Poetic Verses


This is still believed to be an agelong quest
Because there is the continued pursuit of happiness
Some believe that if could find something on which they can lean
This would be something that would fullfil that dream

But if they could get to a stage on which it could grow
That that on others, such it would be good to bestow
Perhaps feeling that this is the duty of all humanity
Then this would making life and living better so happily

But we have those who think that having lots of money
Can confer on them a feeling that appears to be happy
But greed and needing more, can be the thing that cause change
That over time can bring some bad habits into range

Also too we can see, the perceived feeling of those corporations
As they top brass sit happily in their positions
Gathering to ensure that they are in collaboration
To keep their working congregating at the bottom rung

Pray tell what does it profit a modern day growing society
That only a select few seem to have a shoe of happiness outwardly
As many may think that having material things is a sign
That will to them generate that feeling most of the time

There too are situations that makes one think and indeed wonder
Why some people think that they are a stage higher that the other
Thus opening them up later to a feeling of such disappointment
Because statistically there is nothing in the form of evidence

So therefore do not look for happiness in things
This is something that bubbles inside like many springs
There let it permeate, pervade and store in that aquifer
Because there is nobody around who can write for you any formula

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