Poetic Verses

Oh Parenting

Some may say it is as task so daunting
That enigma cast by that job of parenting
As there no recourse to any type of training manual
Therefore to win that battle, stay in the saddle

It is so easy to replicate you patents style
But that may only work for a while
Because what was workable in that day
Is overwhelm by the happenings of today

So therefore take a look at your children
Try to have that grasp of the behavioral Pattern
You will find in tryin to address them
That a solution may not solve every problem

Another thing is to converse at some time
To see what is happening in that mind
Because by listening to their dispensation
You may be able to steer them in a particular direction

There is always that wisdom to be observant
So when there is a mistake you are not ignorant
And in a manner that is pleasant and respectful
This will get their attention and it will be acceptable

Try very hard not to come across as being omniscient
This may bring out that stand so defiant
Always try to, and believe in the policy of an open door
So they come to and trust so much more

Yes parenting can bring on that feeling of apprehension
Now that you are one, get into action
Of course you will make some mistakes
But that is what learning takes

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