A forbidden forest? Elves and Fairies? A beautiful, enchanted young girl? Two men in love with this young girl, who will win her heart? Gunthar, a tall, handsome stranger from the north, on his year-long trek to see the world. Ian, the dweller who nearly kills himself trying to make a home for his betrothed. Kilmarra, the beautiful young gypsy girl who wants Gunthar for her own and tries to get him by magic. Omar, the gypsy brother of Kilmarra, who becomes Gunthar's best friend and passes as a Gadjo. Mateo, an Elvish Prince who fell in love with Manda when she was a child. Andre, Gunthar's brother, who has the second sight and sets out to rescue his brother. Enzo, the old man who takes Andre in. Willow, the enchanted child/woman of the forest. Manda, Willow's sister. All blend together to make a story that is ageless. It will make you cry, laugh, get angry and fall in love.

WIllow's TREE hit the book stores around the end of December. I am very proud of it, even though I was unable to get out and sell it, due to a long drawn out illness. And even though the damage to my brain was slight, I still am not feeling the second book anywhere in my brain.

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