Poems for Lovers and Sinners

My idea of Heaven ...to be free from my DEMONS.

If I had a million pounds I would...

Put it in a tin box and bury it under an oak tree for eternity.

My Top Ten

(1) To be able to smile into old age

(2) To dance outside when its raining while everyone else is sheltering,
when I'm 65

(3) To keep on writing poetry the way I do

(4 )view the world as I see it not as others see it and be able to write
about it

(5 )Be able to paint vivid colors on canvas like the great painters

(6) See my family grow and expand

(7) Listen to music like the Beatles, Mozart and Debussy while watching
the sun set

(8) Never to forget my memories

(9 )Always to be with the one whom really cares for me

(10) To be with the one I love at the end.


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