Thee Heart of my Soul... ...... ....... Spiritual Healing Words

Susan Covington,Sanchez Hi friends my name is Suzzie
Here is a part of my book........

Your souls is who you really are
so jobs, gold and superstars
the biggest the finest of them all
Don't really matter, matter at all
to be poor you say is hard?
try being rich and your soul scared
Who cares if they have it all
because they really don't, don't at all
I'm no exception only the Thee
because i found my entirety
i found what completes me
and that's this that i give all to read
that what matters most is your own souls eyes
Food, drugs and sex
nicest or ugliest thing alive
is not alive at all
it don't exist in the Lords eyes
because what matters most...
the Ultimate High...
is knowing theirs another YOU,
you inside!

So take away all the earthly layers
that drowned us and awaken your soul.
everything we need to survive is in our soul
Strength and knowledge and true love.
We was given it at birth
the world we have let berry us
drowned us, change us, kill us
Let me help find that fire inside
Don't let the dark keep you from finding it
its so hard, i know i have been there.
that's why Im here now
to help YOU
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