Poetic Verses

Yes Health

First and third world countries are crying out
About the way chronic diseases are allowed to sprout
As now there is that age where is not much ignorance
But the apparent increase of information made no difference

Some may say in some cases there is more wealth
And peoples diet may not be complementary to their health
Because the quick access to something edible quite readily
Could result in a condition that later may prove unhealthy

And of course many will in a direction go
That will be that appealing even more
So there will be only be aware and develop fears
When those tell take signs of deteriorating appears

But now too this access to such a variety of material
Has now is some way opened that dialogue portal
As more and more patients are willing to question
The manner in which they get treated for a medical condition

So this now brought home to them this realization
That they are not now in that perceived exalted position
This now sort of cause that stir on that perch
Because the patient seem to be accessing the updated research

That long held appearance of the one so omniscient
This information age has made such to be ancient
And that quick route to advice of Dr. Dot com
People may use as a solution to their health problems

So this now apparent deluge of information
Will need that medical input for distillation
And so together may have to sift through
So that a workable plan will in the process ensue

There is nothing wrong in looking after ones life
Be mindful that some may be the product of ones choice
Take not if information and even ready to use devices
But rely on trained medical professionals for the relevant advice

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