Peter Reynold

Peter Reynold I I'm strange. No buddy can understand me. I loss more-more in life, but I am here to publish my thinging. I write this when I feel alone. I think, my reader can understand me from my poetry. Because they remember you in this my poetry. In this book you get childhood poetry. When I am 16 I started to write stories, lyrics and articles. You read somewhere and you saw film of my stories and you hear songs of my lyrics,too. But you don't got my name?! The question which you asked "Why your was there? It nice film, songs and articles?" So, my friends This is India 🇮🇳, No one think that anybody goes up. And God bless us to our stomach. And our Lord peoples bless us to money. In reality I sold my stories and my lyrics and my articles. Because of money whose can get me food. Please my don't shout on me because I started now on my own and the last thing "Keep Me In Your Eyes,
Because, I Take You
In The Dreams.
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