Rhymes of the Heart

Hi, My name is Debbie, I'm a divorced Mom with 4 grown kids, 1 son James,3 daughters Danielle, LeeAnn, and Summer.I also have 6 beautiful Grandkids, 3 boys 3 girls,Nichalos,Jason,Alexander,Hannah,Kaitlin,and Jacqueline.
I live in a small town in Arkansas, where everyone knows everyone.
I started writing after the death of my first born daughter,it was a needed escape for me.I write alot of personal poems for friends family and strangers wanting a poem for a loved ones funeral.I write sometimes in story fashion, to put it into verse.
I have a poem in the Congressional Record in Washington DC. that i'm very proud of, that was written after the 9/11 attack.
My hopes in sharing my poetry here is to touch hearts, and make friends.
May you always reach for your dreams and never give up hope.

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