Poetic Verses

Such A Day

What day is just about appearing on the horizon
One that to many shall be a happy occasion
And many will be expressing such exponential gratification
It is accepted they were instrumental in building a nation

My advice to those who have make each moment a treasure
The joy emanated can beyond any type of measure
And too along those many tasks, always in your mind that voice
Is there with that care and love in the form of advice

So do not only use that day to spend time
With that lady who for you, went through the grind
Who would if required will rather be hungry
Just to make sure that you are something in the belly

This will be three year since mine have gone
And believe me my heart is still torn
Those restrictions by COVID, would not let me fly
To be there to talk to her, and too say goodbye

How I loved to touch her nose and pull her chin
Then kissed her cheek, to see that smile across her face spreading
And through her laughter she will say happily
Of all my children, only you will do such to me

So friends if that living lady is around today
Keep that line of communication going come what may
Yes celebrate the day but in your heart just say
That every day no matter what is Mother's Day

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