Poetic Verses

Those times

There were moments when I am transposed
Reflecting on those days, of which my shall never be closed
Because no matter what and if there was any difficulty
There was alway a helping hand doing such gladly

Many times at trying to make or fly a kite
No matter how hard it in tried nothing seemed to go right
An older man would come along and make it right
It was such a joy to watch it flying against the sunlight

There were days of admiration for the old fish seller
Who never had pencil or book those sales to register
But could remember the days and quantity taken
And the amount of money that must be given

One day my grandmother decided just teasingly
Decided to present some scenarios a bit confusingly
She told her in detail, event that happened there that day
My grandmother smile paid, and she went on her way

But what still make me smile with such delight
As I recall the men talking in the shop at nights
So inebriated tongue loosen as they reenact the debate
Trying to sound like their favorite Parliamentarian no matter the be state

As I grow older I observe on every occasion
Those actions and reaction were like lessons
But it was good that after all that was said and done
That there was always someone that you could call upon.

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