Poetry - I Once Was Blind But Now I See, cubby Brickhouse

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1. Jesus Is Always True
2. I'm So Glad I Know the Lord Do You Know Him, Too?
3. Cooling the Apple Pies In the Windows
4. Remembering Mother's Day
5. The Beautiful Pink Daffodils
6. I Once Was Lost But Now I See
7. Mom's Gardenia Bush
8. The Wind and the Waves
9. Remembering Dad and Mom
10. The Beautiful Camellias
11. The Green Grass Of Home
12. The Love Of One Brother For Another
13. He Came Alone
14. Mother's Day In Heaven
15. I''d Rather Have Jesus
16. Jesus is Real
17. The Ringing of the Christmas Bells
18. Courtney and Ronnie Are My Mentors
19. Zandra Sees the Robin
20. The Love Of His Life Has Passed Away
21. Praise the Lord
22. Lyle--A Man of Many Talents
23. Ronnie and His Invaluableness
24. Ronnie--A Man With A Purpose
25. The Happiness of the Birds Is God's Gift To All People
26. Be One That Circumspectly Walks to Please God
27. Mom's Desire to Please God Is For All Time
28. Lyle Is a Treasured Man Whom I Care and Love
29. Ronnie and His Desire to Love Others
30. The Birds From God Gently Sing
31. Ronnie--a Man of Truth Always
32. Give of Your Best to Jesus All the Time
33. Give Yourself Over to God for All Time
34. Peace Is Found In Jesus Our Lord
35. Mom and the Hallowed Halls of Heaven
36. Don't Let Your Manners Slip
37. Apply Wisdom To Your Life For Christ's Sake
38. Miss Mary Ann Blesses the Lord Jesus
39. Lyle--A Man of Honesty and Justice
40. Lyle's Trustworthiness Is Superb Always
41. Ronnie Captivates My Attention Always
42. Sarah
43. Anne
44. Lennox and Jemison
45. Ty', Sai, Daniel Are God's Children
46. Josiah
47. Darien is A Wonderful Person
48. Lyle, A True Man Always With Every Sense of the Word
49. Ronnie,My Source of Joy
50. Lyle, a True Man With Every Sense of the Word
51. Ronnie--My Brother and Friend I'll Always Love
52. Ronnie--A Man of Truth
53. Mom Is In Heaven Forever and Ever
54. Ronnie Is My Brother and Friend Whom I Love
55. Ronnie Is My Fantastic Brother and Friend
56. Ronnie Is a Watchman Over Me and My Soul
57. Mom Was a Servant of the Lord Jesus Everywhere She Was
58. The Birds Have Come Back to Rest and to Sing
59. Lyle Was a Go-Getter In His Life
60. Ronnie Is a Most Decent and Dependable Man
61. Ronnie Is a Blessing to My Life
62. No One Has to Ever Go It Alone When Jesus Is Near
63. Mom Is Most Contented to Be With Jesus
64. The Birds Will Return to the Feeder and Will Sing
65. Lyle Is a Gracious and Precious Man In My Life
66. Ronnie Is a Great Man, Brother and Friend
67. Love Really Hurts
68. What a Wonderful Time Is Easter Sunday
69. Mom Saw the Lord Jesus This Morning On Easter Sunday
70. The Birds Echo the Melodies of the Past
71. Lyle Is a Wonderful Man and Brother to Me
72. Count the Costs of Failure and Then Of Success
73. Mom Always Knew the Right Thing to Do
74. The Birds Soar High In the Air In Song
75. Lyle Is My Brother Who Offers Contentment
76. Ronnie Is Near and Dear to My Heart
77. Ronnie On Easter Sunday
78. Fourteen Years and Three Months Ago
79. Ronnie Is Simply an Erudite Human Being Today and Always
80. Ronnie Is My Source of Joy
81. The Wonderfulness of the Singing Birds
82. Live Your Life According to God's Plan For Your Life
83. Peace Is Ours Through Jesus Christ the Righteous
84. Miss Mary Ann Warms This Heart of Mine
85. Mom Is Singing With the Angels
86. Stand Firm In Your Commitment to God.
87. Let God's Light Shine Within Your Heart and Life
88. Melani Is a Precious and Vibrant Lady
89. May the Sun Shine Today
90. Birds Offer Something of Beauty to All People
91. Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee
92. The Wealth of Cheyenne Is Great
93. Lyle Is a Wonderful Example of Peace and Tranquility
94. Mom Will No Longer Have Any More Seizures In Heaven
95. Don't Dabble In Sin for You Will Get Burned
96. Will Is an Outstanding Nurse and Friend
97. Miriam Is Someone Most Special and One Who Cares
98. Ronnie Is a God Send to Me and My Life
99. Renee Is a Beautiful Ebony Queen
100. Ronnie Is Simply an Erudite Human Being
101. Let the Glorious Light of the Gospel Shine Upon You
102. Lyle Offers Me a Certain Peace
103. Ronnie, My Source of Joy
104. Be Prudent, Be Wise to Follow the Lord
105. Mom Knows How to Pray to Be Heard
106. I Heard the Birds For the First Time This Year Today
107. Ronnie Is a True Blessing From God
108. Lyle Offers Me Much Freedom
109. Ronnie and His Magnificent Heart
110. Lyle Brings So Much Joy to My Heart
111. Mom Called Upon Jesus Then Jesus Called Mom Home
112. Sing a New Song For Jesus To Hear You
113. Dr. Deb Is One Spectacular Lady
114. Arquita Is Like a Mentor and As a Friend
115. Jesus Is the Rock of All Salvation
116. Lyle's Wonderful Love Pleases Me
117. Happiness Surrounds My Heart Hearing the Birds
118. May the Rock Be Called Upon By Yourself Today and Everyday
119. Don't Pass Up the Opportunity of Serving Jesus
120. Alison Is a Decent and Special Lady
121. Live Your Life According to God
122. Ronnie Is Always One of Truth
123. Mariah Is a Treasured Lady to All Who Know Her
124. Melani Is One of Our Ebony Queens
125. Never Lead a Perverse Life
126. What Will You Do When Easter Arrives
127. Be Partial Towards the Things of God
128. Live Your Life According to God's Will and Purpose
129. Mom and the Prayers She Has Prayed For Us
130. The Calming Effect From the Birds Singing
131. Lyle and the Merriment of His Heart
132. Ronnie's Inordinate Way Is So Loving
133. Lindsey Is Most Intelligent
134. Miss Mary Ann Is Someone Most Personable
135. Be Concerned About Others
136. Live the Right Way and Be Blessed of God
137. Never Be a Quitter
138. Give Yourself to God Wholly and Without Reservation
139. Mom Is Yonder In Heaven Praying For Me
140. The Quality of Singing From the Birds
141. Lyle and the Freedom He Gives
142. Ronnie's Love Is Extraordinarily Wonderful
143. Mom Was Our Personal Gift From God
144. The Birds Sing From God's Direction Today and Everyday
145. Lyle and the Freedom He Allows Me to Have
146. Ronnie What a Decent Man Is He
147. Be Steadfast and Unmovable Plus Immutable
148. Arquita is A God Send to All Around Her
149. Be Of Good Report
150. Feel the Urgency of God Working In Your Life
151. Peace Where There Is No Peace Behooves Me to Action
152. Is That the Lights of Home I See
153. Mom Enriches My Life Beyond Anything Else
154. Hearing the Birds Bring Joy to My Heart
155. Lyle and His Immaculate Disposition
156. Ronnie and His Smiling Face
157. Miss Mary Ann Is In the Upper Echelon
158. Live Your Life According to God's Direction
159. Be Freshly Minded In Your Thinking
160. Circumstances Sometimes Elude Me
161. The Long and Winding Road
162. Mom Never Purposely Failed Me
163. The Birds Have Arrived For I Hear Them
164. Lyle and His Never Ending Act of Love
165. Ronnie and Never Being Despondent
166. Mom Was Decidedly Destined For Greatness
167. The Birds Sing From God's Direction
168. Lyle Is Nearer and Dearer Than One Can Imagine
169. Ronnie, What a Most Decent Man Is He
170. Be Admonishing to Do the Right Things In Life
171. Peace In a Peace Less World
172. Mom Was My Guardian and Friend
173. The Freedom We Have Listening to the Birds That Sing
174. Lyle Has an Impact Upon Many Lives
175. Ronnie Is a Treasure In Anyone's Heart
176. Eleven Years and One Month Ago
177. Miss Mary Ann Is Like a Breath of Fresh Air
178. Arquita Is Someone Most Special to All People
179. Procrastinate, No Never
180. Side With the Lord and Be a Winner
181. Punctuality, An Acrostic
182. Mom Was Something I Never Praised Her For
183. The Birds Are Getting Closer All the Time
184. Lyle Would Be Aghast With Me
185. Ronnie Is So Majestic In His Presentations
186. Ronnie Is My Brother As Well As My Friend
187. Ronnie and How I Feel About Him
188. The Purple Robe Jesus Wore
189. Mariah Is Captivatingly Beautiful
190. Find Peace and Serenity With the Lord's Sacrifice
191. The Budding Dogwood Trees
192. Soon It Will Be Easter
193. You Can't Have Life Without Death Being a Part
194. Mom Rejoices Her Son Is Coming Home
195. The Birds All Converge At My Resting Place
196. Lyle Meets Me Upon My Death
197. Ronnie and the Morning of My Death
198. Peace In a Labyrinth
199. Jim and Sharon Shannon, An Acrostic
200. Labyrinth, An Acrostic
201. I Am A Flower In a Labyrinth
202. "Great Peace Have They That Love Thy Law"
203. Melissa Walks the Labyrinth
204. Mom, Dad, and Ronnie Lee Meet Me At the Labyrinth
205. God's Creatures Converge Upon a Labyrinth
206. Lyle Makes Himself Known To Ronnie At the Labyrinth
207. Ronnie and the Labyrinth
208. Let the Leaves Fall Where They May
209. Mom Is Over Looking Everyone Here
210. The Morning Birds That Sang Were Joyful
211. Ronnie Is Much More Than a Mentor He's My Brother
212. Ronnie Is an Emissary for God Today and Everyday
213. A Brother Indeed Is Terry S.
214. Mom's Ways Are Meaningful to Me
215. The Birds Will Sing For Us Again
216. Lyle Loved My Work and Me
217. Ronnie and His Eye For Beauty
218. Mom and Her Feelings About Me
219. The Birds Comfort Me
220. Lyle Stood With Me One Day
221. Ronnie and His Wisdom
222. A Voice Has Been Stilled
223. Miss Mary Ann Is Someone I Epitomize
224. Trusts the Lord Whatever You May Do
225. Be Yielded To Jesus
226. Be One Connected to Jesus
227. Be a Powerful Force for Jesus
228. Cling to the Lord Jesus Christ For Always
229. Be Steadfast and Unmovable
230. Make Room In Your Heart
231. Confide In the Lord Jesus
232. With Jesus We Have a Better Way
233. Contemplation
234. The Lord Is Always Good
235. Be A Friend of Jesus' And Remain by His Side
236. Embellishing Is Wrong
237. Apply Wisdom To Fortitude
238. Life With Jesus Is Most Wonderful and Blessed
239. Mom Never Wandered From the Fold
240. The Lovely Singing Birds Blesses Me
241. Lyle and the Love He Gives Every Day
242. Ronnie and His Contrite Heart
243. Jessica Is Someone Most Spirited and Special
244. Don't Turn a Deaf Ear to God
245. What will You Do With Jesus
246. Christians Must Be Ever True and Lie Not
247. Let Us Be Faithful For All Time
248. Constructively, An Acrostic
249. Hold to God's Immutable Hand
250. Be Smart to Not Be Envious
251. Let Us Claim Victory
252. With a Shout We Will Enter Heaven
253. Get Yourself Ready to Face God
254. Samantha Is Someone Most Precious to Me
255. Correct a Wrong By Confessing It to God
256. Be Determined to Win the Lost
257. Pick a Road and Remain There
258. Claim the Blood Of Jesus Always
259. Never Be With a Bad Demeanor
260. Show Us the Glory of God
261. Lead Us By Example
262. Harken Unto God
263. Trusts and Fail Not to Win Others to Jesus
264. Free the Man of Bondage With Jesus Taking Over
265. Accentuate the Truth With Dedication
266. Walk With a New Purpose
267. Proclaim the Lord Jesus As Lord of All
268. Let's Envision the Great Things of God
269. Mom's Intercessory Prayers For Us
270. The Birds In Flight Are All God's Emissaries
271. Lyle and the Love He Gave
272. Ronnie's Love Permeates My Life and Heart
273. Miss Mary Ann Is a Priceless Gem From God
274. Cultivate a Friendship By Your Testimony
275. Weep O'er the Fallen
276. Claim God's Promises As Your Own
277. Concentrate On the Goodness of God
278. Always Be An Optimist and Never a Pessimist.
279. Don't Ever Give Up On Jesus
280. Give All You Have to Jesus
281. Knock on the Door Of Opportunity
282. Sing Praises to God For It Is Soon Easter
283. Miss Ginny Is Someone Dear to Me.
284. Marvel Not Ye Must Be Born Again
285. Shout Hosanna To Jesus Our Risen Lord
286. Dr. Deb Is Someone Most Special to My Heart
287. Life Is Meaningless Without Jesus by Our Side
288. A Contrite Heart Is What We Must Have Always to Please God
289. Prepare Ye the Way of God
290. Far Away In the Depths of My Soul Tonight
291. Be Responsible For What You Do
292. Mom Is One I Can Always Rely Upon
293. May the Birds That Sing Comfort My Heart
294. Lyle and His Heart Reaches Out to Me
295. Ronnie Is Someone Extremely Wonderful
296. Sahara, the Precious Lady I Know
297. Cassandra Is a Treasured Lady
298. The Leaves Welcome the Birds From God
299. Give God the Chance to Permeate Your Heart
300. Strengthen The Weak Through the Word of God
301. Do You Really Know the Meaning of Easter
302. Consecrate Your Service to God
303. Stand For the Lord All the Time
304. Be Patient and Observe God Almighty
305. Apply Wisdom To All Mankind
306. Be Pertinent Always to Show The World You Love God
307. Concentrate On the Positives of God
308. Don't Be Peculiar Be Particular
309. Mom Was Always Exact of What She Did To Please God
310. Stand Your Ground
311. Lyle, an Emissary For God Touches My Life
312. Ronnie Outstretches His Hand In Love to Me
313. Lyle Was a Hard Worker At Home and Aboard
314. Be On Fire For God In Witnessing
315. Prepare Ye the Way of the Righteous
316. Don't Turn A Deaf Ear to God For Any Reason
317. Claim That Soul for Jesus Our Lord
318. Implicitly Trusts God For Everything
319. Have Faith In God Almighty
320. Mom Cheers Me Everyday I Live
321. The Birds and the Melodies Are God's Forever
322. Ronnie and the Goals He Has Attained
323. Allow the Birds to Sing Again
324. Life Without Jesus Is Not Life But Bondage
325. Comforting Is the Breeze
326. Incessantly Praise God For All Things He Does
327. With Jesus You'll Find Grace to Help In Time Of Need
328. Lyle is a Precious Man for Whom I Love
329. Mom Has A Star Named After Her
330. Freedom To Be Ourselves Is Granted by God
331. When the Hallelujahs Are In Order
332. Be Purposeful In All You Do For Jesus' Sake
333. Humility Is Always Right
334. Make Mention of God Always In Your Prayers
335. Apply Wisdom to the Strength God Gives Us
336. Allow the Lord Jesus Freedom to Work Within You
337. Walk With A Spring In Your Step for Jesus
338. Work to Earn the Rewards God Has For You
339. Claim the Lord's Love For You All the Time
340. Don't Hide Your Testimony For Jesus
341. Apply Wisdom To Strength to Win Others
342. Purposely Give God Your All
343. Be Patient To Win the Lost to Jesus
344. Come Along With Me and Praise the Lord
345. Mariah, What A Beautiful Name
346. Be Firm In Your Commitment to Jesus
347. Failing God Is a Grievous Thing
348. What Will You Do For Easter
349. To Win Count Yourself Lost For Jesus' Sake
350. Give Your All to Jesus Without Dismay
351. Come to Jesus Without Delay To Be Born Again
352. To Hide Behind a Lie Is Always Wrong
353. Conserve Your Energy For the Right Thing
354. Responsibility, An Acrostic
355. Eleven Years Ago Tomorrow
356. Mom Is Cheering Me Onward
357. Find Grace to Outweigh All Other Things
358. Amanda Is a Treasured Lady In Therapy
359. Miriam Is Someone Most Precious
360. Ronnie Blesses My Heart Without Fail
361. Lyle Is an Emissary of God
362. Mom Was A Staunch Supporter of All That Was Good
363. Be Spontaneous But Delay Judgment
364. Live Your Life According to God's Will Not Your Own
365. A Letter To My Late Dad
366. Have a Kindred Spirit About You All the Time
367. Find Peace Under the Blood of Jesus
368. Peace Is Available Through Jesus, Our Lord
369. Open Up Your Heart And Let the Sunshine In
370. Rachel Means Consecrated To God
371. Apply Your Strength For Honoring God
372. Be One to Fully Trusts Jesus With What You Have
373. Focus On the Right One Which Is Jesus
374. Fly the Unfurled Flag of Freedom
375. Let Us Walk A Mile In Our Veterans Shoes
376. Purpose Within Your Heart To Do God Right
377. Arquita Is a God Send To All the Residents
378. Don't Forget What It Costs Jesus To Save Us From Our Sin
379. Lyle Is Only One Heartbeat Away
380. Mom Resigned Herself to Always Listen to God
381. Count Upon the Righteousness of God Always
382. Easter Will Soon Be Here to Bless Us All
383. Yearning, an Acrostic
384. Ronnie and the Essence He Gives
385. The Majesty of the Birds
386. May There Be Glorious Peace
387. Find Peace In What You Are Doing For God
388. Apply Faith In All The Things We Do
389. Never Fool Around With Something That Is God's
390. Conviction, An Acrostic
391. Face the Encumbrances Head-on
392. Complications Are Sometimes Unforeseen
393. Get Lost To Find Yourself In God
394. Plan Not To Fail At Serving God
395. The Flowers of the Field Belong to God
396. Don't Ever Relax When Souls Are at Stake
397. Let the Storm Clouds Gather
398. Domineering Never Works for the Better
399. Shout Hallelujah To God For His Mercy
400. Serve the Lord With Gladness of Your Heart
401. Br Dedicated and Serve God with All You Have
402. Elizabeth Is a Precious Name God Gave My Mom
403. Keep Your Mind On Jesus All The Time
404. Parsimonious Describes Penny Pinchers
405. Circumstances
406. The Wondrous Birds Will Sing Someday Soon
407. Visualization, An Acrostic
408. Lyle Speaks From the Grave to Me
409. Ronnie Is Someone I Epitomize
410. Our Vietnam Veterans Gave All To Save Some
411. Make a Commitment
412. Live Your Life Anew With Jesus
413. Procrastinator, An Acrostic
414. Comfort the Widows
415. Beautiful Flower of Paradise Bless Us
416. Gone Are the Burdens of the Day
417. Let Your LIght Shine Before Men Today and Always
418. Life In A Single Candle
419. Mom Is Blessed Of All Other Ladies
420. Waiting For the Birds to Sing
421. Lyle and the Love I Find Within Him
422. Ronnie and His Wonderful Heart Blesses Me
423. Sean and June Plan Their Day Together
424. Jessie and Beatrice Celebrate Valentine's Day
425. July Is My Birthday Month
426. Ronnie Is Someone I Can Genuinely Trusts
427. Lyle Is a Man I Am Thankful to God For
428. Wish For Something That Is Attainable
429. The Birds of the South Are Coming Back to Us
430. Be Responsive to God's Call
431. Unleash the Anger Inside of You
432. Freedom to be You and Me
433. Come with Your Care Today
434. Are You Walking the Right Way
435. Admonish Your Children For Loving Them
436. Give Your Free Time to Jesus
437. Let Your Light Shine For Jesus Today
438. Mom Was No One's Fool Ever
439. The Cooing of the Doves Is Melodic
440. Lyle Remains to Be My Brother and Friend
441. Ronnie Is Part of the Master's Plan
442. Lyle Is Someone I Am Able To Count Upon Today and Always
443. Mom Will Be Among the Throng When Jesus Comes
444. Be Adamant to Serve God Faithfully
445. There Is Power and Strength Found In Jesus
446. Comfort the Bereaved For Jesus' Sake
447. Be Concerned About Other People For Jesus' Sake
448. Let Your Light Be Bright For Jesus
449. In the Garden You'll Find Jesus
450. Acknowledge Your Right to Life Eternal Through Jesus
451. God Individually Calls Us to Serve Him
452. Yield Your Will to God Today and Everyday
453. Knock Upon God's Footstool For Your Answers to Prayer
454. Only to Recall Wasted Years What Would We Do
455. Mama Tried
456. Don't Ever Try to Tear Down What God Has Erected
457. Don't Put Off Today for Tomorrow
458. Some Months From Now Will Be Time For Easter
459. Plan Ahead Your Course of Action for Jesus
460. Don't Be Blind Sighted by Your Circumstances Overcome Them
461. Dedicate Your Entire Body to God
462. Be a Faithful Steward Of the Lord's Army
463. Proclaim the Freedom Always
464. Sean and June Converge Together For the Evening
465. Mary "Receives Rachel Elizabeth's Doll
466. The Birds Will Sing to Their Creator Soon
467. Don't Waste Your Time On Frivolous Things
468. Be a Light That God Can Use
469. Use Your Time Wisely For Jesus Everyday
470. Be Found Faithful In Small Things For God
471. Hallowed Be Thy Name
472. Come With An Attitude of Prayer
473. Never Slack Off Praying For This Is God's Way to Communicate
474. Try Your Hand At Being a Peacemaker For Jesus' Sake
475. Be Proud of Who You Serve
476. A Contrite Heart Is What We Must Have to Please God
477. Find Help Through God Not a Bottle
478. Lean On Jesus For Repose
479. Comfort the Blind and Tell Them of Jesus
480. Give Love a Chance to Mature
481. Counting Your Blessings Isn't For Christmas Time Only
482. Have Constant Peace Which Comes From God Almighty
483. Give Your Life to God Not Your Religion
484. Don't Try to Hide What is Fully Seen by God
485. Let the Joy Bells Freely Ring and Never Stop
486. The Evening Tide
487. Give Your All to Jesus For All Time
488. Let's Shout and Sing Praises to God the Father
489. Find a Place to Serve God and Remain There
490. Remember to Celebrate Easter The Right Way
491. Apply Yourself To Wisdom Through Jesus Our Lord
492. Freedom to Serve Is Something Most Positive with God
493. Praise the Lord On High With All Praises to HIm
494. Never Say Never For With God You Can
495. Our Hearts Are Turned to Valentine's Day
496. Jessie and Beatrice Takes A Drive to the Country
497. Crucifixion, An Acrostic
498. Fully Give Your Praises to God Through Jesus Our Lord
499. Lyle Is Someone I Am Able to Count Upon Today and Always
500. Ronnie is Someone Most Special Because of Jesus
501. Wonder of Wonders Jesus Loves Me
502. Be Determined to Win Others to Jesus
503. Live Your Life Wholly Dedicated to Jesus
504. Decide to Follow Jesus NO Matter What
505. Make a Decision and Stick to It
506. When Troubles Come There Is Jesus To Help Us
507. Light the Way for the Sinner Who Needs Help
508. Mom Is a Testimony of God's Grace and Love
509. Soon the Birds Will Sing Again
510. Lyle Is a Peacemaker and a Dear Brother
511. Ronnie Is One I Can Trust to Pray For Me
512. Proclaim the Truth Always and Forever
513. Make A Commitment to Do Right Always
514. For Mankind Forgive to Be Forgiven
515. To the Heavens We Will One Day Be
516. With Jesus All Things Are Possible
517. Let's Resound the Battle Cry
518. Mom Is Up In Heaven Watching Over Me
519. The Day Is Drawing Near
520. Lyle Is the One I Wish to Emulate
521. Ronnie Is the One I Thank God For
522. Make Your Way To God Without Delay
523. Harmony Is Ours Through the Blood
524. God's Graciousness Is Ours For the Asking
525. Perpetuate the Name of Jesus Throughout Your Life
526. Christians Must Be Productive and Steadfast
527. Having the Right Decorum Is What We Need Always
528. Be Free to Choose Jesus All the Time
529. Surround Yourself With Positive People
530. He Fought For His Country
531. Let the Hallelujahs Roll For Jesus' Sake
532. Ten Years and Eleven Months --Dad Died
533. Confess Your Faults to One Another
534. Be Considerate OF Other People
535. Keep Things Simple and Direct
536. Don't Sell Yourself Short
537. Lean Not to Your Own Understanding But Jesus' Always
538. Receive Freedom From God With Your Confession
539. The Green Leaves of Spring Are Almost Here
540. Live a Life That Is Thoroughly Given to God
541. Faithfulness Is So Necessary
542. Find Shelter In Jesus and No One Else
543. Apply Yourself to Wisdom From God
544. In Jesus Be Happy All the Time
545. Dedicate Your Life to Jesus
546. Keep Up the Good Work
547. Give Your Best to Jesus Always No Matter What
548. Miss Mary Ann Really Cares About Others
549. Never Quit On God
550. Never Be Ashamed of God
551. Be Mindful of Those Around You
552. Pursue the Right Way to God
553. Flowers Can Cause One to Smile
554. Be Responsible For Your Own Actions Always
555. Help a Sinner To Find Help for Themselves
556. Christ Paid the Sin Debt For All Mankind
557. Learn to Trusts God With All You Have
558. Be Prudent and Wise Today and Everyday
559. A House Can Be a Home If Jesus Is There
560. Plan Ahead For Doing God Right
561. The Dogwood Tree In Christ's Day
562. Elizabeth Is a Precious Lady As Well As a Therapist
563. Keep and Practice Immutability
564. Arquita Is a Delightful Young Lady
565. Lean Not To Your Own Understanding But Jesus'
566. Come to Jesus Before It Is too Late
567. Never Turn Your Back Upon Jesus
568. Fourteen Years Ago on the 23rd of January, 2016
569. The Birds Are Returning From the South
570. Lyle is Someone For Whom I Have Joy
571. Ronnie Offers Me Companionship and Freedom
572. My Loving Parents Are In Heaven
573. Be Ever Mindful to Be Humble
574. Consecration Is What We Must Do to Please God
575. Work to Please God With All You Do
576. Be Conscious of What You Are Doing
577. Forget Not the Need to Pray
578. Learn to Weep Over the Erring One
579. Be Willing to Sacrifice Your Time for Jesus' Sake
580. Freedom From Fear Is a Definite Plus
581. One Ounce of Faith Can Move Mountains
582. Zaztrac, An Acrostic
583. Josh, My Friend
584. Kaisho, An Acrostic
585. Annabella,An Acrostic
586. Abigayle, An Acrostic
587. Chloe, An Acrostic
588. Kahlil Lee, An Acrostic
589. Ronnie Is the Caretaker of My Heart
590. Lyle Is a Dear Man To Me
591. From the Birds I Hear Singing
592. Ronnie Is a Blessed Man of God
593. How Sweetly the Birds Offer Their Praises
594. The Clock Upon the Wall
595. Some Called Her Rachel I Called Her Mom
596. Valentine's Day Will Be Here Shortly
597. Sabbatical Is Something Special to Do
598. Be a Witness for the Lord Jesus Christ
599. When Death Comes It Is a Graduation
600. May We Always Be True and Faithful to God
601. Lyle Ends My Longing For Companionship
602. Mom Knows For Herself That Time Is NO Less
603. Erudite Comes With Education
604. The White Picket Fence of the Home Place
605. The Hardship of Failing Is Most Painful
606. flowers For the One You Love
607. There Are NO Prison Bars In Heaven
608. God Will Bless Our Mite As He Did the Widow's
609. We Are Fortunate to Have Cheyenne With All She Does
610. Face Impending Doom If We're NOT Saved
611. Serve the Lord God In Humility
612. Be Still My Soul and Know the Will of God
613. Be Mindful of Your Stature Towards God
614. Win the Lost At Any Costs NO Matter What It May Be
615. Flowers for the Sweet
616. Declare the Righteousness of God
617. Walk With God NO Matter What May Be
618. Learn to Be Faithful All the Time You Serve God
619. Come Before HIs Presence With Singing and Thanksgiving
620. Ennui, an Acrostic
621. Brittany Offers Great Care With a Good Heart
622. Freedom From Worry Is the Best Policy to Have
623. Ronnie Is a True Man Of His Word
624. Never Be Guilty of Assuming Anything
625. Be Mindful of Where You Are
626. Make an Effort To Win Your Family to God
627. Use Your Capabilities For the Betterment of Others
628. The Morning Is Filled With Songs
629. Let's Feel the Sunshine Again
630. Frugaity Is a Great Way to Live
631. Cultivate, An Acrostic
632. Lyle Has Always Been Straightforward With Me
633. Mom Was Most Discerning and Gracious
634. What a Wonderful Gift Life Is
635. Capsulate, An Acrostic
636. Perpetuate
637. Soon We'll Hear God's Creation In Song
638. Lyle Is an Amazing Man of Valor
639. A House Is Not a Home
640. Cluttered and Distorted
641. Jessica is a Lady of the First Magnitude
642. Janessa is a Treasured Young Lady
643. Let Us All the Time Be Faithful to Serve God
644. May We Be Translucent All the Time
645. Directly Bless God Through Jesus Christ
646. He Lost the Love of His Life
647. Embroiled, An Acrostic
648. Soon We'll Hear God's Creation In Song
649. Confound the Wise
650. Ronnie Is My True Brother and Friend
651. Mom's Love Shows the Bounty of God
652. Lyle Is an Amazing Man of Valor
653. Giver of Life Bless Us This Day
654. Happy is the Man Who Trusts the Lord
655. Concurrent, An Acrostic
656. The Valentine's Day Dance
657. He Hated to See It End
658. Lyle Continues to Amaze Me For His Endurance
659. Needless to Say Mom Was Never a Sluggard
660. Use Your Capabilities For God and No One Else
661. Knock Upon the Door of God For His Blessings
662. See God Make Provisions For You to Serve Him Always
663. If You Have a Testimony For Jesus Stick to It
664. How Harmonious Are the Birds That Sing
665. Give What You Have to Jesus and Only Him
666. Pam is a Gracious Lady For Whom We Are Blessed
667. Find the Blood of Jesus Most Important In Order to Be Saved
668. Ronnie Is a Gracious and Loving Man Sent From God to Us
669. Hark Is That the Birds Singing I Hear
670. Peace In the World Today Is Transitory
671. Do As the Scriptures Tell You to Do
672. Be an Emissary For the Lord Jesus Christ
673. Ponder What Saith God
674. Insolence, An Acrostic
675. With Christ We Are Free to Make Choices
676. Lay Claim To What Is Right and Good From God
677. Use What You Have for Jesus' Sake
678. Four Colors of Spring Time
679. The Night They Will Never Forget
680. Mom Never Feared the Wind
681. The Birds Will Make Their Debut Some Day Soon
682. May Jesus Light the Way For All His Children
683. Truly Be Obedient To the Lord For All Time
684. Be Productive With All You Have to Give
685. Softly Are the Winds That Blow
686. Lyle Is a Man of Unprecedented Love
687. Mom Will Offer Her Hand In Times of Trouble
688. Relax From the Wantonness Which Is Inside of Us
689. Make Strides In the Right Direction for Serving God
690. Live According to God's Will
691. Ronnie is a Treasure In Anyone's Life
692. Ronnie Is a Man Among Men
693. May We Leave a Legacy Behind us to Honor Jesus
694. Wendy Is My Inspiration at Cherry Point Bay
695. Peace In the Darkest Night
696. Leave Your Care and Trust Jesus Through and Through
697. Look To God and Never To Yourself
698. Never Be Perfunctory to Please Jesus
699. Mom Left a Legacy
700. The Cooing of the Birds I Shall Soon Hear
701. Lyle Is Someone Most Exemplary
702. Ronnie and His Love For Me
703. Totally Rely Upon the Lord Jesus Christ
704. Show the Wealth of Our Spirit Towards God
705. Let Us Be Ever Mindful to Be Faithful to God
706. If You Are Free You Are Free Indeed
707. Make the Right Choice to Choose Jesus All the Time
708. Come to the Lord Without Delay
709. Have You Counted the Cost Ere Your Soul Be Lost
710. Be Free to Be Yourself and No One Else
711. Let Us Be Truthful With One Another
712. Personification
713. Get Your Heart Right With God For All Time
714. Apply Wisdom to Your Personality As It Should Be
715. Come With Selflessness Before God
716. May We Get On the Right Road to Heaven By Faith In Jesus
717. Lead Us Not Into Temptation But Deliver Us, Dear Jesus
718. Mom Shouted the Praises To God Upon Her Arrival
719. Lyle Wil Never Be Ousted By Me
720. I Believe It is Time for the Birds to Come Again
721. Miriam Is a Lady On Whom I Can Trust
722. Ronnie Lightens Up the Way to Honor Jesus
723. Rochelle Is a Wonderful Lady
724. Intertwined, An Acrostic
725. Be Understanding of What the Will of Jesus Is For Our Life
726. Am I Doing Jesus Right
727. Make a Plan to Be Firm and Sound With Jesus
728. Don't Crowd the Lord Jesus Out of Your Life
729. Freedom To Face Another Day With Jesus by Our Side
730. Learn to Forgive One
731. Wander No More or Wonder Either
732. Take the Right Road To Get to Heaven
733. Mom In Heaven Will See Me Again
734. Soon the Birds Will Come
735. Lyle Is an Especially Wonderful Man
736. Ronnie Is a Treasured Soul
737. Never Make a Mockery of God Ever
738. Lose Your Inhibitions For Good
739. Our Hearts and Minds Now Turn to Valentine's Day
740. Into the Cosmos
741. Clearing the Air of Pollutants
742. Finding Strength In Numbers
743. Mom's Washday Was Enjoyable to Her
744. Let There Be Sunshine For All Time
745. Lyle Is No Stranger to Disappointments and Sorrow
746. Ronnie Is an Amazing Man and Brother
747. Intangibles, An Acrostic
748. Stand Your Ground For Jesus' Sake
749. Let the Freedom of God Permeate Your Life
750. Stay Connected for Jesus' Sake
751. Stay On the Mark of Winning Souls For Jesus
752. Are You Living In the Past or Present
753. The Hope Within Will Spur Us On to Serve God
754. Make Time to Win the Lost to Jesus
755. Excel With Every Possibility of Honoring God
756. Be of a Good Spirit Always
757. Find Grace and Truth In Jesus All the Time
758. Do Not Harm Yourself or Anyone Ever
759. Find Peace Through Working God's Plan
760. Apply Wisdom to Judgment
761. Hold No Hatred Ever
762. Be Sure to Count Your Blessings Daily
763. Mom Was a True Testimony For Jesus
764. The Peace Jesus Gives Is Genuine Peace
765. Lyle Never Let Me Down Ever
766. Ronnie Offers Me Joy
767. Walk With God Whatever You Do
768. Learn to Be Someone God Can Count Upon
769. Credulous, an Acrostic
770. Fastidiously Is a Word to Know
771. Be Mindful of Who You Are to Jesus
772. Freedom To Face Another Day With Jesus
773. Emaciate
774. Give Your Best to Jesus Always
775. Learn From God What Is Important to Know
776. Facing an Unexpected Day
777. Be of Good Courage to Face Your Problems
778. Today I Am In Dream Land
779. Make It a Point To Always Honor Jesus
780. Find Jesus At the Altar of Prayer
781. Beethoven, An Acrostic
782. Off In Dream Land
783. Give God the Glory for Everything You Have
784. Light the Way For a Sinner to Find Jesus
785. Rear a Child In the Way He Should Go
786. Confide In Him For Everything You Desire
787. There Is No Easier Way Than God's Way
788. Serve the Lord Continually
789. Suffer the Little Children
790. Yield to the Right of God's Way
791. Take the Road That Leads to Life Everlasting
792. All Flowers Are of God's Beautiful Handiwork
793. Find Your Niche With Serving God
794. Light A Candle For Christ's Sake
795. Freedom to Serve God Is Special Indeed
796. The Heartbreaking Story of Rachel Elizabeth
797. Never Touch The Unclean Thing
798. Comfort the Widow or Widower
799. Never Use a Frown
800. Do As the Father Hath Commanded You
801. Make a Commitment and Stick By It
802. Be Free to Serve God Always
803. Light the Way For a Sinner In Coming to God
804. Mom Was Mightily Used of God
805. A Loving Heart Is All That Matters
806. Lyle and His Concern For Others
807. Ronnie and His Heart of Gold
808. Ever Fleeting Peace That is Transitory
809. Let the Sun Shine Again In My Heart
810. Cultivate a Spirit of Continuity Among Your Family
811. Fierce Is the Wind That Blows
812. Let the Joy Bells Start
813. Miss Mary Ann Is Someone I Wish to Emulate
814. Be Strong When You're Down
815. Care for the Down and Out
816. Put Your Trust In NO One But God
817. Let the River Freely Flow
818. Emancipation, An Acrostic
819. Mom Is Watching Over Me
820. My Sister, Karen
821. Lyle Is Special In Every Way
822. Ronnie Is a Man From My Own Heart
823. Wisely Use Your Talents for Jesus All the Time
824. Do All You Can to Witness for Jesus
825. Give What You Have Back to God
826. Do You Wish It Was Christmas Again
827. Find Direction and Purpose Within the Lord Always
828. Spend Quality Time With Your Loved Ones
829. Mom Was a Patriarch of God
830. Find it In Your Heart To Forgive Those Who Wrong You
831. Lyle Has the Heart of a Saint and Is Precious To Me
832. Ronnie Is One Special Man Whom I Love Now and Always
833. The Green Leaves of Spring Will Soon Come
834. Lean Upon the Lord Jesus Christ For All Things
835. Go The Extra Mile For Jesus' Sake
836. Find Peace and Shelter Under the Blood
837. Get Your Priorities In Order To Serve God With All You Have
838. Janessa Is a True Example of a Friend
839. Use Your Talents For Jesus' Sake and Him Alone
840. Self Pity Is Not Conducive At All To Anyone
841. Lyle Remains To Be Special Within My Heart
842. Ronnie Has Love to Offer Anyone
843. Shutter to Think What It Would Be Like Without God
844. Supremely Love God For Always and Forever
845. NO Amount of Gold Could Ever Replace What is Free From God
846. Sheila Is a Captivating Lady and Friend
847. Rely Upon God For All Your Desires and Dreams
848. Serve God Though the Stars Should Fall
849. Be Determined to Serve God NO Matter What
850. Give Back to God a Portion of What He Has Given You
851. Look To God For Redemption and Nowhere Else
852. Find Peace Through the Blood
853. Find Strength to Fight Your Battles by Praying
854. Unlock the Door of Heaven Through Prayer
855. Don't Play Around With a Person's Feelings
856. Live Your Life As An Example to Others
857. Shenanigans
858. Live In the Present and Never In the Past
859. Mom Walked With God After Her Conversion
860. Leave Your Worries Behind You
861. Lyle Prepares to Meet Jesus
862. Ronnie Among the Roses
863. Mom Is Forever With the King of Kings and Lord of Lords
864. Walk the Narrow Road To Life Everlasting
865. Simplify the Discernable For All Time
866. The Artist and His Paints
867. Apply Wisdom to Knowledge And Win Every Time
868. Living Your Life for Jesus Takes an Effort
869. Mom and the Holiday Dinners
870. Find Inward Peace And Serenity By Trusting God
871. Lyle and His Emanating Love
872. Ronnie Would Never Purposely Fail Anyone
873. May We Never Tire of Sharing Love
874. A Drive to the Beach Is Special
875. Rely Upon the Lord Jesus For Everything You Desire
876. Come Before His Throne With Thanksgiving and Praises
877. Be Penitent of Heart When We're Wrong
878. Look To Jesus For All Things Every Single Day
879. Mom Was the Continuity In Our Family Always
880. There Is Nothing But Love from Jesus
881. Lyle Is Most Determined To Win and Does
882. Ronnie Is a Straightforward Shooter
883. Mom Always Showed Us Love and Never Failed
884. Cantankerous, An Acrostic
885. Be Dedicated to the Will of God
886. Freely Walk Where Jesus Will Lead You
887. Live Your Life According to God's Wishes
888. Honestly Serve Jesus From Your Heart All the Time
889. Be Strong In the Lord and Give Him All You Have
890. Don't Linger On Any One Thing But Move On
891. Complications, An Acrostic
892. Count Your Life by Friends Not Years
893. Simplify Your Life By Trusting Jesus
894. Rachel Elizabeth, An Acrostic
895. Criticism, An Acrostic
896. Find Peace and Solitude With the Lord Guiding You
897. Kirby Ann Masters, An Acrostic
898. Count Yourself Blessed of God For You Are
899. Mom Never Gave Up Nor Should I
900. Where Would We Be Without Jesus
901. Lyle Is a Man I Truly Cherish
902. Ronnie Is a Most Spiritual Man Whom I Love
903. Courtney Is Someone Greatly Gifted
904. Look No Further Than to Jesus For the Help You Need
905. Turn Your Eyes to the Lord Jesus Christ Always
906. Cling to That Which Is Right Through Jesus
907. Find Peace Through the Blood Of Jesus
908. Come to Jesus While You May
909. Deliberately, An Acrostic
910. Parsimonious
911. Immutability, An Acrostic
912. A Country Ride
913. Miss Mary Ann and All She Is Loves Jesus
914. Freedom to Choose Right or Wrong Is Up to You
915. Lindsey Is Special and Caring
916. Find Everlasting Peace In the Scriptures
917. Be One To Be Yielded to God and Serve Him Well
918. Give From the Heart and God Will Bless It
919. Mom Maintained A Lot of Courage
920. Peace Belongs to the Lord Always
921. Lyle and the Peace He Gives Is Most Wonderful
922. Ronnie Is Someone I Love Very Much
923. Weathering the Impending Storm
924. Translucent,An Acrostic
925. The Flowers I Love So Well
926. Sheila Is a Wonderful Lady That Touches My Life
927. Sheila Hunnings, An Acrostic
928. Never Slip and Not Repent for This is Wrong
929. Mom Always Served God With Gladness
930. Do Not Forsake the Promises of God
931. Lyle Is a Treasure From God
932. Ronnie Is a Most Honest Man I Implicitly Trust
933. Ronnie Is Someone I Can Trust
934. Lyle Sets My Heart To Singing God's Praises
935. Live Today Without a Care
936. Mom Will Stand For Justice At All Times
937. Never Walk In Despondency
938. Walk the Freedom Mile With Jesus
939. There Is Joy Over One Soul That Repents
940. Get to Know the Author of the Bible
941. Triumphant, An Acrostic
942. Miss Mary Ann is a Wonderful Lady All the Time
943. Incessantly Weep Over Someone Who Is Lost and Undone
944. Omnipotent, An Acrostic
945. Find Peace and Shelter Within the Blood of Jesus
946. Don't Be Blinded by Greed and Corruption But Be Free
947. Look to the Lord Jesus Christ When Trouble Arises
948. Fill Your Life With Positive Things and People
949. Mom Always Showed Us Parental Love
950. On A Cloudy Day Like Today
951. Lyle and a Heart Like His A Winning Combination
952. Ronnie and His Penitent Heart
953. Ronnie and His Wonderful Love
954. Yellow Is a Vibrant Color
955. Let Freedom Ring
956. Lyle is My Brother on Whom I Will Depend
957. Evening Tide From My Perspective
958. The Old Rickety Bridge
959. Mom Boarded The Heavenly Train Years Ago
960. Do Your Best to Emulate Jesus Our Lord
961. May We Envision What Maurice Moyer Saw
962. Ronnie and His Heart Touches Mine
963. Beowulf Finds a Mate
964. Miss Barbara is a Gracious Lady
965. Ten Years and Eleven Months Ago I Lost Dad
966. Forgive and Forget the Offenders In Your Life
967. Has the Lord Picked You Out a Valley
968. Remember Freedom Has a High Price Tag
969. Life With the King of Kings Is Always Wonderful
970. Mom Lived an Exemplary Life With Jesus Guiding Her
971. Will I Succumb In 2016
972. Lyle and His Love Touches Me
973. Raise Your Standards for Christ's Sake
974. Find Strength In Prayer
975. Find Peace From God and Accept His Plan
976. Let the Dead Bury the Dead
977. Lovely Is the Water's Edge
978. Chicanery, An Acrostic Today
979. The Tribal Maiden and the Warrior Fall In Love
980. Dr. Deb Is a Most Extraordinary Lady
981. Miss Barbara Is Someone I Totally Revere
982. Lyle Is a Most Trusted Man and Brother
983. Ronnie and His Tender Heart
984. Mom Is a Counter of God's Blessings
985. Happiness Is Ours Through Jesus Christ the Righteous
986. Forget About the Sin You Have Been Forgiven
987. Come to Jesus With Your Load of Care
988. Face Tomorrow With Confidence
989. Do You Still Have the Holiday Spirit
990. Janessa Is Someone On Whom I Can Count
991. Circumspectly, An Acrostic
992. Lyle Is My Brother For Whom I Love to Think About
993. Ronnie and His Goals for Living
994. Today Is January 8th, 2016
995. Carried On the Wind
996. Seek the Lord's Will For Your Life and Follow Jesus
997. Look Who's Moving On Hallelujah Avenue
998. Seeing Things That Aren't There Is It Of God
999. Mom Is the Most Exemplary Person I Ever Knew
1000. Purpose You're Going to Do Jesus Right All the Time
1001. Use Your God Given Talents Only For Jesus' Sake
1002. Accept the Demeanor of Miss Mary Ann
1003. Take It Upon Yourselves to Be Truthful Always
1004. Impossibilities Have NO Effect On God
1005. Evening Tide Revisited
1006. Carmen Is a Special Lady I Know
1007. The Tribal Maiden and the White Wolf
1008. Will You Be My Valentine
1009. Comforting Is the Water's Edge
1010. Mesmerized By the Evening Tide
1011. Sahara is a Precious Young Lady and Friend
1012. Miss Mary Ann Is Astute With All She Does
1013. Pardon the One Who Has Wronged You
1014. Share the Gift of God With All You Meet
1015. Let Peace Begin With Me But Rests Only in Jesus
1016. Shameful Habits Lead to Hell Fire
1017. Freedom Is Ours Today From God Almighty
1018. Mom Is Overlooking Us Today and In Heaven
1019. Another Day Another Joy
1020. Lyle Is Waiting For Us In Heaven
1021. Ronnie is My Mainstay and Helper
1022. On Heavenly Wings
1023. Janessa Is One Dedicated Lady
1024. Do Your Dead Level Best to Speak Up For Jesus
1025. Valentine's Day Will Arrive In a Month and Nine Days From Today
1026. Mom Is No Longer Burdened But Is Freed
1027. Always Be Patient To Serve God
1028. Don't Stand In Harm's Way
1029. Evening Tide
1030. The Gardenia Valley of Rachel Elizabeth
1031. If You Have the Talent of an Orator Use It For Jesus
1032. Free and Clear Are We Who Are Redeemed
1033. Sanctification, An Acrostic
1034. Explain What You Mean By Sanctification
1035. Come Before His Presence With Singing For Jesus' Sake
1036. Far Away In My Spirit Tonight Is Christ Jesus
1037. Freedom To Serve God Is What God Offers
1038. With God You Can Lead An Exemplary Life
1039. Mom Is Looked Upon By God Who Is Free
1040. Never Fault God For Your Mistakes
1041. Lyle Was One Most Intelligent
1042. Ronnie Has the Heart of a Warrior For Jesus
1043. Make Your Way to Jesus Today
1044. Lean Upon Jesus For Everything and Shun Evil
1045. Count Your Blessings All the Time Not One Day a Year
1046. Jesus Will Give Peace Where There Is None
1047. Mom Will One Day See Me Again
1048. Jesus Offers a Ray of Hope For All People Everywhere
1049. Lyle Is An Outstanding Man of Whom I Know Well
1050. Ronnie Is Someone Most Special to Jesus
1051. Make Every Effort To Be At Peace With All Men
1052. Rosemary Is a Great Psychiatrist
1053. Fight the Good Fight Without Vain Imaginations
1054. Mom Is Forever In Heaven With Jesus Our Lord
1055. Never Falter Never Whine
1056. Institution, An Acrostic
1057. Lean Upon the Lord Through Your Adversity
1058. Secure the Provisions God Has For You
1059. Implicitly Trust the Lord With Everything
1060. Lyle Will Never Be Far Away From Me
1061. Ronnie Is a Man That Warms My Heart
1062. There Is Immeasurable Peace Within You
1063. Contemplation, An Acrostic
1064. Miriam Is a Most Wonderful Lady and Friend
1065. Always Be Someone Others Can Rely
1066. Complexity,an Acrostic
1067. In the Quiet Times Is Peace
1068. Mom and God's Provisional Grace
1069. Making the Best of a Bad Situation
1070. Lyle Is a Man For Whom I Care
1071. Ronnie Is Excellent In Every Way
1072. Freedom From Fear Is the Greatest Joy
1073. Janessa Is an Outstanding Lady and Friend
1074. Find Peace and Solitude In Jesus
1075. Miss Mary Ann is a Delightful Person
1076. Have the Courage to Stick By the Lord Jesus Christ
1077. The Chrysanthemum and the Rose
1078. Write to Please the Lord Primarily and His Children Secondly
1079. Librarian, An Acrostic
1080. Gluttony Is Always Wrong
1081. Freedom To Face Another Day
1082. Walk the Road of Truth Everyday
1083. Elizabeth Is a Genuine Lady and Therapist
1084. Be Ingenious and Filled With Life
1085. Never Accept Half Way Measures
1086. Walk With Discernment
1087. Let the Morrow Take Care of Itself
1088. Freedom Always Comes With a High Price
1089. Mom Was an Excellent Judge of Character
1090. Don't Ever Be Presumptuous
1091. Lyle Is a Man For Whom I Love
1092. Ronnie Is a Man I Can Depend
1093. Strengthen Your Understanding of the Word of God
1094. Life Without Jesus Is No Life At All
1095. Wendy Is an Excellent Nurse and Great Person
1096. Claim the Mighty Power of God Always
1097. Run With Patience the Race That Is Set Before Us
1098. Find Your Life In Jesus And NO Where Else
1099. May We Always Be Respectful Towards God
1100. Excuses Are Not Acceptable To God
1101. Mom and Her Determination Coincided
1102. Preponderance, An Acrostic
1103. Joyous Are the Days God Gives to Us
1104. Arquita and Her Richness
1105. Don't Be Dormant As a Flower But Thrive
1106. We Should Always Be Compliant With the Word of God
1107. Mom Is Alive Forevermore
1108. Today Is a Brand New Day for Jesus' Sake
1109. Lyle Is a Most Trusted Man
1110. Ronnie Is a Very Direct Man But Also Sensitive
1111. Let the Sun Ever Shine Until Jesus Comes
1112. Will Joy Be a Part of 2016
1113. Mom and the Year 2016
1114. A New Year Has Begun
1115. Lyle,In Our Lifetime, Is Someone Most Wonderful
1116. Ronnie and the New Year
1117. Always Lean Upon the Lord Jesus Christ for Everything
1118. Mom Was One For Being an Erudite
1119. The Last Day of 2015 Is Today
1120. Lyle Is a Man Who Comforts My Heart
1121. Lyle Is a Man w
1122. Ronnie Is a Man Who Loves Jesus
1123. Aunt Martha is a Precious Lady and Friend
1124. Miss Tina Is a Blessing to Be Around
1125. Fulfill the Wishes of Jesus All the Time
1126. Acknowledge Jesus Only For Everything That Is Right
1127. Find Peace and Shelter In Jesus Only
1128. Walk Not In Your Own Accord But Jesus'
1129. Give Jesus a Chance To Prove Himself to You
1130. Julie Is A Very Special Lady and a Friend
1131. Miss Avia Is Someone I Appreciate
1132. Never Be Guilty of Willful Sinning
1133. Walk With Jesus Here Upon the Earth
1134. Let Peace Reign Within You
1135. Come Before His Presence With Thanksgiving Always
1136. Peace Is Freely Given to All Who Asks Jesus
1137. With Jesus There Is Tranquility Always
1138. Mom Was Fortuitous As to What Would Happen
1139. What Have We Learned From 2015
1140. Lyle Is a Treasure In Anyone's Book As Well As Mine
1141. Ronnie Captures Your Heart As He Did Mine
1142. May God Bless You, Rochelle
1143. Sahara Is a God Send to Many People Including Myself
1144. Be Responsible for Your Actions
1145. Never Do Things On Your Own Without Jesus
1146. Jesus Is My Constant Companion
1147. May God Wish to Walk Where I Walk
1148. Mom Never Quit On Me Ever
1149. Happiness Is Never An Illusion With God
1150. Lyle Is Ever Near Me For He Is Inside of My Heart
1151. Ronnie Is Such a Great Blessing From God
1152. I Love to Hear the Bells of Christmastime
1153. It's Four In the Morning
1154. Janessa Is a God Send For So Many People
1155. Have You Ever Thought of the Mount of Transfiguration
1156. Without the Holy Ghost Everything Would Be Chaos
1157. The Peaceful Lake is God's Gift to All
1158. Mom and Her Love Are Constants With Me
1159. One More Day to 2015
1160. Lyle Is Never One to Be Fastidious But Is Concerned
1161. Ronnie Is By My Side All the Time
1162. Miss Mary Ann Is a Treasure From God
1163. Will Is a Nurse of Whom I Have Confidence
1164. Discover the Joy of Following Jesus
1165. Cling To Jesus Always
1166. Work Not For Vain Glory
1167. Let Us Run With Patience the Race That Is Before Us
1168. Mom Is On Hallelujah Avenue, In Heaven
1169. What Will the Future Bring In 2016
1170. Lyle Is Waiting to See Us Again
1171. Ronnie Is My Brother and Mentor
1172. Run to God When You're Tempted
1173. Mom Cared to Be Faithful to Jesus
1174. Let the Little Ones Believe In Jesus, Our Lord
1175. Guide Me Into All Truth, Dear Jesus
1176. Capture the Essence of Light Through Jesus
1177. Midnight Is My Brother's Companion
1178. Lyle Always Wished Me Well
1179. Ronnie Is a God Send to My Heart
1180. Surrender Your Will Before It is Too Late
1181. Happiness Comes By Way of Faith In Christ Jesus
1182. Jessica Is a Great Lady and Worker
1183. Leave the Evil Works of Darkness Out of Your Life
1184. Cleave Unto Righteousness Which Comes From God
1185. It's Almost Time to Shout Hallelujah
1186. It's Almost
1187. Winter Time Is Present While Spring Is Waiting In the Wings
1188. Rejoice For the Lord Is With Us
1189. Mom Is Remembered As a Prayer Warrior
1190. Two More Days Left to 2015
1191. Lyle is Someone I Lean Upon For My Strength
1192. Ronnie Lightens My Life With Joy
1193. Carmen and Julie Are Nurses I Can Depend Upon
1194. Come to Jesus Ere It Be Too Late
1195. Rejoice In the Lord
1196. Strike the Harp and Join the Chorus
1197. Give Praise To Jesus For Everything Every Time
1198. Happiness Is Mine Through Trusting Jesus
1199. Mom Loves Serving God Through Jesus, God's Son
1200. A Lesson Well Learned Is Invaluable Always
1201. Lyle Is One I Can Count Upon
1202. Ronnie and His Sincere Heart
1203. Miss Mary Ann Is a Gem of a Lady
1204. Courageous People Are Always Winners
1205. Don't Play the Fool For They Always Lose
1206. My Brother's Heart
1207. Be Particular of Whom You Serve
1208. Stick With Things You Know Are True
1209. Mom and Heaven Are Now Synonymous
1210. Are You Keeping the Christmas Spirit
1211. Lyle Is a Man That Is Greatly Loved
1212. Ronnie Is Someone I Am Most Grateful
1213. Mom Was Always a Beautiful Person
1214. Ronnie Has a Precious Soul
1215. Be Merry This Holiday Season
1216. Do Right If the Stars Should Fall
1217. "'Ask and Ye Shall Receive"
1218. Fortify Your Heart Against the Evil One
1219. Make No Mistake God Is Always On Our Side
1220. Happiness Is More Than An Illusion With Jesus Behind It
1221. Consecration, An Acrostic
1222. Allow the Holy Ghost Be Your Comforter
1223. May God Be Praised Forever and Ever By All Christians
1224. May God Be Praised Forever and Ever By
1225. Be Smart and Always Surrender to Jesus
1226. Always Learn to Praise God For Everything You Have
1227. There Is Peace Believing In the Rock of Ages
1228. Ronnie Is My Brother Whom I Dearly Love
1229. Lyle Is But a Thought Away
1230. ,Mom Would Be So Proud of Ervin
1231. June Is a Special Lady and C N A
1232. Christmas Gifts
1233. Why Do I Write Free Verse Poetry
1234. Overcoming Circumstances
1235. The Wild Cat In the Tree
1236. Lenata Is Most Special To All of Us
1237. Do You Ever Wonder About the Blue Sky
1238. Samantha and Jade Are a Loving Family
1239. Courtney Should Be Praised For All She Does
1240. The Beauty of Clover Lily
1241. Wendy Should Be Praised For She's Earned It
1242. How Long Should We Have the Christmas Spirit
1243. Did You Know There Is Old Christmas
1244. The Day the Cherry Pie Was Missing
1245. Only Five Days Remain of 2015
1246. Mom Knew What Esoteric Meant
1247. Today Is the Day After Christmas Day
1248. Lyle is a Wonderful Brother
1249. Ronnie and the Happiness He Gives
1250. Mom Is Singing the Carols of Christmas to Jesus
1251. Lyle Is Celebrating Today As Well
1252. Ronnie and the Joyous Time Of Year
1253. Janessa and Brianna Are a Great Team
1254. Miss Mary Ann Should Be Loved By Everyone
1255. Rejoice, It Is Now Christmas Day
1256. Christmas All Over the World
1257. Cultivate the Right Attitude of Loving Jesus
1258. Work and Rest Not On Your Laurels
1259. Mom Sings the Triumphant Song
1260. Today Is Now Christmas Day
1261. Lyle and the Happiness He Gives
1262. Ronnie Is My Christmas Gift All Year Long
1263. I Believe Ellie Mae Is God's Child
1264. Declare the Lord As Your Savior
1265. Green Represents Grace From God
1266. Oh, Come Let Us Adore Him
1267. Be Open At Confessing Jesus and Never Esoteric
1268. The Holly Wreath And Red Poinsettia Together For Christmas
1269. Mom Knows There Is a Reason to Celebrate
1270. Christmas Is Only One Day Away
1271. Lyle Warms My Heart With Each Passing Thought of Him
1272. Ronnie J. Is a Trusted Soul to Me
1273. Praise the Lord For Christmastime
1274. Mom and the Greenery That Was Planted
1275. Christmas Greenery Is Something Beautiful to See
1276. Lyle Is One I Have Affection
1277. Ronnie Is Someone I Dearly Love
1278. Lyle Is Within My Heart Really Close to Jesus
1279. Ronnie Is Near and Dear to My Soul
1280. Christmastime Is a Gracious and Loving Time Of Year
1281. Joy Surrounds the Positive Person
1282. Peace Is Found Where Jesus Is Regarded
1283. The Wondrous Beauty of Courtney
1284. The Grassy Green Meadow of Scotland
1285. A Dolly For Rachel Elizabeth
1286. Count Yourself Blessed During Christmastime
1287. The Pendulous Clouds Behind the Trees
1288. The C N A's of Cherry Point Bay
1289. Mom and the Family Christmas Tree
1290. Christmas Is Three Days Away
1291. Lyle Remains to Be Close to My Heart and Life
1292. Ronnie Is One That Is Most Translucent
1293. Ronnie In the Candlelight Vigil For Christmas
1294. Mom Is Mindful It is Christmastime
1295. Praise the Lord As He Is Forever Alive and Will Never Die
1296. Happiness and Reflection Are Always Needed
1297. Mom Always Regarded Jesus As Her Lord
1298. Do You Count Yourself Blessed By Having a Mother
1299. Lyle Is a Precious Man God Blessed
1300. Mom Is Celebrating Christmas With Jesus
1301. Do Everything According to God's Will
1302. The Bright Sunlight Is Ours to Enjoy
1303. The Christmas Bells In the City
1304. The Winter's Challenge
1305. My Sister, Judith, Is a God Send
1306. Ronnie Is a Great Man of Hope
1307. Christmas Nears With Five More Days to Go
1308. May We Forever Honor Jesus at Christmastime and All Year
1309. Learn to Serve Jesus In Humility All the Time
1310. Christmas Is a Day of Worship to Our Lord
1311. Miss Mary Ann Is a Great Example of God's Love
1312. Thirteen Years and Eleven Months Ago
1313. Christmas Is Only Four Days Away
1314. Tis the Season To Be Jolly
1315. Jeanna and Wendy Are Special Ladies and Nurses
1316. Mom Greatly Added to the Holidays For Us
1317. A Conversation Between A Red Poinsettia and a White One
1318. The Tree You Own For Christmastime
1319. Arquita and the Physical Therapy Team At Cherry Point Bay
1320. Annie and Christmastime Go Hand In Hand
1321. Lyle Is a Testimony of God's Love for Others
1322. Ronnie Is My Gift From God For All Time
1323. When Jesus Comes Will Be the Time for Shouting
1324. The Red Poinsettia In the Foyer
1325. Allow Christ Jesus to Reign Within Your Life Always
1326. Take Note When You're Troubled
1327. Shout the Praises of Hosanna
1328. Let Us Remember Who Jesus Is and What He Did
1329. Mom's Life Was Given to Jesus For All Time
1330. The Confections Lyle Made Were Superb Always
1331. Lyle Is Remembered This Christmas Season
1332. Ronnie Was Created to Serve Jesus and Is
1333. Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled
1334. The Christmas Tree Room
1335. Why Not Keep Christmas All the Year
1336. There Are Pleasant Memories Ahead By Trusting Jesus
1337. Make This a Night to Remember With Loving Jesus First
1338. Never Lose Your Reserve As You Follow Jesus
1339. Mom Will Enjoy Christmas With the King of Kings Forevermore
1340. Christmas Will Be Here In a Matter of Days
1341. Lyle Is Passed But His Legacy Lives
1342. Ronnie Offers Peace From the Lord to All People
1343. Miss Mary Ann In an Imaginary Land
1344. The Sky Is Covered With Snow Clouds
1345. Discover the Lord During Christmastime
1346. There Is Immeasurable Peace Only In Jesus
1347. God's Abiding Light Is None Other Than Jesus, His Son
1348. Remember the Lord Jesus Christ This Holiday
1349. Mom Trusted Jesus After She Was Saved
1350. Let the Merriment of Christmas Permeate Your Heart
1351. Lyle and His Immeasurability of Strength
1352. Ronnie Offers Sweet Serenity to My Soul
1353. Eleven More Days For Christmas Day
1354. The Holly Wreath Upon Your Door
1355. Honoring the Lord In All We Do At Christmastime
1356. Enjoy the Season by Celebrating and Honoring the Reason
1357. Ronnie Lee, My Brother
1358. The Son Created the Sun
1359. Miss Mary Ann Brightens My Life With Joy at Christmastime
1360. May Joy Permeate Us All At Christmastime
1361. Never Forget the Cedars Trees at Christmastime
1362. Dad at Christmastime
1363. Take Note Christmastime Is Soon Here
1364. Mom Sings the Carols at Christmastime to Jesus
1365. Joys Are Ours Because of Jesus
1366. lyle Brings Sweet Peace When I Am Lonely
1367. Christmas Joys Are Ephemeral But Desired
1368. Ronnie Sets My Heart to Singing Thanks to Jesus
1369. Mom Gives Jesus Her All Everyday
1370. Filling the Need to Follow Jesus At Christmastime
1371. Lyle is But One Heartbeat Away From Me
1372. Ronnie On the Prayer Bench In the Garden
1373. The Carols of Christmas Have Special Meaning
1374. Rayshika is Most Special and Loving
1375. Jessica Is Someone Special and Caring
1376. The Green Leaves of Wintertime
1377. The White Poinsettia Has a Story to Tell
1378. Christmas Tree Lane and Trevor
1379. Mom and Her Gift One Year
1380. concentrate Upon Christ's Birthday Alone
1381. Lyle's Presence Is Felt Everyday and Cherished
1382. Ronnie and Hearing the Music of Handle's Messiah
1383. The Holidays Are Getting Closer All the Time
1384. Abiding Peace During Christmastime
1385. Make Things Right That Are Wrong With Someone
1386. Christmas Is Thirteen Days Away
1387. Be Happy There Is Christmastime
1388. Miss Mary Ann Truly Is a God Send
1389. Ronnie, Everyday With You Is Sweeter Than Before
1390. Lyle, You Are Someone I Epitomize
1391. Mom Added Much to the Holidays
1392. Be Mindful of Christ During His Birthday
1393. Procrastinate Not Your Fate
1394. The Jovial Miss Ann
1395. There's a Song In the Air
1396. Miss Avia and the Dietary Staff Labor to Help the Residents
1397. The Unused Holly Wreath
1398. Honor the Lord Everyday You Live
1399. Mom Is Continuity Personified
1400. Christmas Is the Happiest Time
1401. Lyle Shall Never Be Forgotten But Long Remembered
1402. Ronnie and His Light Heartedness
1403. Ronnie and His Sensitivity
1404. Christmastime Is An Excellent Time to Have Joy
1405. There Is No Peace Save Within Jesus
1406. The Bells I Heard While Growing to Maturity
1407. Love the Lord Jesus With All You Have
1408. Ronnie and His Wonderful Love
1409. Lyle and the Life He Led
1410. Mom Always Made Christmastime Great
1411. It's Time to Remember Bob Griggs
1412. Happiness and Joy Belong to Jesus First Then to Others
1413. Christmas Is Two Weeks and One Day Away
1414. The Evergreen Tree At Christmastime
1415. Christmas Should Come With Expectancy
1416. Jessica and the Spirit of Christmas
1417. The Ghost of Christmas Present Truly Can Exists
1418. The Days of Christmastime and My Organ Music
1419. Mom Always Made It a Happy Time for Christmas
1420. Christmas Is a Welcomed Time Of Year for All People
1421. Ronnie and His Kind Heart
1422. Christmas Is In the Air
1423. Happiness Befalls the Ones Who Believe
1424. Miss Mary Ann and Christmastime 2015
1425. Christmas Is God's Gift to All;
1426. The Days the Carols Played
1427. Christmas Is Three Weeks Away
1428. Christmas Is a Day of Giving to Others Who Have Not
1429. Mom Brought Happiness to Us at Christmastime
1430. The Ever Incomparable Wendy
1431. Lyle Is Someone For Whom I Can Depend
1432. Ronnie and His Wonderful Love to Me
1433. Arquita and the Twelve Days of Christmas Song
1434. Peace Is Found In a Christ Filled Christmas
1435. The Lovely Poinsettia Brings Merriement
1436. Invoke Peace Wherever Possible This Time of Year
1437. Walk With a Newness of Life This Christmastime
1438. Let the Spirit of Christmas Bless Your Life
1439. Mom Always Made It Special For Christmas
1440. The Happy Holidays Are Only Days Away
1441. Lyle is Much More Than a Memory
1442. Ronnie and the Joy He Gives
1443. The Genuine Caring Arquita
1444. The Merriment of the Season Is Now Here
1445. To All Therapy People At Cherry Point Bay
1446. The Christmas Tree Brings Joy to Hearts
1447. Jenna Is a True Blessing to All Who Know Her
1448. The Outstanding Miss Ginny
1449. Mom and the Holiday Season
1450. Jessica, You Have Given Us So Much
1451. My Cousin Lois Was a Christmas Baby
1452. Christmas Is the Happiest Season of All
1453. Lyle Is One I Am Able to Lean Upon
1454. Ronnie and the Happiness That Comes From Knowing Him
1455. Mom's Birthday Would Have Been the 29th of November
1456. The Withered Tree Is God's Reminder
1457. Lyle Is Most Dear to My Heart and Life
1458. Ronnie Is a Brother I Love Most In the World
1459. The Peaceful Tide Is God's Gift to All
1460. Christmas the Wonderful Birthday Of Jesus
1461. Christmas and Its Real Meaning
1462. Thanksgiving In the Lord's House
1463. Is There Peace Within Your Valley
1464. The Beauty of God Is Seen Through Jesus, His Son
1465. Arquita aIs Rich In Human Relations and Encouragement
1466. Mom Always Meant Well to Praise Jesus
1467. Show Your Testimony Instead of Talking About It
1468. Along With Arquita and Cindy We Have Elizabeth
1469. All Creatures Great and Small Belong to God
1470. Saying Goodbye to Cindy Is Hard
1471. Miss Judith Is a Gracious Lady For All to Know
1472. Ronnie Is a Light In a Darkened Space
1473. Going to Sleep For Hours To Wake to a New Day
1474. Ronnie and His Worthiness Supplied by God
1475. Lyle Has a Unique Charisma That Being of Love
1476. The Family Came to Visit Me While In the Hospital
1477. Christmas Is Not That Far Away
1478. Ten Years and Ten Months Ago
1479. Lyle and His Love Are Forever Mine
1480. Christmas, the Wonderful Birthday of Jesus
1481. Thanksgiving Is a Day For Honoring Christ Jesus
1482. Christmas Should Be a Time Of Merriment
1483. The Power of Prayer
1484. Ronnie and His Matchlessness Is Superb
1485. The First Morsel of Food Was Truly Delectable
1486. Miss Judith Is a Lady of Her Word
1487. Keep Your Mind Open to the Gospel
1488. Ronnie Is the One That Blesses My Life
1489. Thanksgiving Day Will Be Here In Thirteen More Days
1490. Mom Was Always God's Gift to Me
1491. Never Be Despondent When You Can Have Joy
1492. Are We Able to Remember Our First Christmas
1493. Miss Mary Ann and Thanksgiving Day
1494. Ronnie and Summer Camp
1495. Thanksgiving Is Only Ten Days Away
1496. Ervin, My Brother, Does Love Me
1497. The Wind Swept Evening and Its Sorrows
1498. Down By the Lake
1499. The Peace I Derive From Knowing Lyle B.
1500. Mom and Our Thanksgiving Days Remembered
1501. Thanksgiving the Happy Time Of Year
1502. Christmas, the Wonderful Birthday of Jesus
1503. Lay Yourself Upon the Altar of Service
1504. Consternation, An Acrostic
1505. Mom Is But One Flower In the Master's Bouquet
1506. One of These Days Will Be a Cloudless Day
1507. Lyle Never Left Me In Want of Anything
1508. Ronnie's Blessings Are Many Which All Come From God
1509. Miss Mary Ann Gives God the Praise He Deserves
1510. Learn to Be Translucent With All Your Dealings
1511. Miss Barbara Is a Tremendous Lady and Friend
1512. Sing the Songs of Zion With Clarity and Heart
1513. Walk A Firm and Dedicated Mile for Jesus
1514. Christmas Is a Time of Sacred and Holy Observances
1515. Dad Was a Man Who Served God Well
1516. Mom Plants Seven Hundred and Fifty Pansies
1517. Basking In the Light of God Is a Great Place to Be
1518. Ronnie and His Magnanimous Attitude
1519. Do You See Jesus Everywhere You Look
1520. Never Let the Tempter Undermine You
1521. Mom Resides In Heaven Today Thanks to Jesus
1522. With Jesus We Need Never Worry or Fret
1523. Lyle Was Ever Watchful to Help Me and to Love Me
1524. Ronnie Has a Constant Companion In Midnight
1525. Samuel Is One of my Dear Friends
1526. Dr. Deb Is Very Kind and Helpful
1527. The Drenching Rains Among the Flooded Areas
1528. The Greatness of Terry S. and Ellie S.
1529. Mom Was So Good to Everyone She Knew
1530. The Pumpkins Tell A Story
1531. Lyle Had a Love For Me And Still Does Today
1532. Ronnie Is a Great Prayer Warrior For Jesus
1533. Lyle B. Is Looking Down Upon Me
1534. Ronnie Has Always Treated Me Well
1535. Lyle Is a Tenacious Man of Whom I Love
1536. Mom Was Always a Stickler for the Truth
1537. Mom Was Predestined to Be Saved
1538. Ronnie Is Most Transparent For All to See
1539. Autumn Is Now Clearly Seen
1540. Weighed In the Balances and Found Wanting
1541. Give Of Your Best to Jesus
1542. Count Your Many Blessings Give the Praise to God
1543. Lasonya, You Are One In a Million
1544. Love the Lord Your God
1545. Feelings I Have About Miss Barbara
1546. Don't Tread On Dangerous Ground
1547. Miss Mary Ann Is An Instrument of God's Peace
1548. Miss Barbara Is A Treasured Soul
1549. Miss Judith's Countenance Is Special
1550. Dr. Deb Is Most Special and Caring
1551. Sing the Praises of God Today and Everyday
1552. I Have Found Completeness With Jesus Our Lord
1553. Mom Is a Treasured Soldier In God's Army
1554. One of My Delights Are Pumpkin Pies
1555. Lyle Warms My Heart Though He Is Gone
1556. Ronnie J. Is One Gift Jesus Gave Me Among Others
1557. The Immeasurability of Miss Barbara
1558. Mom Was Predestined to Ber Saved
1559. The Harmonious Sounds Will Someday Return
1560. Lyle Is Most Captivating and Loving
1561. Ronnie Is Devoted to Jesus Our Lord
1562. Mom Has a Testimony of Pleasing God The Father Through Jesus
1563. Lyle Is a Gracious and Loving Man
1564. Mom's Name Should Be Perpetuated For All Time
1565. Fall Is Around the Corner Waiting
1566. Never Give Up Hope With Jesus
1567. Proclaim the Lord Jesus Always With Whatever You Do
1568. Lyle Never Tired of Loving Me
1569. The Moon Crept Over the Mountain
1570. Miss Mary Ann Cares About Others For She Cares For M
1571. Mom Was a Great Prayer Warrior for Jesus
1572. Make Your Day Count For Jesus
1573. Mom's Abilities to Beautify Were Gifts From God
1574. Make Room In Your Heart For Jesus Christ Our Lord
1575. Lyle's Love Is Emanating Within Me
1576. Divine and Perfect Is God The Father and Jesus
1577. Miss Mary Ann Is True Blue For Jesus' Sake
1578. Two Months Away I Will Plan to Celebrate Mom's Birthday
1579. Miss Mary Ann Captivates My Attention In a Positive Way
1580. Mom and One Christmastime
1581. Allow the Lord to Strengthen Your Life
1582. Christmas Is a Day of Joy and Gladness
1583. Ronnie Is a Wonderful Brother and Friend
1584. Jesus Orchestrates the Harmonious Sounds I Hear
1585. Ervin, My Brother is a Gracious and Loving Man
1586. Do You Salute the Flag As You Should
1587. This Christmas Jesus Could Possibly Return For His Own
1588. Ronnie's Peace Is Permanent Thanks to Jesus
1589. The Glorious and Harmonious Sounds Are For Everyone to Hear
1590. Soon the Leaves Will Fall As God Commands
1591. Find Peace and Shelter Through Jesus
1592. Knowing Jesus Is a Great Experience and Joy
1593. Ronnie's Love Envelopes Me
1594. All Too Soon the Harmonious Sounds I Have Heard Are Gone
1595. There Is a Purpose With Every Command the Lord Gives
1596. Courtney Is A Dear Friend As Well As Administrator
1597. Miss Barbara Is One Special Lady and Friend
1598. The Harmonious Sounds Aren't Mine Any Longer to Hear
1599. Never Turn Your Back On Traditionalism
1600. Crying Is An Emotion We Must Have
1601. God's Provisional Grace Allows Me to Hear Harmonious Sounds
1602. The Lord Patiently Waits for You
1603. The Wonderment of Ronnie
1604. A Most Wonderful Brother Is Ronnie J.
1605. Miss Mary Ann Is Someone Whom I Can Trust
1606. Stand Firm For America Let's Win Her Back
1607. Knowing Lyle B.Is Something Most Special
1608. Cry Out Against the Ones Who Wish to Destroy Us
1609. Fight If You Must to Keep America Free
1610. There Will Never Be a Day I Stop Loving Mom
1611. Be Proud of Your America the Land of the Free
1612. With Fall Being Here The Harmonious Sounds Have Left
1613. Feel the Urgency of Winning Souls to Jesus
1614. Find Peace and Shelter Under the Blood of Jesus
1615. Miss Mary Ann Is a Dear Soul for Jesus
1616. Our Freedoms Are Being Challenged
1617. Knowing Lyle B. Makes Me a Better Person
1618. Mom Always Encouraged Me Along the Way
1619. Never Claim to Be Something You're Not
1620. Come With a Burden and Leave Him With Grace
1621. Christmas Will Be Forthcoming Soon
1622. The Wonder of a Brother Like Ronnie J.
1623. Ronnie J. Is Ever Encouraging to My Soul
1624. There Is Fellowship With One Who Is Gone
1625. Mom Is One Who Will Live Forever Thanks to Jesus
1626. There Is Never Any Despondency With Ronnie J. By My Side
1627. One Day of Melodious Sounds Is Mine Thanks to Jesus
1628. Always Be Exact and Never Perfunctory
1629. The Bright Hope That Jesus Gives
1630. Dad Was a Gentle and Wise Man
1631. May Courtney Be Blessed Forever Without End
1632. Cindy Is A Gracious and Astute Lady
1633. Miss Mary Ann Is Gracious and Tender Hearted
1634. The Loving Melodies of God's Creation Are Heard Today
1635. A Gentle Spirit Is Within the Heart of Ronnie J.
1636. Lyle Was Never One For Being Presumptuous
1637. Never Circumvent the Truth
1638. My Testimony For God
1639. Give As Was Given to You
1640. Freedom From Pain Is What Jesus Offers
1641. Miss Mary Ann Is Steadfast and Special
1642. Renewal Everyday Is Ronnie's Wish to the Lord
1643. Lyle Blesses My Life With the Love He Gives
1644. What More Can God Ever Do Than t Provide the Sounds I Hear
1645. Live Out Your Expectations With the Help of God
1646. Allow God the Preeminence He Deserves
1647. May the Christmas Bells Ring Out the News Jesus Is Given
1648. Make A Conscious Decision to Follow Jesus
1649. Miss Mary Ann Is A Great Contributor of What Is Good
1650. Lyle Is an Outstanding Man With Much Love
1651. With Ronnie J. There Is Never Any Upheaval
1652. Today Is Special With Hearing the Melodic Birds
1653. Complacency Is Never Right and Always Wrong
1654. Miss Mary Ann Sets My Heart to Singing
1655. Flourish As a Flower For Jesus
1656. Honoring God Will Put Him First; In Your Life
1657. Mr. Herbert Rotchford Was My Brother
1658. Ronnie Has the Wherewithal To Proclaim the Lord Jesus
1659. Lyle Is An Emissary of the Lord Jesus Christ
1660. Acknowledge the Gifts God Has Given You
1661. There Is No Melancholy With the Harmonious Sounds I Hear
1662. Peace In the Midst of the Storm
1663. Acknowledge the Right Way to God
1664. Miss Mary Ann Is a Treasure to All Who Know Her
1665. Miss Judith Is a God Send To My Heart and Life
1666. Mother's Legacy Is Remembered and Cherished
1667. Mom Is Ever Dear to the Lord Jesus Christ
1668. Christmastime Is Quickly Approaching the World
1669. Lift Up the Fallen and Give God the Praise
1670. Mom Has a Testimony of Pleasing God Through Jesus
1671. Heaven Is Nearer Than It Was Yesterday
1672. Mom Was Always Devoted to Jesus After Her Conversion
1673. The Goodness of Miss Mary Ann
1674. Lindsey Is a Special Lady In Whom I Admire
1675. Honor the Lord Jesus Christ With All You Do
1676. Walking and Talking to Please Jesus Are Easy
1677. Live a Life Exemplary For Jesus' Sake
1678. Learn to Forgive Your Offenders
1679. Mom and My Graduation
1680. The Sounds of Harmonious Melodies Fill the Air From the Birds
1681. Joy Is Mine Remembering Lyle B.
1682. Contemplation of Someone Great Is Found In Ronnie J.
1683. Growing Up By the Ocean
1684. Fall Is Waiting in the Wings
1685. Christmas Is the Happiest Time of Year
1686. An Outstanding Man Is Ronnie J.
1687. Jesus Has Given Me the Love of Lyle B.
1688. Peace Fills the Air With the Melodic Birds Singing
1689. Mom's Time On Earth Is Over But Heaven Is Only Begun
1690. Peace and Serenity Are Ours For the Taking
1691. Dad Was a Gracious and Kind Man
1692. Christmas Is In the Air and Within My Heart
1693. Carmen and Her Demeanor
1694. Wendy Is a Precious Lady and Friend
1695. Miss Mary Ann Is Someone You'd Want to Meet
1696. The Happiness I Feel With the Melodic Sounds I Hear
1697. Mom Is a Gracious Lady For Which You Should Know Her
1698. Make Your Voice Be Heard and Never Be Silent
1699. Make It a Point to Serve Jesus Well
1700. One Christmas I Remember
1701. Jesus Caring For His Sheep
1702. How Often Do You Listen to Others
1703. Miss Mary Ann Is Truly Exemplary
1704. Cheyenne Is a Lady to be Honored
1705. There Is Happiness Knowing Someone Most Special Like Ronnie J.
1706. Mom Is Now Divine Living In Glory
1707. Joy Comes In the Form of Melodic Sounds From the Birds
1708. Exceed Your Own Expectations
1709. Live Your Life Dependent Upon God
1710. Life Is Not the Same Without Lyle B.
1711. A Wonderful Man For God Is Ronnie J.
1712. Lyle B. is Revered and Highly Considered
1713. Mom Is Truly Blessed of God
1714. Captivated, An Acrostic
1715. Christmastime Is the Greatest Time of Year
1716. A Lady Named Jennifer
1717. Precious Lady Named Miss Mary Ann Is My Friend
1718. An Understanding Man Is Ronnie J.
1719. Comforting and Pleasant Melodies Come From the Birds
1720. Do Well to Mind Your Manners
1721. Make Room In Your Heart For Jesus
1722. Lyle Is An Outstanding Man
1723. Miss Mary Ann Is Someone Most Special
1724. Mom Is In Her Heavenly Home
1725. The Awakening Sounds of the Melodic Birds
1726. The Ever Effervescence of Lyle B.
1727. Ronnie Is A True Wonder
1728. Ronnie Is One Who Cares About Me
1729. The Wonderment of Lyle B. Is So Far Reaching
1730. Mom Was Always Punctual
1731. The Wavering Stranger
1732. The Joys of Hearing the Melodic Sounds From the Birds
1733. Amanda Is a Treasured Lady
1734. Take Off Your Rose Colored Glasses See the Real World
1735. Christmas Expectancy
1736. A Day of Fishing For Leroy
1737. Wade, Mary, Bailey and Kathy Are a Family
1738. Let the Chips Fall
1739. Miss Mary Ann Is An Emissary for Christ
1740. Judith As a Light For Jesus Shines For His Glory
1741. Be Dogmatic and Assured
1742. Find Peace and Serenity In God Always
1743. Beautiful Are the Chrysanthemums That God Grows
1744. Mom and Her Coronation
1745. I Was Able to Hear the Birds Singing Today
1746. Loving Lyle B. Is a Gift From the Lord Jesus Christ
1747. The World Is Brighter With Ronnie J. In It
1748. There Is Joy In Knowing Ronnie J.
1749. Knowing Lyle B. Is a Blessing Indeed
1750. Happiness Is When I Am Able to Hear the Birds
1751. The Spontaneity of Mom and Her Legacy
1752. The Lord Gives Us Something Useful Everyday
1753. Slow to Wrath Do We Need to Be
1754. Beautiful Green Grass
1755. The Beaufort High Rise Bridge
1756. Christmas Isn't That Far Away
1757. Miss Mary Ann Is An Exceptional Lady
1758. The Ever Caring Ronnie J. and His Love
1759. The Candidness of Ronnie J.
1760. A Learning Experience From Lyle Is Mine
1761. The Stillness o the Melodic Birds Has Returned
1762. Mom and Mr. Bruce Goodwin
1763. Lofty Ideas Within Myself
1764. Contemplation Is a Wonderful Thing
1765. Find Peace In No One But Jesus
1766. The Beauty of the Cardinal
1767. Christmas Wishes That Are Attainable
1768. Amanda Is Special Within Her Field of Expertise
1769. Ronnie Is the Brother I Have In My Corner
1770. Lyle Is An Outstanding Person and Always Will Be
1771. Happiness Is Freely Given From God Thanks to the Birds
1772. Mom and the Well To Do Were Friends
1773. The Big Oak Tree
1774. Methodical Means to Achieve Success
1775. Are You Ready For the Lord's Imminent Return
1776. Christmas Gaiety
1777. The Personable Miss Mary Ann
1778. Lyle B. Taught Me How to Live
1779. Mom and The Scavenger's Hunt
1780. Opportunity, an Acrostic
1781. Miss Mary Ann Is One Who Is Fortunate
1782. Ginny Is Someone Special and Dear to Many
1783. Ronnie Is Someone Amazing
1784. Happiness Derived From God's Blessings of the Birds
1785. What May I Do For Jesus Today
1786. Never Be Abased Nor Falter
1787. August 18th, 2015 A Day of Sadness
1788. There Was a Man Named Herbert Rotchford
1789. Happiness Is An Emotion I Experience Daily
1790. Learn to Forgive the Offenders
1791. The Perilous Times Will Come
1792. I Am Happy When Will Is My Nurse
1793. Indian Summer Will Soon Be Upon Us
1794. Mom and Mr. Stroud
1795. The Ever Heartwarming Melodies From the Birds
1796. The Never Ending Blessedness of Lyle B.
1797. Ronnie J.Is Someone Most Special and Blessed
1798. Asia Is a True Example of a Great Lady
1799. No Turning Back For Ronnie J.
1800. Today I Heard the Birds Singing Again
1801. Mom's Determination
1802. Miss Mary Ann Returns
1803. Courtney Is a Great Friend and Administrator
1804. Cheyenne Is a Great Treasure to Us All
1805. Ellie Mae Is My Sister By God's Provisional Grace
1806. The Quiet Contemplation of Ronnie J.
1807. Lyle Is At Peace Today I Believe
1808. Seeing the Melodic Birds Again Is My Wish
1809. Mom Is Now Comforted In Heaven With Jesus
1810. A Night So Long Was Never Endiing
1811. Feelings of Rapture Are Mine Thanks to Jesus
1812. Feelings of
1813. The Peace We Have Comes From God
1814. Pendulous Clouds
1815. Christmas Joys Are For Everyone In the World
1816. Lyle Brings Me Exceptional Joy
1817. The Closeness I Have With Ronnie J.
1818. Carmen Is an Exceptional Lady
1819. Poeticbear Welcomes Jessica to Cherry Point Bay
1820. Kayla Is a Special Lady and C.N.A.
1821. Miss Mary Ann is a Friend to the Friendless
1822. Lasonya Is a Most Gracious Lady and Friend
1823. Christmas Merriment Is Ours To Share
1824. Miss Mary Ann Is One to Be Epitomized
1825. Lindsey Is a Great Lady and Treasure to All
1826. Devotion, What Is It
1827. Comfort an Old Soul Today
1828. The Wallingford Saga
1829. Mom's Countless Tears
1830. The Morning Birds Sing A Precious Refrain
1831. The Quietness of My Brother Lyle Is Deafening
1832. No One Is More Understanding Than Ronnie J.
1833. In the Heart of the Night
1834. Miss Mary Ann Is a Unique Lady
1835. The Man Named Herbert Rotchford
1836. Mom and a Particular Christmastime
1837. There Have Been Some Birds to Return
1838. Peace When There Is None
1839. Judith Is My Sister and Friend
1840. Janessa Is a Gracious Treasure
1841. Lyle Is a Brother I Sorely Miss
1842. The Epitome of Someone Great Is Ronnie J.
1843. The Happiness of Knowing Ronnie J.
1844. Lyle Is a God Send to Many People
1845. Robbie Is the Man To Touch My Life
1846. Dan, The Quiet Man Who Cares
1847. My Kinship With Lyle B. Is Something Wonderful
1848. Lyle Is a Wonderful Brother and Friend
1849. The Wealth of Ronnie J. Is Something Great
1850. The Wonderful Melodies I Have Heard
1851. Mom and the Collard Greens
1852. A Sumptuous Meal
1853. Bitter Tears From Lies Spoken
1854. Ten Years and Six Months Ago
1855. Quickly Have the Months Flown
1856. The Tenacity of A Great Man Named Ronnie J.
1857. Wendy Is Most Exemplary
1858. The Melodic Birds Have All Been Stilled
1859. Mom and the Cottages
1860. lyle Is Someone Great To All People
1861. Ronnie's Love Over Sweeps My Soul
1862. The Clarity Of One Named Ronnie J.
1863. Because of Lyle Happiness Is Near
1864. Mom Was One to Pay Her Bills
1865. The Quietness of the Birds Is Deafening
1866. An Ominous Night
1867. Peace Within the Night
1868. Fight the Good Fight
1869. Forever Count Your Blessings From God
1870. Miss Mary Ann Is a Wonderful Lady
1871. Sahara Is a Precious Lady
1872. The Melodic Birds Have Gone Away From Me
1873. Jesus Is the One To Bring Peace to Any Heart
1874. My Dark Night of Pain
1875. Miss Mary Ann Is a Great Person
1876. There Is No Need to Be Contemptuous
1877. Mom's Education
1878. Christina Is Our New C.N.A.
1879. Brianna Is a God Send to All Who Know Her
1880. Lyle Warms My Heart As Always
1881. The Meaning of a Brother
1882. Miss Mary Ann Is a Treasure to Everyone
1883. Have Mercy Upon Me
1884. From Here to Yon Is Where You'll Find Jesus
1885. Be Unyielding to Serve Jesus All the Time
1886. Let's Look at Things Through the Eye of Faith
1887. Where Is the Intangible Peace You Have
1888. The Wonderfulness of Mom, Rachel Elizabeth Brickhouse
1889. The Reverence of the Melodic Birds
1890. There Was Never Any Mediocrity With Lyle B.
1891. I Have a Temporary Peace Given by Ronnie J.
1892. Always Allow Jesus to Be Your Savior
1893. The Happiness I Receive From Lyle B.
1894. The Glories of the Melodic Birds
1895. Mom Is Someone Who Was Touched By God
1896. Ward Off the Impossibilities With Jesus
1897. Christmastime Is Almost Here
1898. The Glorious Lady Known As Miss Mary Ann
1899. A Man Named Herbert Rotchford
1900. July 9th Forty Nine Years Ago
1901. Mary, My Friend and C. N. A.
1902. Happiness Is Mine Due to Ronnie J.
1903. The Flight of the Melodic Birds
1904. Courtney is a God Send to All People
1905. Janessa Is a Most Beautiful Young Lady
1906. Julie Is Someone Most Special
1907. Mom's New Home Is Heavenward
1908. The Fortitude and Strength of T.S. My Brother and Friend
1909. Long Is the Night
1910. The Coming of the Morning
1911. Lyle Is a Treasured Human Being for All To Know
1912. The World With Ronnie J. Is Most Wonderful
1913. Why Do People Have to Choose to Be So Ignorant
1914. Come Before His Presence With Singing Today and Everyday
1915. You'll Never Figure God Out But You Must Believe Him
1916. Miss Mary Ann Is a Top Notch Lady To All People
1917. Always Allow Jesus to Be Your Friend and Savior
1918. Feel the Rushing of the Mighty Wind As You Look For Jesus
1919. The Day Mom Entered Heaven To Stay
1920. The Birds Are Now Ever So Quiet
1921. Lyle's Time Was An Educational Time for Him
1922. The Quiet Times for Ronnie J.
1923. Ever Love the Lord Jesus and Claim Him For Your Own
1924. Be an Influential Soldier of God
1925. Watch For the Lord to Come
1926. See the Ocean and Be Mindful of Its Power
1927. Carmen Is a Genius With a Great Heart
1928. Mary, My Friend and C. N. A.
1929. Never Become Despondent But Be Outgoing and Kind
1930. Forget Not Where You Came From Nor Where You're Heading
1931. Choose This Day Whom You Will Serve
1932. Harboring Righteousness Is the Way to God
1933. The Never Ending War For T. S. and E. S.
1934. Memories of One Christmastime With Mom and Dad
1935. The Quietness of the Morning Birds
1936. The Most Influential Male Person That Has Left the Earth
1937. The Beautiful Whispering Voice of Ronnie J.
1938. Miss Mary Ann Is a Precious Friend to so Many
1939. Barbara, We Welcome You to Cherry Point Bay
1940. Gain Insight of Who You Really Are to Jesus
1941. Perish the Thought of Ever Harming Yourself
1942. Never Claim To Be Someone You're Not
1943. Will You Let Jesus Come Into Your Life
1944. Mom Is Glorifying Jesus While There With Him
1945. The Afternoon Bird's Melody
1946. The Brilliance of Lyle B. Shines Through His Love
1947. The Oracles of God Are Found Within Ronnie J.
1948. Five Months and Eighteen Days Will Be Christmas Day
1949. Ten Years and Five Months Ago
1950. The Damned Regrets I Have to Ponder
1951. The Damned Regrets I Have to Ponder
1952. Comforting the Aged
1953. The Wonderful Story of Terry S. and Wife, Ellie S.
1954. There is Peace Which Is Everlasting From God
1955. Mom Taught Me the Right Way of Living
1956. The Freeness of the Birds Is Active Today
1957. The Happiness I Found Within Lyle B.
1958. My Brother Accepts Me Without Question
1959. Leaving This World Behind
1960. Do Not Forsake the Lord to Follow Another
1961. Experience the Joy Only Jesus Can Give
1962. Utter Peace Comes From Above At God's Hand
1963. My Time On the Carolina Princess Is All a Memory
1964. Living In a World of Chaos and a Shameful Leader
1965. Mom and My Bedroom
1966. The Birds Are All Fluttering In This Quiet World
1967. The Awesomeness of a Directive From God to Lyle B.
1968. The Sovereignty of Ronnie J.
1969. Allow Jesus to Direct Your Every Movement
1970. Heaven Is Prepared For the Christians to Enter
1971. The Morning Birds Sing a Sweet Refrain
1972. Mom Is In Heaven Glorifying God and Jesus For All Time
1973. Describe What You Know In Righteousneness
1974. You Know There Is Life After Death For Lyle Lives Again
1975. The Ever Watchful Eye of Ronnie J.
1976. Find Peace and Shelter Within the Hand of God, The Father
1977. Stick With What You Know Best
1978. Mom's Usefulness to God
1979. As It Repented the Lord Do So Likewise With Yourself
1980. Make Your Judgments In Accordance to God's Word
1981. The Purity of God For All Time
1982. God Made This Glorious Day For Ronnie and Me
1983. Allison, An Acrostic
1984. Mom Is a Special Emissary of God
1985. God's Blessing Happens to Sing
1986. Knowing Lyle There Is Contentment and Peace
1987. With Ronnie By My Side I Have Peace
1988. Rejoice There Is Joy In the Far Watches of the Night
1989. The Far Watches of the Night
1990. Thoroughly Ponder The Things of God
1991. Of All the Birds Our State Has the Cardinal
1992. Christmastime Is Quickly Approaching
1993. Make Much of the Lord's Creation--The Birds
1994. Mom Is Remembered Today For Her Love
1995. Make Much of Today It Won't Happen Again
1996. Never Allow Yourself to Be Mistreated
1997. Honor the Lord With the First Fruits of Your Labor
1998. God's Beautiful Tree Has Totally Flourished
1999. Never Allow Yourself to Be a Reprisal For Anything
2000. The Languid Eyes of Jesus Permeate My Soul
2001. A Lesson Well Learned Is Most Invaluable
2002. Miss Mary Ann Should Be Honored Every Day
2003. Rough the Times Together In Sporting Your Gloves
2004. Plant a Kiss Upon the Lips of the One You Love
2005. Don't Only Circumspectly Walk But Live This Way Also
2006. Memories of Mom While Upon the Earth
2007. The Birds Are God's Gift to Us Everyday
2008. The Humbleness of Lyle B. Honors God
2009. Ronnie, Without You In My Life I Would Be Alone
2010. The Loving Kindness of Lyle B.
2011. The Wealth of a Brother
2012. The Wealth of a Brother
2013. To Me, Miss Mary Ann Is an Exemplary God Send
2014. Thirteen Years and Five Months Ago
2015. Do We Find Ourselves Floundering Around While Souls Are at Stake
2016. God's Affirmative Blessing With a Melody
2017. Mom Is Rejoicing Every Day While In Heaven
2018. All Rugged Roads Are Smooth With God's Help
2019. Face the Day With A Song Within Your Heart
2020. God Walks the Dark Hills For and With His Children
2021. The Free Quality of Love From Lyle B. to Myself
2022. The Quality of Time With Ronnie J.
2023. The Kindness of Lyle B. Is Great
2024. The Lone Flower In the Forest
2025. Something That Behooves Me Is Mom's Excitement In Heaven
2026. Personally, Mrs. Bailey Is the Higher Echelon of Society
2027. Walk Into the Field of Daisies
2028. The Blind Man's Lament
2029. Spend Quality Time In Prayer Seeking God's Face
2030. Don't Lose Sight of Christmas For Keeping It All the Year
2031. The Melody Makers Of God Is His Creation
2032. Miss Mary Ann Is Highly Regarded Someone Special
2033. The Universality of Ronnie J.
2034. Jeanna Is a Treasure In Anyone's Book
2035. Josh Is a Dear Friend and Brother In Jesus
2036. Miss Mary Ann Is a Wholesome Lady
2037. Be Exemplary All the Time to Show the Lord's Praise
2038. Freedom From Nonchalant Attitudes
2039. Mom Remains to be the Continuity Of Our Family
2040. Thank God for the Morning Birds
2041. The Essence of Lyle B. Is Still Within My Heart
2042. Having Ronnie Within My Life Is Like Royalty Is Mine
2043. Lyle, a Man Who Is Purposeful and Kind
2044. Ronnie, My Brother Who Loves Me Through and Through
2045. The Long Nightmares Will Someday End For Terry
2046. Give the Peace That Only Can Come From Jesus
2047. Melody Is a Sweet Person As Well As a Song
2048. Make Everyday Count for Jesus
2049. The Importance of Doing Things Well
2050. Be Found With a Scriptural Heart
2051. Do You Hear the Birds Singing?
2052. Why I List Mom Fourth and the Birds Third Place
2053. There Is Peace Within the Melody of the Birds
2054. Jerry and the Lost Gloves
2055. The Dancing Sunflowers
2056. Lasonya and the Midnight Dance
2057. Today Mom Is In the Highest Heaven
2058. The Watery Soldiers Return
2059. The Pretty White Gloves
2060. My Gloves Are a Turn On
2061. Nothing But the Best From Ronnie J.
2062. The Understanding Man Known as Lyle B.
2063. Purposely Plan to Pray Without Ceasing
2064. Incessantly Do As You Are Told By the Lord
2065. Be Of Good Stewardship to Follow Jesus' Leading
2066. May God Give Peace Where There Isn't Any
2067. Respectfully Carry Your Load For Jesus Everyday
2068. Never Do Something That Is Shameful On Your Own Accord
2069. What Wonderful News Mom Is In Heaven Forever
2070. The Joy of the Birds of Today Is Mine
2071. Living My Life With Lyle's Love Is Something Great
2072. The Clarity of One Brother to Another
2073. Find Contentment and Peace In Jesus' Name1
2074. Find Contentment and Peace In Jesus' Name
2075. Trust and Obey Jesus Always
2076. Make Use of All the Faculties At Your Disposal
2077. Embark Upon Jesus and No One Else
2078. Decline the Puffery of the Evil One
2079. Allow Jesus to Be Your All In All
2080. Mom Is the Credence of All That's Holy
2081. The Birds Are an Inspiration of Goodwill and Harmony
2082. Ronnie Out on the Range
2083. Justice Called and Mercy Answered
2084. Christmas Anyone?
2085. If You Are Going to Be Puffed Up Pray Instead
2086. Asia Is a Special One Whom I Think Most Highly
2087. Ellie Mae Is My Sister and Hard Worker at Cherry Point Bay
2088. Mom Is Complete; In Heaven
2089. The Marks of One Contemplating Hurting Themselves
2090. The Birds and the Steeple
2091. The Uniqueness of Lyle B.
2092. I Have Belief In Ronnie J.
2093. Are You Protected by God's Hand
2094. Courtney Our Dear and Blessed Administrator
2095. Heaven Is One Heartbeat Away From Eternity
2096. Karen Brings Sunshine to Our Room
2097. Jesus Will Come Back to Earth Again
2098. Under the Starlight Sky
2099. Mom Is Waiting For the Day to Have Us Home
2100. The Indescribable Lyle and His Love For People
2101. Notable Singers Within the Trees
2102. The Genuineness of Ronnie J.
2103. Miss Mary Ann Is Someone You Can Trust
2104. Man Will Never Cause God to Wait
2105. Praising Mom For All She Knew and Loved
2106. The Love of Lyle Is Emanating Within Me
2107. The Wholesomeness of Ronnie Is Most Endearing
2108. God's Love For the Birds Is Less Than Our Love From God
2109. God Imparts Love to People's Hearts As He Does For Mom
2110. God Has Power For the Intangible Things of God to Bless Others
2111. Show the Power of God Through Your Witness Honoring Jesus
2112. Making Love In God's Light
2113. For the Ones Who Are Estranged Regain Your Love Now
2114. My Personal Apology to Terry S.
2115. How I Acknowledge My Wrongdoing to My Family
2116. Lyle Has a Great Personality and Love For People
2117. The Only Way Is Up For Ronnie J.
2118. Our Hearts Should Go On Believing As the Birds That Sing
2119. Mom Is Basking In God's Love Everydasy For She Is In Heaven
2120. Be Transfixed and Determinied to Serve Jesus Everyday You Live
2121. Lyle Is Someone Most Special That Is Always Loving
2122. Ronnie is a Most Patient Man Blessing My Life
2123. Asia Is an Atypical Lady With Her Own Beauty
2124. Lyle Was Taught Well by a Loving Mother
2125. From a Son to a Loving Mother
2126. Be a Constant Worshipper As Mrs. R. Bailey
2127. Fiest Time At Cherry Point Bay
2128. Karen Is a Blessing to Michael and Also to Me
2129. Karen Remains to Bless My Life With Her Kindness
2130. Mom Was Primarily First Place Over Other Ladies
2131. Lyle's Peace Is Now Back in Heaven
2132. T. S. and E. S. Honoring Their Mothers Today
2133. Miss Mary An Is a Gift From Almighty God
2134. Blessed Are the Rotchfords For All Time
2135. Ronnie Gives Me Love Everyday I Live
2136. Lyle Was One to Always Believe God
2137. God's Orchestration of the Birds Is Here
2138. The Wonderfulness of God Is Seen Through Lyle B.
2139. Mrs. Ruth Bailey Is the Lady of the Hour
2140. Doctor Deb Is the Psychologist for Me
2141. Ronnie Is a True Soldier of the Cross For Jesus' Sake
2142. The Birds Will Often Sing In the Eveing for Jesus
2143. In the Early Morning Hours Is Freedom
2144. In the Midnight Hour There Is Notable Peace With the Birds
2145. T. S. and E. S. Always Show Their Love For God
2146. Mom Would Protect Me From Harm
2147. Mom Was Consecrated and Dedicated to Jesus For All Time
2148. Mom's Burdens Were Gone After Jesus Came
2149. God Allowed Miss Mary Ann To Be In His Image
2150. Ronnie Is a True ManTowards Everyone He Knows
2151. In the Quiet of the Night The Birds Are Singing
2152. June Is So Picturesque to Others and Myself
2153. Mom Was Very Coherent The Day She Passed Away
2154. The Brightness of Felicia Is Something Grand
2155. Felicia Is a Top Notch Lady and Housekeeper
2156. Ronnie Is My Brother As Well as My Companion
2157. Ronnie Shares With Me His Every Happiness
2158. The Most Captivating Man Was Named Lyle B.
2159. In the Cool of the Night Are God's Singing Birds
2160. Miss Mary Ann Is a Friend to All She Knows Including Me
2161. Mom Is Most Acclimated To Heaven
2162. Ellie Mae Is a God Send to the People She Knows
2163. In Eight Days We Will be Experiencing June
2164. Lyle Is a Man That Always Offfers Love
2165. Ronnie Is the Most Optimistic and Caring Man I Know
2166. Lyle Was God's Gift to All Who Knew Him
2167. The Birds God Has Given Us
2168. Ronnie Is My Mainstay Even In Bad Times
2169. Mom Is God's Treasure Waiting For Me Someday
2170. The Goodness of God Is Freely Given to Ronnie
2171. Let the Dark of the Night Have No Power Over You
2172. Lisa and Salina Are Two Special Ladies and C N A's
2173. Give Your Respect to Whom It Is Due
2174. Make EachSunday a Red Lettered Sunday
2175. The Wonderfulness of God Is Seen Through Lyle's Eyes
2176. With God and Only Him Can We Make the Evil One Go Away
2177. Come to Acknowledge the Birds That Sing
2178. Never Find Yourself Walking Without God's Power
2179. Never Find Yourself Walking Without God's Power
2180. If Lyle Were a Flower He'd Be a Periwinkle
2181. Climb a Hill In the Higher Elevations to Be Close to God
2182. God Will Eradicate Ronnie's Billows
2183. Walk In the Power of His Strength Always
2184. Miss Mary Ann Is the Lady Of the Hour
2185. Some of Our Early Risers Are Our Singing Birds God Gave to All
2186. Don't Crowd Out Jesus For Any Reason
2187. Mind Your Manners No Matter What Your Age
2188. Mom Is Free Today But Was Reserved Before Jesus Came
2189. A Tender Thought and a Bird's Melody
2190. Lyle Is a Man Of Justice, Love, and Peace Towards All Men
2191. Ronnie, What A Difference You'
2192. Hear the Lovely Music of the Birds This Morning
2193. Miss Mary Ann Is One of God's Angels on Earth
2194. In the Early Morn I Am Able to Hear the Birds Singing
2195. The Sharpnss of One Named Ronnie J.
2196. Mom's acceptance Sealed Her Eternity
2197. It's Better to Choose the Narrow Road Not the Broad
2198. Far Exceed Your Expectations to Honor God
2199. Mom's Position Is to Praise God For Everything at all Times
2200. Hear the Lovely Music of the Birds This Morning
2201. The Stoutheartedness of Lyle B.
2202. The Sincerity of One Named Ronnie J.
2203. Serve the Lord Everyday With Joy
2204. Make the Day Brighter By Following Jesus
2205. Mom Was Part of the Kingdom Years Ago
2206. The Birds Are Making Music Outside My Window
2207. Lyle Has Experienced Sadness but Became Strong
2208. Ronnie Adheres to the Lord Through Sadness
2209. Mom's Security is No Longer Temporary But Forever
2210. Freely Listen to the Birds Singing This Morning.
2211. Lyle Was a Self Motivator
2212. Inside Ronnie's Heart Justice Is Called Upon
2213. In the Cool of the Evening Jesus Is Here
2214. Tomorrow Will Be Thirteen Years and Three Months Ago
2215. From God There Are Three Great Hears Touching Me
2216. God Protected Me From a Prowler
2217. Miss Mary Ann Is a Gracious Lady
2218. Karen Is a Most Precious Individual
2219. Mom Is a Vessel Which God Is Able to Use
2220. Calmly Do I Hear the Birds Singing
2221. Lyle Is a Great Addition to My Heart
2222. Ronnie Has An Orifice to Worship God
2223. Courtney Is a Great Administrator
2224. Miss Mary Ann Chooses the Lord
2225. Lindsey and Her Position At Cherry Point Bay
2226. Cindy, My Therapist is Top Notch
2227. Lorie Is a Wonderful Lady and Friend
2228. To My Dear Brother Herb Rotchford
2229. Eternity Presented Itself to Mom One Day
2230. The Morning Birds Are Joyfully Singing
2231. Lyle Is a Wonderment of Joy To My Soul
2232. God's Gift for Me Is the Love of Ronnie J.
2233. Doctor Deb Is Not Only My Psychologist But Mentor
2234. Ellie Mae Is My Blessed Sister Whom I Love
2235. Miss Mary Ann Is An Excellent Choice For a Friend
2236. The Serenity of God Is Freely Given to George
2237. Let's Enjoy The Springtime and Its Flowers
2238. I Am Here to Honor T. S. and Wife, E.S.
2239. Mom's Continuity Was Always Needed
2240. Softly Do I Hear the Birds This Morning
2241. Lyle Was Always Credible About Everything
2242. Ronnie Is Wonderfully Sensitive
2243. The Spring Flowers Are Here In Their Season
2244. Mom Has Been Commissioned to Serve God Everyday
2245. The Initialed T. S. Serves God Today and For All Time
2246. This Blessed Day Is God's Gift to All
2247. Miss Mary Ann Is One of the Lord's Children
2248. Miss Mary AnnTouches My Life
2249. Mom Always Knows the Right Thing for Me
2250. Guess What I Heard This Morning--a Cardinal
2251. Lyle Faces a New Day Living Within My Heart
2252. Ronnie Ia a Loving Sort of Man
2253. A Poem About Kris--Dreamweaver
2254. Miss Mary Ann Is a Genuine Person For All to See
2255. Karen's Hair Shines As the Firmament
2256. Use Your Caliber For God's Reasons
2257. Mom and the Springtime Flowers Are a Team
2258. A Mysterious Part of Our World Is an Intangible Thing
2259. Luck Had Nothing to Do With Mom Being In Heaven
2260. The Springtime Temperatures Are Here
2261. Lyle Always Gave Me Peace of Mind
2262. Ronnie Is My Brother and Friend to Boot
2263. Miss Mary Ann Is Truly God's Treasure to Others
2264. Karen Lights Up the Room Upon Entering
2265. Face the World's Atrocities By Employing God's Help
2266. As Spring Has Arrived So Have the Birds
2267. God's Choice For His Emissary Is a Man Named George
2268. Mom Was Pleased to Offer Herself Upon the Altar of Service
2269. It Is Spring Upon God's Order For Its Time Being Here
2270. The One Who Accentuates My Life Is Lyle, My Brother
2271. May Ronnie Be Blessed For All Time
2272. Miss Mary Ann Is a Great Lady and an Astute Professional
2273. The Vietnam Veteran T.S. Came Home A Survivor
2274. Mom Is Honest and Just Thanks to Jesus
2275. All People Should Honor God and His Provisional Grace
2276. Lyle and His Love of the Blue Iris
2277. Ronnie Has Been Sick But Getting Better
2278. A Vietnam Veteran Initialed T. S. Deserves My Honor and Praise
2279. Miss Mary Ann Is Special and Extraordinary
2280. Be Assured and Confidentr Always With Jesus
2281. Ten Years And Two Months Ago
2282. Accentuate and Celebrate This Most Sacred Day Known As Easter
2283. Mom Is Celebrating Easter With the Savior Today
2284. We Can Rejoice It is Now Spring
2285. Lyle Was a Fair Man All the Time
2286. Ronnie Has Never Been Narrow Minded 1
2287. Ronnie is Outstanding With All He Does
2288. The Lessons Mom Taught Me Carry On Today
2289. The World Seems to Be Less of Winter's Chill
2290. Lyle Made It a Much More Decent World to Live Being Here
2291. Ronnie is Outstanding With All He Does
2292. Ellie Mae Believes God Thus She Is My Sister
2293. Beautiful Are the Flowers of Spring
2294. Mom Was God's Choice to Proceed the Rest of Our Family
2295. The Lord Is Always Perfect With Winter's Chill
2296. Lyle Is the Most Considerate of All
2297. Ronnie Is a Full Time Emissary of God
2298. Be a Light to Someone Who Is Lost
2299. Serve the Lord With Gladness and Singleness of Heart
2300. There Will Always be a Place In My Heart For Jesus
2301. Miss Mary Ann Is a Lady Who Challenges My Heart
2302. Mom Is a Great Peacemaker and an Emissary For God
2303. The Winter's Chill Is Lingering Around Today
2304. Lyle Is Someone Most Special For Eternity
2305. Ronnie Is the Direct Result of My Being Happy and Motivated
2306. Ronnie Is a Stouthearted Man
2307. The Wonderful Agility of Lyle Is So Profound
2308. Mom Is Someone Who Delights My Very Soul
2309. Miss Mary Ann Is Someone Most Special to God
2310. There Should Be Holiness Within the Things We Say and Do
2311. The Cool Air Is Still Present Though It is Spring
2312. Yes, I Believe God and Easter
2313. Jesus' Day Will be Honored by Mom
2314. The Incessantly Cold Air
2315. Lyle Is a Human Treasure and a Brother
2316. The World Is a Better Place With Ronnie J.
2317. The Loveliness of a Tree
2318. A Vietnam Veteran Earns His Commendations
2319. Mom Is Someone Who Delights My Very Soul
2320. The Cool Air Is Still Present Though It Is Spring
2321. Lyle Is a Special Caring Man
2322. Jesus Has Given Me a Positive Person His Name Is Ronnie
2323. Karen Is In the Upper Echelon As a Caregiver
2324. In the World of Flowers Miss Mary Ann Is the Most Delicate
2325. Mom And Her Delight With the Gardenias
2326. Seeing the Rising of the Springtime Flowers
2327. There Was Always Truth Within Lyle
2328. Ronnie Has a Position of Being a Caregiver
2329. Lyle Stands Tall Due to His Lord and Savior Jesus
2330. The Joy We Possess Comes From God and Only Him
2331. Ronnie's Peace Is Shed Aboard to Even Me
2332. March 23rd, 2015 Was Thirteen Years and Two Months Ago
2333. Karen Is An Awesome Lady to All People
2334. Miss Mary Ann Is a Beautiful Example of Being Human
2335. Juanita Is a Treasure to All Who Know Her
2336. The Skies Are Welcoming Back the Birds
2337. Keep Shining Within Your Heart for Jesus' Sake
2338. Mom Took an Important Step Entering Heaven
2339. Feel the Winter's Chill and Enjoy It
2340. Lyle Had Enough Intestinal Fortitude for Anyone
2341. The Inerrant Word of God Is Ronnie's Life
2342. There Is Nothing Oblique About Ronnie's Testimony
2343. Take Heart For Jesus May Come on Easter Sunday
2344. Easter Sunday Will Be Coming For All to Enjoy
2345. Karen Is An Awesome Lady to All People
2346. Rachel Means Consecrated to God
2347. Dad Will Always Be Remembered
2348. See the Sunrise On Easter Sunday Morning
2349. Mom Is Always on the Side of God for All Time
2350. The Winter's Chill Is Still Lingering
2351. The Emanated Love of Lyle Lies Within My Heart
2352. The Closeness of One Brother Towards Another
2353. Felicia Is Someone Whom I Am Able to Count For Me
2354. Always Give God the Praise For Everything
2355. Mom Is Most Exemplary to Honor God At All Times
2356. The Calming Days of Spring Are Here
2357. Humility Is Lyle's Testimony Throughout His Life
2358. The Spectacular Ronnie J. Belongs to God
2359. Mom Was Truly Called of God Through Jesus
2360. I Am Still Able to Feel the Winterís Chill
2361. Lyle and His Punctuality Truly Mean Something
2362. The Closeness of One Named Ronnie J.
2363. Miss Mary Ann Captivates Our Hearts
2364. Springtime Is Finally Here to Honor God
2365. Put Your Best Foot Forward to Honor God
2366. Disappointments and Incorrigibleness Have No Place With God
2367. Mom Faithfully Served As An Ambassador for Jesus
2368. The Inclement Weather Still Shows Itself
2369. Lyle Was Heaven Sent to Touch Our Many Lives
2370. The Wisdom of God Is Freely Given To All His Children
2371. Praise God for the Rotchfords Always
2372. People's Hearts Are Esoteric and Fragile
2373. The Angelic Hair of Karen is So Beautiful
2374. Mom Went to Heaven On a Cloud
2375. Miss Mary Ann Is a Treasure In Everyone's Life
2376. Lyle and Time Are No More
2377. How Comforting Are the Words I Love You From Ronnie
2378. Be Elated and Overjoyed Without a Hint of Despondency
2379. Karen, a Young Lady Who Loves and Shows It
2380. Mom Is a Citizen of Heaven Forevermore
2381. Lyle Was a Genuine and Straightforward Man
2382. The Offerings of Love From Ronnie
2383. The Budding Flowers of Spring
2384. Miss Mary A nn Is A Wonderful Human Being
2385. Always Be On Stable Ground Never Shaky
2386. Be Dedicated and Fruitful With Your Profesion
2387. Despondency Is a Bad Thing to Experience
2388. Mom Was an Excellent Steward of the Faith
2389. The Winter's Chill Is Leaving the Lime Light
2390. Lyle Was a Great Su pporter of the Faith
2391. The Infinite Wisdom of God Is Freely Given
2392. As You Leave Us, Fawllynn
2393. Mom Is A Shining Example of How We All Should Be
2394. This World's Decadence is Effecting Winter's Chill
2395. Lyle's Love Never Dwindled But Lives Today
2396. The Thoroughness Of Ronnie Is My Example
2397. The Free Spirit of Ronnie Doesn't Need Anything Troublesome
2398. The Free Spirit of Ronnie Does'
2399. Lyle Helped Me to Banish All Doubts From My Heart
2400. The Winter's Chill Is Going Off Stage
2401. When Mom Left the Earth Her Duties Ended the Same Day
2402. Don't Forget to Give God Thanks For Everything
2403. Miss Mary Ann Is a Treasure to All People
2404. Look Ahead Never Look Back
2405. Ronnie Present at the Crucifixion
2406. God Is the Grantor of Eternal LIfe
2407. Ellie Mae Is a Treasure and Sunbeam for God
2408. Miss Mary Ann Is Most Dedicated to Her Position
2409. Mr. William Gay Is a Most Special Man
2410. Juanita Is a Very Special and Dedicated Lady
2411. Felicia Is a True Friend to Nearly Everyone
2412. The Blessedness of Miss Mary Ann
2413. In Vietnam the Soldiers Were Also Benefactors
2414. Praise Be Given to God For Mom's Life
2415. Give God the Praise For the Inclement Weather
2416. Lyle Was a Man Very Vigilant Plus Cared For Others
2417. Find Peace of God In Your Soul As Ronnie Does
2418. Be the Help God Wants You To Be
2419. Mom Is a Shield and Buckler Thanks to Jesus
2420. The Inclement Weather Is Su bsiding Today
2421. Lyle Is Free Today of Anything That Would Hurt
2422. Souls Like Ronnie's Never Quit But Go On Forever
2423. Life Is Meaningless Without Jesus
2424. The Nightmares of One Veteran Forty Years Later
2425. Coupled Your Life With Dedication to Serve Jesus
2426. Mom Is Truthfully Connected to Jesus
2427. The Winter's Chill Is Beginning to Go Away
2428. Lyle Remained to Be Focused
2429. An Outstanding Heart is What Ronnie Has
2430. Ronnie Is a Conduit of God's Power
2431. Lyle's Friendship Is Something New Every Morning
2432. NO Circumstances Has Ever Defeated Ronnie
2433. From His Heart Ronnie Speaks
2434. Lyle Made Every Second Count for Jesus' Sake
2435. Peace Is One Gift of Winter's Chill for Everyone
2436. Shorten Your Life By Refusing God All the Time
2437. Give Peace to the Fallen and Depraved
2438. Draw the Line at Serving God and Not the Evil One
2439. The Winter's Chill Is Dwindling
2440. Give No Credence to Doubts and Sin
2441. Nearing the Water's Edge
2442. Be of a Single Mind Concerning Jesus
2443. Mom Was Called of God
2444. Cleve Unto Righteousness
2445. Mom Was Always a Witness for Jesus
2446. Basking With God's Great Love Is Mom's Position
2447. There Is a Joy Which Behooves Me to Do Well From Lyle
2448. The Happiness I Receive From Ronnie J.
2449. Do Good For Evil Always
2450. Lyle Is a Credit to His Fellow Countrymen
2451. Ronnie Is Someone Special to My Heart
2452. Be Sound In The Faith
2453. NO True Peace Without Jesus
2454. Let There Be Peace; In the Valley
2455. Mrs. Bailey Is a God Send to Everyone She Knows
2456. Cheer Yourself With Seeking Jesus As Your Savior and Lord
2457. Be Rich Unto the Lord Always Plus Never Fear
2458. Ten Years and One Month Ago
2459. Mom's Intuition Was Always On the Mark
2460. Asia Is Someone Wonderful and Special
2461. The Inclement Weather Is Something Positive
2462. NO Circumstances Has Ever Defeated Ronnie
2463. Mom and Mrs.Bailey In Heaven Together
2464. Be a Shining Light for Jesus Wherever You Are
2465. Let the Happy Times Take Precedence Over the Bad
2466. Trust and You'll Never Be Ashamed
2467. Go Ahead and Fight the Battle You Are Deemed to Fight
2468. Today Is the Day to Reckon With God
2469. Mom Has Given All She Had to Her Children
2470. The Winter's Chill Has Lightened Up
2471. Lyle Has Kept My Innermost Secrets to Himself
2472. Ronnie Is a Very Humble Man
2473. It's Time to Exercise Your Faith
2474. Mom Always Loved Me NO Matter What
2475. Lorie Is a Great Addition to Cherry Point Bay
2476. Live Your Life For Jesus and Not Yourself
2477. Make Peace With Your Enemies And Do It For God
2478. The Rotchfords Are God's Emissaries to My Soul
2479. Mom's Trials Are Over Forever
2480. The Distinct Beauty Of Miss Mary Ann
2481. Lyle Has Served As My Mentor
2482. Ronnie Loves Me; In the Lord
2483. Be Faithful to God's House
2484. Let the Joy Bells Ring Within Your Heart
2485. Survivors of Vietnam Are Extra Special
2486. Ditty and Her Piano
2487. Lovers On a Midnight Cruise
2488. Ellie Mae Celebrates Her Birthday In February
2489. Mom Never Had a Nonchalant Attitude
2490. The Winter's Chill Is God's Which Is Forever
2491. The Jovial Attitude of Lyle Thrives Within Me
2492. Ronnie's Love Touches My Soul
2493. Courtney Is God's Gift to Myself and Others
2494. Honoring Jesus Should Happen All the Time
2495. Put Your Best Foot Forward When It Comes to Jesus
2496. Be Bound to Jesus As You Should Be
2497. What Will You Give Jesus On Easter Sunday
2498. Jenna Is One Special Lady Whom I Know
2499. Mom Was Always Dedicated to Jesus
2500. The Winter's Chill Is Calling Me
2501. Lyle Is Affectionally Remembered For All Time
2502. How Could I Not Think About Ronnie J.
2503. Less Than One Month Remains of Winter's Chill
2504. Terry S. Is a Most Patient and Understanding Man
2505. Let's Spread Our Wings to Feel Free
2506. Ruth Is a Marvelous Lady and My Sister Whom I Love
2507. Find Peace In Jesus Alone
2508. Be a Light For Jesus No Matter Where You Are
2509. Mom Is the One Person I Care to See Most
2510. The Inclement Weather Remains
2511. Lyle Is a Most Trustworthy Man
2512. There Is Peace Within the Heart of Ronnie J.
2513. Never Leave Your Home Unattended
2514. Dad Is Included Among the Righteous
2515. Mom Was Always a Staunch Supporter of Jesus
2516. Mind Your Manners At All Times
2517. Face the Future With God by Your Side
2518. Felicia Is a True Friend and Great Lady
2519. Mom Always Had a Plan That Was Viable
2520. Winter's Chill Brings Back Memories
2521. Lyle's Love Is a Light Shining Inside of My Heart
2522. Happiness Is Alive and Well With Ronnie J.
2523. God Gives Immeasurable Peace to His Children
2524. Travel With God On Your Journey to Heaven
2525. Be a Steward of Faith That Pleases God
2526. Sing With Adoration and Joy to Jesus
2527. Ellie, Wife of Terry S., and Her Story
2528. Rests Your Hope In Jesus Christ Always
2529. Mom Humbly Gave All to Minister For Jesus
2530. Within the Winter's Chill There Is Peace
2531. Lyle and the Joy of Knowing Him
2532. Ronnie Has Never Purposely Hurt Me
2533. Choose and Choose Well the Important Things
2534. Sing Praises Unto God At All Times
2535. Motivate Yourself to Follow God
2536. With Jesus We Should Be Laboring For Him
2537. A Lesson Well Learned From George wordrider 1
2538. Terry S. and His Never Ending Love and Care
2539. Mom Was the Best Towards Other People
2540. Winter's Chill Is Remaining As God's Gift to All
2541. Lyle Is a Most Dedicated Man
2542. The Openness of Ronnie's Heart to Me
2543. A Word of Wisdom From George Wordrider 1
2544. God Makes Living Most Special
2545. One Lonely Rose Found In the Snow
2546. Make One of Your Abilities to Please God
2547. Humility, An Acrostic
2548. If You Must Glory Then Glory In God
2549. Mom Was Always Fair to Her Children
2550. The Snow Will Melt Today In Winter's Chill
2551. Lyle Is a Wonderful Man As We All Know
2552. Ronnie Is a Composer Which Is Wonderful
2553. See the Lovely Snowflakes Fill the Land
2554. God Has Chosen Terry S. to Help Me
2555. Use Your Light For Jesus Always
2556. Be Obedient to the Will of God Always
2557. Come In From Winter's Chill
2558. Ervin, My Brother, Is Most Special
2559. Mom Remained to Be the Disciplinarian
2560. The Snow Remains In Winter's Chill
2561. Jesus Offers Thorough Peace Through Lyle B.
2562. Ronnie Is Such a Treasure to My Heart
2563. The Beautiful Flowers Are From God
2564. Mom Was Predestined to Enter Heaven
2565. Order, In the Court
2566. The Colorful Night Sky Revisited
2567. Joy Is a Gift From God Always
2568. Jesus Gives Us the Power To Fight Depression
2569. Mom Was the One Who Instilled Truth Within Me
2570. The Snow Fell Yesterday During Winter's Chill
2571. Lyle Captured My Heart and My Love Years Ago
2572. The Remarkable Ronnie J. and Midnight
2573. How Lovely Are the Easter Lilies In Springtime
2574. The Great Pies Mom Used to Prepare
2575. George wordrider 1, an Acrostic
2576. Terry S. Knows Only too Well the Spoils of War
2577. How Lovely Are the Easter Lilies
2578. Jessie and Beatrice Look On As Jesus Is Crucified
2579. Mom Never Quit Praying For Me
2580. The Winter's Chill Is All Commonplace
2581. Lyle Is the Brother Who Never Quit Loving Me
2582. There Is Always Hope Within Ronnie's Voice
2583. Dandy Is a Treasured Poet and Friend
2584. Joy Cometh From the Lord
2585. Soon the Springtime Flowers Will Emerge
2586. God Bless the World Always
2587. Terry S., The Survivor, Speaks About God
2588. Come With Your Burden to Jesus Today
2589. The Hard Hitting Winter's Chill Is Still Here
2590. Lyle Is a Most Generous Man and Full of Love
2591. The Wonderful Heart Within Ronnie J.
2592. Make Sure of Where You Are Going
2593. Learn From the Lord What Your Should Know
2594. The Comforting Truth of George Wordrider 1
2595. Terry S., Is a Survivor of a War People Deny
2596. Be Mindful of the Follies the Evil One Has
2597. Come Afresh and Anew to Jesus All the Time
2598. Thirteen Years and One Month Ago
2599. Mom Is Most Assuredly Adorned In Heaven
2600. The Winter
2601. Lyle Is Someone Most Precious to Me
2602. Ronnie's Love Is Open and Freely Given to All
2603. Cisslyn Is Someone Most Special and Caring
2604. Kris--Dreamweaver Is a Great Man
2605. Country Poet Is God's Gift to Poets Like Myself
2606. Monique Is God's Emissary For Poetry Writers Everywhere
2607. The Godly Love of George wordrider1
2608. A Most Prominent Hero of the Twenty-first Century Named Terry S.
2609. Mom Is the Dearest to Me Than Anyone Could Be
2610. Warmth Has Returned to Winter's Chill
2611. Lyle Is As Close to Me As My Heart
2612. The Fellowship of Two Special Entities Is Something Wonderful
2613. Confess Your Faults to the Lord
2614. Always Be a Good Steward
2615. The Comforting Heart of One For Another Begins With Ronnie
2616. The Springtime Flowers Are God's Gift to Us
2617. Leave Your Cares at Jesus' Feet
2618. Our Trials Are But Stepping Stones
2619. Empty Mansions, In Heaven
2620. Mom Is a Friend of Jesus, the Lord
2621. The Inclement Weather Hits New Low of 13 Degrees
2622. Lyle B. Had an Overwhelming Heart of Love
2623. Confide; In Jesus, Always
2624. No One Can Hide From God
2625. Ellie Mae and Her Love For God
2626. Subcribe to a Positive Way of Life
2627. Mom Is God's Emissary For Everyone To Benefit
2628. The Winter's Chill Is God's Gift to Everyone
2629. Lyle Brings So Much Happiness to My Soul
2630. The Awesomeness of a Great Man Known As Ronnie J.
2631. The Wonderful Candor of One Known As Ronnie J.
2632. Incorporate The Best Practices For Your Home
2633. The Insurmountable Blessings From God
2634. The Watch Care of One Special Man Known As Ronnie J.
2635. Use Your Affirmation to Honor God
2636. There Is Always a Way to Remain Happy
2637. Lysona Is a God Send To All Who Know Her
2638. There Is a Spring Day Within Winter's Chill
2639. The Endurance of a Warrior
2640. The Coldness Has Returned Within the Winter's Chill
2641. The Peaceful Moments of Remembering Lyle B.
2642. Give God the Praise That Rightfully Belongs to Him
2643. The Adoring Love of One Brother Towards Another
2644. The Attitude of a King Is What Ronnie Means to Me
2645. There Is Nothing Peculiar About the Winter's Chill
2646. Lyle Is an Amazing and Precious Man to All
2647. Mom Is God's Emissary For All Time
2648. Another Name for Love Is Your Name
2649. Mrs. Bailey and Summertime
2650. Ronnie Has No Dark Obscurities But Wonderful Light
2651. Lyle Has a Transparent Feature About Himself
2652. Valentine's Day With Jesus Is Something Wonderful
2653. The Most Beautiful Lady Is Wendy
2654. Asia, A Beautifu Spirit and Person
2655. The Inclement Weather Will Soon Be Over
2656. Mom Is Constantly Looking Down From the Banister In Heaven
2657. The Everlasting Joy of Knowing Ronnie J.
2658. When the Wind Howls
2659. Winter's Chill Is Continuing Today
2660. Mom Is the Pride of Heaven In Jesus
2661. Purposely Know How to Act Always
2662. While Driving Through the Valley
2663. Some Enchanted Evening
2664. Happiness Is Mine Thanks to Jesus and to Ronnie J.
2665. Lyle B. Is a God Send to My Life and Heart
2666. The Harshness of Winter's Chill
2667. The Full Moon Over the Pristine Lake
2668. In the Evening Light, Happiness Is Seen
2669. Heaven Is Only One Breath Away
2670. Happiness Is Never Revocable With Jesus Being Your Savior
2671. Mardi Gras Will Be Here On Tuesday
2672. Asia Is Like a Breath of Fresh Air to All Who Know Her
2673. Mom Was Most Exemplary With Everything She Did
2674. Ronnie Is the Most Astute Man I Have Ever Known
2675. Lyle Had a Wealth of Happiness To Reach Everyone
2676. Do You Know What Winter's Chill Really Is
2677. The Sunny Days of Yesteryear
2678. Heaven Is a Place Everyone Wishes to Go
2679. With Jesus At Your Side You'll Always Be a Winner
2680. The Tree Outside My Bedroom Window Is Sleeping
2681. Mom Was the Closest Person to Jesus For Me
2682. Never A Night
2683. Mom Was One to Cut Her Hair
2684. The Incredulous Strength of Ronnie J.
2685. Lyle Comforts My Spirit Thanks to Jesus
2686. The Winter's Chill Is What We Need
2687. Mom Is Praising God Today
2688. Let's Be Prudent and Wise to Honor God Always
2689. Do Your Best to Please God With Everything
2690. A Millionaire's Peace Is What I Have In Lyle B.
2691. The Cold Dark Night
2692. Find Utter Peace With All You Do
2693. The Things I Know Of Wordrider 1
2694. A Modern Day Patriot Known To All As Terry S.
2695. Give God the Praise That Rightfully Belongs to Him
2696. Let Your Light So Shine Before Men
2697. Mom Is God's Emissary For All Time
2698. The Coldness Has Returned Within the Winter's Chill
2699. Lyle Remains To Be Very Personable and Kind
2700. The Ever Comforting Ronnie J. Towards Others
2701. Mom Is Totally Fixed Upon Jesus
2702. There Is a Spring Day Within Winter's Chill
2703. The Adoring Love of One Brother Towards Another
2704. Lyle is a God Send to All Who Know Him
2705. Love the Lord Without Failure
2706. Give the Praise to God For the Sunshine
2707. The Endurance of a Warrior
2708. Proclaim the Victory Through Jesus, the Lord
2709. Look to Jesus For Your Help When You're Troubled
2710. Be Kind to Strangers And Ones You Don't Personally Know
2711. Mom Is a Long Standing Resident of Heaven
2712. The New Day Is Part of Winter's Chill
2713. The Peaceful Man Known As Lyle B.
2714. The Longsuffering Of My Brother Ronnie J.
2715. The Lovely Chrysanthemums
2716. Mrs. Bailey and Summertime
2717. Always Be Prudent and Wise
2718. Lasonya Is a God Send to All Who Know Her
2719. Use Your Affirmation to Honor God
2720. Picture Yourself Basking In the Love of Jesus
2721. Mom Was the Absolute Best God Gave Me
2722. The Winter's Chill Will Be Coming to a Close Soon
2723. The Peaceful Moments of Remembering Lyle B.
2724. The Freedom My Brother, Ronnie, Gives Me
2725. Give God the Praise Continually And Never Falter
2726. There Is Always a Way to Remain Happy
2727. Incorporate The Best Practices For Your Home
2728. Let the Light of Jesus Shine Through You to the Lost Man
2729. Be Kind to Everyone for Jesus' Sake
2730. Mark the Past Over as a New Life Has Begun
2731. Mom Is Thriving In Heaven As She Should
2732. With the Winter's Chill There Is Peace
2733. Lyle B. Is a Most Wonderful Man of Whom I Love
2734. The Lightheartedness of Ronnie J.
2735. Asia, a Beautiful Spirit and Person
2736. Valentine's Day With Jesus Is Something Wonderful
2737. Be Candid and Forthcoming Always
2738. Fight a Winning Battle Fighting With Jesus
2739. Be a Go Getter and Never Wish to Fail
2740. Jesus Is Always Faithful
2741. Mom Was Always My Best Friend
2742. Enjoying the Days of Winter's Chill
2743. Lyle B. Is a Man Who Brought Happiness to Many
2744. The Watch Care of One Special Man Known As Ronnie J.
2745. The Insurmountable Blessings From God
2746. The Pansies Are Never More Beautiful
2747. True Love Will Never Fail
2748. Manifest Yourself to the World As a Christian
2749. Valentine's Day Is Swiftly Coming
2750. Look To the Lord For Prudence and Wisdom Always
2751. Mom Was a Very Prudent and Wise Lady
2752. The Oracles of the Winter's Chill
2753. The Prudence of Lyle B.
2754. The Wisdom of a Very Wise Man Known As Ronnie J.
2755. Miriam Is a Treasure to All Who Know Her
2756. The Caring Heart of Rayshica, My Friend
2757. The Wonderfulness of Pam, My C N A
2758. On a Clear Day Y ou Can See Forever
2759. Enjoy the Sunshine While We Have It
2760. Ten Years Ago Today
2761. Mom Was Always Loving and Special
2762. The Inclement Weather Is Here For God's Glory
2763. The Never Ending Love and Support of Lyle B.
2764. The Awesomeness of Ronnie J., My Brother And Friend
2765. Mom Is Singing With the Angels Today
2766. Strive to Serve the Lord With All You Have
2767. Be a Worker In God's Vineyard
2768. No Night So Long
2769. The Incomparable Miss Judith Rotchford
2770. Mr. Herb Rotchford Is One of God's Blessings To Me
2771. Mom Is Herald As Someone Special In Heaven
2772. Happiness Should Be Y our Proclamation With Winter's Chill
2773. Lyle Is God's Gift to So Many Today
2774. The Steadfastness of Ronnie J.
2775. Jesus' Imminent Return Could Be Today
2776. Take Joy of the Flowers Around Us
2777. Allow the Songs of Zion to Fill Your Life
2778. Allow Jesus to Be Your Light Always
2779. Kara, I Offer Many Happy Returns to You
2780. Miss Gina, This Is Your Birthday
2781. Mom Is In Heaven Today and Always
2782. The Joy of the Winter's Chill Surrounds Us
2783. Lyle Is a Force of One Man To Touch Many Lives
2784. Happiness Derived By One Man Known As Ronnie J.
2785. Patricia Is Heaven's God Send For Many
2786. Allow the Sunshine to Shine Again
2787. Ten Years Ago On February First
2788. Love the Lord With All You Have
2789. Come Before His Presence With Singing
2790. God Requires Us to Be Accountable
2791. Mom Was the First One That Reached Heaven
2792. God Controls the Winter's Chill
2793. In My Mind, Lyle Was Always True to God
2794. Ronnie Is an Instrument of God's Peace
2795. Make Your Life Count For Jesus' Sake Always
2796. Praise the Lord With Everything You Have
2797. Mom's Life Was Always Exemplary To Anyone
2798. The Winter's Chill Is Perfect Coming From God
2799. Happiness Was a Quality Lyle Always Had
2800. The Offering Of One Man Fulfills Another Life
2801. The Spontaneity of Mom and Her Love For Jesus
2802. The Coolness of the Winter Air
2803. Lyle Is a Very Determined Man to Succeed
2804. The Quantity of the Man Known As Ronnie J.
2805. The Love of My Life Is NO Longer Richard D.
2806. The Love of Gerald Towards His Own Love
2807. Valentine's Day Is the Next Major Event
2808. Watch the Fleeting Moments Pass
2809. Learn to Expect More From Yourself With God's Help
2810. Mom Has a Place Within the Heart of Jesus, Our Savior
2811. Winter Time Marches Onward
2812. Today Mom Is Remembered For Her Life
2813. Lyle's Smile Captivates My Heart
2814. The Selflessness of One Known As Ronnie J.
2815. See the Flowering Beauty of God's Creation
2816. Learn By Your Mistakes
2817. Mom Is Remembered Today As a Patriarch
2818. Winter Has Left Its Mark Upon the World
2819. Lyle Is Remembered Fondly Today and Everyday
2820. The Brother of a Lifetime is Ronnie J.
2821. The Loveliness of Gladys
2822. Charlie and His Impairment
2823. Thirteen Years Ago On the 23rd
2824. A Most Rewarding Week Was This One
2825. The Love of My Life Is Richard D.
2826. Dortor Pamela Is a Treasure For Everyone
2827. Lyle Is Someone Most Precious to Me
2828. No Other Brother Like Ronnie
2829. The Love of One Brother For Another
2830. Lyle Is Ever Near Me
2831. It's Another Wintry Day
2832. Mom Is Rejoicing With the Angels
2833. Ronnie Is the Epitome of Someone Great
2834. Lyle Is Always Within My Heart
2835. This Is God's Blessing of a Perfect Day
2836. Mom Is Looking Down On Me
2837. The Worth of a Man Like Ronnie
2838. The Joys of Knowing Lyle
2839. The First Day of the New Year Is Here
2840. Mom Is Blessed of God
2841. Sandy and Her Personal Worth
2842. The Personal Worth of a Winter's Day
2843. Lyle Is a Treasured Man
2844. The Wonderfulness of Ronnie
2845. Christmastime Is For Decorating Your Home
2846. Never Lose Your Wits
2847. If You Seek Love You Will Find It
2848. Christmastime Is a Season for Love
2849. The Rotchfords During Christmastime
2850. Merry Christmas, Darling
2851. Can the Love of a Stranger Be Right For You
2852. The Holly Leaf Tells a Spiritual Story
2853. Plant a Kiss On the One You Love
2854. Light A Candle for the One You Love
2855. Protect My Love From Harm
2856. Christmas Day Happens Tomorrow
2857. Mom's Love Was Never Undaunted
2858. The Time for Gloves and Ski Masks Is Here
2859. Lyle Is My Treasured Brother Always
2860. Ronnie Is My Brother for All Time
2861. The Beauty of the Holly Wreath
2862. No Finer Christmas Is There But This One
2863. There Is a Peace Thanks to My Love of My Dreams
2864. Joy Is Mine Thanks to Jesus
2865. The Christmas Lights Are So Pretty
2866. Jesus Is the One Who Gives Peace
2867. There Is a Song Within My Heart Today
2868. Love Is a Wonderful Thing
2869. To the Person of My Dreams I Love You
2870. Christmas Is Only Two Days Away
2871. Mom, You Are the Best Anyone Could Ever Want
2872. Another Gorgeous Winter Day
2873. Lyle Was Always Good to Me
2874. Ronnie, the Thrill of Loving You Is Awesome
2875. The Holly Wreaths at Christmastime
2876. Mom Was Never Fastidious
2877. Oh, to Spend a Winter's Day With My Son
2878. Remembering Lyle Is a Joy to My Heart
2879. Ronnie, Have I Told You Lately...
2880. Christmas Is a Time of Celebrating Jesus' Birth
2881. Let the Rain Incessantly Fall
2882. Lyle Will Be Remembered By Many
2883. Ronnie Is a God-send to This Heart of Mine
2884. Christmas Is For Everyone Not Only Children
2885. Continually Exhibit Your Faith Toward God Always
2886. Captivate Your Mind With Spiritual Things
2887. Spread the Holly Around Within Your Home
2888. Make Room In Your Heart For Jesus All the Time
2889. Christmas Day Will Be Here Four Days From Today
2890. Mom Was the Stability For Our Home
2891. The First Day of Wintertime Is Here
2892. The Emanating Love of Lyle Permeates My Heart
2893. With a Brother's Love Like Ronnie's I Am Blessed
2894. Christmas Should Be the Happiest Time of Year
2895. Facing the Temptations and Winning
2896. Give Peace to the Fallen
2897. Oh Christmas Candle Brightly Shine For Jesus
2898. Make the Holidays Merrier By Loving Jesus
2899. Never Let Them See You Give Up
2900. Christmas Will Be Here In Five Calendar Days
2901. Mom Always Knew How To Comfort Me
2902. One More Day To Wintertime Is Today
2903. The Longevity of a Precious Life as Lyle's
2904. Ronnie, the Love You Give Me Is Wonderful
2905. Make Your Day Count For the Lord Jesus Christ
2906. Do You Ponder About God and His Son---Jesus
2907. Praise God for the Holly Bush
2908. Find Peace Through Serving Jesus
2909. Give Your All To the Lord Jesus Christ
2910. Christmas Is Fast Approaching
2911. Mom Was the Greatest Lady Anyone Could Ever Know
2912. What a Precious Time Winter Is
2913. Sharing Christmas With My Brother Lyle B.
2914. Christmas With Ronnie Is a Blessing
2915. Make This the Merriest Christmas Ever
2916. We Should Be Content With Such Things As You Have
2917. Give of Your Best to the Lord Always
2918. The Beautiful Puget Sound
2919. A Beautiful Sight Is the White Poinsettias
2920. The Most Beautiful of All Wreaths Is the Holly
2921. Christmastime and My Parents Go Together
2922. As Winter Approaches It Makes Me Lonely
2923. Remembering Lyle During the Holidays
2924. Ronnie Knows the Meaning of Christmas Day
2925. Christmas Is Only Eight Days Away
2926. As Patrick Henry Said May We Say The Same Today
2927. Be Accepting Of Others As You Know Jesus Would
2928. The Wonderful Evergreen Tree
2929. Make Your Life Count For Jesus' Sake
2930. Jesus Was Always Concerned For Others
2931. Mom Was Always Faithful to God
2932. The Wintertime Is Another One of God's Perfect Gifts
2933. Lyle B. Gave Me His Best Always
2934. I'm Convinced Ronnie Is God's Child
2935. Jesus May Come Christmas Day Are You Ready to See Him
2936. Christmas With Rachel and Her Love
2937. Christmastime Is a Wonderful and Right Time For Holly Wreaths
2938. Get On Shouting Ground When You Reach Heaven
2939. Cultivate a Healthy Respect for God and His Son--Jesus
2940. Christmas Wasn't So Merry In My Past Years of Life
2941. As Jesus Is the Foundation For Our Lives Mom Was Mine
2942. With Wintertime Why Wear Gloves and Hats
2943. Lyle and This Christmastime Together
2944. Christmas Draws Nearer For Ronnie J.
2945. There Is No Such Person As Santa Claus
2946. Do You Feel the Magic Is in the Air This Christmastime
2947. The Lighted Red Candle of Christmastime
2948. A House Divided
2949. Ervin Is My Brother Whom I Love
2950. Christmastime Nears With Each Stroke of the Clock
2951. Mom Encouraged Me to Play My Keyboard
2952. With Winter Time One Will Experience Happiness At Christmastime
2953. Lyle Was a Most Charming Man
2954. Ronnie Is Always Immaculate
2955. Christmastime Without a Loved One
2956. Be Pertinent and Prudent As Well As Wise
2957. Freedom Is a Gift From God So Wisely Use It
2958. Go Ahead and Walk One Mile in My Shoes
2959. With Christmas Near Never Be Forlorn
2960. Christmas, Holly Wreaths and Poinsettias All Belong to God
2961. Mom Was the Female Patriarch of Our Family
2962. In the Winter Time We Will Have Blessings Bestowed
2963. Lyle Remains to Be Ever So Close to Me
2964. Ronnie Is Rich In Many Ways
2965. Rayshica Is God's Blessing to All
2966. Count Your Blessings All Year Long
2967. Christmas is a Time of Joy and Glad Tidings
2968. The Cardinal and the Robin
2969. This Too Should Be a Day of Thankfulness
2970. Twelve Years and Eleven Months on the 23rd
2971. We Can Never Be Forlorn Trusting Jesus
2972. Christmas Happiness Is God's Gift To All People
2973. Rayshica, A Maiden of Beauty
2974. Rayshica and the Nightingales
2975. Christmas Will Arrive In Ten Days
2976. There's Nothing Special As a Mother's Love
2977. Winter Will Be Here In Six Days
2978. Lyle, You're a Treasure to My Soul
2979. Ronnie, You're the Greatest
2980. Christmas Is Only A Few More Days Away
2981. Mom and the Heavenly Angels
2982. As Winter Time Approaches
2983. Lyle is a God-send Which I Am Thankful
2984. Ronnie Is Nearer and Dearer Than Ever
2985. Christmas Is the Happy Time of Year
2986. Enjoying the Fields of Clover
2987. Deliver The Good News to Everyone
2988. Happier Times Are Coming For All People
2989. Seeing the Rainfal Makes Me Feel Lugubrious
2990. Christmastime Will Become a Memory Soon Enough
2991. Mom and Her Splendiferous Ways
2992. Winter Time Will Be Here One Week From Tomorrow
2993. Lyle Will Always Remain a Great Man
2994. Ronnie Is My Loving Brother and Friend
2995. Christmas Is Only Thirteeen Days Away
2996. Find Immeasurable Happiness In a Conk Shell
2997. Use Your Intellect For the Better
2998. Raysheka and the Christmas Bells
2999. Do As the Song Says
3000. Be Captivated With the Holiday Season
3001. Thoughts of Mom During the Holidays
3002. As the Winter Time Unfolds
3003. Remembering Lyle and His Confections Is Wonderful
3004. Ronnie Is the Only Gift I Need to Make Me Happy
3005. Carmen, Her Family, and Christmastime
3006. Lenata and Christmastime
3007. Be a Straight Shooter
3008. Never Become Embroiled
3009. Seeing the Deer Within the Snow
3010. Christmas Expectations Are For Everyone
3011. The Joys Of the Holly Wreaths Upon the Doors
3012. Mom Is Now Sacred In Heaven and So Secure
3013. Ten More Days Winter Will Arrive
3014. From Within His Heart I Am Able to Feel Him Today
3015. Joy Fills My Heart Knowing Ronnie J.
3016. Ellie Mae's Christmas List
3017. Felicia's Christmas At Church
3018. Quinetta's Holiday Is Simply Wonderful
3019. Camera's Holiday is Something Special
3020. Hailey's Idea of Christmastime
3021. Mom and Dad Celebrate the Holidays With Jesus
3022. As We Embark Upon Winter
3023. Lyle's Love Is Remembered This Christmastime
3024. Christmas is Filled With Love From Ronnie J.
3025. Christmas in Miss Avia's Kitchen
3026. What Will You Do With Jesus Today
3027. The Beautiful Christmas Lights on the Windmill
3028. A Christmas Ghost Story
3029. Lindsey Is a Master At Her Job
3030. Ray, the Man of Many Talents
3031. Jamie and His Many Hats
3032. Lorie at Christmastime
3033. Tiffany and the Poinsettia
3034. Jessie, Beatrice and the Carolers Together
3035. Christmas Merriment, an Acrostic
3036. All the Leaves Have Blown Away
3037. Oh, the Joy of Christmas Morning
3038. The Lovely Poinsettia Is a Special Gift
3039. The Holly Wreath Is a Welcome Sign
3040. Christmas Is Nearer Each Day By God's Design
3041. Mom and the Holidays Go Together
3042. Get Out Your Gloves and Hats For Colder Weather Is On Its Way
3043. The Memory of Lyle B. Does Enhance My Holidays
3044. Christmas Is Nearer With My Brother Ronnie J.
3045. Lance Is a Wonderful Man and a Friend
3046. Melody Is Exactly That a True Melody In Song
3047. Juanita Is a Most Genuine Lady
3048. Rochelle Is a Special Lady
3049. Christmas With My Friend Miriam
3050. Kemeshia Is Wonderful and Good
3051. Christmas With Courtney
3052. A Day to Remember is December 7th
3053. See and Enjoy the Crystal Blue Lake
3054. The Holly Wreath Upon Our Front Door
3055. Christmastime Is Getting Even Closer With Seventeen More Days
3056. Mom Made Headlines Entering Heaven
3057. Another Beautiful Autumn Day Is God's Gift to All
3058. Lyle B. Is Gone But Still Remains Ever Faithful
3059. Ronnie Is So Inspirational To Me
3060. Miss Mary Ann Is a God -send
3061. Genna Is a Top Notch Lady
3062. Lasonya Is a Most Beautiful Lady and Friend
3063. Cindy Is a True Friend and Great C N A
3064. Kayce Is Most Beautiful and Caring
3065. Christmas is Not That Far
3066. Don't Lose Sight of Your Goals
3067. Rachel and the Weeping Willow
3068. Upon Arrival Count Yourself to Have Attained
3069. Never Lose Hope In Jesus No Matter What Happens
3070. Christmas Is On Our Minds Today
3071. Today, Mom Is Part of the Heavenly Kingdom
3072. Give God the Praise For This Autumn Day
3073. Lyle Remains to Be a Staunch Supporter
3074. Ronnie and His Consistency Are Most Invaluable
3075. Ultimate Peace Comes From God Now and Always
3076. Christmastime And Jessie With Beatrice
3077. Make No Promises About Tomorrow
3078. Ultimate Peace Comes From God
3079. Raysheka Is a Most Wonderful and Caring Lady
3080. Christmas is the Most Joyous Time of All
3081. Face the New Day With a Smile
3082. Find Peace Through the Lord Jesus Christ
3083. Jesus Is Most Assuredly Real and Living Forever
3084. My Fascination With Gloves
3085. Be Mindful of the Holly Wreath
3086. Peace Is Attainable Through Jesus In Faith
3087. Jesus Is Coming Are You Ready to Meet Him
3088. A Single Record In Memory
3089. Appropriate Room For Jesus
3090. This Is Still A Time of Being Thankful
3091. Remembering Mom and the Holidays
3092. An Autumn Day Is a Special Gift From God
3093. Lyle Is Remembered On This Holiday
3094. The Holidays With My Brother Ronnie J.
3095. Christmas Is the Most Joyous Time of Year
3096. Mom and Dad Are Waiting Today For Us
3097. Burning Bridges Behind You
3098. Cuddle With Someone Very Close to You
3099. Joyous Times Abound This Time of Year
3100. The Rotchfords Are a Most Wonderful Family
3101. Don't Allow Yourself To Be Sad With a Rainy Day
3102. The Angel At the Top of Our Tree
3103. Surround Yourself With God's People
3104. Concentrate On the Positives and Not the Negatives Always
3105. Are You Able To Hear the Doves In the Steeple
3106. Mom Was the Prettiest Lady I Ever Knew
3107. This Autumn Day Is Something We Need to Experience
3108. Lyle B. Has a Heart of Love For Someone Like Me
3109. Ronnie Is My Encourager-or
3110. Nine Years and Ten Months Ago-D
3111. Mom Was Once a Sheep That Went Astray
3112. The Autumn Winds Are So Very Cool
3113. Lyle Always Treated Me With Respect
3114. Ronnie Is a Man I Adore
3115. Christmastime Is Not That Far Away
3116. There Was a Man Named Gary Willis
3117. Ode to the Holly Wreath
3118. Never Let Time Be a Factor
3119. Joy Will Soon Be Forthcoming
3120. What Will This Christmastime Bring You
3121. Mom Is Forever Blessed In Heaven
3122. The Joys of Another Autumn Day Are Ours to Share
3123. Lyle Was a Humanitarian Is There Ever Was One
3124. Ronnie Is God's Gift to the World and Myself
3125. Christmas Is Only Twenty-two Days Away
3126. Heaven Is A Wonderful Place Are You Going g
3127. Sometimes You Have to Pay the Fiddler
3128. The Wondrous Splendor of Christmas Lights
3129. Mom and Dad Are My Examples of a True Christian
3130. Be True to God No Matter What
3131. When All Else Fails Rely Upon Jesus First
3132. The Fruitcake and the Holidays Are Synonymous
3133. Let Peace Abound Within You Always
3134. Don't Allow the Rain to Dampen Your Spirit
3135. Christmastime Is the Merriest Time of Year
3136. Mom Was the Outward Example of Humility
3137. This Autumn Morning Is Most Fresh and Clear
3138. Lyle B. Was An Outstanding Man to Me
3139. Ronnie's Love Is My Gift For the Year
3140. Dad Was My Role Model
3141. Never Be Unruly or Conceited
3142. Make This a Great Holiday Season
3143. Cherish the Summer Winds
3144. The Beauty of Mackalaura
3145. Happiness Is But One Gift From the Lord Jesus Christ
3146. Be a Soldier of the Cross of Christ Jesus
3147. Be a Friend of the Lighthouse
3148. Come Before His Presence With Singing 1
3149. The Christmas Bells Will Ring Out Their Carols
3150. Mom Is the Most Respected Lady I Know
3151. The Shadowy Nights of the Autumn Evening
3152. Remembering Lyle B. Today Brings Me Joy
3153. Happiness Is a Byproduct of Ronnie's Love
3154. Felicia Is a True Friend to All People
3155. See the Ever Beautiful Chrysanthemums
3156. A Treasured Member of Heaven Is Mom
3157. Fight the Good Fight of Faith For Always
3158. Jesus, Please Hold Back the Rain
3159. The Green Grass Is Turning Brown
3160. Mom Is Now Blessed In Heaven
3161. The Apple Pie and the Cardinal
3162. Happiness Is For Everyone of God's Children
3163. Be Still and Know the Will of the Lord
3164. Christmas Is Only Twenty-four Days Away
3165. This Autumn Day Brings Us the First Day of December
3166. Lyle B. and His Wonderful Love For Me
3167. A New Beginning Year For Ronnie J.
3168. Christmas 2014 Is Almost Here
3169. Mom Was Always a Great Example
3170. The Field of White and Yellow Daisies
3171. Continue to Labor For the Lord
3172. Another Autumn Day Finds Me At Peace
3173. Lyle's Day of Remembering Is Near
3174. Today Is Ronnie's Birthday
3175. Mom's In Heaven Praying For Me
3176. Christmas Is Twenty-seven Days Away
3177. Be Contented To Serve Jesus
3178. Expect Much From Jesus and Receive It
3179. Frowners Never Win
3180. Great Peace Is Ours Through Jesus the Lord
3181. Mom Remains To Be High Caliber
3182. An Autumn Day Such As This Is So Very Rich
3183. Lyle's Love Remains Within My Heart Always
3184. Ronnie J. Is God's Gift to Me All the Time
3185. The Non-sellable Christmas Tree
3186. Take Joy Hearing a Christmas Carol
3187. Christmastime Is For the Poor As Well As the Rich
3188. The Holly and the Dogwood
3189. The Nativity
3190. Our Thoughts Turn Toward Christmastime
3191. Mom Is a Treasured Soul Now In Heaven
3192. This Autumn Day Is Two Days Before December First
3193. Lyle B. Is My Brother Whom I Dearly Love
3194. Ronnie J. Is a Treasure In Anyone's Life
3195. Mom Was Always On the Side of Right
3196. No Longer Love But Anger
3197. The Beauty of the Chrysanthemum
3198. Be Adamant and Firm In What You Believe
3199. Black Friday Is the Beginning Day
3200. Never Lose Your Goals Ever
3201. The Joy of Having a Mother Like My Mother
3202. Black Friday Is An Autumn Day
3203. Lyle B. Is God's Gift to the Lonely of Heart
3204. What a Gracious Brother I Have In Ronnie J.
3205. Mom and the Joy I Feel Toward Her
3206. My Own Christmas Expectations This Year
3207. Faith Is the Key That Unlocks the Door to Heaven
3208. Joys Are Forevermore In Heaven
3209. Mom's Heavenly Trip Twelve Years Ago
3210. My Childhood Memories of Thanksgiving Day
3211. Christmas and Nativity Should Mean the Same
3212. Wondrous Joy Is Ours Through Jesus Christ the Lord
3213. Mom and Cherubim's In Heaven
3214. Lyle B. And Another Thanksgiving Holiday
3215. This Awesome Autumn Day Is Our Gift From God
3216. Happiness at Thanksgiving Time For Ronnie J.
3217. Make Sure Jesus Is Happy With You
3218. Christmas Means So Very Much to Me
3219. Joy Is Mine Because of Jesus
3220. Mom and Dad Were the Best Parents Ever
3221. Tomorrow Will Be Thanksgiving Day
3222. This Rainy Autumn Day Makes Me Sad
3223. Lyle B. Remains to Be Within My Heart
3224. The Unparallel Love of Ronnie J.
3225. Mom and Dad Were Happy to See Christmastime
3226. Have You Ever Pondered the Holly Bush
3227. Jessie and Beatrice Celebrate Thanksgiving Day Together
3228. Let Us Rejoice It Is Nearly Christmastime
3229. Run With Patience We're Told
3230. Remembering Ronnie Lee, My Brother
3231. Mom Was Always Faithful to God
3232. Experience The Autumn Winds
3233. Lyle Always Gave Of Himself to Others
3234. Ronnie Is Always Truthful
3235. Mom and the Arborvitae Trees
3236. Diego Jr. Paints the Ocean Scene
3237. A Conversation Between a Rose and Chrysanthemums
3238. Christmas Is Exactly Four Weeks From Today
3239. Fully LIve Your Life With Jesus In the Forefront
3240. The Former Things Are Passed
3241. The Happiness of Having Mom Care For Me
3242. As Autumn Comes to a Close Thanksgiving Day Arrives
3243. A Simulated Thanksgiving Day At Lyle's Home
3244. Ronnie and Thanksgiving Day
3245. Mom Was My Best Friend I Could Ever Know
3246. Make the Day A Successful One
3247. Joy Is Found; In the Lord Jesus Christ
3248. A Doll Named Rachel Elizabeth
3249. Mom's Unexpected Surprise One Christmas
3250. Glory to God Christmas Will Shortly Be Here
3251. Thanksgiving Day Happens in Three Days From Today
3252. Another Autumn Day Which Seems Like Summertime
3253. Lyle B. Is the Other Brother Whom I Love Most
3254. Ronnie J. Is One of My Brothers Whom I Love Most
3255. Christmas May Be the Time When Jesus Returns
3256. Mom and Dad Are Waiting For Us
3257. Be Faithful to God's Program Always
3258. When Circumstances Overtake You
3259. The Flowers of Yesterday
3260. Thinking Back to Dad's Activity Scene
3261. Today Is the Day to Honor Mom and Her Passing
3262. This Autumn Day Is Quite Beautiful Thanks to God
3263. Lyle B. Remains to Be There For Me
3264. Ronnie Is a Most Special and Loving Brother
3265. Christmas Is One Month and Five Days Away
3266. Mom's In Heaven This Thanksgiving Day and Forever
3267. Thanksgiving Day Is Only Four Days Away
3268. Make Certain of Your Way Is Pleasing to God
3269. Jesus Is Always There For Us
3270. Never Lose Hope With Jesus
3271. Rejoice; The Season Is Here to Show Our Thanks
3272. The Beautiful Autumn Day is Such a Gift and Blessing
3273. The Effervescence of Lyle B. Is Something Wonderful
3274. From a Pauper to a King's Son Is Ronnie J.
3275. Holiday Music and Christmastime
3276. Never Be Lax Serving Jesus
3277. Twelve Years And Ten Months Ago
3278. The Wonder of Nurse Margaret
3279. Be Assured and Stern of Your Commitment to God
3280. Thanksgiving Day Will Soon Manifest Itself
3281. Mom Gave All She Could Give
3282. This Beautiful Autumn Day Is Something Wonderful
3283. Lyle B. Remains to Touch My Life
3284. I Have a Brother First Then a Friend With Ronnie J.
3285. Christmas Will Shortly Be Forthcoming
3286. Are We Truly Thankful For God's Blessings
3287. Mom Was Always the Best With What She Did
3288. Love Should Be Everlasting Not Ephemeral
3289. Faithful Service Is Ours to Offer God
3290. Joy Will Come In the Morning For Everyone
3291. Yesterday Has Left Never To Return
3292. Another Autumn Day Has Been Ordered by the Lord
3293. Lyle B. Is One I Am Thankful
3294. Kinship From My Brother Ronnie Is So Warranted
3295. Mom Was An Instrument of God's Peace
3296. Hilariously Give From Your Heart
3297. Make the Holidays Special and Sacred
3298. Thanksgiving Day Is But One Week Away
3299. Labor Not In Vain But Wisely Labor
3300. Mom Was Always There For Me
3301. Coming to Grips With the Things That Are
3302. This Picture Perfect Autumn Day is God's Gift
3303. Lyle B. Was Always an Exemplary Man
3304. Ronnie Is One I Can Truly Call My Brother
3305. Be Thankful to the Lord For Everything
3306. Mom and Dad Are Saints For Jesus' Sake
3307. Build Upon the Strength God Has For You
3308. There Is Vindication Through the Word
3309. My Lonely Walk On the Shore
3310. Happier Times Are Coming For Me
3311. Where Is Thy Peace, Oh Lord
3312. The Autumn Leaves Are Like My Own Heart Today
3313. Lyle B. Will Be Remembered Always
3314. Ronnie's For Me In the Rough Times
3315. The Blessings of Having A Great Mother As I Did
3316. Never Be Discouraged When You Can Pray
3317. Ronnie, It's Your Birthday
3318. The Time For Thanksgiving Day Will Be Here Shortly
3319. Mildred Arceo Is a Wonderful Person and Nurse
3320. Assunta Siniscalchi Is Our Nurse
3321. When the Heart Breaks Everyday
3322. Autumn Continues to Show Itself to All People
3323. Lyle B. Is Another Brother I Am Thankful For
3324. I Am Thankful For Having My Brothers to Love
3325. Christmastime Will Soon Be Here
3326. The Lord's Imminent Return Will Happen
3327. Dad Was Always a Wonderful Worker and Dad
3328. Take Joy In the Upcoming Holiday Season
3329. The Lord Will Have His Perfect Way
3330. Stand Firm In the Lord Jesus Christ
3331. Mom and Her Humbleness
3332. This Auspicious Autumn Day Is From the Lord
3333. Beside Jesus There Is My Brother Lyle B.
3334. The Love of My Brother Ronnie is Awesome
3335. Mom Is In Heaven Today and Forever
3336. The Love of Mrs. Bailey
3337. Smile If You Truly Know Jesus
3338. A House Is Not Always a Home
3339. Look to Jesus Now and Live
3340. How Will Your Thanksgiving Be
3341. Pressure Too High Call Out to Jesus
3342. What a Beautiful Autumn Day This Is
3343. Lyle B. Had a Testimony of Loving Others
3344. The Wonderfulness I Find In Ronnie J.
3345. The Blessings of a Great Mother
3346. Circumspectly Walk For God
3347. Make Merry, In Your Heart
3348. Peace Is Only Attainable From the Lord Jesus Christ
3349. Thanksgiving Day Will Come In Twelve Days
3350. Live Your Life To Please the Lord Jesus
3351. When Will the Pain End
3352. The Autumn Day is God's Choosing
3353. Lyle B. Is Remembered In a Most Affectionate Way
3354. The Greatness of a Man Like Ronnie J.
3355. Holly and Christmastime
3356. Chrysanthemums and Thanksgiving Day
3357. Use Your Orifice to Please the Lord God
3358. Where Were You On Your First Thanksgiving Day
3359. Obtain Peace When There Is No Peace
3360. Joy In the Night
3361. When One Is Made to Feel Ashamed
3362. This Autumn Day Is God's Gift to All People
3363. With a Brother Like Lyle Who Could Ask For More
3364. The Highest Caliber of a Man Known As Ronnie J.
3365. Christmastime Is Only Five Weeks and Five Days Away
3366. Serve the Lord With Gladness
3367. Take Joy In the Lord's Grace
3368. The Pain Will Someday End
3369. Thanksgiving Day Is Almost Here
3370. May We All Be Faithful Always
3371. The Beautiful Autumn Day Is Ours to Share
3372. Look At Yourself and Smile
3373. The Memories of Lyle B. Are Special
3374. Ronnie J. Is a Most Special Man Whom I Love
3375. Mother Was a November Baby
3376. Find Immeasurable Peace With Jesus Our Lord
3377. Seek the Right Relationship With the Lord Today
3378. Happiness Comes From the Lord
3379. Being a Proud American Is the Right Thing
3380. Cherish the Time You Have Been Given
3381. Another Beautiful Autumn Day
3382. Despondency Is Something Terrible But It's Mine
3383. Lyle B. Is a Treasure In Anyone's Life
3384. A Special Person Is My Brother Ronnie J.
3385. In Me, There Is Nothing Good
3386. Without God There Is No Good Thing
3387. Truly Be Thankful This Year of God's Blessings
3388. Lovers on the Shoreline
3389. Labor Not In Vain But With God's Help
3390. Happier Times Are Forthcoming
3391. God Is Above All So Never Be Forlorn
3392. Acknowledge Our World War II Veterans Today
3393. Suffer the Poor and Indigent Peopl Around Us
3394. Our Veterans of Today
3395. This Is the Blessed Time of Autumn
3396. My Mind Stays on a Fallacy
3397. Lyle B. Was Never a Sluggard
3398. What a Precious Man Is My Brother Ronnie J.
3399. I Remember Mom and Her Rose Bushes
3400. Seek A Deeper Knowledge of Jesus
3401. Joy Runs Rampant In Your Heart
3402. It's Never Too Early
3403. A Night Upon the Sand
3404. May We Be Especially Thankful This Month
3405. The Beautiful Season We're In Known As Autumn
3406. When One Dismays You
3407. Lyle B. Is A Wonderful Man and Brother
3408. The Awesomeness of Ronnie J. Today and Always
3409. Gentle Are the Roses
3410. Let the Cold Winds Freely Blow
3411. This is the Time of Being Thankful
3412. Wonderful Is the Night For Love
3413. Lyle B. Is Part of My Life
3414. Wonderful and Special is My Brother Ronnie J.
3415. The Beauty of Miriam
3416. The Beauty of Autumn
3417. Disillusioned of a Friend
3418. Lyle Is Remembered Today and Always
3419. The Ever Watchful Heart of Ronnie J.
3420. Totally Give Yourself to God
3421. True Love Is Something Wonderful
3422. Autumn Is a Beautiful Season
3423. Lyle B. Was Never a Disappointment to Anyone
3424. The Genuine Heart of Ronnie J.
3425. Christmas Is God's Gift to All People
3426. Love and Love Again Forever
3427. Autumn Is One of God's Seasons
3428. This Is the Time
3429. Watch and Pray for the Lord's Return
3430. Proclaim the Truth Always
3431. Show Forth Your Life to Others
3432. Voice Your Concerns to God
3433. Lyle B. My Brother and Friend
3434. The Wonderfulness of My Brother and Friend Ronnie J.
3435. Be Happy God Included You
3436. What Will Your Thanksgiving Day Be Like
3437. Two Soul Mates Lost At Sea
3438. Another Autumn Day From the Lord
3439. Be Trustworthy In All You Do For Jesus
3440. No Time For Vain Glory
3441. Remember to Count Your Blessings
3442. Will America Fall to Tyranny
3443. The Fairness of a Dear Man Now Departed
3444. A Most Ethical Man Is Ronnie J.
3445. Contentment Comes With Serving Jesus
3446. Be Direct With Your Service to God
3447. Softly Does the Autumn Winds Blow
3448. The Ominous and Pendulous Clouds
3449. A Thanksgiving Day Memory of Mine
3450. Thanksgiving Day 2014
3451. Wonderful Is the Lord For All Time
3452. The Evening Clouds Are Rolling
3453. Lyle B. and His Great Heart of Love
3454. A Loving and Spirited Man Is Ronnie J.
3455. Christmastime Is Almost Upon Us
3456. Love shared By Two Soul Mates
3457. Today Isi Another Autumn Day
3458. Be Humble and Be Patient
3459. Have a Spirit of Equality Today and Everyday
3460. November First Is Today
3461. The Pride of America Is Her People
3462. The Great Man I Know As Terry S.
3463. Lyle B . and His Wonderful Love to Me
3464. The Heart of a True Man Is Ronnie's Heart
3465. Another Autumn Day
3466. Today Is Now Halloween
3467. There Is Hope and Confidence With Jesus
3468. Nine Years and Nine Months Ago
3469. A Snow Covered Chrysanthemum
3470. Absolute and Utter Peace Is Ours
3471. Wonderful Is the Lord Jesus Christ Today and Always
3472. Let's Take a Trip to the Ocean
3473. Cherished Memories of My Brother Lyle B.
3474. The Wonderfulness of My Brother Ronnie J.
3475. Love Not the World But Jesus
3476. Treasured Times With Lyle B.
3477. Ronnie Is the Epitome of Someone Most Special
3478. Stand With Jesus In the Darkness
3479. Autumn, A Time of Rejuvenating
3480. Fight a Winning Battle For Jesus' Sake
3481. Nighttime Has Come
3482. Terry T., You Are a True Wonder
3483. Happiness Is Mine Thinking of Lyle B.
3484. The Gracious Heart of One Named Ronnie J.
3485. Being Thankful Is What We Should Do
3486. Lose Yourself In Ecstasy
3487. The Fallen Leaves Drift By My Window
3488. Be Prudent and Wise With Trusting God
3489. Look to the Lord Jesus Christ and Live
3490. Come Before His Presence With Thanksgiving
3491. Serve the Lord and Leave the World Behind
3492. Terry T., You Are Cherished By All Who Know You
3493. Lyle, You Are Very Much a Part of Me
3494. An Understanding Heart Is Ronnie's Heart
3495. Two Soul Mates Upon the Ocean
3496. Close Your Mind to Things Unprofitable
3497. The Fallen Leaves, The Chrysanthemums, and God's Will
3498. Find Your Calling of Service to Jesus
3499. Today Is the Lord's Day
3500. Steal Away In the Night
3501. Losing Ourselves and Findind Each Other
3502. Terry T., What a Blessing I Have In You
3503. Lyle Is a Treasure In Anyone's Book
3504. The Happiness I Feel Comes From Ronnie J.
3505. Withered Hands I Have Held
3506. Two Soul Mates On the Beach
3507. This Time of Intimacy Is Ours
3508. Leave Your Burdens With the Lord Jesus Christ
3509. There Is Always Strength In Numbers
3510. Lay All Your Needs at the Feet of Jesus
3511. The Flowers of the Heartland
3512. Terry T., What a Blessing You Are to My Life
3513. Lyle's Lie Is a Treasure He Freely Gives to All
3514. Ronnie's Heart Is Most Exemplary
3515. Find Yourself in God's House Every Sunday
3516. Nevertheless, Thy Will Be Done
3517. Autumn Is So Very Special
3518. Strive For Perfection With Every Breath
3519. Plumbit, An Acrostic
3520. See God Within the Trees
3521. A Time For Lovers Is Today
3522. Terry T., What a Blessing You Are to Me
3523. Lyle Is Sorely Missed Today
3524. Touching People's Lives Is What Ronnie Does
3525. Autumn and Its Brilliant Colors
3526. Counting the Cost of Failure Is High
3527. A Night of Intimate Love
3528. Tirelessly Work to Please the Lord
3529. The Beautiful Flowers of Reno Valley
3530. As God Gave to All May All Give to God
3531. Life Without Purpose Is No Life At All
3532. Terry T., I Am So Thankful For You Being My Friend
3533. Lyle Is a Treasured Man and Part of My Life
3534. Ronnie Brings About Happiness
3535. Autumn Is God's Gift to Everyone
3536. Happiness Is Always Found In Jesus
3537. Everyone Needs the Lord Jesus Christ
3538. Insurmountable Peace Is Found In Jesus
3539. Never a Night So Dark
3540. Rachel and the Chrysanthemums
3541. An Oceanside Romance
3542. Terry T., You Allow Me to Be Happy
3543. The Greatness of One Man Named Lyle B.
3544. Ronnie's Faith Helps to Sustain Me
3545. Love Not the World But Jesus Only
3546. Take Time Out For God
3547. Love In the Midnight Hour
3548. Autumn Is a Most Wonderful Time
3549. Be Strong and Forceful to Succeed
3550. No More Wondering
3551. As Love Knows How
3552. Thanksgiving, An Acrostic
3553. May There Be Peace Someday For Me
3554. Terry T., I Am Sorry
3555. Ronnie, A Man Who Always Cares
3556. An Intimate Night of Love
3557. Build Your Fortune Upon the Rock of Ages
3558. Adore the Lord Jesus Christ Always
3559. Lose Yourself to the World And Find Yourself With God
3560. From A Vagabond to a Ruler
3561. A Moment of Intimacy Is Ours
3562. A Forgotten Rose Is Found
3563. Lyle, It's Hard Being Without You
3564. The Sensitivity of a Great Man Named Ronnie J.
3565. Autumn, A Special Time For Lovers
3566. Look Beyond Yourself and See Someone Else
3567. Sweethearts Are Very Special People
3568. Walk Through the Woods With Me
3569. Anniversaries Are Special and Loving
3570. Loving On the Rocks
3571. Embraceable Love Was Ours
3572. A Forgotten Rose
3573. Christmastime Is Two Months and One Week Away
3574. One Day I Will Hear My Name Called
3575. Twelve Years and Nine Months Ago
3576. Terry T., What A Difference You Have Made
3577. Being Respectful of Who God Really Is
3578. See the Array of Chrysanthemums
3579. Act Responsibly Always
3580. Watching the Fallen Leaves
3581. Genuine Dedication Is Always the Protocol
3582. The Morning Birds Have All Gone Away
3583. Lyle B. Is a Man To Be Cherished and Honored
3584. Ronnie and His Wonderful Heartfelt Love
3585. Freely Does the Autumn Winds Blow
3586. Give Your All to Him Everyday
3587. Be One to Use Decorum All the Time
3588. Freely Give Honor to God
3589. Find Peace Given By God
3590. Be a Good Steward
3591. Ponder Your Comings and Goings
3592. Happiness Comes With Serving the Lord
3593. Terry T. Is a Very Special Man
3594. Stay Dedicated to the Lord
3595. Be In the Mainstream of Life
3596. Bow to the Will of God Always
3597. Life At Its Greatest
3598. Joy Beyond Compare Is What Jesus Offers to All
3599. Happy Birthday to Someone Most Dear and Special
3600. Have Hope Though the Stars Should Fall
3601. Give Your All to Jesus Without Remorse
3602. Wanting to Hear the Morning Birds Sing Again Is My Prayer
3603. Lyle and His Continuing Love For Me
3604. There Is Majesty Within Your Name Ronnie J.
3605. What Does Halloween Mean To You
3606. There Is Nothing Like Home Baked Cherry Pies
3607. The Autumn Flowers Are Out Today
3608. Remembering My Late Mom and Her Love
3609. Honoring My Late Dad Today
3610. Facing the Autumn With Receptive Arms
3611. Christmastime Is On Its Way
3612. Awkwardness, An Acrositc
3613. Happiness Is Mine Thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ
3614. The Freshness of Autumn and Its Splendor
3615. While Away I Wasn't Able to Hear the Morning Birds Singing
3616. Lyle Was Always A Staunch Supporter of My Work
3617. Doing Without Ronnie J. Isn't Easy
3618. Terry T., Don't Ever Go Away From Us
3619. Carefully Cosider Your Options and Direction
3620. BeAstute and Definitely Smart Always
3621. There's Nothing Like the Real Thing
3622. Never Too Busy to Hear the Morning Birds
3623. Lyle, And Your Positive Ways
3624. Ronnie, You Are A Very Special Brother and Friend
3625. Because of Jesus, I Am Free
3626. An Autumn Evening Prayer
3627. A Midsummer Night's Dream
3628. Strengthen the Weak Through Prayer
3629. Face the Lord With All You Do
3630. Terry T. How Wonderful You Are
3631. Face the Lord With All You Do
3632. The Beautiful Songbirds Brighten My Every Morning
3633. Lyle Is a Brother and Friend of Whom I Miss
3634. A Precious Brother and Friend Is Ronnie J.
3635. Happiness Is Mine Knowing the Lord Jesus Christ
3636. Vanity Is Always Wrong
3637. Autumn Is the Prelude to Winter
3638. An Humble Spirit Is Always Best
3639. Wonderful Is the Time For Celebrating Christmas
3640. Terry S. Is a Man I Wish to Honor Today
3641. Absolute Peace Comes From Jesus
3642. God's Happiness Is Not Transitory Nor Temporary
3643. Eternal Joy Will Be Mine One Day
3644. Oh, To Hear the Morning Birds Singing This Morning
3645. Lyle Was Always an Exemplary Man
3646. Ronnie Is a Very Special Man Whom I Love
3647. Keep Your Mind Fixed Upon Jesus
3648. October Is Now At Hand
3649. Be Open and Share Your Life With Those You Know
3650. Do the Right Thing Always
3651. Light at the End of the Tunnel
3652. The Joy of Knowing Someone Special
3653. What a Joy to Hear teh Morning Birds Singing
3654. Lyle, I Miss You So Very Much
3655. The Wonderfulness of a Wonderful Man Named Ronnie J.
3656. How I Love Thee, Terry T.
3657. Walk With the Lord Always and Forever
3658. Continually Be Humble
3659. Be Consecrated to God
3660. Plan Ahead and Succeed
3661. Never Leave God Feeling Despondent
3662. AnAfternoon Song From a Songbird
3663. Lyle, What a Dear Man You Are
3664. Ronnie J. Stands For What Is Right.
3665. The Flowering Garden
3666. Walk A Mile In Someone's Shoes
3667. Terry T. Is the Epitome of Someone Most Special
3668. Strength Comes From the Lord and His Word
3669. Give of Yourself Every Single Day to the Lord
3670. Be Determined to Follow Jesus
3671. How Do I Love Thee
3672. Remembering the Morning Birds Bring Me Happiness
3673. Lyle Was Always a Man of His Word
3674. What a Wonderful Brother You Are, Ronnie J.
3675. Autumn Is Here Again
3676. Do We Honor Our Service Personnel As We Should
3677. Be A Freedom Fighter Like Terry S.
3678. Face the New Day With Courage
3679. Never be a Compromiser
3680. One Day I Will Fly Away
3681. The Joy and the Warmth Terry T. Brings
3682. Joyful Were the Times I Heard the Morning Birds Singing
3683. Lyle B. Remains to Be a Man of Valor
3684. The Wonderfulness and Warmth of Ronnie J.
3685. Autumn Is a Time For Changing
3686. Be Prudent To Be Happy In Jesus
3687. There Is Happiness Serving Jesus
3688. The Happiness I Receive From Terry T. Is Immutable
3689. Let Us Circumspectly Walk For Jesus' Sake
3690. Seek the Lord First and Foremost To Be Happy
3691. Be Prudent and Wise With All You Do
3692. Consecrate Your Life to God
3693. Autumn Brings About Non-Immutable Changes
3694. Jesus' Reward Is Your Recompense
3695. Share the Peace of God With Other Christians
3696. Be One to Always Trust the Lord
3697. Stay In Fellowship With Jesus
3698. Above All Be Found Faithful
3699. Allow Jesus to Take Control of Your Life
3700. Be Patient and Stand Firm
3701. Be Wise to the Wiles of the Evil One
3702. Joy Is Mine Having Heard the Morning Birds Singing
3703. Lyle B., A Man Worthy of Remembering Always
3704. May God's Richest Blessings Be Upon You, Ronnie J.
3705. There Is Always a Time to Remember the Lord Jesus Christ
3706. Have You Ever Wondered About the Sky
3707. Stand Up For What You Believe
3708. One May Love to Experience Autumn
3709. Seek the Lord While He May Be Found
3710. Immeasurably Blessed Are We
3711. May the Lord Give You His Peace
3712. Long May I Remember the Morning Birds Singing
3713. Remembering the Closeness of Lyle B.
3714. I Am Genuinely Happy to Love Ronnie J.
3715. Christmas Is Getting Closer Everyday
3716. Be Connected To God Everyday You Live
3717. We Have No Promise Of Tomorrow
3718. With God We Can Escape Our Encumbrances
3719. Wake With the New Dawnand Be Glad
3720. How Wonderful It is to Be Saved
3721. Count Your Many Blessings From God
3722. From the Morning Birds There Is Immense Joy
3723. Happiness Envelopes Me Knowing Lyle B.
3724. The Wondrous Joy of Knowing Ronnie J.
3725. Ponder the Lord's Return
3726. Autumn and the Fallen Leaves
3727. Build a Lasting Relationship With the Lord Jesus Christ
3728. Find Comfort and Peace In Jesus
3729. Fight the Good Fight of Faith Now and Always
3730. Be Dogmatic When Serving the Lord
3731. Autumn Is a Special Time of Year
3732. Be a Good Steward of the Faith
3733. Contemplate Your Future With God In Mind
3734. Never Leave God Out of Your Decision Making
3735. The Peace of Knowing About the Morning Birds
3736. The World Has Lost a Great Man In Lyle B.
3737. Ronnie Is an Effervescent Man Whom I Love
3738. With the Morning Birds There Is Peace
3739. Ronnie Is My Brother I Dearly Love
3740. Happiness Is Mine Knowing Terry T.
3741. Remembering Bob G. Today and His Passing
3742. Nine Years and Eight Months Ago
3743. Lasonya, God's Blessings On Your Birthday Today
3744. Mr. Larry, This Is Your Day to Remember
3745. Terry T., A Friendship With You Is Your Gift to Me
3746. The Human Sculpture Named Terry T.
3747. Be Creditable In All Your Dealings
3748. Find Yourself At the Feet of Jesus
3749. Autumn Is a Favorite Time of Year
3750. Make Every Opportunity Count for the Lord
3751. Happiness Ensues When Thinking About God
3752. Autumn and the Chrysanthemums
3753. Come and Adore the King of Kings
3754. God Has a Purpose In His Planning
3755. Lyle's Love Remains to Be Strong Today
3756. The Unmatched Love of Ronnie J.
3757. Autumn Is Here and Thriving
3758. Make a Pact With God To Always Do Right
3759. Be Responsible for Yourself
3760. Remembering the Morning Birds and Morning Glories Together
3761. Knowing Lyle B. Is Ever Special and Warm
3762. There Is Happiness Knowing Ronnie J.
3763. Never Hold Yourself Back From Doing God's Work
3764. Be Spontaneous But Direct
3765. Hone In the Memory of the Morning Birds Singing
3766. Lyle, I Remember Your Anniversary Date
3767. Ronnie, What A Delight to Know You
3768. What a Blessing to Know Wendy
3769. Become a Member of God's Army
3770. Stand With the Lord
3771. Be Strong In the Lord Without Fail
3772. Never Allow Fear to Undermine You
3773. My Time In the Field of Daisies
3774. Credence, What Does It Mean
3775. Keep Your Assurance In Jesus the Lord
3776. Find God's Peace In a Tree
3777. Remember Chicanery Is Something Most Unwarranted
3778. Broken Hearts Are Mended By God's Love
3779. Never Lose Heart In Serving God
3780. Give Peace to the Fallen Man
3781. Let Us Be Mindful of God and Ourselves
3782. God Will Always Prevail NO Matter What the Issue
3783. Let Us Live For God Every Day We Live
3784. Ponder the Things of God All the Time
3785. To Hear the Morning Birds Would Delight My Heart
3786. Lyle Never Mistreated Me Ever But Loved Me Always
3787. What a Wonderful Brother You Are to Me, Ronnie J.
3788. Telling Someone You Love Them Shouldn't Be Hard But Can Be
3789. The Monumental Man I See In Terry T.
3790. With the Morning Birds There Is Peace
3791. It's Great To Remember Lyle B.
3792. Ronnie Is My Brother I Dearly Love
3793. A Salute To a Wonderful Veteran Named Terry S.
3794. Fellowship With the Brethren
3795. The Day I Became a Christian
3796. Be Responsible and Never Wander
3797. Let Us Use what We Have For Jesus
3798. Love Is a Free Gift From God the Father to All People
3799. Her b and Judith Lie In the Field of Clover
3800. Show the Lord Respect Always
3801. Remembering the Morning Birds Bring Me Joy
3802. Another Positive Side to Lyle B.
3803. The Loveliness of Sharing Ronnie's Love
3804. Make Use of Your Time
3805. Give God the Preeminence He Deserves
3806. Give Homage to the Lord Always
3807. No One Ever Needs To Wander and Wonder
3808. Happiness Is a Gift From God Always
3809. Give Peace a Chance Today and Forever
3810. Open the Windows For God's Blessings
3811. Though the Morning Birds Aren't Here Today Their Memory Lives On
3812. Lyle B. and His Love Are Mine Always
3813. A Love That Will Always Continue Is Ronnie's Love
3814. Never Lose Yourself to Total Despair
3815. Speak Well of Those Who Have Gone Before Us
3816. Ponder the Things of God Always
3817. Worship the Only True God
3818. Let Everyone Be Mindful Of Who Jesus Is
3819. God Gives Grace To All That Need It
3820. Nothing Is Ever Too Impossible With God
3821. The Morning Birds Have All Flown Away
3822. Counting My Blessings and One In Particular
3823. The Clarity of My Brother Ronnie J.
3824. Remembering My Dear Parents Today
3825. Christmastime Is Fast Approaching
3826. Get Saved If You Aren't Already
3827. I Am Happy Today Thanks to Jesus
3828. Let There Be a Purpose for What We Do
3829. The Happiness Is Ours By Hearing the Morning Birds Singing
3830. Never Be a Simple Minded Person
3831. Freely Speak of God and His Wonderful Gifts
3832. Recalling a Great and Humble Man Named Lyle B.
3833. The Blessings of God Are Upon Ronnie J.
3834. Let Your Light Shine For Jesus Always
3835. Find It In Your Heart to Forgive Other People
3836. Be Responsible Always No Matter What
3837. Take It Upon Yourself to Behave Well
3838. Never Be One to Complain All the Time
3839. The Wonderful Rotchfords Is God's Gift to All
3840. There Is an Immeasurable Peace Knowing God
3841. The Joys of Hearing the Morning Birds Is God's Gift to All
3842. Tender Feelings Thinking of Lyle B.
3843. The Awesomeness of a Great Brother Named Ronnie J.
3844. Remembering Mother Today
3845. Have You Ever
3846. Diego Succumbs and Is Carried Away
3847. Turn Around and Face Forever
3848. Lyle and His Confections
3849. The Humbleness of My Brother, Ronnie J.
3850. Especially for You
3851. The Kindness of Terry T.
3852. Receive Peace From Offering Peace
3853. Light A Candle For All Our Veterans
3854. Where Have All the Flowers Gone
3855. In Spite of Myself
3856. The Garden of Magnolias
3857. Don't Let the Doldrums Get the Better of You
3858. Expect Much Where Much Is Given
3859. Saying So Long to Clarissa
3860. The Wonderfulness of Terry T.
3861. Happiness Goes Hand In Hand With Hearing the Morning Birds
3862. Remembering A Veteran, Lyle B.
3863. The Heart of a Great Man Known As Ronnie J.
3864. There Is Peace In the Valley
3865. Contemplate the Inevitable
3866. Live Unto Jesus For All Time
3867. Have You Counted the Cost
3868. Ponder the Things That Are Important
3869. Travel the Distance You Must
3870. The Morning Birds Bring Much Joy
3871. Undying Love From One Who is Gone
3872. Thinking of Ronnie J. Makes Me Most Happy
3873. Stick Close to the Lord
3874. Be Used of God NO Matter What
3875. Don't Hide The Truth Under a Bushel
3876. Be Affirmatively Patient Serving the Lord
3877. Life Without the One You Love
3878. What I See In Terry T.
3879. Happiness Is a Transitory Gift
3880. Contemplate the Inevitable
3881. The Morning Birds Have Brought Me Much Happiness
3882. Recalling Someone Great Especially Lyle B.
3883. An Auspicious Day With Ronnie J.
3884. Learn to Be Conservative
3885. Above All Be Patient
3886. It Never Hurts to Be Dogmatic
3887. Remembering the Good Things
3888. Be Thoughtful and Kind to Everyone
3889. Peace Is Not Only A Word
3890. Loving By the Beautiful Lake
3891. Christmas Will Be Here In Three Months And a Day
3892. Do Your Best to Win Others to Jesus
3893. Being Mindful of Who You Are Affects Everyone
3894. Treat Your Elders With Respect
3895. Be Prudent and Wise Now and Always
3896. The Beautiful Flowers In My Garden
3897. What to Do With the Lord
3898. Be an Optimist Never a Pessimist
3899. The Calling of the Lord
3900. A Letter To My Late Mother
3901. Oh For the Morning Birds to Return Would Be a Blessing
3902. The Closeness for One Who Is Gone Remains Inside
3903. Ronnie Is My Blessed Brother and Friend
3904. Jesus Will Imminently Return Are You Ready
3905. The Beautiful Flowers of Shalimar Valley
3906. Remain Faithful Till Jesus Comes
3907. The Morning Birds Are Wondrous Blessings From God to Us
3908. Immeasurable Blessings Are Mine Loving Lyle B.
3909. The Fellowship With Ronnie Is Always Present
3910. Make Your Mind Up to Serve Jesus All the Time
3911. Cling to Jesus Always and Never Leave His Side
3912. Happiness Is Found In the Lord Jesus Christ
3913. Wonder of Wonders That Jesus Loves Me
3914. Twelve Years and Eight Months Ago
3915. Be One With Some Backbone
3916. Learn to Count Your Blessings Everyday
3917. Be an Astute Member of Society
3918. Harken to the Voice of the Lord
3919. Be a Friend to All You Meet
3920. Keep the Lines of Communications Open
3921. Happiness Is Always Present While Hearing the Morning Birds
3922. The Wonderfulness of Lyle B. Today and Forever
3923. The Ever Wonderful Ronnie Now
3924. May the Singing of the Morning Birds Never End
3925. The Loveliness of One Who Is Gone Touches Me
3926. The Heart Within Ronnie Is Most Precious
3927. Tina, Happy Sweet Sixteen to You
3928. The Very Beautiful Lasonya
3929. Ponder the Things of God Today
3930. Live Your Life According to God's Plan
3931. Be of a Good Countenance All the Time
3932. Find Peace In the Rock of Ages
3933. Life Is Something Wonderful
3934. Life Is Something Wonderful
3935. Be Respectful of Your Parents
3936. Be One Who Is On the Go
3937. Raise Your Children Up Well
3938. Initially, An Acrostic
3939. Walk With the God of Peace Everyday
3940. Be Steadfast and Well Grounded
3941. There Is No Place For Being Contemptuous
3942. Life Is Something Wonderful With the Morning Birds Singing
3943. The Stability of One Named Lyle B.
3944. The Absoluteness of One Named Ronnie J.
3945. Be Cognizant and Mindful Of Who You Are
3946. There Is Joy In Serving Jesus
3947. My Mother Was My Dearest Friend
3948. Do Your Best to Witness for Jesus
3949. Find Immeasureable Peace Through Jesus
3950. Be Respectful With the Hearing of the Morning Birds
3951. Happiness Revolves Around Lyle
3952. Ronnie Is Someone Who Is Exemplary
3953. The Flowery Fields In Heaven
3954. Be Settled In Your Walk With God
3955. Show Forth the Lord's Love For All Mankind
3956. What a Blessed Day For the Lord to Come Again
3957. Be Continually Faithful to Jesus
3958. Congregate With the Christian People Always
3959. Freely Walk to Please the Lord Jesus Christ
3960. The Joy of the Morning Birds Makes All the Difference
3961. Lyle's Memorial to Me Offers Peace
3962. The Wisdom of My Brother Ronnie J.
3963. Be Of Goodwill and Love For Your Fellowman
3964. Harmony Is the Key Thing to Have and Possess
3965. Do All You Can For Jesus to Succeed
3966. Plan Ahead to Succeed Do Nothing to Fail
3967. Be Obedient To Your Parents Always
3968. Mind Your Manners To Be Considerate Always
3969. Never Be Presumptuous With Anyone Ever
3970. There Was a Doll Named Rachel Annabelle
3971. May You Someday Hear the Song Birds In the Evening
3972. Remembering My Other Brother Lyle B. Is a Joy
3973. The Happiness Ronnie Brings Is of God
3974. Peace Is Mine Through Jesus The Lord
3975. A Prayer of Humility to God
3976. Sing With All You Have Within You
3977. Be a Bright Light For Jesus Today and Always
3978. Face the Inevitable With God Always
3979. Never Let Encumbrances Get in Your Way
3980. Walk With a Positive Attitude
3981. How Sweet and Blessed Are the Morning Birds
3982. Long Overdue Praise For a Great Man Known As Lyle B.
3983. The Cheerful and Vibrant Ronnie J.
3984. My Parents Were My Best Friends On Earth
3985. Delight Yourself In the Lord Always
3986. Jesus is the Father of Lights
3987. Christmastime Will Be Here Before You Know It
3988. Obtaining Peace is Something Freely Given By God
3989. May the Morning Birds Be Heard Tomorrow
3990. Happiness Revolves Around the Memory of Lyle B.
3991. What I Have Found Inside of Ronnie J.
3992. Be Whimsical At Times For You Need It
3993. Be of Goodwill and Love For Your Fellowman
3994. Relax the Day Away With God and His Will
3995. Concentrate On God and Forget About Yourself
3996. Walk In Faith Believing At All Times
3997. Give Peace to the Fallen Everyday
3998. Don't Stop Believing In God Or Yourself
3999. Strength For Today Is Always Found In Jesus
4000. Silence May Not Always Be Golden
4001. There Is a Spiritual Feeling One Receives Hearing the Morning Birds
4002. The Graciousness of One Named Lyle B.
4003. The Wonderful and Endless Love of Ronnie J.
4004. Miriam Is My Dear Friend
4005. Hell Is For the Sinner Who Won't Repent
4006. The Morning Birds Always Make a Beautiful Sound
4007. Listen to Your Heart to Be Right
4008. Carry On When All Else Fails
4009. Diego Paints the Beautiful Madonna and Child
4010. The Love of My Brother Lyle B. Remains Within Me
4011. The Love of My Brother Ronnie Is Strong
4012. Wait Upon the Lord Jesus Christ For Everything
4013. Listen To Scripturally Sound Music to Bless Your Soul
4014. Reap the Benefits of Doing Things In Accordance to God's Will
4015. Turn Your Eyes to God Everyday Without Fail
4016. The Days of Rain Must Come
4017. Give Yourself Over to God At Every Turn
4018. Walk to Please the Lord Jesus Christ Always
4019. Follow God and Never Aimlessly Walk
4020. Bring All Your Cares For He Cares For You
4021. Never Be Nonchalant When It Comes to God's Work
4022. How Wonderful Are the Morning Birds As They Sing
4023. Lyle B. Will Always Be Cherished and Remembered By Me
4024. The Caring and Understanding Heart of Ronnie J.
4025. Live Only For Jesus and Never Yourself
4026. Be Straightforward In All You Do For Jesus
4027. Live Your Life to Please the Lord Jesus Christ
4028. Always Be Affirmative When It Comes to Jesus
4029. Wait For the Lord to Bless You
4030. There Is NO Peace Without God
4031. Look to Jesus and Eternally Live
4032. Be A Good Steward Always In Faith Believing
4033. Walk With God Everyday Not Just On Sunday
4034. Conserve Your Energy For God
4035. Be Poignant To Serve God
4036. There Is No Time Like the Present to Serve God
4037. Time Will Always Be Right To Hear the Morning Birds Singing
4038. Remembering Lyle B. Will Always Bring a Smile
4039. The Joy I Receive From Ronnie Is Wonderful
4040. Happiness Is Always of the Lord
4041. Walking With God Means You're Never Totally Alone
4042. Stand With Jesus Or Utterly Fall
4043. Never Thwart or Circumvent the Gospel
4044. Victory Is Always Found In Jesus
4045. Complacency Never Has a Place With God
4046. Never Falter Never Worry
4047. What a Wonderful Gift the Lord Gives With the Morning Birds
4048. The Ever Wonderfulness of Lyle B.
4049. The Great Wealth of a Brother Like Ronnie J.
4050. The Happiness of the Morning Birds Is Mine
4051. The Invaluable Love of Lyle B. Reaches Me
4052. The Absolute Love of Ronnie Is Something Wonderful
4053. Sunday Should Always Be Used For Jesus
4054. Jesus Cares For the Sinner
4055. Jesus Is Real In My Soul
4056. Bryan and Clarissa Are Forever Together
4057. Thinking About Christmas Makes Me Happy
4058. Think and Consider An Outcome
4059. See the Beautiful Waterfall
4060. Faithfulness Is An Order From the Lord
4061. Work the Works of the One Who Sent You
4062. Be Completely Immersed Into the Things of God
4063. Be Respective of the Trees You Have
4064. Never Let the Rain Get You Down
4065. Always Use Your Eyesight Well
4066. God's Steps Are Never Faltering Steps
4067. Remembering the Morning Birds Singing Is a Treasure
4068. The Loving Qualty of Lyle B. Is Most Exemplary
4069. The Special Love of One Known As Ronnie J.
4070. Use the Power of God Always In Your Daily LIfe
4071. Be Faithful to Jesus Christ Always
4072. Jesus Created the Morning Birds For All People
4073. Lyle B. Is Never Forgotten But Loved By Me
4074. The Graciousness of Ronnie J. Touches Me
4075. Smile For Jesus All the Time
4076. Do People Right All the Time
4077. LIve Your Life As If It Were the Last Moment
4078. Be Productive Walking to Please Jesus
4079. The Bells Will Be Tolling For Me
4080. Dr. Deb Doesn't Have a Perfunctory Bone Anywhere
4081. Dr. Deb's Caring Will Not Cease
4082. Dr. Deb's Love Is Within Her Heart To Share
4083. Dr. Deb Exhibits Punctuality Within Her Sessions
4084. Dr. Deb Is My Human Shield When Things Go Wrong
4085. Who Will Join Me
4086. Grace Landed Where the Blood Fell
4087. The Ever Present Blessing of Hearing the Morning Birds Singing Is a Gift
4088. The Reciprocated Love of Lyle B. Remains Mine Today
4089. The Endearing Love of a Special Man Known As Ronnie J.
4090. Walk the Narrow Road Which Leads to Heaven
4091. Never Become Despondent Ever
4092. Do You Ever Get Lonely
4093. Did You Hear the Morning Birds Singing This Morning
4094. I Am So Blessed to Have Known Lyle B.
4095. There Is NO Mistake With Loving Ronnie J.
4096. Dr. Deb Is Never Foolish But Caring
4097. Dr. Deb's Love Has Captured My Heart
4098. Dr. Deb Is Most Patient Coping With Her Patients
4099. Dr. Deb's Heart Is Genuinely Special
4100. Dr. Deb Is a Picture of Loveliness
4101. Do Right Should the Stars Fall
4102. Be Respectful of Your Elders Always
4103. Being Nonchalant Gets You Nowhere
4104. The Flowery Hills Are Speaking to Me
4105. The Former Things Are Passed Away
4106. The Association With Mrs. Bailey Is Something Wonderful
4107. Finding Peace In the Lord Jesus Christ
4108. There Is the Joy of Hearing the Morning Birds Within Me Today
4109. The Sweetness of Lyle B. Is Present Today With Me
4110. Basking In the Love of Ronnie J. Is Wonderful
4111. The Outstanding Love of Lyle B.
4112. What a Wonderful Man is Ronnie J.
4113. The Ever Present Friendship Of One So Dear
4114. The Budding Trees In Jamaica
4115. Dr. Deb Deserves So Much Praise
4116. Dr. Deb Is Absolutely No One's Fool
4117. Dr. Deb Has A Genuine Caring That Doesn't Stop
4118. Dr. Deb's Heart Is Always In the Right Place
4119. Dr. Deb's Perception Is Truly Amazing
4120. I Recall the Disaster Well
4121. Nine Years and Seven Months Ago
4122. Acknowledging the Power of God Through the Morning Birds Singing
4123. The Ever Appreciative Love of Lyle B. Is Mine
4124. A Brother Who Cares For Another Is Ronnie J.
4125. The Magnanimous Love of Ronnie J.
4126. Make Your Way to Jesus Before It Is Too Late
4127. It's A Sin Not to Believe Jesus
4128. The Flowery Hills of the North
4129. Dr. Deb Is Among the Masters In Psychology
4130. Dr. Deb Will Never Be a Sluggard
4131. Dr. Deb's Life Is Fully Given to Her Patients
4132. Dr. Deb's Experience Is Positive
4133. Dr. Deb Is an Immaculate Lady
4134. Kinship Is Something Most Wonderful to Have
4135. Never Be Perfunctory In Your Delivery
4136. Great Joy and Happiness Are Mine Listening to the Morning Birds
4137. Remembering the Immeasurable Love of Lyle B.
4138. The Immeasurable Love of Ronnie J.
4139. The Glory of God Is Shed Abroad Within the Morning Birds
4140. Lyle B. Is One Man For Whom I Will Go On Loving
4141. Living With Ronnie Is a Blessing From God
4142. Sound HIs Praises Everywhere You Go
4143. Look to Jesus For Everything Always
4144. Sing From Your Heart Always
4145. Give God the Praise From Your Heart
4146. Always Give Praise to God For Everything
4147. Live Your Life In An Exemplary Fashion
4148. Walk Among the Faithful
4149. Recompense, An Acrostic
4150. Never Let Your Guard Down Ever
4151. Dr. Deb Will Never Hear A Whimper Out of Me
4152. Dr. Deb Works On the Hearts As Well As the Minds
4153. Dr. Deb's Intentions Are Always Admirable
4154. Dr. Deb's Calling Has Reached Me
4155. Dr. Deb Is a Great Leader of What Is Right
4156. Never Derive Pleasure Out of Sin
4157. God Is Always For You So Never Feel Yourself Alone
4158. Happiness Is Always Derived From Hearing the Morning Birds Singing
4159. A Past Remembrance of Lyle B. and His Love For Me
4160. The Ever Caring and Wonderful Ronnie J. and His Love
4161. The Brightness of Ellie May
4162. Normalcy, An Acrostic
4163. The Morning Birds Are Stilled This Morning
4164. The Happiness I Received From Lyle Was Much
4165. The Love of Ronnie Touches Me
4166. Jessie and Beatrice Take A Sunday Drive
4167. The Blessings of Knowing Miriam
4168. Dr. Deb Has the Unction of Doing Right Always
4169. Dr. Deb Has Always Been Most Fair
4170. Dr. Deb Is A Square Shooter Always
4171. Dr. Deb Never Has a Swelled Head
4172. Dr. Deb Is Right On So Many Things
4173. Worshipping the Lord Should Take First Place
4174. The Call of the Redeemed
4175. The Wondrous Morning Birds Have Headed South
4176. The Watch Care of Lyle B. Is Mine to Feel
4177. The Invulnerability of Ronnie J.
4178. Serve the Lord with Gladness of Heart
4179. Use Your Heart To Know What Is Right
4180. Chicanery Brings Nothing But Heartache
4181. Happiness Should Belong to All People
4182. The Morning Birds Are Singing With a Cheerful Heart
4183. The Special Heart of One Who Is Gone
4184. The Ever Mindful Ronnie and His Love
4185. Dr. Deb's Patients All Are Fortunate
4186. Dr. Deb's Heart Is Given to Her Patients
4187. Dr. Deb Helps to Turn the Tide For Me
4188. Dr. Deb's Earnest Heart
4189. Dr. Deb's Open Hearted Ways
4190. Be A Witness for Jesus Everyday
4191. Come to God Always Empty Handed
4192. Hearing the Morning Birds Puts My Mind At Ease
4193. Remembering the Awesomeness of Lyle B.
4194. The Earnestness of a Delightful Man Known As Ronnie J.
4195. Give All To the One Who Loves Us All
4196. Enticement, An Acrostic
4197. What a Wondrous Joy to Hear the Morning Birds Singing
4198. A Love Like Lyle's Doesn't Just Happen
4199. The Endearing Love of Ronnie J.
4200. Dr. Deb Stands Out In a Crowd
4201. Dr. Deb's Wonderfulness Is So Exemplary
4202. Dr. Deb's Planning Is to Help the Patients
4203. Dr. Deb Is My Physical Stronghold Today
4204. Dr. Deb Is Not a Flash In the Pan
4205. Always Be Plausible In Everything You Say
4206. Join the Band That Is Going to Heaven
4207. What Joy is Mine Hearing the Morning Birds Singing
4208. The Never Faltering Love of Lyle B.
4209. I Have Never Known One Like Ronnie J.
4210. The Healing Waters Are Overflowing
4211. Lugubrious
4212. Lyle B. Is My Brother and My Friend Always
4213. The Mournful Songs of the Morning Birds Are Theirs to Share
4214. Lyle B. Is My Brother and My Friend Always
4215. The Ever Reachable and Caring Ronnie J.
4216. Dr. Deb's Comforting Words Will Help Sustain Me
4217. Dr. Deb's Track Record Is All So Genuine
4218. Dr. Deb Has the Determination We All Need to Cope
4219. Dr. Deb Comfort This Lugubrious Heart of Mine
4220. Memorializing One Called Janie
4221. An Honorarium of One Called Janie
4222. TheMourning Sounds of the Morning Birds Affect Me
4223. The Remembrance of Lyle B. Is a Part of Me
4224. Ronnie's Inclusion For Me Is Something Extra
4225. Dr. Deb's Courage Is Noteworthy
4226. Dr. Deb Has NO Negative Issues I Can See
4227. Dr. Deb's Nearness Sustains Me
4228. Be Found Faithful At All Costs
4229. Being Found Faithful Is What We Must Do
4230. Living Life With the Morning Birds Is A Great Gift From God
4231. Life With Lyle B. Is a Wonderful Treasure
4232. The Caring Is Genuine From Ronnie J.
4233. Dr. Deb Is the Epitome of Someone Most Special
4234. Dr. Deb Has NO Negative Issues I Can See
4235. Evoke Yourself to Do the Will of God
4236. Engulf Yourself In the Protocol of the Redeemed
4237. The Peace We Find From Hearing the Morning Birds
4238. The Blessedness of Love Came From Lyle B.to Me
4239. An Utmost Respect and Love For Ronnie J.
4240. Find Peace and Contentment Through Jesus
4241. Never Let the Circumstances Destroy Your Love For Jesus
4242. There Is a Miracle In the Morning Birds Singing
4243. The Commonwealth and Love of Lyle B.
4244. Ronnie Brings Such Happiness to My Life
4245. Dr. Deb Is an Integral Part of My Development
4246. Dr. Deb Stands On Her Own Merits
4247. Dr. Deb's Patients Are Cared For
4248. Dr, Deb Is Here to Stay and Help Me
4249. Dr. Deb Is My Psychologist and My Friend
4250. Life Is What You Make It To Be
4251. Leave Your Worries With the Lord Jesus Christ
4252. A Monumental Day Is Mine Hearing the Morning Birds Singing
4253. The incredulous and Realistic Lyle B.
4254. The Wonderfully Sympathetic Ronnie J.
4255. Never Find Yourself Entangled In Sin
4256. Leave Your Burdens At the Feet of Jesus
4257. Watch Where You Step
4258. The Love of Flowers and Trees Are of God
4259. The Unbridled Love of Two People
4260. God Is the Originator of Liberty
4261. Nothing Ever Happens But What God Knows About It
4262. To Me, the Morning Birds Singing Is a Miracle From God
4263. An Overflowing Amount of Love From Lyle B.
4264. The Constant and Steadfast Love of Ronnie J.
4265. Dr. Deb's Work Record Speaks For Itself
4266. Dr. Deb's Persona Is Absolute
4267. Dr. Deb's Demeanor Is Always Excellent and Caring
4268. Dr. Deb's Faithfulness Is Stern and Deliberate
4269. Dr. Deb and Her Commitment
4270. Choosing the Right Way to Go Depends On You Doing Right
4271. A Letter to God, the Heavenly Father
4272. Remembering the Morning Birds and the Morning Glories
4273. The Incomparable and Steadfast Love of Lyle B.
4274. The Never Ending Love of Ronnie J.
4275. Do Right To Always Please the Lord
4276. Take Notice of the Flowers and Trees Around You
4277. Do Well Serving God
4278. Be Careful In Sowing
4279. A Deserving Person Is an Humble Person
4280. Being Humble Is the Best One Can Be
4281. Nonchalant Attitudes Aren't Welcomed By Most People
4282. Happiness Abounds When I Hear the Morning Birds Singing
4283. The Steadfastness of My Other Brother Lyle B.
4284. A Thoughtful and Caring Brother Is Ronnie J.
4285. Dr. Deb At the Helm of My Personal Development
4286. Dr. Deb's Attitude Is Most Favorable
4287. Dr. Deb and Her Perfunctory-free Ways
4288. Dr. Deb and the Purpose She Has
4289. Dr. Deb and Realism Together
4290. Continual Joy Is Ours Through the Lord Jesus Christ
4291. Nothing Can Ever Befall You Without God Knowing It
4292. There Is a Peacefulness of Hearing the Morning Birds Singing
4293. No One Quite Like Lyle B. Have I Found
4294. The Sympathetic and Understanding Ronnie J.
4295. Dr. Deb's Colossal Strength Is Great
4296. Dr. Deb's Helping Hand Has Touched Me
4297. Dr. Deb and the Transient
4298. Dr. Deb and the Bereaved Soldier
4299. Dr. Deb and the Loquacious Patient
4300. The Roses On the Steinway Piano
4301. The Field of Sunflowers Are Calling Me
4302. The Morning Birds Are Singing Somewhere Today
4303. A Heart Full of Love Was Lyle's Heart
4304. The Caring and Sympathetic Ronnie J.
4305. The Earth, Sun and Moon All Belong to God
4306. Dr. Deb's Strength Becomes Stronger
4307. Dr. Deb Is the One Who Cheers Me On
4308. Dr. Deb Is My Personal Stand By When Troubled
4309. Dr. Deb Is a Champion
4310. Dr. Deb's Heart Is Always For Her Patients
4311. Dr. Deb's Prognostication Is Always Positive
4312. Dr. Deb Has Seen Me At My Worst
4313. Dr. Deb Experiences Happiness
4314. Dr. Deb Believes It Is Right To Grieve
4315. Dr. Deb's Instructions Are Always Simplistic
4316. Dr. Deb's Caring Is Far Reaching
4317. Dr. Deb Remains To Be Faithful to Her Calling
4318. Dr. Deb Is a Wonderful Psychologist and Lady
4319. Dr. Deb Is a Doctor Ready to Help Anyone
4320. Nothingness Is Always Negative
4321. The Story of Alexi, Alandra, Ty, and Zandra
4322. What a Blessing to Hear the Morning Birds Singing
4323. Remembering and Reflecting Upon Lyle B.
4324. The Understanding and Encouraging Heart of Ronnie J.
4325. Dr. Deb's Place Is With the Greats
4326. Dr. Deb Perpetuates Goodwill
4327. Dr. Deb's Strength Becomes Mine
4328. Dr. Deb Knows Best For Me
4329. Dr. Deb Never Said It Was All Easy
4330. Perhaps All Is Well With Your Soul
4331. Use Your Armor to Ward Off the Evil One
4332. Jesus Provides the Voice For the Morning Birds
4333. There Is Much Worth In Lyle B. Who Is Now Gone
4334. The Clarity of Ronnie J. Overwhelms Me
4335. Dr. Deb Makes Me Glad I Am a Patient of Hers
4336. Dr. Deb Is Most Trustworthy
4337. Dr. Deb Is a Doctor of Mercy
4338. Dr. Deb Goes Out on a Limb For Her Patients
4339. Dr. Deb Loves Her Chiidren Needless to Say
4340. Disgruntled, An Acrostic
4341. The Loveliness of Paris, Our C.N.A.
4342. The Morning Birds Are a Continual Blessing to All
4343. The Caring and Dedicated Man Named Lyle B.
4344. A Dedicated Man Named Ronnie J.
4345. Dr. Deb and the Trials I Have Gone Through
4346. Dr. Deb and the Kindred Spirit
4347. Dr. Deb Walks Down the Boardwalk
4348. Dr. Deb Cares What Happens to Her Patients
4349. Dr. Deb Helps Other Improve
4350. Parsimoniousness, An Acrostic
4351. Juanita, An Acrostic
4352. Are You Listening to the Morning Birds Singing For Jesus
4353. Remembering One Great Man Named Lyle B.
4354. The Unparallel Caring of a Man Named Ronnie J.
4355. Dr. Deb Says Goodbye to the Negativity Within Me
4356. Dr. Deb Never Circumvents the Truth
4357. Dr. Deb's Love of the Water
4358. Dr. Deb and the Incredulous Patient
4359. Dr. Deb and the Fine Art She Possesses
4360. Unruliness Never Works Well
4361. Be Mindful of Where You Have Come
4362. Happiness Is Mine Today For I Hear the Morning Birds
4363. The Incredibly Wonderful Lyle B.
4364. The Spontaneously Wonderful Ronnie J.
4365. The Loving Ways of Dr. Deb
4366. Dr. Deb and Christmas Time
4367. Dr. Deb's Connection To Her Patients
4368. Dr. Deb's Expetise Are Far Reaching
4369. A Gracious Lady By the Name of Dr. Deb.
4370. Walk With God At All Costs
4371. If You Wish to Please the Lord Never Be Nonchalant
4372. In My Mind's Ear, I Hear the Morning Birds Singing
4373. A Cherished Man Like Lyle B. Is Hard to Find
4374. The Ever Caring and Understanding Ronnie J.
4375. Dr. Pamela and the Night of Seclusion In Prayer
4376. Dr. Pamela and the Squirrel
4377. Dr. Pamela and the Whirlwind
4378. Dr. Pamela and the Undercurrent
4379. Dr. Pamela and the Useful Advice She Gives
4380. Concentrate On the Positive Things Always
4381. Walk With God Always
4382. Nothingness Is Of NO Value
4383. The Understanding Heart of Lyle B.
4384. The Heart Within Ronnie J.
4385. Dr. Pamela and Husband's Night Out
4386. Dr. Pamela and the Heart Attack Victim
4387. Dr. Pamela Shuns Profanity
4388. Dr. Pamela's Happiness
4389. Dr. Pamela and the Evening Shadows
4390. When Your Countenace Falls
4391. Supplication, An Acrostic
4392. Jesus Blesses Us With the Morning Birds Singing
4393. A Loving and Gracious Brother Was Lyle B.
4394. The Wonderment of Someone So Giving Is Ronnie J.
4395. Twelve Years and Seven Months Ago
4396. Dr. Pamela Has a Shoulder to Cry On
4397. Dr. Pamela's Vindication Is True
4398. Dr. Pamela Never Flounders Around
4399. Dr. Pamela's Beautiful Christmas Tree
4400. Perfunctory Is Never the Way to Go
4401. Transcontinental, An Acrostic
4402. The Harmony of Hearing the Morning Birds Singing
4403. Someone Most Special Is Lyle B.
4404. The High Caliber of a Man Named Ronnie J.
4405. Dr. Pamela's Grand Night of Seclusion
4406. Dr. Pamela's Happiness Is From God
4407. Dr. Pamela's Wonderful Loving Husband
4408. Dr. Pamela's Tenure
4409. Dr. Pamela and the Sea Urchin
4410. Give Your Very Best To God Always
4411. Reconciliation, An Acrostic
4412. The Morning Birds Are Somewhere Singing Today
4413. The Usefulness of Lyle B. Though He Is Gone
4414. Majestic and Bountiful Is Ronnie J.
4415. Dr. Pamela's Time In Bed With Her Husband
4416. Dr. Pamela and Her Cadillac
4417. Dr. Pamela and the Ferris Wheel
4418. Dr. Pamela Seen Through My Languid Eyes
4419. Dr. Pamela's Seashore Experience
4420. Never Leave a Poor Man In the Gutter
4421. Motivational, An Acrostic
4422. Happiness Is the Hearing of the Birds Singing
4423. The Privilege of Knowing Lyle B. Was All Mine
4424. The Harmonious Love of Two Brothers--Ronnie and I
4425. Dr. Pamela and the Nighttime of Prayer
4426. Dr. Pamela and the Flower Garden
4427. Dr. Pamela Rests Solely Within the Lord's Hands
4428. Dr. Pamela's New Lease On Life
4429. Dr. Pamela Dances the Night Away
4430. Rita, This Is Recognizing Your Birthday
4431. The Consistency of Dr. Deb.
4432. Endearing Happiness Is Experienced Hearing the Morning Birds
4433. The Distinct Value of a Brother Like Lyle B.
4434. Life's Richest Blessings Are Shared With Ronnie J.
4435. Dr. Pamela's Anniversary Night
4436. Dr. Pamela and the Garland of Holly
4437. Dr. Pamela's Free Spirit Touches Me
4438. Dr. Pamela's Willingness to Help Others
4439. Dr. Pamela and the Peace She Offers
4440. Peace Is Given Only By God
4441. Solitude, An Acrostic
4442. Happiness Is Mine Hearing the Morning Birds Singing
4443. When the World Stopped Lyle B. Began
4444. The Incomparable Ronnie J.
4445. Dr. Pamela's Night of Joy
4446. Dr. Pamela Boards A Carrier
4447. Dr. Pamela's Turn To Smile
4448. Dr. Pamela's Time Away From Work
4449. Dr. Pamela and Her Christmas Tree
4450. Nothing Happens Without God Knowing
4451. Somberness, An Acrostic
4452. What A Special Song The Morning Birds Sing
4453. Remembering Someone Special In Lyle B.
4454. The Greatness of a Man Named Ronnie J.
4455. Dr. Pamela's Quiet Night of Seclusion
4456. Life With Dr. Pamela Is Special
4457. Dr. Pamela and the Terrible Accident
4458. Dr. Pamela Is Captivated By the Night
4459. Dr. PamelaGoes to the Seashore
4460. Be Circumspect In All You Do
4461. Translucent, An Acrostic
4462. The Joy of Hearing the Morning Birds
4463. Coming To Grips With the Loss of Lyle B.
4464. God's Completeness Within Ronnie J.
4465. Invigorating, An Acrostic
4466. Never Be One to Hide Your Tears
4467. Dr. Pamela's Nightmare
4468. Dr. Pamela Meets the Lord
4469. Dr. Pamela and the Concerto
4470. Never Be One to Hide Your Tears
4471. Invigorating, An Acrostic
4472. The Morning Birds Were Silent
4473. A Great Memory of Lyle B. and Our Family
4474. The Wonderfulness of Ronnie J. Today
4475. Pamela and the Seashore
4476. Pamela and the Newspaper Article About Her
4477. Dr. Pamela and Her Love of Mankind
4478. A Secluded Night With Dr. Pamela