Poetic Verses

Au revoir Miss Velda

Vivacious that certainly did show
And a smile that really made her face glow
This demonstrated that at anytime
That you shall be in the company of one so kind

Effervescent this is something you will know
As it was such a joy just watching her go
Admiring the way she mingled with all generation
Certainly she was a very remarkable person

Lively what a person with such a wonderful personality
Always so alert and so attuned intellectually
Wiling to share many things from her experience
Bringing that happiness as it made such a difference

Don't think that demeanor made her a walk over
Because she could straighten you out with no show of anger
And in a voice as calm as could be
You shall no where she stood do pleasantly

All praise and thanks to the master go the creation
Of such a humble, loving and very wonderful person
And now she is on her happily to heaven
Very sadly and happily missed be us all her loving children

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