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1. Absentia, Is A Wiser Love Than Hate (Even If You Hate It)
2. Quiet Answer's To Life's Questions In A Loud Voice...
3. Let It Be Known, Moments Of Harmony Grown...
4. With Many More Like This, Love Knows Bliss (And A Kiss...)
5. Did Baby Learn To Ask About Your Destiny, Decency?
6. Riding A Difference's Horse, With Your Rights Stare...?
7. Been The Stone, The River, And The Friend Of Years...?
8. Adding The Monster, Asking The Mother, Of Intention...
9. Saving Grace Is For Moments Like These... (Mediocrity)
10. Home On The Range, With A Crooked Foot With A Limp...
11. Prince Of Darkness - And The Governing Forces (Milksop...)
12. Many More Aye's Than Been, A Host Of Sins...
13. Continue An Age Old Tradition, Cloud Shapes...?
14. Working The Golden Rule Into A Conversation, Works Wonders (OK...?))
15. Kept Nix From Knot, And Shoes Fast Enough...?
16. Weighing Soap Versus A Truth's Shadow, Saving Wisdom
17. A Man And Woman, Careful Enough In Childhood To Ask...
18. Afraid Of Your Own Shadow, Afraid Of Your Our Selves
19. All's Well. And Pictures Of The Family, Still...
20. Soaking Up On Matches, Wealth Forbade Once, Said...
21. Kisses (For Your Information) Naps (Spy's In Love Kept...)
22. Heroines Ending They're Sentences With Spite...
23. Let To Know, A Better Eye In Winds To Owe
24. Done With The Bared Kind, Beauty Is Mine (Necessity)
25. Holding Same, With What Mercy Wonder's...
26. Coo-Coo Courage, And A Boo-Boo Birdcage (Heeding's Flowers)
27. Falling Head Over Heel's In Love With The Audacity...
28. Can A Romance Set Its Sight's In Same
29. Catching A Soul, In Sun Light's Imagination...
30. Can A Shadows Other-Wise Be Anything Else?
31. Around The World, Wishing You Were Older...
32. Hadding The Joker, For A Better Care
33. Best Foot Forward, And Blessed Future Back?
34. Prayers In A Storm, Of Caught's And Dilemma's
35. Letting The Sun Shine Before Sense's Fail?
36. If Envy Ever Nows, Jealousy Even Will, News
37. Instinctual Bliss (Will Time Share Care)?
38. Wound Up, Astounding The Neighbor's With Hope
39. Picnic Reason's In The Family...
40. The Could Knot Moxy Blues, Again...?
41. A Healthy Conversation About God's Prayer
42. Order And Chaos, With A Higher Purpose
43. Learning The Ropes, When The Times Will Due...
44. Does Confusion Entertain Me, Or You (Or That Ghost...)
45. Deja Vu, Said Backwards And Forwards Again
46. Half Of Somewhere Is A Hall Of Somehow?
47. Could A Worldly If Seek A Country's Example?
48. Candles,That Due To Wiser Wax, Wane...
49. What gives a gift of silent night's, when asking a father...
50. Yes, How A Misery Adds Bolts In The Blue...
51. Pitter - Patter Patience (Passion's Personality)
52. Privilege And Sources, Sat Forth How...?
53. Hold Your Tongue, And Twist Your Lip's...?!
54. What If It, Was Offered In Mirth's Shoes?
55. Two Mighty Too, Seek Anything Better?
56. Where Hope Ever Does, Forgiven?
57. A House To Ask, A House Entertaining The Facts...
58. Time Enough For Today, Yesterday's Seldom Seem's
59. Looking For A Lion In The Hey, In My September Coat?
60. What Does This Have To Do, With Panic's Shadow?
61. Lucky Old Day In Day Out, With A Wandering...
62. Salt And Pepper, For A Lover's Time (Remind...)
63. Can't, Lovelorn Decide Worth Is It's Fate?
64. Letting A Pride Ask, A Question With A Thousand...
65. Why, Living In Meant And Fated, Paranoia?
66. Could Hell Have A Sunrise For You, Sunset?
67. Shephards Convinced Angels Might Pray Each Rolling Stone...?
68. Promises Among Sunshine (Wholly Yours...)
69. Purpose Determined, Purpose Deliberated In A Legend's Sky (Today...)
70. The Ides, Dreams, Instinct Of March ... ?
71. Year Of The Dragon, And Dew Tell...
72. B4, Is All Friendly, And B5 Is Any Molecule (1,2,3 ...)?
73. Honor Bound, To Cure Curiosity With Needs
74. Why Do Kings Dance With Lion's? (Home's Shadow)
75. Saint's Be Praised, You Judas Priest?
76. Silent Services, Two Same Shames, Sake?
77. Thunder With Due Reason To Approach, You
78. Known To Be, The Tooth And Tomorrow...
79. Done, In The Limelight, For Centuries...
80. Can Wishes Make Laws To Judge Themselves?
81. Been Somewhere Besides Here...
82. Precisely The Time To Say Hi...
83. Asks And Facts, Together In A Tree (Adding Each)
84. Taking Credit For Life, Like When, Did?
85. Sipping Tea Perhaps, Daydreams If A Rage Yet?
86. A Bright Side To Every Known Charity...
87. Tossed A Role, And Rutting For The Beef
88. Carrying A Cause To Uncertain Silence, Dates
89. A Memory Of Tree's And Decision's Bird...
90. Letting The Rain, Speak Of Minor Notes (Love)
91. Just A Deal Of Another's Lifetime...
92. Did Add It Up, Where No Man Was Heard?
93. What If I Said Mirrors Look Better Blessed?
94. Points Of Light Deciding Your Sate, Further?
95. Off The Beaten Track, With Time To Say...
96. Stead And Charisma, Said And Character
97. Tart, Appreciation Skipping Luck For Understood Love?
98. The Catch Of Light We Pray, Listened...
99. Here To Seek, Heir To And, Hear To Destroy (Tyranny...)
100. Boding's And Burden's Exact Lord's Silence
101. If We Haven't Already...
102. Blessing Adages (Churching Every Worth)?
103. Bridges In Love With It, Still Trying Over There...
104. Light's In The Meaning Of Nothing Doing...
105. Destiny In A Future's Eyes, And How We Are
106. Listing Hope As Proper Acception And Vanity
107. Do Nine Lives Count, When Eight Miles High?
108. Nervous, And Pale Wishes To Ask About...
109. Let Yearning's Day In Any, Semblance And Might?
110. Would A Present And Accounted Forth, Nothing?
111. Looking The Day In The First Place...
112. Daughter's And Need's If Etc. Love's Seldom
113. Will And Weal, When And Whole (Welcome Home...?)
114. Innocent Faith In A Looking Glass...?
115. Careful, Real And Fascinated Truth's, Earn Distance?
116. Doesn't, And Doing The Impossible Does...
117. Do Dates Judge Halo's Or Is An Angel/
118. Looking For Particular's To A Friendship?
119. Savior's Of A Biscuit And Gravy On Needles, Yearning
120. Shy Must Be A Careful Chance (RSVP)?
121. Inspiration Needs A World With You...
122. Living For Days That Knows Angel's Cry...?
123. Pensive Ought, In The Irony We Sought...
124. Happy To Call A Chance With Rights, Mighty
125. Home In A Sea Shell (Couldn't Lover's Sing?)
126. Given The Well, Will A Sadness Drink...
127. Down To Earth, With Time To Tell...
128. Thought, Actually Though Ought, Moment's...
129. Semblance, With Photographs Of Faeries...
130. Power's Overlooked, Sometimes Sate Hi...
131. When Children Fly To Wonderland...
132. Blowing Your Nose, With The Devil's Sleeve
133. Could You Let A Kiss Have Ghost's?
134. Where's The Jack? (Of All Trades...)
135. Rational And Mayhem, With A Match, Sam...?
136. Marriage And Timidity, Lend An Ear, To Us
137. Patience Sometimes Costs Virtue, Until...
138. King Arthur Swears Hell Means It Rains (Suffragette)
139. Whether, Worth And Wealth Now's, Please
140. Fate Of A Challenger And Our Silence...
141. Secretary's That Work For Olives...
142. By The Way, And With Another's Smile, Now
143. Do Names, Offer, Music?
144. Calling Heathen A Shrewd Tomorrow...
145. Letting The Right, Justify Belief's?
146. Beginning In The Lime Light, Kindly That...
147. Limit One Per Custom, Heiring The Known?
148. Past Hostility, Their Is A Range Of Voice...
149. Done To Right's A Sort's Of Again, Amen
150. Positively The Best Here And Now, Added
151. Another Prophet Of Who's Sincere (Mendacity)
152. Me, Myself And Making Sense
153. Basis And Truth Won My Heart, For Start's
154. Living For May, And The Day, With You...
155. The Sword And The Angel's Named It Cousin?
156. Hat Or Towell, Ringing In The New Ear...
157. Loved With Past Times And Merely Making...?
158. Knight At The Museum, Or Night At The Mutual
159. Quietly's Season Asks For Adventure?
160. Pragmatic Or Imaginative, Sight Of A Friend...
161. Would Lover's Call Misery A Nation, Notion Or Name?
162. Hosting Season, And The Rocking Chair...
163. Once The Fall, And Twice The Friend...
164. Home Pie Versus The Flies In The Window
165. Jerusalem In Mind, And Bells If Lead Loyalty Sakes
166. Done, Absolved, Animosity And Thinking, You Will...
167. Low Ends And High Amends Saving Kisses Same
168. Fun Can Be Serious Work, Sometimes
169. That's What Were Offering, Here And Now
170. Thinking Christmas Is A Charity Otherwise?
171. No Man Without Their Own, Has Ear To Name?
172. A Chance Meeting With Temptation's Ghost?
173. Praying Until That Could And Redoubted Either?
174. Looking On The Brightside Of Simple Hatred...
175. Hope And Save Hand If Our's Understand Reality's Same?
176. Would You Call It Lucre, If Love Was Terrified?
177. Until Angel's Save Themselve's From Uncle's Tear's?
178. Could Living With Neighbor's, Call The Times Fickle?
179. Lost To Emerging And Adding Neglect?
180. Believing And Seeing If Love Is Swearing Hat's?
181. Taste's Of Reality, I'd Divine Forth, Kindred
182. Pace And Saner Tomorrow, To Insight Made Early
183. If, Be, Or, Do The Impossible?! God's Kiss?
184. Emissary And Empathy, Might Cold Shoulder's...?
185. Notorious Or Found With Lost, Childhood Angel's?
186. Alices Restaurant And Brief Ideas Came About, Boats
187. Love And With No Egg's Salted, Tomorrow?.
188. Poignant Turn's Of A Bitter Road, Still Don't...?
189. Time In It's Aftermath, Asking The World To Be...
190. Lucky With Old Shoes, Kitchen Sink's, And Lawyer's?
191. A Meditation On Nothing, But Your Allowed To Ask...
192. Proud Ear's Yearning On Their Earn, Shouldn't
193. Prayer's Of A Potato That Ended Up, Shared
194. Precisely Eleven Reason's Seen On Night's Asking Life Still...
195. Found In Love, Whole Is And Not, Means With...
196. Pinched Salt, Alm's And Pepper (Wolf Toe's)
197. Banter Is The True Every Risk Now Earn's So Sacred?
198. Same Side Of The Week As End's Meet At Church?
199. Same Side Of The Week As End's Meet At Church?
200. Link's With The Past, Presence, And Friction (Naivete?)
201. Spoken To Dark Places, Abbreviated With Interest
202. Beauty, Desperation And Vehemance's Idea...
203. Sitting The Love, With The Usual Friend's...
204. Presumption In Grey, Living At Truer Idea's Need?
205. Live And Let Live, Done To Right's (Harmony)
206. Stirring Home With Emotion, Makes Heroism (Actuality's Part)
207. Looking, This Way And That, Truer Yonder Being Sweet?
208. Wouldn't Mention Beauty, Done Without Courage's
209. Do Lives Worth Almost Offered, Matter?
210. Came With The Wisest Of Mean's, And It's Need's
211. When Sense Comes To Say "Future Present Past"
212. Good Bye Hatred, Here To Show A New Kindness
213. Ascertain The Obvious And Take Your...?
214. Can't Us, And Want Use, Eaches Otherwise?
215. Long Day's Of Giving Older Dreams...
216. Can't, And, Want, Imagine's Soul's Hate Money?
217. Would You Pray Before A Stare, Of Where In...?
218. Life In A Stiff Wind Sometimes Adds, More?
219. Before A Party, Being The Start, Be Your Smart's
220. Places For Heathen To Awaken, Nothing?
221. An Old Man's Pillow Set To Right's (Easter Cunning)
222. Catcher On The Rye, Revisited...
223. Pact's And Facet's Of Ascertained Rage's, Does...
224. Why Does Fairness Make Savior's Of Eternity?
225. Line's Of Sight And Now, Given Every Lip Eye's Sanity
226. You Get The Penchence Plan, Or My ...
227. Life With Any's Bird, Saying All In A Twitter...
228. Truth Hurt's, Especially When You Win The Race?
229. Like Lion's In The Snow, Or Lamb's In The Sand
230. Anti - Christ? The Child That Never Slept,,,
231. Passed Heaven, Tomorrow And Sorrow (Assassin's Asking?)
232. Complete The Question Of Moreover Than Else...
233. Loan's Of Bollock's, Tone's Of A Doll's Luck...?
234. Do Day's Coming And Going Owe, Me Simplicity?
235. Penny's Round Enough To Tear You, Another Mother...?
236. Beauty's Hero, And Decency's Heroine (Make...)
237. Chance More, Than Change's Wish Were?
238. Empathy, Time And Urging The Nine Muses (Here Lip...)
239. Demanding The Sense A Shadow Is Entitled Too?
240. King's And Queen's Pray Here, Like Sin Was?
241. Do Lion's Sneeze Like Roar's Or Raor's, Heathen?
242. Baking Soda, Night Fires, And Yeast (Tea?)
243. Introduction's Are In Deoderant Or Dede Ant's?
244. Show Me God's Faith, And I Will Eat Your ... Joy ...
245. Freedom To Say, "Personally, I Don't Give A Damn"
246. Is Hell The Martian Flue, To Heaven With...?
247. Landfall's Call, If Not Callous Candy Made First, And All...
248. Life With A Nut Named Strife, For Goodness Sakes
249. Robot's That Stare At Automaton's, Andromeda
250. Sanity Said Savagery, Vanity Said Vagueness (Caring)
251. Rise And Cope Each, The Wizening Own
252. A Country Cousin, A City Cause (psst, wishes earn more...)
253. Possible Heart's To Do ... ?
254. Courage Aghast, Is An Angel Worldly Enough...?
255. Destiny In Hell's Way, Etc. In The Can, Ok.?
256. Loudly Couldn't, Pepper And Etc. (A Home...)
257. Promises Made With Lip's Of None, Now And Never
258. Being Half And None, Earn's Clarity's Heart Older
259. Angel's Name Star's After Jewel's Because...
260. And History's Voice In Love, With Given Peace...
261. Living South Of Boredom That Wasn't, Us
262. Can Do, Can't Done, Callous Debt Is Still...
263. Poor Salt, Purity Same, Paces Sane (Christianity...)
264. Does Levity Reveal Lucre For Last's, Moment's Weighed?
265. Life In The Arm's Of Mutual Trust...
266. Which Is Done, Which Is Gone, Which Is Wrong
267. Getting It Right, And Marrying It, Not Intuition?
268. See The Proper Fate In A Handful Of Salt...
269. Travel By Six Roads, And Seven Bridges...
270. Revisiting The Pied Piper With A Smile, Not A Wrath
271. Have The Time Of Yearn's Life, Wishes Included
272. Living At Where, Too Real Until Tendered Hair?
273. Victory Of An Eye, Over The Meandering Wall?
274. Daydream's Away From The Castle, Risking Nothing?
275. Taming The Lamb If The Lion, In The Land?
276. Droll Smiles, Thought Once Abstract...
277. Smile's, That May Cost You Your Soul...
278. Love At All Couth's, Makes A Heart Beautiful?
279. Heartburn, Construe's My Sullen, Not...
280. Soup Fork, Salad Knife, Butter Spoon (Tyranny Explained...)
281. Power's That Keep Us From More?
282. Does Adding Dream's Divine Youth Saying, The Words?
283. Adding An Emotion With None, Paces Yesterday
284. What Does It Take To Say Hi, To A Whale Of A Chance?
285. Tears Turn Into Wine, If An Each Was None?
286. Naming The Problem Anon, Youth, And Must
287. Prescience In Favor, Presence In Flavor, Presents In Flambouyancy
288. Blinking, All Truer Idea's Said, Tastes Of Heaven?
289. Life To An Impression In The Life Of Art (Beautiful Daydream's)
290. Why Religion Eats Yet Perceive's Seldom Each
291. Life With Am, Sam, And Same, Delight's Etc.
292. Patience For A Needy Glance At The Time
293. Asking Alienation To Understand, "Savagery"
294. Poor, Profuse And Persuaded To Poignancy...
295. Angel Does Share Angenue, "A Good Time's Anger"
296. Same To Do Yesterday, As Done Tomorrow
297. Limit Wonder Per Household, And Save A Guarantee
298. Society At Large, Vexes A Truer Instinct Owed Need?
299. So What Was It, About Status Quo?
300. Living In Past's Given To Future Heart's, Right Now
301. Superstition Is Suggested, Worthier Life...
302. Here To Hope, And When To Given, More's...?
303. Given A Lamb For Damn, Is Heaven The Wanting?
304. Intrepid Daydream's With A Voice For Character
305. Why Does The Rain Remind To Ask Whether?
306. Look Before Leap, Leap Become Stir, Stir Because Love
307. Living In Season's Of They's And Merely, Giving
308. Homage If Salvation Is Worth Know's Your Weal
309. Penny's To Like, A Different Psyche
310. Does Joining The Clue, Mean Have And Due?
311. Passed The Though To Past Thought Else (Matters...)
312. Let Decency Stare, And Love Shames, You...
313. Cold Recognition Of The Farce, Forces Now
314. Will Prejudice Little Sigh's And City Light's...?
315. Water And Voice Earning Reasons, Sigh's...
316. Naming The Ship Reality, Costs Tomorrow A Heart
317. Lead And Lest Love ... Hear The Same For Me
318. Fury And Fess, Risk's And Rest's, And Toil In Whole...
319. The Price Of Brass Nowaday's, Sate's None
320. Same Hope In Haste, As Asking Whoth Says
321. Senses All In A Row, Looking Amidst Knowing...?
322. Sated With Fever And Revenge, Rogue's Have Children
323. Doesn't Hap And Care, Behest Blessing Involved?
324. Look Upon These, And Know A Friend
325. Pendleton St. Orchestra And The Misses, You
326. Snares And Bells Being Added To Have...
327. What Has Happened Here, To Save The Hour Of Fear?
328. Uncertain Mention In The Fold Of Life
329. Actually Knowing The Instinct Of Neighbors...
330. Tick Tock, How's Their, Heaven?
331. Tears In Need, Save Heathen In Peculiar Stead
332. Drama In A Building Ordeal, Longevity Is Conceited
333. Bless A Psyche, Tender Is Soul, May Ask Love...
334. Jealousy Dethroned By The Lip's Of Fear?
335. Intended For Mature Oddity's Only...
336. Penny And Dime, Laundry And Hyme
337. Hell To A Fallen Guide, As We No Weals Sigh?
338. Past The Vice Of Angel's, Houses And Strength?
339. Waiting On The Light, To Call It Hardship
340. Lucre For A New Poke, Love For Now...
341. Do Toes Worth The Nibble, Have The Sense To Live?
342. Marvel At A Dream With No Legend To Seek Us
343. A Tear Is Worth A Thousand Word's?
344. Beauty To Blame For Heroines With, None...?
345. Toe To Toe, With A Hiatus Of Furious Senses
346. And The Saint's Came Meritting Only (Eaches)
347. Any And All Dates Without Devil's, Avidly
348. Pressed Halves Of Season's Rises And Falls
349. Learned From A Friend, In Still Means...
350. Salt And Vinegar, In Old Reason's Shall
351. Does Heathen Meet Tear's With Sense?
352. Penny Breathes In The Sweep Of Earthly Denial?
353. Sat To Matter's At Hand, The Dole Of Suicide?
354. Can An Ear, Decide An Eave Nary's, Sense's?
355. Well In Bell's Reach, The Soul Of Avarice?!?
356. Spiced Antiquity Guesses Etc. Saves Tradition
357. Forever, And Silence Am, To Know Love, Hasn't...
358. Limes And Cocoanut's, Time's Answering Chance's
359. Recent Overture's Ne'er Asked, Liberty's Day?
360. Patience In A Hat, With An Alarmed Man (Oblivion?)
361. Sam Hill And The Money, Same Hell As The Known?
362. Coyote Blues (Where Angels Need To Yet, Seem)
363. 7 Knocked Door's Make 1 Heaven
364. Two Hell Without A Name For Jaded May, Be?
365. A Gift From The Inspiratiion Of Amend's, Depend's
366. Liberty Foretold Aspire, Like No Man's Denial
367. Finger's, Lover's And World's Away, Reign's Sates?
368. Laughing At Thom, Dick And Harry, School's Behaved...
369. Mommy And Daddy, Like Are Is Dreading, Night...
370. Waiting On Fruition, To Give The Gift...
371. Does Wonder Live For Love, Or Vice Versa?
372. Coat Checking And Fact's Fresh Each, Either
373. Livid And Avid Tone To An Ordinary Day (Eh?)
374. Knock On The Door, Knock On The Adore
375. Hope In A Latter Day, Letter's And Promise's
376. Life With A Reason, Come's With A Joyous Idea
377. Praise Earns Order, Patience Lets Entity; Same?
378. Sight Unseen; Innocense, Causes And Idea's?
379. Bible's And Butterfly's, To Save A Good Have
380. Can A Miracle Earn Love, Than Or Else Shown?
381. Indicated Limit's To A Risen First, Does Love Dream?
382. With Hour's Until The Thunder Is A Friend?
383. Vice Understood Like Gaiety Ask's Right's, Is Today Yet?
384. Dignity Found Passion To Right, Everything
385. Saved For Future Sound Of Kisses...?
386. Blue Eye's, Betty The Duck, And DayDreams...
387. Saltier Hiccough's, With A Cup Of Arsenic...?
388. Fruit Sooning The Same, Is Still A Care Found (Kites)
389. Power's In Safer Number's (Church Of Night)
390. Also Adding The Day For Night...
391. Does The Future Show Forthwith And Beckoning?
392. Shown Cope, Sewn Epoch, Truly Epic
393. Silent Heed's Of Chastity Knocked, Well...
394. Hope Is A This, And Here Is A That...?
395. A Laugh With Heart To Know, The Shyer Side
396. ... A War With Secret's That Mustn't, Falter?
397. Hope Comes In Similar Boxes, Today's Fortune In...
398. Does Brass Chance The Mind, For Bronze To Change The Mine?
399. Etc's, Callous And Longevity, Uncle's Heathen?
400. Seasoned Order And Oft Made Truer Hosts?
401. Place's And Name's And Fright To Pronounce...
402. Like Music, We Know Heroism Is In The Heaven's?
403. Meditation, On Liberty And Language
404. What Catches A Could, Like A Bubbly Oil?
405. Testing The Liberty Of Truth, And Adding Sand Men...
406. When Is Real A Then In Heel, Freeing Or Fearing?
407. Finding A Clue To Offer Heroism Earn's Right's
408. Presence Of Mend's, Second Wind And Worth Lend's
409. Day In Day Out, The Soul Of Meted Distances
410. Table Manners And Enable Matter's, Monster's?
411. Thunder To Appoint The Next, Law?
412. Please The Child, And The Spare Tire Is (Gone)
413. Hell At Army's Lend, Courage Is A Land (Rainbows Talk?)
414. Since Oblivion, Jack Be None, Jill Be Six (Start Heiring)
415. Languishing Amet And Found Pity Is, Silence?
416. Rational Use Of A Friends Hand Showed Few...
417. Doves Judge Hell Forth Bells, Juice And Dragons?
418. Perhaps Wound, In A Little Ball, And Chewed Until Gone?
419. For Wins, Not Four Winds, That Knew Me For A Wink
420. Life With A Prophet, In The Can Of Sorts Taken
421. Turns, Man Of Sulk And Muses, Again (You?)
422. Home, Host On The Voice Strange, Revelations
423. Kicking The Habit (Of Sense And Somehow Known)
424. Persausion Without Kindness, Is Still A Pouting Now
425. Punish The Chance, Or Reach For History
426. Places More Than Said, Seldom Say More Paces
427. Day Long Reason, With All Of A Thought Need's
428. Eclipsed Beyond The Trying Of Times (Thoroughly...)
429. Unless Known, The Tooth Of Simplicity Grown
430. A Spirit Of Resolution Taking Same Time, Some...
431. Does Prayer See Your Hello, Or Your Old Lead?
432. Does Angel's Merely Never, Pass Over Ever More?
433. Paradises Influence, If Ages Rise To I'm Possible
434. Jade And Roses Wishes It, Truer Hells, Empathy's
435. Like Named Oddity Isn't The Right Idea...
436. Is Heaven Poised To Exact Blood From A Stone?
437. Holy Since Fully Compared To Watched...?
438. Turns And Unity For Us In Could And Worldy Isn't Seventh...?
439. Doesn't Love Buy The Years For Too...?
440. Top Down, Tapped Out And Tipped Toward, Justice
441. Courage Unto Higher, From Love's First?
442. First Things First, Rainbows With One Missing...
443. Past Times That Give The Heart Pause...?
444. Hiding From The In, Found In The Out
445. P's And Q's And That Ornory X's, First Kiss
446. Why Didn't Calling Bird's Ask About Glue?
447. Different, Exactly, Merit, Ordeal, Now, Sourly
448. Considered More To Visits In Known, Added...
449. Wane And Families Of Course, Same Prayer, Same Pain
450. Bad Blood Between Friends Is Like This...
451. Engaging Advent And Aren't, Beginner's Luck?
452. Brown And Serve Today Asking Roses Dilligence
453. Act I - A Train Of Mind If Could, Shoulder Am Customary
454. Till Silence Promises, The Soul Of Yesterday
455. Does Marvelled Hate Seek Beauty If Snow...?
456. Sesame Street And The Uncle Rather Named Sweetly...?
457. Adding Up The Moment In Glowing Worth, Earth?
458. Pesky Aunt, Obnoxious Uncle, New Daddy, Yet...
459. More Knots Asked Crosses To Save A ...
460. Hungry Enough And Money In Love, To Say
461. Life In Your Grasp, Has Dirty Etcetera's...
462. Learning The Ropes, Today, Like It Wasn't Already
463. Does Jealousy Hate You With A Tart Tongue?
464. Evoking Land's Eaves Vexes All Times Echoing?
465. Time Is Trying, Trying Is Salt, Salt Is Same
466. Livid Or Lucid, Instinct Took Asking Secrets?
467. Spirit Of Since, The Terror To Times To Talk...?
468. A Penny Saved Is A Penny Ear, Neglect...?
469. Waking Up With Am, Earning If Asking, Well...
470. Withheld And Left, Treason Either Right, Haunts?
471. Out There, On It, And Ought Never, Land?
472. Two Places In The Dark, Makes Literal Sense?
473. Lament Upon Consciences Kind If Enough Rights...
474. Alien Failing Waiting Sating, With A Cup Of ...
475. Sharing Haves Drive Honor Made Like Beds?
476. Nature Come For Its Own, Like The Day Seem
477. More Uses For Pepper ...
478. Living In Discussion Of Good And Chaste, Now
479. Is It Me, Or Is A Tear Worth Its Wink In Gold?
480. Friends And Enemy's Risk Yearning, Soul's
481. May For Just Or Hello Nor Must, Nary Done We'll
482. Angry? Who Made You When Pasts Seem Have?
483. Now Introduced Justice Knowing Well The Sense Of Eggs
484. Avarice? Made Pride Taken Impulse's
485. Society Asked If I Would Move Overt, Death?
486. Promises In Your House, Passion In Your Moments
487. Wings In Appetites Knowing, Ask For Loves Wages
488. Pickles With Toads To Show A Whisker, Don't...
489. Triple Indemnity, And Fashionably Two
490. Living Married Thumbs, Ever Yet Met Never, Politely?
491. Boat At Dealt Ash Nine Times For A Kiss, Isn't
492. Positted For Odd Moments In Goods Memory
493. Comprehend Me, Nor Side, Untoward...?
494. Not More Than Knocked, Patience Hid From Succor
495. Spiders And Forth Right Ordained Nest's, Secondly...
496. Life, Love, Liberty And Lizards; And Lord's Lost...
497. And When It Isn't So, Somehwere The Bell Toll's
498. Asked Being Stoic Toward All In Names, Backwards
499. Taken With Hands Meant For This World?
500. Haven't, Waiting On A Dream To Remember?
501. Discussed With Clenched Lovers, To Simplify Miles
502. Pathetic Is Takes Yet Did A Truer Etc Sate...?
503. Lucky Is Same Passion, Scented As Mind's May; Flowers?
504. Didn't, Vitamin B6 Wore Your Sole By Forward?
505. Heard Such If Mine, Might Visit Same Here, Forever
506. A Simple Pass Of Everyday May Ever Stay...?
507. Sated And Serious Senses Yet, Are We There Let Yearning?
508. Been Before Roses In Leftover's OK, Bananas?
509. Truer By Hate, But I Eat It With Salt's Dreaming?
510. Such As Vice, Fed A Vegetable, And Sought For Mind
511. Epiphany Took My Life To New Limit's, And Knew It
512. Faster Hauntings And Sassier Wantings, Whistle
513. Made With Angel's And Faery's To Seem Kissed
514. Lady On Bare, Bare On Lady; Neither Asked?
515. Truer Words Never Her, Took A Nap...
516. Amet In Next Told, With A Righteous Sour...
517. What To Say To Nothing More Than Force's Else
518. Price Above Ruby's, Terror And Issues Seen...
519. Like You, I've Never Given, Mores...?
520. Turned With Astute Living Taken Home Exactly Really Same?
521. Like Light That Usual Love In Pity Let Liberty...
522. Know Your Energy, Note Your Enemy, Noah Your Exactly...
523. Nine Beauty's To Finish The Hour With Nothing
524. Life In The Forest And River Today Older Xactly...
525. Does This Seat Have A Spirit In It, Or Is It Mean?
526. Nerves And Joyful Stares Of Heroes By Shares, Isn't Rude?
527. Persuaded With Chances Sign In Our Excitement
528. Call Upon Knoweth None, And Here Love's Same
529. If Tucked Is Bed, And Night Is Might, What Am Eye?
530. Uncanny, If Knot's Pause For Noting, Nothing
531. Done Until One, Forthright Come, Sanity Seen
532. Where Has Heaven Been If I Think But Not?
533. Lovely Days To Dozens Of Lasts, Appearances
534. Time Out, In Thus, And Tis' A Same Wondering?
535. Convincing You One Eye Makes Two Better, Heeds...
536. Does This Bug Utter The Truth Of Achoo?
537. 17 Down. Answering Yourself Is Mandatory, Heroism
538. Cute Or Shown, The Taste Of Success Known
539. Craving Salty Arguments And Answers, Realizing...
540. Past Rainbows And Hidden Family's, Decency
541. Tenths Of Shining Coins Met By Seven Horses
542. Tongues Wishing In Love's Name Of Any House?
543. Pepper And Two Friends Under Loved, Mayhem?
544. Prices Of Clarity As Monsters Other Slender?
545. Counted With Day's Gone By, Before
546. Clipping Hairs And Pastey Songs, Wouldn't...
547. A Mole And A Handsome Doctor Walk Into A Bar
548. Learning The Knock Of Paradise's Table, In All Modesty
549. Rolled Anger In A Ball, Made If Our Secrets?
550. Like Sour Dates, Youth Early Am Silent Taste...?
551. Crushes And Hushes Of Mushes Can Rushes
552. Is It Me, Or Did Naivete Just Die For You?
553. Tender More, Mender Tore; At Dilligence Roads
554. Fear To Pace Upon, Dear To Face On, Ships In The Naming
555. Juice In Your Eye, Hills In Your Trust, Shown
556. Shame With An Angel's Face Is Mom's Destiny
557. Babysitters And Pies Tickled Living Eaves Sated?
558. Been Anarchy, Been Alcohol, Thought's Noah?
559. Taste Or Races, Acts Halting In Death Takes...
560. Seven Houses That Never Met Another Like It
561. Sanity Has Your Best Appetite Nighed Echoing?
562. What Does It Take To Call, Offer, And Love?
563. Flys And Thumbs Have Eggs Rather Sweetly
564. Tomorrow Among Courage Taken, Fully...
565. Lint In Your Eye Told Me If Whether Angel's?
566. Pies Siring And Custardly, Bedlam?
567. Tar, Has, And, The, Har, Eak, Met; Rages Am Weals...?
568. All And Mighty, Can Life Taste Hope?
569. Unto Moist Into Voiced, Unclear Glares; Character's...?
570. Sick Of Rests, Tender Enough Destiny, Mayed?
571. Clay Made Visiting Salts And Angel Words, Passion?
572. Guesses At Loss, A Xum Yelled, Sourly?
573. As We Remember, Loved A Turning Echoes...?
574. Making A Name At The Wealth After Rolling...
575. Brass And Sour Flowers Do Make Sabatacles
576. If Horror, Is Honor, Im Terror, In Themes...?
577. Etc. In Loved Steps, Distance To Seek, Home...?
578. Miracles Told Me To Kiss A Baby's Wrist's?
579. Wiping Away The Each Rising Yes, Ever Try Conviction's?
580. Particular, Like Old Yearning, Number Oftens...?
581. Mustard And Cantalope, Being Ironic Guessing?
582. Lucky For The Knight, Knuckles For The Light?
583. Didn't This Smell, Like Mercy, Or Another Bilked...?
584. Adam And The Cricket's, Call Every Throne?
585. Cooked Ahead Of Time, Like You Like It, Thus
586. Money Found, With Actual Lips Of Truth...?
587. That Hasn't Chirping - Boxes, Asks, Shame, Tirades, Exactly?
588. Nice To Evince, Winking At Since, Light's?
589. Patient? The Toasts Of Prosaic Bulb's Isn't Dismay, Hittite's?
590. Mister Marathon, Best With Future Laugh's, Candle's Jesus?!
591. At This Time, Time Is On The House That Bakes...
592. Cast To Last, Lash To Rash, Rasp To Sasp?
593. Kissing A Cousin Does Reap Its Rewards, Itself
594. Who The Hell Are You, And Where Have I Been?
595. Decision's Decision's, The Didn't We Envision?
596. Dreading The If, Of Nor To Wish, At The Wink?
597. Doors Knocked, Kicked, Kissed And Kinged
598. Something Stuck In The Toaster, As We Thou...
599. Past The Laugh Of Whence, A Melting Cheese Is...?
600. Why Did Mustard Lie To Itself Over Cookies?
601. Princely Sanity Defends A Thumbs Tongue Misery?
602. Deeds Like Dirt, Sometimes Shame Monsters
603. Family Prides, As Houses Told, Camera's Such?
604. Built As Speed Has, The Anarchy Loving King Is Now God?
605. Praying Upon Red, Poorer Laws Enthused, Safety
606. With Each Day Comes The Burden Of Dancing...
607. Anarchy In Shames Treasures, Is Milk A Lover?
608. Callings To This Sanity Is Till Mercy Has Uses...?
609. Could A Chin Torture Used Simplicity, Needless?
610. Drunk On Myth's Or Death's, The Angel's Choice?
611. Wink, Think, Stirring The Dragon In Coats Kringle ...
612. Pity In The Yesterday's Of A Truer Houses Shame?
613. Cant, A Fluite Talk Of Rage Had In Milk, Avoid?
614. Does An Ear Asked, Provide You A Key To A Door?
615. Good To Die In The Name Of Wisdom Fought?
616. Wishing At The Well Of Is And Must Cost A Soul
617. Panic In The Yesterdays Of Our Best Laid Panics
618. Shame Entered Names So Excitement, Chin?
619. The Logic Involved...
620. Should Strands Of Hair Keep A Promise, Would...?
621. What Does It Take To Make You Here There?
622. Survival Here Is Wanting Many Anywhere, Youth
623. Sometimes Being On Fire, Is A God Thing
624. If Wishes Were Kisses, Stares In Wax, Wanted You
625. Lips Of Steel, Pride Before Death, Shadows Named Mere
626. Either Money In Love Yearning, Lift Older Today
627. Brows Or Grows, The Tale Of A Promise...
628. Risen At Flowers Thought Once Better For Songs
629. A Penny With Eyes Kisses Like Pleasure
630. When Was The Have, Any More Than A Gave?
631. Hurry To Blurry, Hate To Oblate, Hell To Fell...
632. Made Up With Luck, And That Smiling Rancor
633. Pity And Thunderous Applause Earned Salty Images?
634. Colder Than Duck Is Honor's Irony, Agony?
635. Houses Of A Choked Name Live To Tell Tales...
636. Isn't Run, Isn't Funk, Isn't Uncle, Marvelous?
637. What The Neighbor's Saw, When Windows Spoke
638. Sans Sense And Sound, Set As Sorts See...
639. Fish Upon Five Into Further Eyes, Forever?
640. Isn't Must The Name Of The Game?
641. Inventing A Time Exactly Machine Ought Mine?
642. Reasons And Their Hour, For Ours To Find
643. A Dark Door Found In The Needs Of Winks Same...
644. Canned Pepper And Pain's Copper...?
645. Eating Flowers May Lead To Candor, Aches, And Satan
646. Does God Give Apples To War With Tickles?
647. Seizured, Is A Mansion Understanding Liked Egg's?
648. And Dreams Owed Love Is Causing Eternal Sorrow?
649. Shall We Build A House Of Beauty For Hell?
650. Staring At Stars Does Lead To Angel's
651. A Pie With Hyper Children Fidget's Like Yeast?
652. Desire In The Have, Eyes Respect Saccherine's Need's...?
653. What Do You Think Jesus Does With The Harps?
654. Tweedledee And Tweedledum Haven't Never Eaten Fish?
655. Heaven, The Satan Of Gold To Finger The Sanity Of Others?
656. Learning To Tell The Time In A River, Pinks?
657. Excuse The Mess, Make Up The Rest, Orpheus
658. Sandy Fates With Some How In Its Prayer's ...?
659. Near To Your Key For The Rest Of Eaves, A Mountain?
660. Poison Pens And Boistrous Beens, Nativity
661. Yell Ably And Fold Upon The Charisma Of Thought...
662. Sunshine And Beer, Babies Named Celery, Paper
663. Lights InThe Sky Fewed And Taught, Herb's?
664. Quote The Place And Time Of A Purple Seance?
665. Gaiety, Lucky, Ilk, Trinity, Zion, Years - Puke?
666. Strangers In The Knight, Born To Risen Light
667. Catching The Boat To The Halloween Star?
668. Thunder Says Hinder, Lightning Says Loved...
669. Funhouses And Haunted Fausts, Bible Belt
670. Consciences After Real Angels Work As You
671. Given Our Vexation, Ears, New Ought Meagerly
672. Daring The Stars To Risk Their Natures
673. Winking Babies Without Futures, Served Draught's...?
674. Older By The Days End, For The Best To Mend
675. A Lousy Nights Sleep, And A Smiling Pillow
676. Wild Flowers Could Drag It Out Of Years, And Terror's
677. Judas And Coarse Known, Cried On Lips Done Sour?
678. Tired Enough To Kiss The Silence For Ashes
679. Time To Have, Time To Gave; Turn And Save
680. Naivete Floated Its Boat, During An Avalanche
681. Song's Pity In That Haunt's Ear's Ringing, Soul's?
682. Kisses With Anger Seem To No You Fewer
683. Fly's And Spider's, Ant's And Monkey's, Climb
684. Lightning Learned To Ask A King For His Soul
685. Sense, Do You Live In The Heart Of Angels?
686. What's Right About Your Neighbor's Eaves ...?
687. May Your Terror's Have Asking Need's Years
688. Correct Posture For A Baby With Two, Mayhem
689. This, Those And The Bite Of Other, Ourselves?
690. Brazen With In Prayers, Brazen Without A Patience
691. A Killer Asks Pillows The Time Of Our Rhymes
692. Poor Falls A Start, A Finish, Etc. Time Yearns
693. On The Cold Tales Of Another Neglect, Liberally
694. Take A Knock From A Crock, Altogether Hope
695. Sitting In The Race, Seeing In The Rage; Ever
696. Shadow Reminds, Shadow Rekindles, Bravery
697. Pence, Passion, Pride As In Now; Then Haven't Earth?
698. Fear And Weird, Weak And From (Whispers)
699. Persuasion Found, The Tongue Of Divinity
700. Family And Thus, Had Every Reason, Like Yesterday
701. Clearly A Beverage Won't Due, More Or Else
702. Comes And Goes, Wisdom And Shares Of Trying
703. Dear To Hear, Thought A Dull And Weird, Mirror?
704. Piled High And With Time And Originality, Thank You
705. Been Accolade Sent To Ruin, Exactly To Consider
706. Do Voice's Dancing Regret A Sense's Have?
707. Tales Of Symphony's At The Ends Of The Earth
708. Pushing The Beginning Into The End, Succor
709. Does My Name Have Games In Mind For Us?
710. For The Forth, Kept Oft Kindly, Yet Etc. Yearns
711. Talk Of The Devil, And His Hand In Worst's
712. Habit To Fabulous, Havoc To Avarice; We'd
713. Greater By The Numbers Offered A Honor
714. Musts Or Mights Year Taken Honor Is Calmer Asks ...?
715. And A Star, Tongue, Alls, Guile, Got, Etc. Rage
716. Shall We Ask The Shadows For Odd Ears Now?
717. Candor At All Nearly Adam Now, In Till Eves
718. Street, Order, Dinges, Oblivion, Method, This ...
719. Dinner With A Friend Eating Their Weight In Gold
720. Why The Moon Peeks At Names Made Up
721. Does And Cousin, Husbands And Undertoe
722. Neglect Pays The Bills With Your Named All's
723. Impression Of Older Days Gone And Made
724. Poignancy If Fewed, Foreign If Poor; Forever?
725. An Egg Whistling Fast Enough To Pray?
726. Knee's And Being's Found In The Attic ...
727. So Turned With Many, The Response Of Are
728. Higher Than Fear, Lower Than Just Minds
729. Terrified By A Song Never Heard, No More
730. Food As Thought, Costs One Redone Ever
731. Didn't, Wisdom, Kissing, Hidden, Reason's ... ?
732. Listen To Me In Shadows Of Reason, Or Walls
733. Could With Thine, Arduous Done More Or Less?
734. Ancient Authorities Of Bones That Shiver ...
735. Dancing With Any Name's Earth's, Ranting?
736. Dear Tomorrow And Wazzup With A City?
737. Season Of Sickness That Tried The Present?
738. Knock Knock, Socks And Music Makes Boo?
739. Locomotive 29 Is Serving Psyche, Anger ...
740. Present Intution Say Couth Except Sent, Eyefull
741. Panic In The Home, Or Pride In The House...?
742. Talking I'm Yearning If Prescience Habits Oil?
743. Tarnished Brass To Pass Tomorrow A Hasn't?
744. Day Of The Playdo Or Vampire, Hair Cut?
745. Promised Alluminum With A Sweating Height
746. Livid Thumbs We Dont Want No More, Have
747. Brand XDQX, Dated Pink Panther's Pepper?
748. What A Bird Wanted For Its Birthday, Besides...
749. Like Your More Ever, Does Each As Truth Hurts?
750. Living In Echoes Said, Loved On Real Effort
751. Palette To Win, The Saying Of Aims And Means
752. Lazy Journey To Mean A Count Of Halves
753. Anesthesia, Dowrys Of Soldiers Dew Avarice?
754. How Does The Hat Filth, Rainbows Lucked...
755. Blasted Are Pasted In Winks At Remember?
756. Chilled With Bastion, Or The Silken Asking
757. Witness The Bubbles Of Done, Wilting Arks?
758. Talons Of Sanity In Your Breath, Show The Vanity
759. Chin In The Sand, When It Belongs To You
760. Stolen But Beautiful For A Dared Shadow
761. Live To Give, The Ant Of Phantom Haps
762. Like Liquor Or Sicker, The Truth Of Others?
763. Allowances Of Rum Tickles The Nickels?
764. Winter In Shadowed Doors Observes Music
765. The Art Of Agony With A Bit More Mustard
766. Here Is A Future From Your Future None?
767. Authority Is Days, Has Either Law Loved Shame?
768. Why Did Years No Blind, For A Busy Paradise?
769. Steel And Lace, Taken To Extremes, Never...
770. Staring At Lights, Honor Upon Shores Of Craving
771. Dining On A Table Of Revenge Is Whatchin...?
772. Kissed Without Water, Warts On Pillows; ;@}
773. Who Is My Boots, When Is My Mit's, Tradition?
774. Callous Observation When Sour Is Clocks Kin?
775. Soul's Of Thunder Drempt Cavern's And Boat's
776. Kiss My Uncle With Mercy, Aunt Get A Misery
777. Shared With A Dragon Deemed Lord Ever ...
778. Silver And Nickel Cures Time In Tin Years
779. Dear John, Dead Joy, Door Of Heroines?
780. Hath Silly, Haute Ilk, Who Is, Death ... ?
781. Paying The Piper With The Worlds Reflection
782. When It Rains, It Pour's ...
783. Both Echoes Are Owned, Holding The Lips?
784. Telling Ideas To A Simpler Skip Of Judges?
785. Happy Ways To Put An Alien To She'd...
786. Eulogy Of Poetry From The Back Of Sates...?
787. A Bare Triumph In The Terror Of Banes?!?
788. Dreams Gone By For A Knack Of Sensitive Eyes
789. Yonder Or Undue Time Hasn't Fulfilled...
790. Asked To Wrought Of Caught Isn't To Youth?
791. Why Do All The Shade's Ask, Coca Cola...?
792. Talk To Me About More, And I'll Give ...
793. Died To Rise, The Fewer Of Shapes And Aunts
794. Time, Flute, And Yearning Bodes Beauty?!
795. Any Power With Nothing To Said "True Choice"?
796. Thoroughly Drempt, Touring The Demonic
797. Stare Of Tougher Hell, He'll Omit Tongues?
798. Justice, What Is Ice Cream Doing In The Bed?
799. Like A Blind Uncle Needs Dead Let Eves
800. How A Child Says Hello In The Mourning
801. Then Thunder Stole The Stranger Side ...
802. Risen In The East, Sated In The West; Shadows
803. Jolly Philosophy And The World At Toil?
804. Shame Was The Name, Of Asked Echoes...
805. Ask Yourself This, What Isn't It?
806. Admitting It Was The Lesson Of It, Companions
807. More Than Money, Thought For A Friend...
808. Pie Ala Mode To The March Of Idea's...?
809. Distances Of Balm, Business Of Dalliances
810. In The Pink, Alluded To With Doles, Being Ink
811. Antipose And Parting Owes, To A Ship Of...
812. Shoes In Mind Picture A Loose Coin, Worth Ice
813. Whether Young Or Old, Tamed Need Is Being
814. Decency As Memory's Neglect Angel (Wings?)
815. Sore, But Does A Vitamin Know You That Well
816. Simple As Shapes Of Dear Joy Had...?
817. Still A Plate Of Food, In Toes Of Disgust
818. Sword Torn To Halt, Sword Turn Too Salt...
819. Untitled Poem Worth Your Time (Flowers)
820. Worth The Birds Dreams And Hurt Pride?!
821. Its Up To You To Let Been's Do The Talking
822. Neon Says How Evil Lives For An Olive, Bub
823. Strange News From A Stranger Soars, Sours...?
824. Yet An Early Ear For Voices To Risk Years...
825. Over There, In The Now And Later Can
826. Ship Tossed Dim, Ship Toward Aim (Precisely)
827. Ample Duty In The Lands, For Psyche To Be
828. Your Death, My Life In The Share OF This?
829. Related To It, Chances Of New Seasons
830. Neglect And Pity With A Found Or Real Kin's
831. When Only A Saturn Will Issue A Driver's...
832. Your Best Movement Or Your Blessed Moment
833. Predatory, The Sake Your After, Helled
834. Swan King's Nate's As Quiet, Use Eaves Sail's
835. If You Gas A Belch, You've Earned A Haunting?
836. Specializes In Courage Hadding Oil Soul's Etc.
837. Pinches That Rhyme Timidly, Eak Out Future...
838. Day Of The Haute And Casual Quack Entity?
839. Big Enough To Simplify All's Tradition Smokes
840. It's It Again, Mojo Rising, Money Risked, Mr....
841. Candid Ears And Monkey Bones Still...
842. Whistles And Torment Enter Reasons, Falls
843. Either Done To Same The Misery Of A Kind
844. Neighbour Howl, Nation Owl, Now Will (Spirit)
845. Till On And Feld Love, Became A Day Asked Now
846. The Innocent May Eat, The Angry Mere Earned Dust
847. Pining For Endure, Biding Forth Energy, Now
848. Special Beyond The Hope, To See To A Sin's
849. Risen With The Day, Fallen By The Neglect
850. Hell And Done, Risen Isn't Argued Now?
851. Shame In The Down And Out Way The Smiles...
852. Equipped With Adam's Nose, Justice And Dare
853. Dance, Welts, Issues, To Egg And His Arm
854. Vitamin Empire And The Fate Of An Apple?
855. Approaching The Sea, With A Flower To Plant
856. Society Or Nightmare, How Our Oblivion Did
857. If You Can Make Sense, Its Probably Yours
858. Not Lucky, Not Sate, Not Bate, A Remembered Family
859. Rather The Band, Then The Diamonty
860. The Shaherazad In Paces With Asking Toll's
861. Gathering A Fruit Meant For You, In Choices
862. As One Occidental, Who Heaven The Dolls?
863. Lint Or Get Bent, This One Gets Meant...
864. Poor Enough To Ask Lettin' One In Need Kiss
865. Does Poignancy Remind You To FlushMop?
866. Plastic Wants To Know What' Sos Peculiar?
867. Poor Cares, Foreign Stares, Wool Lair's, Fair's?
868. And Know The Printed Page For The Wage...
869. Were You Bubbles In Lover's Lead, Amend?
870. Chips And Fish, Foxes, Eggs, Isn't Need Eyes?
871. Pickin' A Fish Out Of Your Teeth, Isn't Shannon?
872. Tiger Said, "And To Those Ears, The Gift..."
873. Hushes Of Spun Help And Legends Of Ghosts
874. Skin To Win, Souls To World, Forever Young...
875. Choices Beyond 50, Grace The Shame ...?
876. Believe It Or Not, Bricks Sometimes Knot...
877. Taken To An Extreme, This What Is Dirty...?
878. Is Knowing People, Hair Religion, Good?
879. Wink At The Date, Smile At The Asking Naive?
880. Lions with zits in their navel, sometimes snake?
881. Reason's For Succor, Puns And Chastity?
882. Kind Capable Confirms The Ends Of A Future
883. Perhaps Bread Is Your Spirit Of Years Here...
884. Does Adam Know Kindness When Asked?
885. Adam And Ye've, Think Past Tomorrow's Aim
886. Thumb Sucking May Leaden Acetonide, Cuz'...?
887. Breezes Said The Wind Knew More, Nothing?
888. Looking In Mirrors In Your Mansion, Regret...
889. Home With A Satanic Liberty In The Patriot?
890. Sated Done Weighted, Sanity Dumb Wouldn't
891. Found Prayer In The Arms Of Pain, Semblance
892. Then In Your Name, We See Youth Swallow
893. Sated With Patience For Sugar, Boulderdash
894. Put To The Test, A Seasoned Our For Lest
895. Clocks And Walls With A Growing Suspicion
896. Still The Being Can, Done With A Lent...
897. Stones Though, From the Navel Of The Earth
898. Cope, A Person In Tall Arguaments Like Bells
899. Why Do You Fear, The Very Share You Breed?
900. Since Time Left For Good, Bad Is Really Pie
901. Salad In Your Nose, Rhymes With Elbows
902. Presumed Innocent And Guilty Of Life, Still
903. Home Wreckons With Angels To Greet...
904. Butter And Beans Make You Fell Odor...?
905. Pandora Or Popular, The Season To Tell...
906. River Reason, River Rhyme, The Boat OF Anarchy
907. Night Coming On And No Tale Tell's Trying...
908. People Who Caught This, Sometimes...
909. To Pay The Piper Of A Dismal Adding...
910. Investing In Swim Liscense Is A Statue...?
911. Shadow And Mud, Shared And Must, Sonny?
912. Yawns Or Years, Still The Blind Yet, The City
913. A Secret For The Wishes Of Angry Sates
914. Like Orders From The North Pole (Early...)
915. Starting Heirarchy To Find The Many When
916. Siempre Fi, Not Emperial Finks...
917. The Sun Saved Shame For A Crowed...!
918. How Long Does It Take To Travel To Hell?
919. Asked To Quiet Another Before The Lord?
920. Work It Out, Work It Understand, Work It Here
921. Caught On Orders Zion Eats Out Of Hand?
922. Liberty Told, This House Is For Wonderful...
923. The Taste Is Copper To A Curious Toe?
924. The Yawn Of Sweet Adding And Pained Form
925. Holiday Pictures And Half Eaten Sandwiches?
926. Growing Up Heathen, Dates An Eggy Such?
927. Mosey Over Need, Time Eats Yet Fate...
928. The House That Jack O' Laughter?
929. Lead Or Said, Exact Patience Foretold...
930. Day Of A Dream In Mind For Ought
931. Many School Lions, Know The Risques
932. Heed The Shame In Same, And A Whimsy...
933. Merely Talking Aspirin, Then, On The Rock's
934. Rare Bones To Live Blind, Is Bound To Use...
935. Silence's Golden Question To All?
936. Suicide Ugly Guff And Roses Yet, Anarchy?
937. Stir Of Echoe's And Chasing War For Jade
938. Like Dead Reaches For The Same That Is
939. Secret Rendezvous Or Reeking Superiority
940. When Dragons Spill Milk, They Create ...
941. Been And Seen Today, As Reality Does Sate?
942. A Callously Made Hat To Keep You What?
943. Coca-Cola And A Monkey Wrench Shouldn't?
944. Found Sam Hill In The Kisses You Gave...?
945. Sound Familiar, The Hark Of Silent Hill's ...
946. Mint,Marjoram With Hyssop Made Youngsters?
947. The Cart Of Silence Is Sordid Chaste Heaven?
948. A Weird Kind Way Assumed Really Didn't
949. How To Tell The Time In Rows Of Treason
950. Part Seldom, Part Oddity; Caught You Knowing
951. Why Noah The Setting Sun ... ?!
952. Where, When, Why The Head Of Worth...
953. Limes With Minds To Kiss Seldom Besoughten...
954. Juice And Judges Of Sense Make Heathen's
955. Knotty Courage In The Mirror, For An OurSelves
956. Rapee And Sour Hits Are Milk On Neglected...
957. And To Nations Give Hugs In Return?
958. Boats That Pick Fruit Aren't Strange Hello's?
959. Whether Salts Of Courage Are The Poor, World?
960. Eaves In Beautiful Oil Like Evil Wonders ... ?
961. Silver Or Sliver, the Glue Under Green (Usa...)
962. The Tools In The Pie, Not The Cake...(iota)
963. Why Does It Matter, The Tongue Of Voice?
964. That Cheese In The Means Wood Pepper?
965. See The Typewriter, Personally Give A Dam
966. Did You Notice An Appetite For ... ?
967. Where Old Moustaches Earn Nebo, Thunder?
968. Also Today Let Angel's Silence Shadow's
969. About Charity Taken, To Angry Lengths Kissed
970. Lucky Seven Dreadnaught's Guarantee ...
971. Excuse The Less, This House Is On Fire
972. Something Odd Days Urged Mud But Yet ...
973. The Hymn, The Driven, The Bimbo, The Kin...
974. Hoping Your Means Earned Need's, Sedition
975. Thorough, Shared And Certain, Speed Kills...?
976. Powers In Love With The Wind, Whether The Heart
977. Kicked The Table, Ticked The Kable, For You
978. Press 'Q' For Words That Thank God For Relying
979. Rare Ages Of Shoes With Bell's Utterly...?
980. Integrity Or Intellect, Umbrella's For Stare's?
981. Mummified Stops And Goes If Though's, Adore?
982. The Bothering Angel As Should Would Have It
983. Moon Of Requiem, Moon Of Sachrifice; Early
984. Bound The Faster In A Rage, Why Me?
985. Reigning Dates And Coconut's On Pepper!
986. Spinster's And Hymns Of Jaundiced Pushes...
987. Does Moses Keep A Legend, For Job's Angel?
988. Aunty Seven And Doggy Pepper Look Upon
989. Smith And Wesson Wishes You, Well ...
990. Patience For A Date Can Lead To Paint?
991. Why Destiny Is A Smile For Ear Then...?
992. When Doles Make Hurried Smiles, Houses...
993. Does Pepper And Love Make Oil A Kind...?
994. Vampires Fruit Like Saviors Of Flowers, Humming?
995. About Even, If A House Notices The Horse
996. Care This End Unto Powers As Seen Worthy
997. Never Knew A Friend With Soul's On The Outside
998. Talking To Death About Trying Time's...?
999. Offering The Mirror Wasn't, The Washing...
1000. A Ship Could Bless This Sip From Ruining...
1001. Paced For Says, "The Victim's Of Limit's"
1002. More Pie Eating Music
1003. Ice For Your Drink, Tuxedo On The More
1004. Yearing And Being, The Reason Of Semblances
1005. Wind In The Lock, Mind On The Key
1006. They Ask Reaches, They Anger Reason...?
1007. Chewing Sand In Place, With Mind's Duty...
1008. The Jungle Of Power And Airing Kind, Aptrician...
1009. Suppose With Ilk's Future, Terror Like Yonder...
1010. A Frame Of Reference As Guest's Eat Reasonably...
1011. Shy Enough Xchanges Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow
1012. Aldus, Integrity, Nation's, Timidness, Sadism
1013. Lit From Underneath, The Light Of ...
1014. Suppose An Astronaut Comes To Dinner
1015. A Messenger's Hand, An Enemy In Toe...
1016. Weighing The World With Ordeal's Of Steel
1017. Getting Help From The Ascertained Worth
1018. Honoring Currency And Precious Stones
1019. Stirred Star's And The Handkerchief, Atlas...
1020. Days Gone By, With A Similar Need...
1021. What Noah To Do In Case The Light's Go Out...
1022. Piety Asks For Tragedy, An Egg, And A Tin
1023. Rainbow Argued, Rainbow Feud: Rain Again?
1024. Peppered Or Prophecizing, As Sates Imagine
1025. Like The Pastor Has Bad Breath ...
1026. This Isn't Nice, But Oil Terrorizes Chalk...?
1027. Learning To Fish With A DoppleGanger?%B
1028. Candor At All Costs, If Found Terror's Etc.
1029. Heroine's Of A Candle Don't Jump The Handle
1030. Where Does Thus End And This Begin?
1031. Watch The Bidden To Fashion's Thought Asked
1032. The Strange Case Of Care Strong Then, Did
1033. Dis Cold Technique With A Movin' Violation...
1034. A Broken Commercial Cued Sugarlips...
1035. Cacophany And Time Etc Really Eating Does
1036. Our Houses That Tell The Time, In China
1037. Maybe Ulterior Consideration's Kindly Succor
1038. What Was Music Is Know More?
1039. Watching The World Think The Stares
1040. The Haste Of Stone And Mired Liberty's
1041. Dancing On The Edge Of A Future?
1042. Young Enough To Remember Adding Mirrors On Noahs Ark
1043. Because The Sweeter Sweat Is On Toast
1044. Waking In The Shoes Of Day's Done
1045. Why Is Simplicity Days Older Memory?
1046. Lords Of Darkness And Robin's Etc....
1047. Does This Road Go To Jerusalem?
1048. A Cup Of Coughing Marshmallows On Auto Dial
1049. Do You Notice A Presence In The Yet, Woes?
1050. Miracle From The Jewel Of Silent Nights
1051. Life Is Taken Too Long, Eating Seriously
1052. I'm Done, Your Atrophy (No Kidding)?!
1053. Dad Gave A Bear Huge Enough To Call...
1054. Again In The Rise, With Love In Mind
1055. A Temple Found Under The Lips, Trouble
1056. Timed Out For Fruit Eaten Etc. (Cake & Coke)
1057. Purpose Is Craving Tongues Under Restful Eyes
1058. Praying With Clouds Didn't See Might, Can...
1059. Chimed Predators Ought Season's, Tomorrow
1060. Gin And Tonic Hasn't Ordered Lemon In New Ears
1061. Like Salt In The Eye (We Adore The Name)
1062. Pushing The Limit, Of Care And Needless Stares...
1063. The Tongue Of Flax And Mary's Nose?
1064. Don't Like The Dragons If Lion's ...?
1065. Sacred Tools And Radio's Earn Staid...
1066. Hear Now, Gone To Borrow; A Bible
1067. The Peppered Eye Of Contrary Glamor?
1068. The Beverage Of Choice In Hell
1069. Which Wood, Mired Good; A Rhyme For A Hug
1070. Trite If Fangs, For A New Yet Old Days Odd Real
1071. Speed And Dandruff Won't Shave Your Beer?
1072. Living In The Pale Light Of Reality
1073. Scaring A Cola Here Irony, And Coughing...
1074. The Baptism Of Saint Indescretion, Fogget...
1075. Excited At Rigorous Time Having Light House...
1076. What Goes Gump In The Knight, Who'd?
1077. Recently Jay Remembered Olives, Adrenaline
1078. An Island In Timid Eyes Shades The Country?
1079. Last Stop Dare Before A Dynamite Sole's?
1080. Stupid, Ferocious, Liabel, Situated To Excel
1081. Notice The Devil, And Take Your Love To...
1082. Being
1083. Does That Burp Come With A Sorceror?
1084. Watching The Show From A Woman's Angel
1085. There Are Other's...
1086. There Are Other's...
1087. Lust In The Shoes Of Gaeity Finding Proud?
1088. Your Guess Is As Good As Mine
1089. Tea With The Day's Gone By, On The Chin...
1090. Why Does This Wound Smell Like A Hope?
1091. Impress Me With A Marriage's Earthen Cause...?
1092. Also Milk And Wax Make The Truth Happy...
1093. Dirty Neighbor's And The Knock Of The Fate's
1094. Roar Of The Tomb Earned Neither Who'd
1095. Gunning More Or Less A Funning Furiousness
1096. Savages Of A Knee To Oddly Use Good Hope?
1097. Savages Of A Knee To Oddly Use Good Hope?
1098. A Lately Come Johnny Is Better Than None
1099. Coiled In The Corner With A Dragon Tattoo
1100. Does This Cloud Mean I'm Sugar In Your Coffee?
1101. Lucky Say's, "The Ink Has Dried On The Past"
1102. The Future Gave Me A Haircut...How About You?
1103. Perfume And Flowers, Yeast Thinks The Tide
1104. Asking The Damned To Move Odor...
1105. Paper, Insists, Rulers, Terrorize, Yesterday
1106. Fraidy Or Freezing, Serve The Anti-Christ!?!
1107. Just To Show It, The Patience Of A Shoe
1108. Meat And Ambivalence In The Diet, Israel...
1109. Ed Said Read Kid Lead Dead Method, Chump
1110. Draw A Will, God Onions And Dread Me...
1111. Demand Formaldehyde See Many Star's...?
1112. Spunk To Skunk, The Lips To Ship's...
1113. Kissing Elijah Like Ashes Sulked (suds for you)
1114. Swordfighting For The Next Generation, Devil!?
1115. Introducing A Queen On The Throne, Too...
1116. Will You Speak Of The Devil, When I'm Midnight?
1117. Peace Of Piety, Pipes Of People (Clean Up...)
1118. Painting A Picture With Tradition (Beautiful...)
1119. Earning A Mark On The Pagentry Of Lifetimes
1120. Suds That Date A Prince, Tried Government's...
1121. Quix Bunny Said I'm A Prostitute In Amsterdam?
1122. Saw Dust Mind The Stare Of Good Fortune
1123. Shampoo Includes A Morsel Eaten Seen Etc.
1124. Found One In The Watch, Witch Brides Daisy
1125. Prayers In The Yell Of Laundry Did Eat Rats...
1126. "More Urges Naked Given Bread & Aliens"
1127. Serendipity Measures Up To History Erred...
1128. Bitter Tongues Suggest The Monkey Lets...
1129. Leather Jacket's And If Charade's (Price Of Time)
1130. Day In, Day Out (Jaundiced Etc. Witnessed...)
1131. A Storm Coming On, A Stork Curious...
1132. Butter Asks Cruel Kisses In Earth To Come!?!
1133. A Shrewd Time Ought Per Incensed Caring...
1134. Castle Owed Uncle's Nations Toward Lumpshare
1135. Captain Crunch Could Pickles, And Cheese
1136. Days Of Clock's Taking Orange/Raspberry Suds
1137. Judge DoomAcne, Judge DewAgony
1138. Patience For A Sincere Guide To The Years
1139. Pop Is Tarts, Yet Serve At Midnight (Wilting...)
1140. Figs And Gifts Of Fighters Found (in trusted eyes)
1141. The Storm, Then Fight, Uncles Little Flag?
1142. A Sung Idea Greater By The Doesn't
1143. Avarice Made, Error Read, In Coping Ashes
1144. Peanut Butter And Figures Of Style To Etc.
1145. Day's Gone By, For The Such To Be (Sin?...)
1146. Like A Bell Taking The Breeze To Having ...
1147. Cool Enough To Fault Love With Flower's?!
1148. Having A Rotten Fate In No Good Futures
1149. Another Hangover That Could Human Brevity
1150. Dreaming The Dream Left To Me, Indigo Eyes
1151. Is It Me, Or Is That Toe A Thought To Keep?
1152. Finally Is Getting Home To Insist Names Gave?
1153. Like A Buzzing Reason, Adore The Hope
1154. Roads To Held Angel's Show Panicked Etc.
1155. Moving Into The Sunshine's Yearning Sight
1156. A Penny Says You Sneeze At Marshmallow's
1157. Watched Cocoanuts, Sire The Hemmorhoid
1158. It's To How A Charity At New Hippocrites?
1159. Did America Need Goliath's Egg Raunching?
1160. Beans As Sound As Like This ... In Holly Wood
1161. Electing Eel Ye Old Raspberry Etc. Shines...
1162. Wash Death Without A Thought, Martini
1163. Prince, Lettuce, Uncle, Charming, Kismet...
1164. Salem Was Adam's Mother, Pineapples
1165. Wishing The Fool Spate A Peon, I.E. Hated...
1166. Sick Knee's Intoned Sanctioned Heat (Mr. RSVP)
1167. Watching Horses Itch Then Eat...Bullfrogs?
1168. Knocked Turtles And Talking Nothing
1169. Smoked Mirrors Are Still He'll In New Guises
1170. Somehow, The Deal Of A Lifetime (Wolves)
1171. Mice and Meant Barber Shop Today, Insanity
1172. Kissing The Librarian In The Phone Booth
1173. Nightmare On Marshmallow Street (Candid...?)
1174. A Scar(e) From Somewhere Down South
1175. Avarice, And The Strange Habit Of Nation's
1176. Drama Asks Mention, "Does Many Need?"
1177. Nuts O' Berries Show Any Useless Cause Etc.
1178. Eye's With Angel's To Help Blink, Pizza!
1179. Shining, The Right To Lucid Anger (Candle Box)
1180. Hour The Mete Of Indecision, Lucky Break
1181. Live It Tea, Live It Ower (A Flag For Purity)
1182. Watch The King Shoveling Snow In Hell... ?
1183. Let The Wine Do The Tocking, Not The Fish
1184. Lost Angels Sometimes Take Gas...
1185. Talking To A New Generation, Nowaday's
1186. Right Likewise And With Feeling's In Toe
1187. Punks Judged Sex A Caterpillar's ...
1188. Saved From A Drying Eye In The Garden
1189. Second Attempt To Undo Reasons Now
1190. Lazy, And Now Done, Isolated Omission
1191. Maybe A Good Doling Alien Lived "Syruply"
1192. Neither Seems To Keep Face, Instinctually
1193. Close To Souls, Of Unity Is A Stare...
1194. Sewn With Cotton Thread, The Tolling Sun?
1195. Ready To Kill An Egg That Knew The Times
1196. Peace Eats Apples Regularly, Even Though Candor...
1197. Frogs with riches to share, complain...
1198. Liberty In The Hand Introduced Us Mayhem
1199. Passion Says, "A Lovely Method" 23?
1200. Warts And Thunder Sour Of Naked...
1201. Peace From A Trance Etc.(Sleep Walking)
1202. Wishes In My Navel
1203. A Walk In The Prouds, Wool's Reflection...
1204. Until Things Make Sense, For All Of Us
1205. Champagne a certain target using...
1206. Dew Tree's Punish The Thought Of The...
1207. Monsters Of Shine Thunder / Lightning Yearn
1208. Penicillian, Ears, And A Ghost Of A Chance
1209. Would You, A Bitter Earthen Headdress?
1210. Pray For A Common Route Of Sensations
1211. Trading Serpents For David's Itchy Mustard
1212. Am Dracula Inc. Nasty Ash Honor (orperated)
1213. Surely Attic's Make Babies Older (X-mas)
1214. Caring For The Cherub, With A Milky Way
1215. Someplace Other and More Berry's (Zion)
1216. A Lie About The Catch Of Throats, Tomorrow
1217. More Heroine's That Pounded On The Door
1218. Hearthen Nickel Knob (fresh air)
1219. Opal's, Their Sour, Use Paradise's Watch!
1220. Piped In Music That Thought It Odd
1221. Souls Form Ants Decide Tickles
1222. A Light Left On Now, Will A Tomorrow Etcetra
1223. Patience With Murder's , Splinters
1224. Dust, Eggs, Bourbon, Television, Oil, Nation
1225. Why Pickles And Baby Should Gaiety (?!?)
1226. Tooth, Whores, and Instinct Neglected...
1227. Lightning In A Bottle, Terribly Good ...
1228. Bubbles And Judges Of Audacity Now
1229. Looking Upon Secret Tomorrow's Reason
1230. You Asked, Highway's Reply To Hell
1231. Jude Foam To Life Their Fireworks (crayons)
1232. Guitars And The Lemon Ink Never Gotcha
1233. Guns And Money, In Your Soup (F.Y.I.Kiss)
1234. Now You See It, Now You Don't (Courage)
1235. A More Earned Now; Salt, Alcohol, God, Eggs
1236. Bitter example or witnessed pain, growing...
1237. The Lamb For The Lion For The Late?
1238. Sweet And Needs Direction (to worthiness)
1239. Hungry Limes, Not The Quicker Pickle?
1240. How Is Your Shadow A Courage For Future...
1241. The Chimps Of 1313 Mockingbird Lately
1242. Sniffing Glue, Cousin's And Fate (tart bicycles...)
1243. Sore Eyes Before The Lord Sometimes ...
1244. Converting Men To Anarchy Costs...A Dementia
1245. What Does It Take To Get You To Get Up And...
1246. Meeting The Neighbors Over An Ant Hill
1247. What Did The Sky In The Clouds Say?
1248. Shetland Tourist Association Took It Corpulance
1249. A Flaming House Withheld From Ashes
1250. Bananas For Themselves In Tombs...
1251. Words That Faggot, Forts And Wagons
1252. Were Want God If Evil Said The Same Thing
1253. Suffragette (Poised To Anger Me Pepsi (Only...))
1254. Party Ornory Endives Tree's (Swiss Cheese)
1255. Bottled Feathers, Pickles And A Rosey...
1256. Witch In The Honey, Which Is They Homey
1257. Sentimental Sometimes -- Suicide's Smile
1258. Mudgie,Burden Is In The Eye (at a full gallup...)
1259. Sodom Knows Where You Live, Heaven?
1260. Notice Prayer Payed Issues Etc. (sulk traitor)
1261. A Part Of Sacred Temples Angrily Tell Ear's
1262. Near Sighted Lucky And Ruining Cars
1263. Decisions Undertoe Made Bread Suicide
1264. cheap tv's and teeth in the moon, well...
1265. Naming Children For Napalmed Cities Still...
1266. Also a cotton bandage, the terror is on you
1267. Dunder These Thunder Peas (piggy bank!)
1268. Vampire World : Empire Would (Candy)
1269. Urangus Timidly Thought Ends Right Like Yarn
1270. Drama In Their Shadow : Dance In There Satan
1271. Done Like A Sword, I Know The Coward's Wry
1272. Nemesis, the point in the reign
1273. Potato And Zome Ugly Zuff Urgent
1274. Pick the scab, kick the swab, sick the shab
1275. To Gain A Better View...
1276. Silly something's imagine the burp
1277. Shame's Beauty Isn't Heaven's Religion?
1278. Life During Wartime Appears To Have Aged
1279. Fish Out Of Water, But Drunk On Yearning's
1280. Can Has Opener In Courage Earning Sugar
1281. Saint Aint Int Nt T (see habits run into mirrors pure)
1282. Errors Will Educate Their's In Admitted Sates
1283. Country To Popular Brief, Beucephelus
1284. Skunks and Turtles, The Prophecy For It...
1285. Didn't Terror Share A Hidden Fear?
1286. The Holocaust Winks At Hunger
1287. Rooster Ne'er Knew A Dreaming Land...
1288. Eclipse, and the Weird Story of Core
1289. If you think its time, It's about...
1290. May Itch Confusion Etc. Inc. (Prigs And Cigs)
1291. Reading May Casually Cancer (Aborted Landing)
1292. A Bite On The End Of The Knows...
1293. Reach for the stars, and earn the rage of ages
1294. Was Darwin Your First Love, Like A Seed...
1295. Space The Funky Pier, And A Fish Named...
1296. Love Actually, Done Like Estranged Sames
1297. The Earthworm, With Dirt In Its Whine
1298. Thing Or Fiend, Your Best Friend Says How...
1299. To martyr roses, is to seek liberty
1300. Doldrum Angers Violent Instinct Directly
1301. Pushing Up Daisies That Angel's Remember
1302. Tar Heeds Youths Needing Edges (Lucifer)
1303. Wishing Wheat Has A Penny For My Thoughts...
1304. Boxes, of Kings, Ghost Uncle Forgets Feet Yet
1305. Does History Ever Risk The Yearning?
1306. Become The Turn Of Smoke To Tell A Friend...
1307. The Class of 00' Says Hi (seventh heaven)
1308. Drears of Peace of Ages (Lies to Wish Upon)
1309. Sleeping With Music On...
1310. Watts and the Ohm Etc. Need Food
1311. Praying Dr. Jail And Mystery Hill...
1312. Chariot's Of Milky Aliases Seclude
1313. Couldn't Intuition Think Yet Semblances (Today)
1314. Hatred of the invisible and dead, ends hairs
1315. Harder By The Dust, Not The Mustard
1316. Friday (Alka Seltzer) the 13th
1317. They took it seriously, but we know bedlam
1318. Didn't Alice Direct Deadly Yearning Long Legs
1319. Torn from history to show a heart
1320. Washing Kids With Sense Makes Milk?
1321. Time To Total The Thirst (Terror's Tenure)
1322. Dirty Soaps And Used Rags For Youth
1323. Spit Into Ate Peaces, Victory's Pride
1324. Right To The Point, Spy's And Dirt
1325. Dishes Undress Like Liberty Are Reasons Dreamed
1326. Same Half Of Windy Eggs Remembered?
1327. Just Ignore And It Will Go ... Dates With The Devil
1328. Mustard The Me, Mysterious Music
1329. Ahead of the Crowd, and Wanting Proud...
1330. Tradition Asks Form Etc. Tomorrow Angers
1331. A Cross, A Pause, A Toss, A Loss (A Horse...)
1332. Riddle of Waterfalls and Hatfulls of Sand
1333. Worthless Now That We Know How
1334. More Than Else, We Cut A New Day
1335. Regretable Unity Never Guarantee's
1336. Drunk on Water, Remember Yesterday Said
1337. Throwing A Tomato To Order Oriental Stumps
1338. So, Does Money Eat Honey In The Rain?
1339. Modern Unction Continues Kind (wind chins)
1340. Who Makes The Flowers Wink At You?
1341. Dutch Ovens Ugly Been Taken (Jesus...)
1342. Sphinx The Ought Poised (they don't...)
1343. Zebra In Only Neither Should Banana's?
1344. Argh! Complain About The Small (soaps)
1345. Perhaps Not Electric Knees (kismet)
1346. Perhaps A Stranger Time Said, "Enemy"
1347. Gaeity Onto Distraction (Aweful)
1348. The Path Of Ceased Seasons (thunderstorms)
1349. Ink, Donuts And Yarn (wheres my pipe?)
1350. Eating Days In Caution's Terror (Sedition...)
1351. Crazy For It, I Said A Sting Qued (Phantoms)
1352. Remember A Poison To Undress Real Estate
1353. Losing One's Virginity Entertainingly During War
1354. Asking Lightning For Food (potatos and tomatos)
1355. hemophilia and left over casserole(hey!)
1356. How To Win At Puker In Satan Days(My Milk)
1357. Method and Dementia Neglect Exact Succor...
1358. Job and recent papers for the border
1359. Around The World In Fourty Winks
1360. Whoa, Even Got A Napkin Time...
1361. Had Full, Or Heaven Empty...
1362. Bliss Made Me Create Myself
1363. The wool is clover, now...
1364. Thinking beauty served crossed eyes...
1365. Aged Wine Fortells Until Lips ...
1366. A church under the bed (future's olive earned)
1367. Holiday 19 (Hair On Fire For An ...)
1368. Havoc did, daddy hid (Viet Nam Vet's Night Out)
1369. done gone and won the race
1370. gum diaries and a potent flower for the head
1371. invite the village phantom (bones and breath)?!\
1372. theys pout, we redoubt a hop (pop in the night)
1373. thinking china for dinner ...
1374. Bad And Buried Yet Love Owes Nuts
1375. santa claus and the futures umbrella(gonorhea)
1376. Burning for a little more fate
1377. Perhaps a secret, Sion...
1378. sea irk, sea humbled, sea shins (Oceans)
1379. Famous dragons answer a boot...
1380. pervetc, and the whether up there
1381. worth the flags and the bearer of news (bullrushes)
1382. patches that seldom like to kick, untoward
1383. Sheep on the ceiling, Say "Bethlehem"
1384. Yuck, i promise to give you the time
1385. Adolf says hi, to the bummer of a kiss...
1386. Sewn vulcanized eye rubber urging time each
1387. Understanding A Dour Child
1388. Does USA have a brush in the discussed?!
1389. Sin chastely heirs in the city of mercy
1390. simplicity begs an audience
1391. this side of devil on a blowing plate(the other war)
1392. Pretty owes when every reason same
1393. why babies think rainbows...?
1394. etc. and the lore of dilemmas (power to pepper)
1395. Here to collect a dream (family plot)
1396. Back To Lack The Knack Of Black
1397. Pitching Woo At A Flaming Cross
1398. A Place For Action And Frustration
1399. Agreeing Israel's Neglected Their's (Slavery)
1400. Lies That Age The Skies, Remind Me Of Sigh's
1401. Killin' The Neglected Urge To Explain
1402. Bring On The Handsome Horrors
1403. Grace In The Distance, For Instance
1404. Said Sophistication For A Song
1405. Going To Pieces For A Better Peace
1406. A Breath Should Include New Times Had Ever
1407. All Over Ashes To Ashes, Perhaps...
1408. A Bird That Whistled At The Moon
1409. Black Eyes and Back Yes (evil sees your knee)
1410. Tears For Fears : Theirs For Fire
1411. An Angel With Tradition In A Comb
1412. A Thought That Walks On Water
1413. Simple Lessons About Passions Sense
1414. Making Spit With Virgin's In Mind
1415. Terror From A Bolt Of Lightning
1416. Milk and Honey Said Courage
1417. I bid You Adieu If waters cross paths
1418. Listening To Dry Cleaning Have Babies
1419. Just Had To Go, On The Ordinary
1420. Why The Snotty Handkerchief For Dinner?
1421. A Prophet With A Toe In The Can...
1422. don't introduce dead needy things...
1423. Burnt To A Crisp By A Lover...
1424. Can prayers find the king dead?
1425. Hungry For Home Boy Guff (Pandemic!)
1426. Strange Fates Of The Setting Sun
1427. Milky Way And The Wild Mays
1428. Knowing the Garden of Eden
1429. passion,humility,instinct,sex and honor (pipes)
1430. taking a bath in a jack o' lantern
1431. wild eyed guns and children
1432. a beer for the hear and known (terror)
1433. is that the tread of things to gum
1434. deceptive; and we saved a little potato salad...
1435. crush of choices made
1436. felt the prophet fall in my mind
1437. neglect the where of silly times
1438. Deceived by Ordinary Gestures (a true love ...)
1439. and a mouth is going to do that
1440. a torch for porridge (but spoons are preferred)
1441. guarantees of similarities sunk in
1442. Can be stunning, the sight of a common war
1443. lent to wisdom for a fortnight, righteousness
1444. heroin's drive for home (destiny of duty)
1445. the smile and the yawn of ears (patience)
1446. David, a pizza fo a hateful God (wart kills...)
1447. still p**ing on mary (mint)!?!
1448. formaldehyde tolled menes tekel upharsin
1449. five across the face - and a bride
1450. Baby, arduos, perverts, trying, secrecy (hello)
1451. butcher brief, i love you with beauty...
1452. Morbidity at all costs, lost in an eye
1453. red eyed would in common
1454. pussin' the news on my chin ...
1455. a kiss without a tongue...
1456. Stupidity in the worm of virtue just took a bite
1457. war continues, apple on the tongue
1458. taking one for the old man in the rain
1459. letting sunshine have its way
1460. living for steel that made stale hideous
1461. Burning Flags In The Wind
1462. do you remember the day we went to war?
1463. a shot to the head for your own good
1464. thinking bout the blind at heart
1465. wolves of a toe , select tongues
1466. Generation hex, the cars on the hill
1467. sunny remarks to a dead idea
1468. bone kiss home kiss some kiss done kiss love
1469. faces that adore the news ...
1470. pony up to the table, its ready
1471. neon bibles and black hearted reasons
1472. milk stains the mouth with quaintness
1473. simply, that egg was a chore
1474. pimp notted with dimples shows a snotty...
1475. does God remind you to kiss snakes?
1476. tooth and nail, so much for it
1477. don't shame until you see the white...
1478. house of gains that may
1479. automobile heavens and hells(reign of mends)
1480. like pi** and the wind, we come to this
1481. too much wisdom for a simple who'th
1482. hiccup in grey (my name is david)
1483. heard in the door way to tomorrow
1484. woke up with a halo (dissuasion)
1485. torn assunder, the hand closed the book
1486. Angry at waves in a salty window
1487. sunshine and done dying (euphamism)
1488. thread and the life in a cold sack
1489. rebel with the odds
1490. nature answered back with a reason
1491. the fresher the wart, the fresher the kiss
1492. would with the other side of the room
1493. the poise of wisdom that did (actuality)
1494. starving for flowers and opinions
1495. tiny breeds rhyming angels
1496. were sure that licorice can sing
1497. things said by death in a rock slide
1498. art does remind to kiss when spoken to
1499. frustrated courses with a friend

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