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"I Am Me"
Written by Love Loi in 2012

I am me
I am good, I am bad
Sometimes I am in between…
…good and bad
I am me
I am empurple, I am blue
Sometimes these colours are my favourite
But, purple is my truly favourite
That's I am me
Don't you see?

I am me
I am me
I am Loiriam, I am Love Loi
Sometimes you can call me Loiriam
But, I offer you; you can call me Love Loi
It's an easy pen name
It's not such a shame

I am me, I am Love Loi
Is Love Loi a colour red?
Come to my bed
I'll show you
What do you see?
Do you see blue?
Apparently, it's empurple

I am me
I am beautiful, I am ugly
Sometimes I call myself in between these
But I know that I don't hate myself
I love myself
I am me
I am no comparison to:

Marilyn Monroe
Kylie Minogue
Jennifer Lopez
And else women in the world!
I am me, I am Love Loi!

Yea, I am truly me
Yea, I am truly Love Loi

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