Poetic Verses

Oh. Monkey

But what could be causing such a rustling in the trees
One that is even louder than one made by the breeze
Whilst the dogs keep barking at the source of the sound
But there is nothing they can do, confined to the ground.

So the this playing now start growing in intensity
Changing to a form of teasing, from this point of safety
Continuing to frolic and now make some loud noises
This now made the dogs bark awakening those in the village

There is no doubt one had to admire them playing so happily
They were of course a number of green monkeys
Starting their day happily and teasingly at play
Then later we shall see that side, the destructive way

Many farmers report on their brand of havoc
Record great losses of many of their beautiful crops
They can be so vindictive in the way their destroy and devour
Some are even getting bolder, so farmers do not even bother

Such succulent fruit like tomatoes, cucumber and mango
One can only see how fast with them they go
But what many see and somehow find a bit of humor
Is to see like us how they peel and ate the banana

It is amazing watching the mother, carrying around the young
As to the underbelly it just tightly clung
Sometimes it will be allowed to move around for observation
But will quickly reattached when danger seems to be around

The population has somehow been allowed to explode
And to a certain extent destruction of their places of abode
As in earlier times they were confirmed to the interior
Therefore development now has created this pest this tormentor

So those times very early in the morning
That hour before the sun starts shining
They will embark on that mission of foraging
The alert is sound by that of the dogs barking

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