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Welcome to pastures
Welcome to Karis

"An artist is an art lover who finds that in all the art that he sees something is missing.
To put there what he feels is missing becomes the center of his life's work." ~Romare Bearden

This site is dedicated to my family, friends, and anyone that appreciates the joyous gift of Grace (Karis)
Karis: the Greek word used 159 times in the New Testament to express the merciful kindness by which God:
~exerts His holy influence upon souls
~ turns them to Christ
~keeps and strengthens them in Christian faith
~and kindles the exercise of the Christian virtues . . . (Thayer)

I hope these pages make you smile, reminisce, and think about how exciting it is to be blessed with the access and privilege of the presence of God. In His Name Lee Velecaro Please visit often for changes and updates. Don't forget to bookmark this page and thank you for visiting!



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Poet: pastures

Author's Personal Mission Statement

>GRATITUDE: To say "thanks" to God each day in some way.
>COURAGE: To fear no one except God; to fear no circumstances.
>FREEDOM: To be free from the opinions, animosity and condemnation of anyone who would seek to hinder my spiritual, emotional or physical contentment.
>LOVE: To behave in a manner that brings out the best in others as well as myself, especially when it might appear to be most justifiable to behave otherwise.
To love unconditionally, treating others with kindness and respect; to speak gentle words of hope. To share with others the Source of the Spirit within.
>PERSEVERANCE: To keep my commitments God, to others and to myself.
>JOY: To truly live in the here-and-now savoring each day and each encounter.
>CONTENTMENT: To accept the things I cannot change; to enrich those things within my control; to be content with who I am and with those things I have.
>MOMENTUM: To charge ahead when the status quo is unacceptable, led by God and driven by His values, my beliefs and an audacious faith.
>HUMILITY: To exist in rightful perspective to God and others, never giving myself more value than I give to others, never giving us more value than I give to God.
>PEACE: To be at peace with myself and others, neither judging nor condemning, neither penalizing nor stereotyping, void of comparisons or competition, competing only with myself for the purpose of growth.
>TRUTH: To be uncompromising in my values, beliefs and integrity.
>WISDOM: To make wisdom an uninterrupted journey.



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