Poetic Verses

Who am I?

A young man who have the same problem in paying credit cards; who go to movie houses alone like you; who is dreaming to find a girl no matter what kind of design she is made of-- the one who is attached to text as you are, and who is worrying that one day is going to fail in front of an Apollo spaceship in the middle of ocean and who never will return back --the one between here and there got that big thought of being one the greatest.

I am who is under this course crushing constantly in front of the new changes and to find no matter what it is time to laugh and to use iPod and to write alone the carrier who transform it. I am who is trying hard to find a way out for which I realize there is more than a character improvement going on inside me that has nothing to do what I feel or what you are thinking to do right thing; but there is a hope that creates a beautiful limitation by the physical of being me --but rather to light which it shines over you too a knowledge of our slipped generation, which it flicks in the present, I am the only one that with my mind I can go to the end of the earth and beyond to the Universe's hole and to have a good conversation with God, and in that sort of high He will be able to tell me --"You will be just, young man! Keep walking!" As the only responsibility for my safety and my future as a dreamer. Anything else, I think. Nothing is left behind.

Be good!
Be a good lover!
And do not forget. We are just a transaction in this memorable world!

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