Poetic Verses

Just You

A wonder happened in the world one blessed morn
This was on that day on which you were born
What was so obvious to all there quite readily
That when she grows up shall depict such breathtaking beauty

Like a colorful flower to end product she developed
Displaying such form that made so many eyes popped
That poise, such elegance emitted such an aura
This caused those many admirers to get tachycardia

Those alluring eyes made me tingle as they sparkle
Freshly cleaved diamond seems in no way comparable
And there is no doubt on who you fixed that gaze
There seemed under as spell as though in a hypotonic phase

That smile one that beamed so radiantly bright
When fixed on me, brought on a feeling of such delight
And too a deluge of warmth spread over my being
At this wonder of the world that I am now seeing

So as I reached out to touch that smooth immaculate skin
How from it my hand kept always sliding
Velvet seems coarse , not any form of comparison
One can state quite clearly, you are a model of perfection

As I look at such a pair of very succulent lips
So intoxicatingly attracting there was a desire for a sip
And as you moved that gentle, seductive sway of the hips
Made my heart beat as though from my chest, it must take a trip

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