Richard Lee Cook
Native American Blackfoot
Misto'o means Raven

I was born and raised in the foothills of Frederick, MD.
Lived under the roof of a small farmhouse,
No running water - No bathroom for sixteen teen years of my life
After graduation from "Governor Thomas Johnson High School"
Because of lack of funds, I chose to attend "Frederick Community College"
Majoring in Theater and Art
After my two years of what I called,
"Learning my Crafts"
I then attended the "American Academy of Dramatic Arts" in New York City
My NY debut was performing in the Off-Broadway Production of
Let My People Come"
At the Village Gate for a three year run
My career started at age 18 to age 45 years young.
Singer, Dancer and Actor, 
In National Touring Companies, Summer stock and Dinner Theaters in,
Hair" "Godspell" "Jesus Christ Superstar" "Joesph's Dreamcoat"
Best Lil Whorehouse in Texas" "A Chorus Line" "Lil Abner" "Oliver"
La Cage Aux Follies"
Over ninety productions up and down the east coast.
Adding to an lengthy resume' are
 Modeling, Teaching, Television, Industrial Films, Commercials
I can be seen in the feature films;
Cry Baby" "He Said - She Said" and "Avalon"

I started writing Poetry, Prose's and Short Stories
After the tragic deaths of my mother and sister,
As well as my best friend.
Then the untimely suicide death of my cousin, 
Who was my hero,  he was always there when I needed someone I could look up to!
So much of my poetry/writings are based on my life.
I feel strongly that I have so much to tell the world about the
That consumed my mother, my sister and myself.
Writing became the outlet and tool for all the painful, verbal, mental and physical abuse
We endured throughout our years as a family...? 

I dedicate my voice, my heart, my love and the very air I breathe,
To my son, "Codyli" and his mother, "Nikki-Lynn"
Who lost their lives to a drunk driver.


It is overwhelming to know that my friends have welcomed me back,
After being away for so long. 
Thank you my friends! 
***Special are the friends I made here at,***
Even though we have never met face to face

*MaryJane, *Pupwee, *Rich Carlton, *Janet, *Doris, *Sally, *Terry, *Abby, *Edwin, *Else
And many more...

"To read my writings, is to know my very soul..."
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Richard Lee Cook 


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