Poetic Verses

No berating

How sad it is to see some parents show little patience
As they little ones now yearning to learn, so will not know the difference
And will be attracted at this stage by most things that meet their eyes
So this will be one of those phases they will go through in their lives

From that moments laying on their backs they are absorbing and are aware
Of happens around them so therefore you should beware
As those senses namely of that of sight and sound
As they are quickly employed the moment they can move around

Then those days of watching the move around touching as they play
It is amazing how things get to the mouth with little delay
Perhaps this can be said that it is to stimulate at a steady pace
Those oral glands to salivate, initiating that sense of taste

And parents over time there will be even more active
Thus making you more busier and having to be more attentive
So you can you those moments of observation during that time
As they not only creep, walk, run now they will start to climb

And as they grow, there will be moments of such uncertainty
Yes many of them may not be handled timely or properly
There is nothing to be ashamed of we are all fallible
But keep on fighting, stay in the saddle, be a positive example

From thereon both sides are apt to make lots of mistakes
Because nobody know what path in life the future dictates
So there will be always be time for a learning experience
Therefore no berating, just understand, analyse show confidence

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