Another Mean New Sun.
24. Some Children Have Nightmares (tentative title)
25. Night Train
26. Nameless
27. wandering the rolling hills ...(written for his model)
28. All The Changing....
29. HOME
30. Lonesome Love
31. two out of three people
32. A Start Again...(I Green-Dreamed Again Last Night)
33. The Little Bird Said
34. cat speech
35. Funny, Not Funny
36. All You Have To Do Is Breathe....
37. Different
38. A Dog Should Have His Tail...
39. Enough to Clear The Clouds Away 4/13/2019
40. Checking Out
41. Devious
42. Hope Is Sometimes The Best Of All You've Got (definition poem)
43. Last Night
44. Crows...writing exercise in honor of April /National Poetry month
45. Words
46. Only The Choice To Be
47. When People Go
48. The Day You Left (Words From A Half-Remembered Dream)
49. Wake Wake Wake
50. It Is In The Rain
51. Dream Goblins Of The Night
52. Wake And Remember
53. Unwelcomed Like So Much Unfinished Business
54. In March (Finally, Spring 2016)
55. All For Algernon
56. Weak In The Knees
57. The Finisher's Song
58. Nothing's Sadder Than A Rose
59. I Long For Stars
60. Falling Leaf, Falling Man/Woman, Rising Star
61. So You Do (May 10, 2010 written for June 1987)
62. Its About Waking In The Middle Of The Night And Having To Write It All Down
63. Not For The Bloom of Tears Cultivated These Last 100 Years
64. If I Could Be The Sky...
65. It Feels Better To Be Unfinished (Wish-Unspoken, But With My Eyes)
66. Yes, You--There
67. With Words, I See A World I No Longer Fit In
68. Unknowing
69. Two Better Pasttimes. ( A Bit O' Rant)
70. All My Children ( CATS ARE PEOPLE TOO)
71. How I Think That About Every One...
72. In Layers
73. Old Hunters Of The Fall
74. Silent Endings
75. All In The Family (Family, What A Concept)
76. Call This Our Autumn
77. Small Sentry
78. All Too Clearly Now
79. Evidence
80. Afterwards...
81. It Comes At Night
82. The Hot Seasons
83. Perhaps I Too, Was Frozen
84. You Are (I'm Here With You)
85. Joyce Will Soon Be Seventy-Something
86. Make (of) Me A Snow Angel
87. Oh What A Fall
88. in-EFFECTIVE (Fragile)
89. From The Point Of A Star
90. If I Were Your Island....
91. Spokes Spoken
92. Plain Speakin' (Lyrical Poem)
93. I Feel Fine(r)
94. It Is The Rain
95. Like a Small Child Tucked Into
96. I Talk To A Machine In My Darkness
97. Its Their Problem
98. the life and times of Medusa
99. For the Years of Dancing (Dance Hall Days Gone)
100. Someone Burned The Trees
101. Crowded Out
102. Sometimes Love Comes With Electricity
103. Try To Have A Good Night
104. Better To Bend Than Be Broken (CHANGE)
105. A Promise Is
106. Something More...
107. STRAIGHT FROM MY TILT-A-WORLD (legal copyright Melissa A Howells 6/13/2018 10:01am PST time/date stamped)
108. Les Animaux
109. Hello Neighbor
110. Ghost Fox
111. A Little Bad Romance
112. Where None Should Grow
113. Live And Let Live
114. I'm An Old Bad Dog Barking At The Rain
115. I wonder......
116. Romance For The Unrefined Mind...
117. Imperfect
118. In The Winter Park
119. Dog Lives Are Shorter
120. Now Is My Season
121. The Metaphor That Keeps On Giving...
122. Hunger (Whose Is It?)
123. Live Your Life The Best You Can Within Your Own Follicles
124. In Simpatico
125. Love A Cat
126. Not Mine
127. Illustration
128. Hello Grief...
129. What It Means To Go Missing
130. This Is Your New Portland Now
131. For You Who Knows The Rain
132. Blur
133. The Seven Billion
134. Preschool Presence of Mind
135. Have You Ever Been Blue (self talk of encouragement)
136. What Truth There Is When You See It (Maybe I'm A Man...)
137. transaction and interchange
138. Throne Of Stars
139. And Even Stars Die
140. Time Does Not Recognize Me
141. The Knowledge...
142. Some Women/Some Woman
143. what makes a monster (sympathy for the monster)
144. Laughing Maid (They Called Me)
145. Brilliance
146. Boy Restored
147. I Am Time
148. Storms
149. The Light Goes On In The Attic (WeAll Have Addictons)
150. Little Water Bug ( learning the lesson of true pain)
151. Hope You Enjoyed The Eclipse While It Lasted
152. Written For My Father Who Isn't Here To Know
153. Snow Is A Softening Of The Rain
154. And With Words I Let Them Go
155. Useless (Eaters)
156. Used to Think I Could Fix Them.
157. Into The Swirling Sea Of White.
158. Life's A Candle
159. Malla Batsick
160. (A Prayer of Intercession--Brief Joy)
161. Mrs. Stine, Isn't It Time?
162. Woman Of A Certain Age
163. Fragile Shell Of Morning
164. The Times Have Come Back Of Great Want And Lack, This Is The New Great Depression
165. Disappear
166. A Little Bit of Harlem in Your Life
167. why We celebrate the losers
168. When He Returns From The Road
169. Not A Good-bye Day (For Our Ghuey)
170. It Came To Me While Doing Laundry On A Sunday Looking For Some Blank Space To Write In Before It Was All Gone...
171. July's Message
172. The Crow Is A Songbird
173. Counting The Long Days, Tilling The Greens
174. All Tarted Up
175. the brand of disappointment
176. Flashes, Glimpses, Moments, Time
177. Some Will
178. Coming Off Small
179. Please Don't Bring Me Flowers
180. No Woman's Friend
181. not the story of my youth
182. She Is My Friend
183. Every Time I Listen To the Wind.
184. I Am....( a keen observation )
185. Need You (note of encouragement to self)
186. I Travel Every Time I Think Of You
187. The Un-Promised Land
188. Poem Untitled, But, If Not For You
189. (You're) Still Here
190. As Sick As My Secrets
191. From The Desert
192. He's There
193. Then The Little Silver Fish Came
194. I Keep My Ray Bans Handy
195. Some Meaningful Proof For A Hopeful Dreamer's Eyes
196. You Are Not My Audience, I Just Borrowed You For Awhile
197. How Each Death Changes The World
198. And You Might Be The Reaper
199. I Wish You Well (a prayer)
200. Like A Snow-globe
201. A Thousand Words For Snow Are Spoken By The Eskimos
202. A sibling narrative of lies
203. Non Compos Mentis (Blues)
204. Oh, Now, The Pink Moon
205. For The Loss Of A Ghost Like You
206. these times they have changed us
207. Here They Are Triumphant, The Crows
208. This Cow Tale
209. Bat-Ness ( The Vespertilians)
210. Absinthe and Retreat
211. visions of sugarplums by the river bank
212. What Is This Death? ( As I Grow Older And Nearer To It)
213. I Speak for Those Whose Voice Would Be Taken Out Of Social Circulation
214. Certain Succulent Pieces Of Time
215. So Much Beauty
216. Hope You Like It, Not
217. un-Completion (I Prefer It)
218. A Tesseract OrTwo
219. What'll I Do, Without You
220. whern night becomes day
221. What If
222. That Poet Girl
223. Confetti Universe
224. The Secret Eater
225. Hot Sauce Packet Poem
226. Now I Am The One Who Chooses To Chose
227. Lost Before You Began
228. Time-Time (or Leading With My Chin)
229. The New Luster of Life (after the horrible scare)
230. snow scene: bird girl on winter hill
231. Ding-Dong The Witch is Gone ...now we'll have some peace
232. (What Can Happen) when wishing can make it snow
233. I Have Changed My Mind (waiting un-patiently for Spring)
234. Hide From The Rain
235. God Created The Universe, Then Look Who Happened
236. Better Than A Cyanide Capsule
237. Lucky Was Easy
238. The Tail (tale) She Had Long and Tall and High And Proud
239. Cannot Bring Her Back
240. Her Controversy Will Always Be His
241. Blood Poem (Sanguine)
242. Affliction for Affection
243. Outside the Window, Frozen
244. Enjoying My Newly Acquired Small Deserted Island, Thank You...
245. Where Did Mrs Smith and Her Little Pink House Go?..
246. No Write-Off
247. after- midnight marauder's ice capades
248. A Box Of Darkness
249. Butterfly Girls Like Me Were Meant To Fly
250. Friend Squirrel I Call You December
251. Bitter Medicine
252. Fourteen Hundred Miles
253. A Lesson Learned From A Feedback, Thank You, Mindfully
254. Of A Wounded Branch
255. Let Heaven Be Spring
256. Ramada
257. why not ask the cat?
258. Beware The Sign of Sagittarius
259. Was I Reflected
260. The Forward Pass
261. Wise Children
262. Don't Want Your Prayers
263. In The Distant Fog Of Dreams
264. The Bullying of Mr. Big Life
265. My Ocean's Roaring
266. I Remember Her
267. We All Fall Down
268. Saying My Piece About Writing Here
269. (She Speaks In Parables)
270. of my battered heart
271. This Is Not A Soft Story
272. Oh woe the womb
273. Speck Of Dirt
274. What Does Become Of Us
275. When Two Thoughts Collide
276. Good Weather Gone
277. Over-done Potato
278. Describe 9-17-2016/9:04 AM PST
279. Your Smile Lacks
280. Observations on a City, Thursday Afternoon
281. The Ways Of The Ones (herded from the truth)
282. Gathering of the Palavering
283. 437759
284. "Crazy" They Call Me
285. Dance Of The DNA Daughters
286. You Aint Nothin' Better Than
287. Less
288. Like Mad Romans
289. Odd Thoughts and Juxtapositions
290. July 4 2015
291. Where Have You Gone?
292. none of our dirty business
293. On That Fateful Day
294. who will save themselves (show me how they will do it)
295. Stronger Than The Brave
296. When Words Failed Me
297. Just Listening
298. Not A Disease
299. It Could Be Spring
300. AWAKEN TO....my ode to Spring
301. Poly-Gorgon
302. I Want My Peace
303. (So For You) What Is Love? /Definitions
304. You Asked Me If You Were A Good Mother
305. Flying Low
306. Enough to Clear The Rain Away
307. for what she's worth...
308. On The First of November
309. Potato Chip
310. Live The Way You Are (Paper Hearts)
311. Watercolors
312. (The) Nightmare Man
313. Thoughts While Nibbling Designer Toast
314. The Way of Violence
315. One Of Modigliani's Women
316. The Re-Dreaming
317. The Definition of Ambivalence/Haiku
318. I Am Unsubstantial
319. Monsters (Aren't We All)
320. Small Groupings To Read on All Hallowed Eve
321. List of The Things I Have Missed
322. If You Had To Fill Out An Application (To Be My Boyfriend)
323. Look Out How You Use ( Bad Words)
324. Shell (Object Poem or Not?)
325. What Did The Geese Know?
326. Astonish
327. Haiku 2005 Revised
328. The Unrescued Boy
329. Reflecting
330. Another New Born Babe Of A Poem
331. You Can't Live Forever (And Ain't That A Relief)
332. maybe some fool will notice y'all
333. The Sky Reflects
334. Lipstick Tales
335. 40 plus years ago in an overgrown garden
336. Quit Yer Blubberin and Let Me Read...(or do I really have a direct responsibility to the audience for their feelings?)_
337. cornucopia (of the unrefined) mind
338. Lizard Mansions
339. No Ropes Love
340. I Would Be Happy, Yes I Would
341. What Butterfly Must Do
342. Trick Photography
343. Resentment Survivors
344. Hello February Crocuses
345. For The Loss Of Words
346. Theater of Da-Da
347. Who Makes A Mother
348. From Direct Experience...Isn't That Life?
349. Choose Sides Now
350. Hope And Loss Two Fraternal Twins of The Same Reluctant Mother
351. Think Again
352. Taking A Long Journey to Nowhere To Return
353. Trust Is An Extinct Animal
354. Neighborly
355. Moving On Out ( Thank God) 1-30-2015
356. Stripped Down To The Nothings....
357. The Joy Of Dreams
358. The Silences (my silences)
359. Canner's Lament 1970
360. Share Your Warm Cookie(s)
361. Endeavor Narcissus
362. It is hard to loose a parent (at any age)
363. A Circle (written April 14th 2003)
364. The Best News (is the end of the day)
365. You Never Know What You Will Hear Riding On A Bus
366. Something Wild
367. My Brother The Coyote
368. Confessionalists
369. do you know how to be a good neighbor...in the cold
370. Swimming With Neptune
371. You Are The Wilderness
372. The Narrowing With Age
373. why am I still here?
374. Girl's' Night Out (the word plus is pronounced the French way, as in plooh )
375. she was done with words
376. The Last One: Homage to The Carrier Pigeon Martha
377. No One Owns The Land
378. Is It Right To Judge The Rain
379. A Man Called Tsuris
380. It Was The Best of Your Best That You Had Left To Me, Father
381. Mister Misbegotten.
382. Mr Grey ( a re-write from 1997)
383. Lull the Day to Night
384. Adjusting: Define. What Does It Mean? Grey Geography.
385. sometimes I wonder (selfishness)
386. No One Likes a Challenge A Challenger or One Who Wears Smart Pants
387. Dedicated For Those Whose Door Has Never Been Opened
388. some witches never know when things are going well
389. the bare bones of it
390. a metaphor of fear
391. make no more God poems for me today
392. great animal magic
393. Point of View (Alzheimer's Early Onset/Mother) Rough Draft
394. the falling man (or the man who could fly)
395. SO SAYETH THE LEG (the right one, of course)
396. How She Loved Blue
397. Chicken Fat
398. the world is filled with folks who ain't got no feeling
399. No More Boxes No More Boxes No More Boxes
400. Fifty-Five Needs to Be A Whole Lot Cockier
401. Good bye Little Crow....(I'm so sad and sorry)
402. okay, that was a weird one
403. feathered friends
404. The Parts of Me Kept Secret
405. A Friend By Any Other Name
406. what's in a name
407. the slave is freed
408. things to write about on the bus
409. evening thoughts on a train
410. something better to run to...
411. Salad
412. ++ prophecy ++
413. the Mother I am and am not
414. -- DOG/FISH-- a dream state/story
415. Here In The Garden Of Our Hearts
416. A Rant On Being Right
417. the last conversation
418. Now, There Is A Writer
419. ** FOUR o'clock shadow **
420. @ Crazy Quilt/Crazy World
422. --- She Floated In ---
423. new ribbons in the sky
424. Rooster ( A Very Short Story In 5 Parts)
425. Who Are They?
426. I Keep Dreaming Of Storms
427. I Banish Memory
428. Drowsing in The Early Morning Rain
429. A Day Spent Together At The Sand Hills Of Jamestown
430. Dream of The Blue Racers
431. I cannot explain You away with words
432. feeling lousy and low-brow
434. dream achaeologist
435. welcome back, poem
436. the fix
437. such little things
438. definitions:
439. the residuals
440. A N G E R
441. nothing lasts
442. I Am Sad For Mr Jagger's Girlfriend
443. Animikii
444. the hungry wolf.
445. because we are temporary
446. t h e c o n t r a r i a n
447. one Friday morning
448. a thing which has no words
449. to be my own element
450. the seed of my identity
451. one for me, and one for the horse
452. mother nature has devised new means for my end
453. your heart has a message for you brother
454. the cat speaks of himself
455. Little Houses
456. It Is Your Habit
457. a lesson to teach, a lesson to learn
458. The New Modern Muse Pygmalion
459. random thoughts on a brilliant sunny day
460. people of the prairie
461. the conversations we have between us
462. giving is a lesson in learning how to receive (gratitude)
463. a blessing, surely, the day you found us
464. Driftwood
465. unconscious
466. Melted Chocolate Bar Memory
467. Nightmare Ditty for the Dark Man
468. what is dreaming?
469. (see) how you cry-out
470. stubborn
471. Near Sunrise In October
472. early morning thought cloud in october
473. Lamentation For a Left Leg
474. Witness
475. thoughts on the eve of the prodigal cat returning home
476. necessary evil
477. feeling the rain
478. when night is not enough for dreams
479. when what I long for is oblivion.
480. Going Back
481. All Wet
482. The End of Your Reign
483. I Hate Bacon
484. no longer yours (contagion)
485. flutter of black
486. Stand *or...Ode To A Three-Legged Coyote
487. with the memory of you growing transient as invisible ink
488. Luminary
489. Lead Us Not...
490. bicycled-in bounty
491. and all to which they attach (* hold fast to life while you are able)
492. death comes for a visit * and nearly stays...
493. ghouls of boyfriends past... (looming)
494. the slap of clarity
495. drearied (really, a MUST read)
496. hmmm...how did we happen?
497. what grown up children of alcoholics do*
498. So....
499. "Loaf"
500. crow girl in tuxedo
501. i understand why civil war girls wore lockets
502. Succulencia
503. a heart sometimes breaks when it dares to believe in miracles
504. Describe
505. Black Hole Singularity
506. The Vibration Which Moves Us Slowly Towards
507. The Moon Is Hope
508. Invention:Are You The Motherhood Of?
509. Perchance
510. His Words Immortalized About Horses
511. Approaching Normal , Then Veering Right
512. Last Thoughts On A Star-Filled Night In Spring
513. I Will Ascend Or Fall
514. Blood Ivory
515. When Crickets Stop Chirping
516. One Storm, Lone Woman, One Umbrella
517. What Its Like, Huh, Is This What Its Like?
518. Kaleidoscope (For Ann, My Mother)
519. Robin Kill
520. I Live In A Place Where No Brave People (Of Fine Reputation) Dare Dwell
521. We Could Have Been (Good Friends)
522. Nonsense Song (What Merry Meant)
523. You Are What You Do. (This Is A Message To Them All)
524. We Said (living by our words....)
525. Do Butterflies Know?
526. Adult Child Has Questions For Her Dead Parents.
527. My Green-Eyed Best Friend, Always
528. A One Word Feedback By Any Other Name Would Be....
529. Inheritance
530. Our Glasses Clinked, Like A Bell Of Mindfulness
531. Sometimes, He Goes Traveling
532. A Piano Story
533. If Love Is So Simple
534. Melissa (Little Bee)
535. Sky of Pall
536. Apple?
537. Before All That Needs To Be Said Is Done
538. Its A Whole Big Blue World, Ain't It?
539. To The Myth-Makers Liars & Self-Deceivers I Am Now A Non-Believer
540. Later Hours
541. SHE (We Find Her To Be A Disservice)
542. Vulnerable.
543. Snow Fort Symmetry
544. Newest Primer Lesson
545. The City (in Memory of Minneapolis)
546. Locked Out of the Moon Mad World
547. Poetry: Its How I See
548. Snow, Suddenly
549. A Succession of Haiku's 2009
550. I'm Going To Grow Up To Be (A Drone Pilot)
551. Thought Planes and Scan Pills
552. He's Onto
553. So Easy Is The Diagnosis
554. Tomorrow Is A Little Girl's Word
555. (You Did Me) By The Numbers
556. Lettuce Leaf People
557. One Last Poem (for the Old Year)
558. Stale December
559. Incongruity
560. OPTIMISM...Look at It Beaming
561. Hibernating
562. Pyrrhic Victory
563. No Fair Tales To Cleave To Now
564. Live as a Garanimal
565. To Be Just Like You.
566. Ghost
567. Leaving Inertia
568. Collection of Disorganized Thinking on a Cold November Day
569. In The Cold Winter's Rain
570. Gadgets
571. Autumn's Wild
572. A-Mused
573. Writers (Some)
574. Remove The Fist
575. Daisie II (Daisie You Are Forever)
576. Daisie
577. Love A Possibility
578. The Silences
579. Come And Visit Me
580. Find A Man Who Cares (What You Think)
581. Git Along....
582. How Do You Prepare
583. They Came In
584. You Are Back (again)
585. In Too Much
586. Not The Soured Milk of Human Kindness.
587. White Cat.
588. Spaces
589. Let Us Make A Nest
590. The Unedited Life (She says what she means to say...)
591. Hello?
592. I Wonder At The World Anne-like
593. To One Who Made The Difference (to me)
594. Some Serious Silliness
595. No Shoes On
596. Now, Right In Front of You
597. So Much Truth Is Wasted On The Experienced
598. The All Night Radio
599. Perhaps Its Halloween
600. Thank You for My Birthday (Capricornus)
601. A Run On of Early Morning Consciousness
602. At The End of It All
603. Whatever, the Weather, the Sun or the Stars
604. 19 May/ 19 December
605. Lens
606. Disturbance
607. Primer Lesson For Toms
608. Grocery List For A Summer Afternoon
609. Seeing (Before the tea is tea)
610. Wrongness of the Right
611. The Black Magic of Human Relations
612. I Was Like A Child?
613. Becoming
614. I Dreamed of Drowning
615. Disconnected From The Powers Of Emotion
616. Serenity and Self-Preservation
617. No More, Never Mind
618. (All) The Stranger To Myself
619. Technicolor
620. In the Mud
621. For A Friend
622. Quiet Kills
623. In A Waiting Room Long Ago
624. Its The First Day
625. A Thought In The Dark
626. Even, If One Day, Reincarnation
627. Happy Un-Birthday, Darling
628. The Soul Searches
629. Preparedness
630. Small Smile
631. Waiting for a Storm that Never Comes
632. You Can't Be Telling The Truth...
633. Tell Three Truths, Then One Lie
634. Mercy Mercy Mercy
635. Love Letter to the Wind
636. He Wakes With the Chickens (Catsonova)
637. She Hit You
638. You Ever Decide?
639. Watercolor Daydreams
640. A Forever Song of You
641. (Let Me Help You) Discover the Unexplored Country
642. Sleep
643. I Want You Not To Walk Out On You
644. 444 Goodnight
645. (I'm Only Speaking) The Advice I've Heard Before
646. The Chicken of Depression
647. Epitaph 2012
648. Put A Band-aid On Your Forehead
649. Asking (The Right Questions)
650. The Husk Before October
651. You Are Not The One, Not My Darling
652. Emptied
653. You Made Me Feel (Just Like 20)
654. The Old Old Times
655. Look At The Pictures.
656. Tallest of the Tall Trees
657. Cold
658. Refrigerator Poetry
659. Aversion to Showers
660. Too Little of Peace
661. This Is A Serious Poem
662. In the Big Lake Country
663. Rise Up Like Some Grand Balloon
664. A Circle
665. Haiku Untitled 2003
666. The Last Sigh of Twilight
667. Inner Horizon
668. Forever In Winter
669. indirect
670. Cold Blue Steel
671. R A N T
672. Fabricators
673. I Like Crows
674. Imprinted
675. Just By Being...(thank you)
676. When We Begin....
677. For Not Believing In Words
678. Mister Mix-Master Murderer
679. Arrival
680. Green Lava Imaginarium
681. The Streak
682. Happy Monster
683. The Session
684. Dying So I Can Live With Another Day
685. Optional Feature
686. This Chicken...
687. (Epidermal) Manifesto
688. Afterwards, Finally And At Last, The Difference
689. Last Night's (Nightmare)
690. All You Have To Do Is Ask
691. Unrequieted 1989-1997
692. Sirens (A Dream)
693. Whistler's Daughter
694. Pour Mademoiselle Karin
695. A Little Irreverence
696. quiet comes dear
697. For Ghuey
698. Destiny
699. Tilling the Turf of Dreams From Six Feet Under
700. Poets Have No Place? (This may be long, but its worth reading)
701. Aimless
702. Blueberry Blues
703. Oeuvre-Body of Work
704. Thin Gold Band
705. Crumbling Like The Sand
706. Flattered
707. In a Green Werewolf Sky
708. Crow, What Would You Do?
709. Great Big Waterproof World
710. What Crows Can Do
711. Fragile
712. Untitled, But You Will Understand
713. Should Old Acquaintance
714. Haiku Untitled
715. Little Blue Pill
716. In Response to Denise Levertov
717. Sweet Old Red (River)
718. Recesses of Me
719. She Will Never Come Back
720. Outlook
721. It Came Upon Me All Too Clear
722. And You Will Grow Older
723. When Da Wolves Come Near
724. Bad Blues Boy
725. Knock the Giants Out
726. Life is in the Details.
727. Death Can Be Unkind When It Steals Treasure
728. Dumbstruck By The Wide Sea of Humanity
729. To The Voice From The Ginger Jar
730. Yellow Flowers on a Chess Board
731. Be Tom T-Terrific
732. Look Behind
733. Real TV is a Real Education
734. How Dare?
735. With Clearest Sight
736. There Is A Woman
737. Diminished
738. No Poems Left
739. A Bicycle Dreams
740. Four- Footed Soul
741. Two Hickey Necks on a Bus- or -Ode to Teen aged Love
742. Trust Joy
743. My Old Man
744. After One AM (Haiku)
745. Inventive (Haiku)
746. Impermanence (Haiku)
747. On Moving 2000 Miles Too Far From Home
748. Prevent Your Next Breakdown
749. Again
750. Description In 140 Words, More or Less
751. There He Sits
752. Like A Rose
753. This Here Agate- Hunting Place
754. Bulimic's Prayer of Contrition 2002
755. Yes, We're Smiling at all the Right Intervals
756. The Surplus Population
757. For Cat Child
758. Tears of Hail
759. She Comes Without Directions
760. After The Skill of The Crow
761. One Cat's Opinion
762. Iris Haiku
763. Crow Haiku II
764. We Teach Without Example
765. Dared To Tell
766. Crow Haiku
767. Smile World Smile
768. The Prairie Wind
769. Dakota In August
770. The Lesson
771. She's the Girl
772. Puttin' It On
773. With This I Can Sleep (Haiku)
774. Sunshine Blues
775. Portland Skies (Haiku)
776. RED
777. Last Words of No Good Friday Malone
778. A Needle in P-town
779. On The Bayou
780. All We Are Saying...(2004-2005)
781. A View From My Window At Age 8
782. Buffalo Hunt 2000
783. Today's Meditation
784. Lemonade Days and Rhubarb Pies
785. Winter's Child
786. I See You
787. We Are Stones
788. Buddha Man
789. About The Crow
790. Life Among Clouds
791. Home Again--For the Holidays
792. Circumstance Changes All
793. Paying For The Sins
794. C Students
795. Some People
796. I Know Most Who I Am When You Are In The Room
797. Who's Zoomin' Who?
798. Beauty
799. Come On Now
800. Limitless
801. definition (poetry 101 for me)
802. This Home I Long For Yet Have Never Seen
803. in times like these... January 6 2017
804. Greyhound's Lament
805. Haiku For A Spent Spring
806. Death Is A Long Dark Door (Written 2002)
807. Anaconda (Portland 2004)
808. Been Down/Been There 2003
809. More Haiku's from April 2003
810. Two Haiku's from 2003
811. Revenge (written in the summer of 1981)
812. in the end it was the words
813. Opinion/Commentary...Don't Feedback/ Just for the fun of it
814. (I Could Tell Her So Much) But She's Not Here
815. landscapes escapes to dreamscapes
816. I have no generations to succeed me so that I can be remembered
817. The Life of Tigger
818. Tuesday afternoon in the jewelry box
819. what do I gotta do but start over
820. Only You ? (refrigerator magnet poetry)
821. threading myself through the river of night
822. The Orneriness
823. the tale of one hundred
824. This Optimism
825. pebbles of hope 3-6-2014
826. improved in the groove
827. Little Cat cries
828. connecting synapses across miles and millennia
829. on the day I die (written in a flash)
830. outside falls the rain
831. written in December before Christmas **
832. two sides
833. from the tomb of three days sleeping
834. Beautiful Friend
835. out with the felines
836. x x x kisses x x x
837. when, we, en masse, are dying
838. one which brings me unending release
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