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The Loving Art

I Long For Stars

Soothe (re-edited 1:40Pm 8/17/21 for clarity for me as a five year old)

The Stars Go Out


WAITING ON THE WORLD (March/February 2021 poetry)

The Great Tsunami Of Our Growing Grief written 3/2.2021--retitled 3/14/2021

After Wide Sargasso Sea

early wake-up conversations...before the coffee's poured

Only The Lonely.... (its not about what you may think...)

Great Spirit

I Came From Water

And The Next, And The Next..... (written directly to page, will return later for edits)

My Truth Is Out There (re-edited for clarity of thought and image later)

The Better Poem

Crimson Crush (Re-edited and Mispellings Corrected 6/11/2021)

The Last Shall be Trace-less 5/25/2021

Beware When The White Night Calls // re-edited 5/25/2020

BUYING LIES 5/22/2021

The Future I'm Caught Up In...RE-EDITED 5/22/2021


Broken Things Are Beautiful

Cool Pea-Green New Leaves....(Imaginarium)

Sharp Sticks For The Cinderella's

If Prejudice Were Dumb And Could Not Speak

It No Longer Surprises Me...


Odd Things, Odd Thing.....

The Magical Closet( re-edited for clarity of metaphor)

The Legacy List

WE SHARE... march 2021 poetry

This Firestorm Of Dying Lights..

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Poetry is my way of making sense out of

what is either just plain no sense

or perhaps, nonsense

Poetry can be a recording of facts:

the fact I was here,

that my life mattered to me,

and that I,

my words and ideas matter

and mattered, if not to anyone else,

to myself.

Make yourself indelible

I dare you...

pour your heart and soul

onto the page;

make of yourself, poetry.


All of my poetry is legally copyrighted intellectual property.

Any and all infringements will not be tolerated.


All work HERE is legally copyrighted

including all/any poetry, the ACTUAL poetry site title,

and all of my original

watercolors and art work.

Melissa A Howells

Meloo Straight From Her Tilt-a-World

Legally Copyrighted site title


Author maintains Legal Copyright Over Her Intellectual Property

Expressed Written Permission From The Author Must be Obtained

For Any Use Or Reprint of Her Poetry