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Poet: oliverspoems

Welcome! All you poetry lovers, I've been writing poetry for around 40 years now and enjoy every moment of it. My poetry covers many facets of my life, from love, and lovers to death, suicide, being alone and isolated and much more, all have figured in my life, so I've tried to put them down in the form of my poetry.   I never change anything unlike some writers I read about who ponder for days changing this word and that word so that it sounds better, no.  I'm afraid with me you get what comes out from my little brain as I write it down and that is the finished product you see on your screen without changes.   Its just the way I write

I work from home as a writer, at the moment I have just begun a novel. I've written several short stories over the last couple of years and I think this is where I eventually hope to go into...
   At the moment I am located in Lowestoft Suffolk, but I originally come from West Yorkshire.

~WELCOME TO DREAMLAND~ - Read my Poems to Know me. I am in my poems.  


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