Pages Of A Woman's Soul

The verses herein have been written over a lifetime of experiences; the joys, the disappointments, and the personal growth that inevitably follows each.

Now single, I have also been a wife and mother and so, everything I write reflects someone, something, or some experience that has profoundly affected me, inspired me, or changed me in some fashion. Since I have always been drawn to and affected by the natural world, I record my observations as my heart speaks to me. Writing is a true gift from the Creator and if one thing I write has a positive impact in another human being's life, then a portion of my obligation and gratitude will have been fulfilled.

Ideas and comments from other writers, as well as readers, are welcomed...please write to me with your thoughts!

Let me leave you with the following:

"Each of us experiences changes in our lives; some every day small ones, some larger and more far reaching than we can ever imagine when they occur. This site is dedicated to the belief that, no matter what, life is beautiful and what you make of it...journey on!" KTJ October 2005

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