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Has The Future Already Happened?

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Intriguingly, some see ahead,
a day, a month, a year;
and, this presents a mystery
to the inadvertent seer.

Can dreamers see the coming days
in random future gleans,
where futuristic dreams play out
in actual waking scenes?

This further begs the question, then,
of psychic implication.
Are some allowed to glimpse tomorrow,
through guided information?

So, what's the nature of all time,
this curious dimension;
does it behave in different ways,
beyond our comprehension?

Like move around erratically,
creating an illusion,
by changing speeds from day to day
for further mass confusion?

Is it a curve, or linear,
or pure divinity,
or undulating like a wave,
or a circle of infinity?

And if it hasn't happened yet,
why do some get a peek?
They gamble between good and bad
in finding what they seek?

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Has The Future Already Happened?

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