Poetic Verses

The. Passing Hawk

I can remember those day as children playing
Enjoying the sunshine, laughing and running
Then from nowhere came this voice so shrill
Believe me I can after many years hear it still

Now angry because of this sudden interruption
Especially when you were in a winer's position
Being obedient decided to stop what we were doing
It was Hawk Hide! Hawk Hide was what she was shouting

Now to us hearing such had little effect
But those poultry were running like jets
Going into the bushes, holes, cellars and open doors
This sight I have never seen the likes before

We too were forced to seek some shelter
But before doing decided to ask what was the matter
When told that this thing also took away children
We went hurrying along with no hesitation

This of course now had us feeling very scared
It was something for which we were never prepared
Now inside being inquisitive, through the glass peer
And then I saw something flying high in the air

How it looked so awesome flying among the clouds
So elegant, and of had to be proud
The said from that distance it could see clearly
The smallest bug running up a tree

My heart beat faster as it swoop down with such precision
Capturing that hapless bird in it sharp talons
Now satisfied that it had taken its meal for the day
There was such jubilation when it turned and flew away.

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