Poetic Verses

? Democracy

What a great fight going on to retain democracy
A government for the people,by the people is said loudly
A few years a go, I heard this guy said plainly
The things that are being done, makes it a mockery

Politicians come around and promise if there is winning of the election
To their lives all hardships he will be in extinction
But after success will certainly have no hesitation
To chart that path in a very different direction

Those regular speeches about bringing that transparency
Have been converted into what is virtual opacity
And will say that these are things that are put on show
To get the electorate in the direction they need them to go

But it can be seen that those in the higher echelon
Shall have their ears, and always occupy preferred positions
So they know when presented with a troubling situation
That who would come to their aid, a form of salvation

Most countries have what is called democratic socialism
Where governments provide services for their populations
Some may scoff, and try to equivocate any socialism
Perhaps not thinking deeply, would call it communism

Quite clearly there are attempt to make a change
To bring in a new system, the regular one to challenge
But all around could see the direction of the scenario
That the elements of a dictator was coming to be to the fore

The sector who when addressed gets so impress
As he tried to create in them, that doubt of the press
That word "fake" so repetitive, and the lies and propaganda
It is hard to believe the amount of stupidity in this era

But there is one thing that many seem to know
All one has to do is just massage that infantile ego
Another of those problem, is the blatant narcissism
This can be considered one of a dictator's emblem

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