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Oh!  Boys

How fearless is that exuberance of youth
Believing that there is nothing call fear, and it's the truth
As time passed on get the feeling of nostalgia
Flashing back to those days of a former era

That day climbing up this papaya tree so high
Looking do slender as the top is nigh
But it began to bend like it would break
But having the energy, you know the steps to take

Stand on the cliff top looking down at the drop
Carefully looking for a particular spot
Taking that leap, oh the feeling is so sweet
Hitting and breaking the water surface into the deep

In the dept there looking and swimming around
There are the sea urchins such throng
Picking few of them so to later eat
And then make to pick the spines from out the feet

Often moving around on the reefs and rocks
Making it a chore to harvest some of those molluscs
Listening to breaking of rocks the foot sole made
Today there is that wearing of shoes instead

Then to the village next door was another stop
Competing with the boys there the busy to hop
The driver on see you press the pedal for acceleration
But there was laughter see his fruitless intention

But too there was this playing of a cricket game
All through and towards the end peace reign
But when you start to leave this was the show
We both at each other had big rocks to throw

Walking from home sometimes a distance
Those love fruit on the trees we had no resistance
We would climb them even if they had prickle
In our eyes we never saw any obstacles

Today I look at the little boys
Sitting a home with virtual toys
But most of those parents who have them so confine
Were some of those who roamed in that time


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