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Always Deep Blue (written 7/3-7/6/2022)


His Bitter Chocolate Heart (refrigerator magnet poem)

Home, Ghuey, Sweet Home

I Long For Stars

This Is What Mermaids Dream Of

Each One Of Them Is Accounted For (And Matters)

I'd Like To Be Your Shirt (when you wake up in the morning)

When Mr. Bemish Lost His Last Good Pair of Glasses

Words Between Edward And Jane

After Wide Sargasso Sea

You Do As You Please 8/17/2005 found poem, readjusted 6/20/22

In And In Between The Silence 6/21/2022

That No One But I Will Know (anti-poetry)

Obese Venus

Call It Grace (another Anti-poem)

The Fire Once Within Goes Cold From Lack

WAITING ON THE WORLD (March/February 2021 poetry)

Certainly No Bread 3/16/2022


Lights Out

Like Books Full Of Stories Stacked Behind Her

If Prejudice Were Dumb And Could Not Speak

Saudade: the feeling of wanting to be near someone who is far and distant

Dr. Frankenstein's Surprise (Re-Galvanized)

The Hope Of All These Things Which Would Never Come In a Box

To Be In The Way

What Is The Price For Your Touch

My Grey Haired Love...La La Lullaby , La La Lullaby My Love

The Dreaming Life ( A Series Of Dream Vignettes)


Nothing's Sadder Than A Rose

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Poetry is my way of making sense out of

what is either just plain no sense

or perhaps, nonsense

Poetry can be a recording of facts:

the fact I was here,

that my life mattered to me,

and that I,

my words and ideas matter

and mattered, if not to anyone else,

to myself.

Make yourself indelible

I dare you...

pour your heart and soul

onto the page;

make of yourself, poetry.


All of my poetry is legally copyrighted intellectual property.

Any and all infringements will not be tolerated.


All work HERE is legally copyrighted

including all/any poetry, the ACTUAL poetry site title,

and all of my original

watercolors and art work.

Melissa A Howells

Meloo Straight From Her Tilt-a-World

Legally Copyrighted site title


Author maintains Legal Copyright Over Her Intellectual Property

Expressed Written Permission From The Author Must be Obtained

For Any Use Or Reprint of Her Poetry