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M. Kari Barr began writing in 2009. Her writing is  flavored by her love of science fiction and fantasy. Her main audiences are young adults (teen aged girls in particular) and lovers of fantasy,  though she also writes children's picture books. Once Again: A Modern fairy Tale is her main focus at present. The story features Mara: a college student living in Seattle. Aerrvin is a Fairy Prince who is beng pestered by his parents to get married. Along the way we meet Morvayne: the villain seeking to reek havoc upon the world. Clay's motives are dubious, but his love of Arianna is pure and deeper than any love one has ever read about. Most of the poems posted here are written by Clay (via the channeling of Kari!)

Kari lives in Washington State with her husband and six of her eight children. The home is a log house she designed and the family built (along with a few contractors for the foundation, shell and roof). The house is situated on top of a pine tree covered hill, which in turn is surrounded by miles and miles of wheat fields. The family is joined by two Labs: a black named Daisy, and a yellow named Jill. Countless chickens wander about freely as well  wild turkey, deer, quail, porcupines, raccoons  and coyote! The quietness of nature suits Kari well and she  would not want it any other way.

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