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Poet: percmpnl

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This image of me, now so many years later
each year looking, I’ve found some imperfection
Mirror-mirror, why should I ask - my time won't last,
peering into you, gray now, not young only faultiness,

years passing, why my image in my mirror
should have creaked by, each year looking
will my image fade in front of my Looking glass 
I did Love being strong, young, only gray I see

so now seeing time as if it stood still each time,
touching this image onto my glass of memories past
wrongs, rights, scars, life time stories untold all mine
My life has found it's way full circle to gray, at last

things I see now in my looking glass,
are all part past, present, future, why I’m handsome
graceful, I see each year in me, as if with class
so I will leave my mark, love, to touch someone

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