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my poetry stems from what my mind feels, it became a reality when i cared for my mother,
who had Alzheimer's, and has stayed with me even after her death. poetry is a method of
telling stories to entertain, frighten, inspire you or make you laugh, it can make us feel
good or make us feel bad, they tell us about history or life and they are therapeutic in
difficult times or illnesses. we make it what we want and how we want. the style we use is
who we are.
a poet is a teacher and you are all our students. we love to teach and we hope you love to
learn. i have now published four books, the first one was compiled and published shortly after
momma died, it was, in a sense, a tribute to the mother i had always wanted and it took
Alzheimer's to to attain that dream it was also a therapy book for me and anyone else who
was a caregiver to a loved one with Alzheimer's, i dedicated the book to her as well, for others
to see. as the poetry stayed with me i kept writing, the three other books all show the growth
it has taken, i have some other website to advertise about my books ones is located at another is and for my new book

i was raised as a military brat and saw much of the world in different aspects of my life,
and some historical events as they began to occur. i do feel somewhat privileged at
experiencing them and of being given the chance to grow with the world and see the good,
the bad, and the ugly. it all developed me into who i am with my poetry and myself.

no i am not giving up my website here, i just have others to share my creative side with
my book and show that there is another world of me.

here are the titles of my books

1) When There Are Dragons There is Alzheimers
2) Through The Maze of Life
3) Thoughtful Whispers
4) Where Dreams Are Created

"Thoughtful Whispers"....through
"Where Dreams Are Created"...through