Poetic Verses

This Time

One can see how that love for more has created such greed
And it can be seen how into such a belief we feed
This has neutralized that joy that comes with a relationship
As we get locked into that arms of the commercial grip

How quickly and craftily the tend to pursue
Trying to seek out those weaknesses that show through
Employing those many techniques of persuasion old and new
To stimulate your interest so that a chance will grew

Around this time there is such a hive of activity
Those stores, restaurants and florist shall be busy
Tempting by those ranges of attractions and bargains
But you must be focus and a level head maintain

How many times there is willingness to create an impression
To the one on which you have bestowed such affection
And there that attention to go a bit overboard
Thus doing something that financially you cannot afford

There is no doubt how that effect of Cupid's love dart
Can do so much after penetration of that loving heart
Even though you are smitten, please find the time
To be able to control those forces of the mind

Cupid was blind, but you can see that one who is your Valentine
That one whose radiance, and light on you shine
So on that person whom you found to be so amorous
Have a wonderful time and spend some moments that are glorious

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