Poetry - I Once Was Blind But Now I See, cubby Brickhouse

It's free, and always will be.
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1. The Birds Have Come Back to Rest and to Sing
2. The Special Love of One Known As Ronnie J.
3. Seeing the Morning Doves
4. Counting the Cost of Failure
5. Don't Forget to Give God Thanks For Everything
6. Twelve Years and Eleven Months on the 23rd
7. This Too Should Be a Day of Thankfulness
8. Joys Are Forever
9. The Auspicious Day and Lyle B.
10. Joyful Were the Times I Heard the Morning Birds Singing
11. Mom Is Constantly Looking Down From the Banister In Heaven
12. Winter's Chill Is Continuing Today
13. When the Wind Howls
14. Lyle B. Remains to Be a Man of Valor
15. I Ponder My Usefulness to Jesus
16. Two Lovers Out On the Ocean
17. Remembering A True Soldier Named Lyle B.
18. The Exuberance of a Great Man Named Ronnie J.
19. Simplistic Not Difficult
20. When the World Stops Turning
21. The Burning Embers
22. Heaven, The Home of the Soul
23. Lest We Forget
24. Heaven Is Only One Breath Away
25. The Everlasting Joy of Knowing Ronnie J.
26. Never Be Without Oil In Your Lamp
27. Honoring Our Own Veteran Terry S.
28. The Wonderfulness of Ronnie J.
29. You Know There Is Life After Death For Lyle Lives Again
30. Find Peace and Shelter Within the Hand of God, The Father
31. The Ever Watchful Eye of Ronnie J.
32. The Loving and Profound Lyle B.
33. Purposely Know How to Act Always
34. Mom Is the Pride of Heaven In Jesus
35. The Incomparable and Steadfast Love of Lyle B.
36. Let Negativity Die
37. Realize the Worth of a Soul
38. The Great Fields of Daffodils
39. The Wonderful and Special Lyle B.
40. Offer a Hand to a Needed Soul
41. The First Morsel of Food Was Truly Delectable
42. Lyle and His Punctuality Truly Mean Something
43. The Emanated Love of Lyle Lies Within My Heart
44. The Closeness of One Brother Towards Another
45. Darien is A Wonderful Person
46. Reaching Your Goals Is Always Attainable With Jesus
47. Joy Is Mine Having Heard the Morning Birds Singing
48. Stick With What You Know Best
49. Mom's Usefulness to God
50. One Christmas
51. Omniscient, Omnipotent, and Omnipresent
52. Make Your Judgments In Accordance to God's Word
53. As It Repented the Lord Do So Likewise With Yourself
54. Miss Mary Ann In an Imaginary Land
55. Experience the Wonderfulness of Jesus
56. Getting Closer By the Minute
57. Facing the Daunting Evening Time
58. A Happier Time In Newport
59. Lyle Has a Great Personality and Love For People
60. Finding Peace In Jesus
61. Jesus Is the Great Healer
62. Walk the Freedom Mile With Jesus
63. When the Dark Clouds Come Around You
64. Make Your Life Count For Jesus' Sake Always
65. Finding A Purpose For Living
66. Mom's Life Was Always Exemplary To Anyone
67. Don't Play the Fool For They Always Lose
68. Courageous People Are Always Winners
69. Miss Mary Ann Is a Gem of a Lady
70. Mom Called Upon Jesus Then Jesus Called Mom Home
71. The Purity of God For All Time
72. Ronnie and His Consistency Are Most Invaluable
73. Lyle Brings So Much Joy to My Heart
74. The Wonderful Time Known As Fall
75. Embroiling Is Childish
76. Lyle, You Are Someone I Epitomize
77. When Idleness Sets
78. Be Mindful of Your Stature Towards God
79. Learn to Be Someone God Can Count Upon
80. A Christmas I Remember
81. Some Enchanted Evening
82. The Wonderfully Sympathetic Ronnie J.
83. The incredulous and Realistic Lyle B.
84. Pamela Is a Better Doctor Than Anyone I Know
85. Ronnie, Everyday With You Is Sweeter Than Before
86. Remembering Lyle and His Confections Is Wonderful
87. Saying Goodbye to Someone You Love
88. Christmas Memories Fill My Soul
89. Christmas Expectations Seen By A Chilld
90. The Remarkable Ronnie J. and Midnight
91. No Greater Heart Do I Find Than Ronnie's
92. Lyle Was One to Always Believe God
93. The Wonderfulness and Warmth of Ronnie J.
94. Finding Yourself Alone
95. How I Acknowledge My Wrongdoing to My Family
96. Never Too Early to Think of Christmas
97. Lose Yourself In the Lord's Love
98. Kaisho, An Acrostic
99. Josh, My Friend
100. Trust and You'll Never Be Ashamed
101. My First Nativity
102. Echoing the Long Night
103. Remembering the Christmases of My Youth
104. The Ghost of Ruth, A Little Girl
105. It's Christmas In the City
106. Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled
107. Acknowledging the Ravishes of Pain
108. The Infinite Wisdom of God Is Freely Given
109. Lyle Was a Great Su pporter of the Faith
110. The Winter's Chill Is Leaving the Lime Light
111. Mom Was an Excellent Steward of the Faith
112. In Loving Memory of Lyle B.
113. Experiencing the Blue Sky Anew
114. There is Joy In Serving the Lord
115. Regeneration, What Is It
116. An Outstanding Heart is What Ronnie Has
117. My Memories of Thanksgiving Day
118. Let the Joy Bells Ring Out A Glad Refrain
119. The Beautiful Rainy Day
120. Nothing is More Precious
121. Wonderful Is the Memory of Ronnie
122. God's Richest Blessings Are Ours
123. The Warmth of My Brother Ronnie
124. Honoring a Special Man and Cat
125. Happiness Is Mine Thanks to Jesus and to Ronnie J.
126. Wonderful Is the Night For Love
127. Let the Cold Winds Freely Blow
128. The Special Brother Known As Ronnie J.
129. Do Your Best to Please God With Everything
130. Dr. Harris On a Mission of Mercy
131. Miss Mary Ann Is a Treasure to All People
132. God Made This Glorious Day For Ronnie and Me
133. Heather Is a Wonder
134. Mrs. John Nelson Has Passed Away
135. Ervin, My Brother, Is Most Special
136. The Epitome of Someone Great Is Ronnie J.
137. The Newport Car Crash
138. Honoring A Man By the Name of Ronnie J.
139. The Harshness of Winter's Chill
140. Ronnie, What a Most Decent Man Is He
141. There Is Immeasurable Peace Only In Jesus
142. Be Humble and Be Patient
143. Ronnie Is the Only Gift I Need to Make Me Happy
144. Finding Peace Of Immeasurable Weath In Jesus
145. The Caring Soul of One Named Lyle B.
146. Miss Mary Ann Is a Treasure to Everyone
147. Find Your Hope in Jesus Christ
148. Lyle Is a Great Addition to My Heart
149. Calmly Do I Hear the Birds Singing
150. Mom Is Looking Down On Me
151. This Is God's Blessing of a Perfect Day
152. Marty, A God Send
153. The Morning Doves In Flight
154. Make Your Way to Jesus
155. No Finer Thing Than Having a Tree
156. The Old Home Place Has Changed
157. Excel In Your Quest to Serve God
158. Be One God Can Count Upon
159. Life Up Your Eyes
160. The Morning Birds and Their Song
161. Lyle B., and the Angels
162. A Cloudless Sky Today
163. In the Evening Light, Happiness Is Seen
164. The Full Moon Over the Pristine Lake
165. Be Faithful To Jesus Always
166. Be An Emissary For Jesus
167. The Awesomeness of Ronnie J.
168. What A Joyous Occasion
169. The Morning Birds Are Stilled
170. Gaining Truth In All Matters Will Separate You
171. The Winter's Chill Is What We Need
172. Genna, a Wonderful Lady and Friend
173. The Humbleness of Lyle B. Honors God
174. Mom Was the Closest Person to Jesus For Me
175. The Day We All Know and Love
176. Walk Not in the Shadows
177. Christmas Twenty-five Years Ago
178. Never Let the Song Leave Your Heart
179. Another Thanksgiving Is Near
180. Live Your Life According to God
181. Mom and the Springtime Flowers Are a Team
182. Contemplating The Autumn And Its Changes
183. Memories of a Place Called Newport
184. Remembering Lyle's Confections
185. The Beauty of the Red Cardinal
186. Seeing the Sea Oats Found On the Outer Banks
187. Remembering the Lord and Lyle B.
188. Evaluating the Cost of a Soul
189. Lyle B. Is Part of My Life
190. Get On Shouting Ground When You Reach Heaven
191. The Glory of God Is Shed Abroad Within the Morning Birds
192. Jesus Is the Rock of All Salvation
193. A Time For Lovers Is Today
194. This is the Time of Being Thankful
195. Miriam, The Enchanted Lady
196. Walk With God Whatever You Do
197. In a World of Shame
198. Give God the Praise For Everything
199. Happiness Is Never Revocable With Jesus Being Your Savior
200. The Happiest Thanksgiving Day Remembered
201. A Drive Along the Beach
202. Black Friday Blues
203. Facing Another Fall Day
204. Never Let the Song Go Out of Your Heart
205. The Impeccability of Lyle B.
206. Walk With Your Head Held High
207. Ronnie Is a God Send to My Heart
208. The Ever Blessed Ronnie J.
209. Saying So Long to Clarissa
210. Expect Much Where Much Is Given
211. Don't Let the Doldrums Get the Better of You
212. Acquaint Yourself With the Author
213. Awkwardness, An Acrositc
214. Christmastime Is On Its Way
215. Facing the Autumn With Receptive Arms
216. While Away I Wasn't Able to Hear the Morning Birds Singing
217. Arquita Is Like a Mentor and As a Friend
218. Correlation, An Acrostic
219. Happiness Is Mine Thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ
220. Chloe, An Acrostic
221. One Ounce of Faith Can Move Mountains
222. Honoring My Late Dad Today
223. Remembering My Late Mom and Her Love
224. The Autumn Flowers Are Out Today
225. There Is Nothing Like Home Baked Cherry Pies
226. What Does Halloween Mean To You
227. Let Freedom Ring
228. Facing the Unforgettable
229. Don't Ashamedly Walk
230. Pondering the Truth
231. When All Else Fails Trust Jesus
232. Jesus Is the Ultimate Authority
233. The Incomparable Miss Judith Rotchford
234. Jesus May Come Today Are You Ready
235. Beware of All Things Evil
236. Never So Far Away
237. Proclaim the Blessings of God
238. The Stupendous and Ever Faithful Lyle B.
239. Warm Is the Night and Cold Is the Day
240. Lose Yourself to Find Yourself In God
241. The Leaves Are Turning to Gold
242. Being Incapacitated Is a Hindrance
243. Expanding Your Mind
244. Give Comfort to the Comfortless
245. Concentrate on the Love of God
246. Friendship Is a Special Gift
247. Hurt Is A Natural Part of Life
248. Remembering Dad
249. When Life Becomes Hard
250. Sunshine and the Flowers
251. When In Doubt Leave It Out
252. See the Tide Rolling
253. The Blessings of the Green Grass
254. Disappointments and Hurts Are So Real
255. When the Night Shall Pass
256. Walking On Air
257. Relinquish the Past
258. Winning Is Everything
259. Have You Heard the Lord's Last Call
260. Freely Walking to Please the Lord
261. Singing to Please the Lord
262. The Miracle of Life
263. Closing the Door on Misfortune
264. Eradicating the Problems
265. Make Certain of Your Conversion
266. Testing Your Faith
267. Discovering Jesus' Way
268. Enjoying the Good Life
269. Experiencing the Wealth of a Nation
270. Jesus Brings Joy to the Sad of Heart
271. A Trellis of Red Roses
272. When No One Listens
273. Forgetting the Past
274. Be Mindful of the Lord Jesus
275. What To Do In Facing A Calamity
276. When You Miss Someone Special
277. Experiencing Joy
278. Never Let Your Guard Down
279. Facing the Ultimate Authority
280. Never Be Complacent
281. Be Watchful of Your Brother
282. Let Your Love Flow
283. Coming To A Profound Conclusion
284. The Beautiful and Effervescent Mary
285. Learning To Forgive Another
286. Christmas Is Getting Closer
287. Honoring the Memory of My Mother
288. The Loving and Wonderful Lyle B.
289. Bless the Lord For the Rainy Day
290. Do Your Best to Serve the Lord
291. Give the Lord Your Heart
292. Persevere And Faint Not
293. Give God the Glory
294. Confounding the Wise Man
295. To the Men of Poetrypoem.com
296. Let the Praises Ring Forth
297. When the Leaves Shall Fall
298. Encumbrances And What To Do With Them
299. Never Let It Be Said
300. When the Daylight Fades
301. Everything is Retrospective
302. Experience the Wind Chimes
303. Feel the Cool Breeze
304. Make The Day Great
305. Finding Peace In the Lord
306. One Day In Heaven Is Richer
307. Jessie and Beatrice Go Sky Diving
308. The Wind Will Undoubtedly Blow
309. Peace Is Attainable
310. Let's Be Prudent and Wise to Honor God Always
311. Be Positive Always
312. Mardi Gras Will Be Here On Tuesday
313. Christmastime Is Almost Upon Us
314. Christmas Is Only Eight Days Away
315. The Ever Flowing River of Life
316. Mom Was Most Exemplary With Everything She Did
317. Ronnie Is the Most Astute Man I Have Ever Known
318. Pamela and Another Night Out
319. The Essence of Valentine's Day
320. Proceeding to the New Year
321. The Joy of Remembering Lyle B.
322. The Auspiciousness of a Day With Ronnie
323. Annabella,An Acrostic
324. Terry T., Don't Ever Go Away From Us
325. A Heart Like Ronnnie's
326. A Man of Prayer--Ronnie J.
327. Apply Spirituality to Your Life for Jesus' Sake
328. Zaztrac, An Acrostic
329. Sitting At the Table With My Friends
330. Mom's Intuition Was Always On the Mark
331. Asia Is Someone Wonderful and Special
332. Hearing the Christmas Bells
333. Being Found Faithful Is Always Right
334. The Windswept Sand Dunes
335. Sing Praises Unto Him
336. What Expectations Do You Have For 2014
337. Don't Only Circumspectly Walk But Live This Way Also
338. Lyle Is Waiting to See Us Again
339. In A World Of My Own
340. Heaven, Where It Never Comes a NIght
341. An Exemplary Man Named Ronnie J.
342. The Clock Upon the Wall
343. The Love of Lyle Is Emanating Within Me
344. Praising Mom For All She Knew and Loved
345. Ronnie and His Wonderful Love
346. Another Auspicious Day With Ronnie J.
347. Doing Without Ronnie J. Isn't Easy
348. The Winter's Chill Has Lightened Up
349. Mom Has Given All She Had to Her Children
350. Ronnie and His Heart of Gold
351. The Angel on the Bridge
352. Praise the Lord With Everything You Have
353. The Wonderful Evergreen Tree
354. Be Accepting Of Others As You Know Jesus Would
355. Be Careful to Use Your Paints Well
356. Remembering Lyle At Christmastime
357. Love shared By Two Soul Mates
358. Thr Aristocracy of a Man Named Ronnie
359. Let the Happy Times Take Precedence Over the Bad
360. Lyle Had a Wealth of Happiness To Reach Everyone
361. Lyle Captured My Heart and My Love Years Ago
362. Mom and Her Gift One Year
363. The Joy and the Warmth Terry T. Brings
364. One Day I Will Fly Away
365. Never be a Compromiser
366. Face the New Day With Courage
367. Be A Freedom Fighter Like Terry S.
368. The Worth of a Man Like Ronnie
369. Make Your Life Count For Jesus' Sake
370. Happiness Is One Breath Away
371. Never Play With Fate
372. A Mysterious Part of Our World Is an Intangible Thing
373. Luck Had Nothing to Do With Mom Being In Heaven
374. The Springtime Temperatures Are Here
375. Lyle Always Gave Me Peace of Mind
376. A Time For Remembering
377. Praising the Lord for Lyle B.
378. Lyle and His Immaculate Disposition
379. Mom Enriches My Life Beyond Anything Else
380. Is That the Lights of Home I See
381. Peace Where There Is No Peace Behooves Me to Action
382. Feel the Urgency of God Working In Your Life
383. Be Of Good Report
384. Arquita is A God Send to All Around Her
385. Be Steadfast and Unmovable Plus Immutable
386. Ronnie What a Decent Man Is He
387. Lyle and the Freedom He Allows Me to Have
388. The Birds Sing From God's Direction Today and Everyday
389. Mom Was Our Personal Gift From God
390. Hearing the Birds Bring Joy to My Heart
391. Ronnie and His Smiling Face
392. The Birds Are All Fluttering In This Quiet World
393. Ronnie Is a Most Decent and Dependable Man
394. Lyle Was a Go-Getter In His Life
395. Do You Know What Winter's Chill Really Is
396. The Freshness of Autumn and Its Splendor
397. Pamela and the Crowning Day
398. Pamela and the Storm
399. Pamela Takes a Ride On the Ocean
400. The Sunny Days of Yesteryear
401. The Caring Heart of Lyle B. Remembered Today
402. Find Peace In the Lord Jesus Christ
403. Dr. Deb Is Among the Masters In Psychology
404. The Extravagant Beauty of Pamela
405. Another White Covered Bridge
406. Finding Yourself In Jesus
407. Sailing the Ocean Blue
408. Looking Toward Christmastime
409. A Christmas Expectation
410. Do Not Forsake the Promises of God
411. Mom Always Served God With Gladness
412. Heaven Is a Place Everyone Wishes to Go
413. From God There Are Three Great Hears Touching Me
414. Miss Mary Ann Is a Gracious Lady
415. Mom Is a Vessel Which God Is Able to Use
416. Karen Is a Most Precious Individual
417. In the Cool of the Evening Jesus Is Here
418. Never Let An Opportunity Pass
419. Freedom From Fear Is a Definite Plus
420. Be Willing to Sacrifice Your Time for Jesus' Sake
421. The Winter's Edge
422. Never Be Offended But Encouraged
423. Lend a Helping Hand To Someone Who Needs You
424. Lyle Was Always A Staunch Supporter of My Work
425. Nothing of Value Is By Happenstance
426. Clamoring For the Will to Live
427. Thanksgiving the Happy Time Of Year
428. The Morning Birds Were Quiet This Morning
429. Notice What You Are Doing
430. Cultivate the Right Attitude of Loving Jesus
431. The First Day of the New Year Is Here
432. The Joys of Knowing Lyle
433. Sahara Is a God Send to Many People Including Myself
434. Inquisitive Minds Want to Know
435. With Jesus At Your Side You'll Always Be a Winner
436. The Tree Outside My Bedroom Window Is Sleeping
437. Lyle B. Is a God Send to My Life and Heart
438. Leave the Evil Works of Darkness Out of Your Life
439. Lyle, And Your Positive Ways
440. Never Too Busy to Hear the Morning Birds
441. Carefully Cosider Your Options and Direction
442. Jesus Was Always Concerned For Others
443. Never A Night
444. Jessica Is a Great Lady and Worker
445. Happiness Comes By Way of Faith In Christ Jesus
446. Mom Was One to Cut Her Hair
447. Surrender Your Will Before It is Too Late
448. What Wonderful News Mom Is In Heaven Forever
449. Because of Jesus
450. Mariah Is a Treasured Lady to All Who Know Her
451. Josiah
452. Ty', Sai, Daniel Are God's Children
453. Forbearance Is Always Admirable
454. Grotesquely Captured
455. Lyle and the Merriment of His Heart
456. Moonlight Madness Manifests Itself
457. The Lord's Command--Feed My Sheep
458. The Joy of the Birds of Today Is Mine
459. Living My Life With Lyle's Love Is Something Great
460. Where Will You Be
461. The Encouragement I Find In Ronnie J.
462. Mom Was Always Faithful to God
463. Never Allow the Truth To Die
464. Trust the Lord Through It All
465. Unexpected Blessings
466. The Chrysanthemums and the Watery Soldiers
467. Sahara is a Precious Young Lady and Friend
468. The Wonderful Essence of a Man Named Mr. Dennie
469. The Happiness Is All Mine Thanks to Jesus
470. The Ever Considerate Ronnie J.
471. Some Called Her Rachel I Called Her Mom
472. The Wintertime Is Another One of God's Perfect Gifts
473. The Incredulous Strength of Ronnie J.
474. Janessa Is a Gracious Treasure
475. Give Yourself Over to God for All Time
476. Never Be a Quitter
477. How Do I Love Thee
478. Remembering the Morning Birds Bring Me Happiness
479. Walk A Mile In Someone's Shoes
480. The Flowering Garden
481. Terry T. Is the Epitome of Someone Most Special
482. Give of Yourself Every Single Day to the Lord
483. Strength Comes From the Lord and His Word
484. Be Determined to Follow Jesus
485. What Will You Do When Easter Arrives
486. Never Lead a Perverse Life
487. Lyle and the Freedom He Gives
488. Ronnie's Love Is Extraordinarily Wonderful
489. Lyle Comforts My Spirit Thanks to Jesus
490. Beautiful Is the Waterfall
491. Cristy Kaye Is Having a Birthday
492. Lyle Was Always a Man of His Word
493. What a Wonderful Brother You Are, Ronnie J.
494. Do We Honor Our Service Personnel As We Should
495. Autumn Is Here Again
496. Ronnie, Midnight, and the Recliner
497. Mom Is Blessed of God
498. Get to Know the Author of the Bible
499. There Is Joy Over One Soul That Repents
500. Abigayle, An Acrostic
501. Past Joys of Hearing the Morning Birds Singing
502. NO Circumstances Has Ever Defeated Ronnie
503. Mom and Mrs.Bailey In Heaven Together
504. Its Time to Rejoice
505. I'm Convinced Ronnie Is God's Child
506. Lyle B. Gave Me His Best Always
507. Praising the Love of Ronnie J.
508. Find Your Life In Jesus And NO Where Else
509. Ronnie Is a Watchman Over Me and My Soul
510. The Lovely Morning Birds Are Around Us
511. The Shelter In the Storm
512. Be Partial Towards the Things of God
513. Be Concerned About Others
514. Miss Mary Ann Is Someone Most Personable
515. Lindsey Is Most Intelligent
516. There's Nothing Like the Real Thing
517. BeAstute and Definitely Smart Always
518. The Quality of Singing From the Birds
519. Courtney, A Lady of Distinction
520. The Personal Worth of a Winter's Day
521. Incessantly Weep Over Someone Who Is Lost and Undone
522. Christmastime Is a Wonderful and Right Time For Holly Wreaths
523. Lyle Is a Treasured Man
524. The Harmonious Sounds Will Someday Return
525. The Sky Is Covered With Snow Clouds
526. In the Valley of Nothingness
527. The Wonderfulness of Ronnie
528. Sahara, A Lady of the First Order
529. Be Forever Free In Jesus
530. Singing the Praises of Sissy
531. The Non-usable Christmas Tree
532. Valentine's Day Will Be Here Shortly
533. Cultivate a Healthy Respect for God and His Son--Jesus
534. Christmas Wasn't So Merry In My Past Years of Life
535. Freeing Your Spirit
536. Walk the Road of Truth Everyday
537. Happiness Belongs to God
538. Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due
539. Being Nonchalant Is Often Wrong
540. Miss Sylvia, A Grand Lady
541. Dr. Deb Says Goodbye to the Negativity Within Me
542. As Jesus Is the Foundation For Our Lives Mom Was Mine
543. The Delightfulness Found In the Trees
544. Be Still My Soul and Know the Will of God
545. Finding Peace In the Shelter of the Storm
546. The Happiness At Christmastime
547. Being Truly Thankful on Thanksgiving Day
548. Don't Forget Jesus On Thanksgiving Day
549. Work the Works of God Always
550. How Dark Is the Sky
551. The Immaculate Ronnie J.
552. Mom's In the Kitchen
553. Serve the Lord God In Humility
554. Mom and the Prayers She Has Prayed For Us
555. Live Your Life According to God's Will and Purpose
556. Joy Belongs to God and His People
557. The Awesomeness of Jesus
558. Dr. Deb Is One Spectacular Lady
559. Eleven Years and One Month Ago
560. The Equanimity of Pamela
561. Life With Dr. Pamela Harris Is a Joy
562. Pamela Is a Special Lady As Well As Doctor
563. Pamela Again At Oceanside
564. The Wonder of Dr. Pamela Harris
565. Put Your Trust, In the Lord Jesus Christ Always
566. Never Be a Stumbling Block to Anyone
567. Leave Me Not Alone
568. Though Silent, I Can Hear the Morning Birds
569. Lyle B. At the Fort Macon State Park
570. Life Is Wonderful With Ronnie J. In It
571. A Blessed Brother Was Lyle B.
572. The Art of Loving Another
573. Don't Be a Waster of Time
574. Seeing the Daisies In the Autumn Rains
575. Be One to Achieve and Never Falter
576. Ronnie Is My Brother As Well As My Friend
577. Giving God the Praise For All Things
578. Excel and Never Plunder Into Nothingness
579. The Auspiciousness of Lyle B.
580. Without God We Are Forever Lost
581. Recognizing the Beauty of Autumn
582. Lyle Is Always Within My Heart
583. Remembering A Veteran Named Lyle B.
584. Keep Your Assurance In Jesus the Lord
585. Credence, What Does It Mean
586. My Time In the Field of Daisies
587. I Saw A Sparrow In A Tree
588. Christmas Draws Nearer For Ronnie J.
589. Lyle and This Christmastime Together
590. The Spontaneity of Heather
591. Ronnie Is the Epitome of Someone Great
592. The Brisk Autumn Breeze
593. The Uniqueness of Emily and Ashland
594. See the Ever Changing Weather
595. Discovering the Capsized Boat
596. Learning to Lean Upon Jesus
597. And When Good and Evil War
598. Against All Odds
599. My Magnificent Brother Ronnie J. Today
600. Feeling Successful
601. Coming To God Before Its Too Late
602. Remembering To Thank God For Everything
603. See the Wonderful Ocean
604. On a Cold Winter's Night
605. Christmas Is Past But Remains to Be A Part of Me
606. Thursday, January 2nd, 2014
607. Give Freely of Yourself
608. Claim the Mighty Power of God Always
609. Trusting Jesus When All Else Fails
610. Peace In the Valley
611. Experiencing the Autumn Rains
612. The Life Of Fall Is Only Three Months
613. Singing a New Song of Zion
614. The White Picket Fence of the Home Place
615. Do You Feel the Magic Is in the Air This Christmastime
616. Consecration, What Is It
617. Be Kind To A Stranger Today
618. Experiencing the Happiness Within
619. Erudite Comes With Education
620. Justified, An Acrostic
621. Janie and Janet Beside the Grassy Knoll
622. Wonderful Is the Father of Lights
623. Christmas Is Not That Far Away
624. With Jesus There is Always Great Expectations
625. May We Always Be True and Faithful to God
626. Immutability
627. Ronnie Is One I Can Truly Call My Brother
628. Lyle Ends My Longing For Companionship
629. Mom Is Rejoicing With the Angels
630. The Blessed Hope
631. Great Expectations Will Be Ours In 2014
632. Spring Will Be Here In Three Months
633. It's Another Wintry Day
634. Beowulf Finds a Mate
635. A Letter to God, the Heavenly Father
636. Be Prudent and Wise Now and Always
637. What to Do With the Lord
638. Sing a New Song For Jesus To Hear You
639. The Calling of the Lord
640. Be an Optimist Never a Pessimist
641. Make Your Mind Up to Serve the Lord Jesus Christ Today
642. Oh For the Morning Birds to Return Would Be a Blessing
643. A Letter To My Late Mother
644. The Closeness for One Who Is Gone Remains Inside
645. Ronnie Is My Blessed Brother and Friend
646. One In a Million Is Ronnie J.
647. Melani Is One of Our Ebony Queens
648. Excitement Ensues With God
649. May the Church Bells Ring This Sunday
650. Love As Never Before
651. Make Much of God In All You Do
652. Terry T., What a Blessing You Are to Me
653. Accept All That God Has For You
654. Circumspectly Walk Your Way to Greatness
655. The Wonder of Tish
656. The Perfect Time For Joy
657. Make the Right Preparations to Live
658. The Wonderfulness of Terry T.
659. Sahara, the Wonderful Lady You Are
660. Clarissa, The Extraordinary Lady
661. Let There Be Glorious Light
662. Joy of Joys I Heard the Morning Birds Sing
663. The Beauty of the Gardener
664. The Heart of Ronnie J.
665. Come,Let Us Adore Him
666. Acknowledge the Love of
667. Acknowledging the Love of God
668. Wonderful is the Lord
669. Hear the Ringing of the Christmas Bells
670. The Wonderfulness of Ronnie and Midnight
671. The Love of Lyle B.
672. Lyle Remains To Be Special Within My Heart
673. Pamela and the Christmas Season
674. Can Christmas Be Far Behind.
675. Life Is Not the Same Without Lyle B.
676. Mom Is Praising God Today
677. Never Let Your Defenses Down
678. Be Prudent And Wise Always
679. Mom Knows For Herself That Time Is NO Less
680. Living With Ronnie Is a Blessing From God
681. Lyle B. Is One Man For Whom I Will Go On Loving
682. Give Peace a Chance
683. Walk With Jesus Always
684. Tackle the Challenges One At A Time
685. Ronnie Outstretches His Hand In Love to Me
686. Be Admonishing to Do the Right Things In Life
687. Teresa Is the Epitome of Someone Special As Is Keisha
688. Teresa Is Someone Special
689. Be A Doer of the Word Always
690. Walking In Faith Is Always Best
691. Keisha Is Someone Special
692. In a Land Far Away
693. Are You Ready For Home
694. Happiness Is From God
695. Lyle and the Time of Baking
696. The Heartbreak of Failure
697. With Jesus You're Never Alone
698. Acknowledge the Lord Jesus Christ Always
699. No Night So Long
700. Pondering the Right Way To Go
701. Lyle B., Ronnie and the Blue Birds
702. Being Gullible Is Always Wrong
703. Waft It On the Rolling Tide
704. God Is the Grantor of Eternal LIfe
705. Honoring the Man Known As Lyle B.
706. Mom Is Yonder In Heaven Praying For Me
707. Give Yourself to God Wholly and Without Reservation
708. Christmas Is On Our Minds Today
709. A Wonderful Brother Is Ronnie J.
710. Finding Peace Through Faith
711. Let Your Light Shine Before Men Always
712. Modern Times Of Today
713. A Wonderful And Caring Man Named Ronnie J.
714. Ronnie Is Never In a Catawampus Position
715. The Snow Fell Yesterday During Winter's Chill
716. Great Expectancies Will Happen in 2014
717. Will Jesus Return In 2014
718. Erma, Our Lady of Mercy
719. Remembering A Man By the Name of Robert
720. A Norman Rockwell Look A Like
721. The Brighter the Sun
722. Shout For Victory In Jesus' Name
723. Lyle, an Emissary For God Touches My Life
724. Stand Your Ground
725. Walking to Please Jesus
726. While Driving Through the Valley
727. The Subject of Thankfulness
728. I Delight In Knowing Tish
729. Never Be Dismayed, Look To Jesus
730. Always Have Hope In the Lord Jesus Christ
731. Be Mindful of Who Jesus Is
732. Will, a Genuine and Caring Man
733. The Loving Heart of a Man Named Lyle B.
734. The Congregating of the White Doves
735. Praising God In the Rain
736. Doctor Pamela Harris, An Acrostic
737. Find Peace And Strength In the Lord Jesus Christ
738. Happiness Goes Hand In Hand With Hearing the Morning Birds
739. The Heart of a Great Man Known As Ronnie J.
740. Remembering A Veteran, Lyle B.
741. Mom Was Always Exact of What She Did To Please God
742. Christmas Is the Special Time of Year
743. Immeasurable Peace
744. Emanating Peace
745. In the Darkness of the Night I Am Not Alone
746. Air Your Grievances to Jesus
747. The Man I Know As Lyle B.
748. Allow the Joy Bells To Ring
749. Fellowship For Christ, An Acrostic
750. When Death Comes It Is a Graduation
751. Yellow Is a Vibrant Color
752. The Simplicity of Ronnie J.
753. Its Christmastime Once More
754. Ronnie's Inordinate Way Is So Loving
755. The Inerrant Word of God
756. Give Of Your Best To Jesus Always
757. What One Does Is Not Always Right
758. What Do You Wish For In the New Year
759. Confounding the Wise
760. Experiencing New Life Through Jesus Christ
761. When Joy Overtakes You
762. Happy Times With Ronnie J.
763. The Beautiful Flowers In My Garden
764. Lyle Is Ever Near Me
765. The Love of One Brother For Another
766. The Happiness of Seeing the Trees
767. Christmas Is Only A Few More Days Away
768. Enjoying the Goodness of God
769. Ronnie, the Caregiver
770. Oh Lord, Take Joy In What You Hear
771. A Great Photographer Named Ronnie J.
772. Driving Through On Sunday Morning
773. The Loving Heart of Lyle B.
774. Enjoy the Message of the Songbirds
775. Never Lose Hope But Trust in Jesus Always
776. Christmas Is Still Very Much a Part of Me
777. Honoring the Veteran, Lyle B.
778. Immeasurable Christmas Joys
779. Ronnie, Midnight, and the Blue Jays
780. Make a Point To Honor God Always
781. Memories of Mom While Upon the Earth
782. Work to Please God With All You Do
783. Jesus Will Remain the Same Always
784. Praise the Lord For Everything
785. Black Friday Is An Autumn Day
786. Nevertheless, Thy Will Be Done
787. A Most Loving and Caring Man Named Lyle B.
788. Surround Yourself With Positive People
789. Arquita Is Someone Most Special to All People
790. Miss Mary Ann Is Like a Breath of Fresh Air
791. The Hardship of Failing Is Most Painful
792. A Message of Praise
793. Mom Was My Guardian and Friend
794. The Freedom We Have Listening to the Birds That Sing
795. Ronnie Is a Treasure In Anyone's Heart
796. Lyle Has an Impact Upon Many Lives
797. The Delightful Ronnie J.
798. Ronnie Present at the Crucifixion
799. Thanksgiving Is a Bountiful Time of Blessings
800. Have Mercy Upon Me
801. Making Appropriations to Honor Jesus
802. A Brother Indeed Is Terry S.
803. The Birds Will Sing For Us Again
804. Mom's Ways Are Meaningful to Me
805. Mom and Her Feelings About Me
806. The Birds Comfort Me
807. A Voice Has Been Stilled
808. Lyle Stood With Me One Day
809. Ronnie and His Eye For Beauty
810. Lyle Loved My Work and Me
811. No Finer Day Than Today
812. Remembering Jesus Today
813. Christmas Happiness Is Mine Today
814. The Nativity Is Remembered Today
815. Do Not Circumvent the Truth
816. Christmas Joys Belong To God
817. Christmas Memories
818. Diego Paints Easter Morning
819. Being Grateful For Another Birthday
820. A Millionaire's Peace Is What I Have In Lyle B.
821. The Morning Birds And the Morning Glories
822. Find Utter Peace With All You Do
823. Be Whimsical At Times For You Need It
824. What I Have Found Inside of Ronnie J.
825. Happiness Revolves Around the Memory of Lyle B.
826. Have You Ever Seen a Red Cardinal
827. Be a Witness for the Lord Jesus Christ
828. Sabbatical Is Something Special to Do
829. A Heart Full of Love From Lyle B.
830. I Heard the Morning Birds Sing Today
831. Look Ahead Never Look Back
832. Silent Are the Morning Birds Today
833. Mom Always Showed Us Parental Love
834. Fill Your Life With Positive Things and People
835. Look to the Lord Jesus Christ When Trouble Arises
836. Don't Be Blinded by Greed and Corruption But Be Free
837. Find Peace and Shelter Within the Blood of Jesus
838. Omnipotent, An Acrostic
839. Be Candid and Exercise Truth Always
840. Never Be Anyone's Fool
841. Jesus Is Real; Deep Down In My Soul
842. Be Consistent and Never a Sluggard
843. What a Wonderful Man Was Lyle B.
844. Saint Patrick's Day Celebration
845. The Blessedness of Wendy
846. Lynata Murray, An Acrostic
847. A Christmas In Newport
848. Recognizing Janie, Janet and Country Poet
849. Glorious Were the Morning Birds Today
850. Peace On This Day Is Ordered
851. Lyle and a Heart Like His A Winning Combination
852. The Birds Are Getting Closer All the Time
853. Fighting the Encumbering Storms
854. Expectancy, an Acrostic
855. How Long Will You Procrastinate
856. Our Old Country Home Has Changed
857. The Brother of a Lifetime is Ronnie J.
858. Pamela's Happiness of the Ocean
859. Never Slip and Not Repent for This is Wrong
860. Stand Fast Your Profession
861. Being an Example of God's Mercy
862. Keeping Things Simple is Best
863. Jessie and Beatrice On the Ocean
864. Ronnie Is Rich In Many Ways
865. Recalling The Rotchfords
866. Lyle Remains to Be Ever So Close to Me
867. An Impromptu Meeting
868. Christmas Joys Are God's Gifts
869. The Wonderfulness of a Man Named Lyle B.
870. Overcoming the Pain
871. Facing Life's Many Obstacles
872. Don't Lose Sight of Your Goals
873. Wendy Is an Excellent Nurse and Great Person
874. Plant a Kiss Upon the Lips of the One You Love
875. The Weath of the Lighthouse
876. A True Miracle Is Jesus
877. Remembering A Past Christmas
878. The Old Farm House
879. Honor the Lord With the First Fruits of Your Labor
880. Rough the Times Together In Sporting Your Gloves
881. The Long Way Home
882. The Openness of Ronnie's Heart to Me
883. The Candor of a Man Named Ronnie J.
884. Ronnie's Love Touches My Soul
885. The Jovial Attitude of Lyle Thrives Within Me
886. Thinking of Mom's Heavenly Garden
887. When the Crying Stops
888. Lyle and His Concern For Others
889. The Season of Lent, An Acrostic
890. The Languid Eyes of Jesus Permeate My Soul
891. The Wealth of a Brother
892. Ronnie, Without You In My Life I Would Be Alone
893. A Robin Sings In the Afternoon
894. Wandering Far From the Fold
895. Facing the Inevitable and Imminent Return
896. Live Life To the Fullest
897. In the Hour of Need
898. Wonderful Is the Lord Jesus
899. In the Shadow of the Nighttime
900. Walk With Me
901. Happiness Is Mine
902. Concentrate Upon Christmas
903. My Brother Ronnie's Birthday
904. A Human Angel Named Ronnie
905. An Enchanting Couple
906. Walk To Honor the Lord
907. Mom's Time Cooking the Turkey
908. Joy In the Morning
909. Another Holiday Memory
910. How Brightly The Sun Shines
911. Mom's Days In the Holiday Kitchen
912. One of My Worst Pet Peeves
913. A Happier Time Remembered
914. Experiencing the Watery Soldiers
915. Making A Proclamation
916. The Beautiful Essence of Pam
917. Showing Respect is Using Wisdom
918. Jessie and Beatrice During Christmastime
919. Don't Let Your Countenance Waver
920. Take Joy In What You Hear
921. Make Peace With Those Against You
922. What Contemplations Do You Have in 2014
923. Admiring a Special Man Named Lyle B.
924. The Duties of the Pastor's Wife
925. Freely Give Your Life to Honor Him
926. Overcoming Evil With Good
927. Shout the Praises of God
928. Calmly Speak to God
929. The Leaves of Fall Surround Us
930. Jesus Says, Walk Along With Me
931. When Will the Rains Come Again
932. What a Wonderful Brother You Are to Me, Ronnie J.
933. Never Flounder Around and Do Nothing
934. Becoming Despondent Should Never Happen
935. Lose Yourself In Spiritual Luxury
936. Remember to Put the Bottle Down
937. A Treasure Trove of Wealth
938. God Never Sleeps
939. Facing the Crowning Day
940. From the Cradle to the Grave
941. Never Become Nonchalant
942. Work For the Nighttime Is Coming
943. Facing Another Lonely Nighttime
944. Walk In A Positive Way
945. Drifting Away From God
946. Knowing When Not to Move
947. Draw No Negative Conclusions
948. The Majesty of a Mountain
949. Casey and Heather So Much In Love
950. Sow to the Wind and Reap the Whirlwind
951. Making Callous Mistakes
952. Experience the Majesty of the Ocean
953. Acknowledge the Steps of Faith
954. Finding Peace in the Quiet of the Night
955. Give An Ear To the Messenger
956. The Loving Heart of Ronnie J.
957. Ronnie and the Morning Christmas Bells
958. Dispelling the Nighttime
959. The Wonderful Love of Bryan and Clarissa
960. Living the Life of Raleigh
961. Keep the Most Important Things In Retrospect
962. The Wonderful Man Named Ronnie J. Revisited
963. Ronnie and the Steeple Bells
964. The Incomparable Lyle B.
965. Daniel and Pam Hand In Hand And Korea
966. Waking Up On Christmas Morning
967. Be Overjoyed Serving God
968. Ponder the Message of Christmas
969. Everything In Retrospect
970. The Discerning Thoughts of One Named Lyle B.
971. Giving the Lord the Praise
972. Making the Night Last Forever
973. This Is the Lord's Day
974. Nothing Good Is Ever By Happenstance
975. The Excellence of a Man Named Ronnie J.
976. Be One Who Encourages Another
977. Dr. Deb and Her Commitment
978. Lyle B. and the Snow
979. Experience New Life In Jesus
980. Walking Along the Rustling Leaves
981. Experience Happiness Wherever You May Go
982. Being Alive On the Blue Ocean
983. The Wonder of Autumn
984. The Night I Should Have Died
985. Without A Doubt I Am Saved
986. Be Mindful of Your Surroundings
987. Proclaim the Majesty of God
988. When All Seems Lost
989. Keeping the Faith
990. Watching the Ships Roll Into Port
991. Delight Yourself In the Lord
992. Peace When There Is No Peace
993. Trusting One You Cannot See
994. Be Kind To A Stranger
995. The Uniqueness of the Lord Jesus Christ
996. The Awesomeness of Mr. Dennie
997. Honoring John Lee and Wendy
998. May You Hear the Church Bells Ring
999. Pondering Christmas
1000. Honoring Ronnie J. Today
1001. A Snow-capped Day t
1002. A Snow-capped Day Thirty Years Ago
1003. The Wind Is Changing
1004. The Horror Lives On--9/11/2001
1005. Experience Unspeakable Joy
1006. Making the Nighttime Lasts
1007. Play Me A Song
1008. The Incomparable Heather
1009. Make A Pact To Honor God
1010. The Auspiciousness of a Man Named Ronnie J.
1011. Wendy and the Christmas Tree
1012. Be Thankful For A Cloudy Day
1013. Remembering the Daffodils
1014. Tempered Steel
1015. A Message Found In A Bottle
1016. A Bed Full of Roses
1017. Losing Yourself In Luxury
1018. Rediscovering the Night
1019. Never Give Up On Yourself Or Your Dreams
1020. Facing Another Night of Anguish
1021. Making the Day A Wonderful Time
1022. Use Your Talents For God
1023. Patricia In the Forest
1024. Some of the Sweetest Couples
1025. Make It a Night To Remember
1026. The Wonder of It All
1027. Basking In the Love of Jesus Christ
1028. Never Use Lethargy As An Excuse
1029. Masking the Chicanery Never Works
1030. Be Prudent In All Your Dealings
1031. Get A Handle On Life
1032. Facing the Impending Crescendo
1033. Facing Disappointments
1034. No Lovelier Spot on Earth
1035. See You In the Rapture
1036. Vindication--What Is It
1037. Pam Is Adorned in Heaven
1038. When All Is Lost There Is Jesus
1039. No Place For Tomfoolery
1040. Seeing the Calm, Blue Water
1041. Never Be Totally Dismayed
1042. Fall Is the Time For Chrysanthemums
1043. Be Mindful of the Lord In All You Do
1044. Be Prudent and Wise
1045. Crossing the White Covered Bridge
1046. flowers For the One You Love
1047. Finding Peace In the Storm of Life
1048. The Lovely Chrysanthemums
1049. The Extraordinarily Wonderful Lyle B.
1050. Never Be Wrongfully Confounded
1051. Choosing the Right Way to Go Depends On You Doing Right
1052. The Incomparable Chrysanthemums
1053. Roll on Mississippi
1054. When the Midnight Hours Come
1055. Take Heart Jesus Is Coming
1056. Peace In Solitude
1057. Jesus' Return Will Be Sudden
1058. Eleven Years And Eight Months
1059. Jessie and Beatrice Attending Church
1060. Bryan and Clarissa Take A Boat Ride
1061. Using A Facade Never Works
1062. Accepting the Inevitable
1063. The Memories of Lyle B.
1064. Make a Commitment to God and Keep It
1065. Having Expectations Is Most Positive
1066. Rejoice, It's Christmastime Again
1067. The Joy of Hearing Sleigh Bells
1068. The Calming of the Wind
1069. Courtney, Kentucky, and Christmastime
1070. Ronnie and the Christmas Bells
1071. The Merriment of Lyle B.
1072. Listening For the Christmas Bells
1073. The Christmas Slippers
1074. Christmas Magical Lights
1075. The Beauty of the Cardinal At Christmastime
1076. Wonderful Is a Christmas Night
1077. Sing the Carols of Christmas
1078. Sing Praises Unto Jesus
1079. Be Found Faithful to Jesus
1080. The Constant Love of Ronnie J.
1081. Remembering A Special Man Named Lyle B.
1082. May the Spirit of Christmas Shine In Your Heart
1083. Lose Not the Spirit of Christmas
1084. Never Be In Want With Jesus
1085. How Treacherous Are the Waters
1086. Experience the Spirit of Christmas All Year Through
1087. Let's Sing Joy to the World
1088. A Childhood Fantasy Comes to Life
1089. Jessie and Beatrice At Christmastime
1090. The Ever Blessed Ronnie J.
1091. The World of Music From the Morning Birds
1092. Lasting Memories of Lyle B.
1093. Have Your Perceptions Changed
1094. Remembering My Brother, Robert Griggs
1095. Seeing the Orange Tulips In Holland
1096. Coming to Know a Great Man Named Lyle B.
1097. The Candor of Lyle B.
1098. Remembering the Joy of Knowing Ronnie J.
1099. Ronnie J. Declares the Glory of God
1100. Tender Thoughts of Ronnie J.
1101. Getting To Know Lyle B.
1102. The Sands Through the Hour Glass
1103. Little Did They Know
1104. The Stars Never Shown So Bright
1105. Let's Spend The NIght Together
1106. Captured By the Night
1107. Lyle Is Someone Most Special That Is Always Loving
1108. A Lonely Christmas Tree
1109. Ode to the Holly Bush
1110. Spiritual Expectations Are Ours
1111. Be Prudent In All of Your Dealings
1112. Let the Joy Bells Forever Ring In Your Heart
1113. Miss Mary Ann and Christmastime
1114. With Friends Like You
1115. What An Awesome Friend Is Lyle B
1116. Ronnie Comforts My Heart
1117. The Humbleness of Lyle B.
1118. Ronnie In the Meadow of Roses
1119. Remembering a Special Time With Lyle B.
1120. Ronnie and Midnight At Home
1121. Lyle and the Watery Soldiers
1122. Ronnie, A Wonderful Soldier
1123. Lyle and the Morning Doves
1124. With God All Things Are Always Possible
1125. Enjoying the Sunshine
1126. Eight Years and Eleven Months Ago
1127. Jesus Is No Respecter of Persons
1128. Finding Peace In the Valley
1129. Take Joy In the Heart of God
1130. When the Chips Are Down Trust Jesus
1131. Exercising the Strength In One Christian
1132. Feeling Free In the Nighttime
1133. The Road Once Traveled
1134. I'm Coming Through
1135. When We First Met
1136. May the Rain Go Away
1137. Give Your All To Jesus
1138. Never Let Them See Your Tears
1139. Be Mindful of Whom You Belong
1140. Be Guilty of Praising the Lord
1141. Give the Lord Your Heart Full of Love
1142. Thinking Today of Bobby G.
1143. Life is Not the Same As It Was
1144. The Great Demeanor of Ronnie J.
1145. The Wonder of Love
1146. See the Beautiful Ocean
1147. The Wonder of a Teardrop
1148. The Wonder of the Ocean
1149. The Wonder of the Flowers
1150. The Wonder of the Mountains
1151. Why Is the Grass So Green
1152. The Humanitarian Ronnie J.
1153. God's Plan For Mankind
1154. Watching the Endearing Rainfall
1155. A Heart Full of Love From Ronnie Is Mine Today
1156. Remembering the Great Love of Lyle B.
1157. Rejoicing In Hearing the Morning Birds Singing
1158. Remembering My Youthful Days in North Carolina
1159. My Days At the Beach In North Carolina
1160. The Days of My First Job In North Carolina
1161. Facing the Threat of a Hurricane
1162. Contemplate the Future With Jesus In Mind
1163. Ronnie, A Most Inspiring Man
1164. Allowing the Lord To Have First Place
1165. Heather, In the Field of Snapdragons
1166. Finding Yourself in Jesus Christ
1167. Make Your Calling Sure
1168. Find It In Your Heart To Forgive Another
1169. Be Mindful of Your Principles
1170. Less Is More When God Is In It
1171. Disdaining the Fallacies of Mankind
1172. The Beauty of the Maple Tree
1173. There Is No Such Person As Santa Claus
1174. One Gift No One Can Replace
1175. Acknowledge the Truth In All Things
1176. Ronnie and His Heart's Melody
1177. Find God's Peace In a Tree
1178. There's Nothing Like Living For Jesus
1179. The Loveliness of Tish
1180. Don't Forget to Say Your Prayers
1181. Facing A New Day
1182. Appropriating Time to Honor God
1183. Janie and Janet Looking Out the Kitchen Window
1184. Remembering the Morning Birds and the Morning Glories
1185. Never Mistreat An Angel Unawares
1186. Jesus Is Coming Soon, Are You Ready
1187. Man's Striving Will Not Be Forever
1188. Fancy Yourself According to God's Will
1189. Pondering the Grace of God
1190. Make Tomorrow Count
1191. Lulled To Sleep By An Angel
1192. A Vivid Picture of an Angel
1193. Something Miraculous Is An Angel
1194. The Beauty of an Angel
1195. Angels Are God's Messengers
1196. The Ghost Reappears
1197. The Decapitated Brick Mason
1198. Ervin Is My Brother Whom I Love
1199. In the Midst There is Strength
1200. No One Can Change the Inevitable
1201. Feel the Burdens Lift
1202. A Man Named Luther Toms
1203. When All Is Forgiven
1204. Heaven is For the Redeemed
1205. There Are No Lucky Stars
1206. When Faced With A Calamity
1207. Fighting the Unbeatable Foe
1208. When Destiny Calls
1209. Blow On Beautiful Breeze
1210. The Essence of Blessing
1211. Give the Lord the Praise and Honor He Deserves
1212. Face An Uncertain Tomorrow
1213. What Does It Take to Behoove You
1214. Finding Peace With God Always
1215. Shun the Self-will
1216. Protect the Heart Where Jesus Lives
1217. Never Waste Important Time
1218. The Life of the Procrastinator
1219. Fixing the Fallacies of Failures
1220. Giving God the Glory
1221. Follow A Guiding Star
1222. Finding Peace In the Hereafter
1223. Singing the Triumphant Song
1224. Failure Scares Me Most
1225. Give Love A Chance
1226. Never Fear the Impossible
1227. Getting Lost in the Daisies
1228. Facing An Uncertain Day
1229. Acquiring Freedom
1230. Letting Go of the Past
1231. Facing the Decadence of Life
1232. Make New Goals For Yourself
1233. The Sun Will Keep Shining
1234. The Languid Tears of the Lord Jesus
1235. Oh Lord, Make the Night Go Away
1236. Facing the Impossible With God
1237. The Great Love of a Mother
1238. The Audacity of Someone
1239. The Majesty of the Lord Jesus Christ
1240. From Every Corner of the Globe
1241. The Pride of America Is Her People
1242. The Joy of Receiving Flowers
1243. Fear of the Unknown
1244. Ronnie and the Early Morning
1245. The Memories of Lyle B. At Christmas
1246. The Presence of The Hummingbird At Christmas
1247. Remembering the Past Christmases Of My Youth
1248. Christmas Joys Are For Remembering
1249. No More Let Sin Or Sorrow Grow
1250. Wanda and the Overcoat
1251. Keisha and the Holly Wreath
1252. Remembering To Always Pray
1253. Christmas Joys Bring Happiness
1254. It's Mother's Day Again
1255. Ronnie and His Magnificent Heart
1256. Be a Shining Light for Jesus Wherever You Are
1257. The Dancing of the Daffodils
1258. Pamela and Her Time of Sadness
1259. God Is Always Responsible
1260. Facing the Beautiful Night Sky
1261. Lose Your Own Way Find It In Jesus
1262. The Attentiveness of One Man Named Ronnie J.
1263. What Is Really New In 2014
1264. Giving Your All to Jesus
1265. Never Lose Hope In Jesus
1266. Let Spontaneity Rule
1267. Lyle B. and His Awesomeness
1268. The Art of Being Clever
1269. Let's Exalt the Lord Together
1270. Putting the Hammer Down
1271. Giving Praise to the Immutable God
1272. Hear the Ringing of the Bells
1273. Vindication--How Special
1274. Lost In the Wonders of You
1275. Experience the Infinite
1276. Treasured Moments
1277. Happiness Is A Gift Not a State of Mind
1278. I Am Redeemed Thanks to Jesus
1279. Never Say Never to God
1280. Facing the Impossible
1281. Facing the Ravishes of Sin
1282. Face Your Encumbrances Head-on
1283. Be Motivated To Serve God
1284. There Is A Magic In the Air of Jubilation
1285. Experiencing the Magic of Music
1286. Magic--What Is It Really
1287. Hide Your Face From Evil
1288. Spontaneity Is Very Much Desired
1289. Never Walk Over A Person's Emotions
1290. Give Credence a Chance
1291. The Doe and the Owl
1292. Remembering Janie and Janet In Winter
1293. Paying a Salute To Country Poet
1294. Acknowledging Our Own Veteran Terry S.
1295. Bringing to the Front of Our Memories Is Cisslyn
1296. God's Punctuality Is Always Right
1297. Contemplation Can Be Something Wonderful
1298. Looking Toward Positive Things in 2014
1299. Never Give Up On Jesus
1300. Experience the Snowflakes
1301. Christmas Is Two Days Away
1302. Christmas Expectations Of a Joyous Time Is Here
1303. Never Leave Jesus Out of Christmastime
1304. What If Jesus Never Came
1305. Valentine's Day Is Six Days Away
1306. Praise the Lord, It's Thanksgiving Day
1307. The Peaceful Moments of Remembering Lyle B.
1308. The Wayfaring Stranger
1309. Christmas Is a Time of Celebrating
1310. Never Allow Yourself to Be Mistreated
1311. Ronnie and Never Being Despondent
1312. Lyle and His Never Ending Act of Love
1313. The Birds Have Arrived For I Hear Them
1314. Peace In a Peace Less World
1315. Love In the Afternoon
1316. Spring Is On Its Way Even Today
1317. Lyle Remains to Be a Staunch Supporter
1318. A Forgotten Rose Is Found
1319. Lyle, It's Hard Being Without You
1320. The Sensitivity of a Great Man Named Ronnie J.
1321. The Beautifulness of a Flower
1322. Lyle Is Nearer and Dearer Than One Can Imagine
1323. The Birds Sing From God's Direction
1324. Mom Was Decidedly Destined For Greatness
1325. Be An Affirmer and Not Only A Spectator
1326. The Green Leaves of Summer
1327. Summertime Is Calling Me
1328. Ervin, My Only Blood Brother
1329. The Things I Know Of Wordrider 1
1330. Remembering Janie and Janet
1331. Be Someone Who Is Exemplary
1332. The Bleakness of the Night
1333. Face the Sunshine
1334. Remembering the Love of Lyle B.
1335. Bryan and Clarissa Prepare For Halloween
1336. Searching For Contentment and Happiness
1337. Daniel, Pam and Their Anniversary
1338. The Graciousness of One Soul
1339. Mom and the Heavenly Angels
1340. A Most Responsible Ronnie J.
1341. The Effervescence of Ronnie J.
1342. Get Yourself Ready to Face God
1343. Mom Is a Long Standing Resident of Heaven
1344. Thanksgiving Day Is a Joyful Day
1345. A Caring and Wonderful Lyle B.
1346. The Cold Dark Night
1347. An Understanding Lyle B.
1348. What a Gracious Brother I Have In Ronnie J.
1349. The Indescribable Ronnie J.
1350. Friends Are God's Treasures
1351. Never Give Up On God
1352. As Patrick Henry Said May We Say The Same Today
1353. When the Ashes Fell
1354. Lenata Is Most Special To All of Us
1355. Don't Trample On the Blood
1356. An Humbling Experience
1357. Lyle B., the Ever Responsible Man
1358. The Cooing of the Morning Birds
1359. Twelve Years and Nine Months Ago
1360. Lyle Is a Man I Truly Cherish
1361. Ronnie J. and the Snow In Houston
1362. The Good Ole Days
1363. Love Is Always Quiet
1364. Mind Your Elders
1365. A Grassy Knoll In My Past
1366. Let the Music Play
1367. The Blueness of the Skies
1368. My Days In the Kitchen
1369. Peace Is Freely Given to All Who Asks Jesus
1370. Ronnie Is a Man Who Loves Jesus
1371. Lyle Is a Man w
1372. Lyle Is a Man Who Comforts My Heart
1373. Notice the Ever Changing Season
1374. Miss Mary Ann Should Be Honored Every Day
1375. A Lesson Well Learned Is Most Invaluable
1376. Light the Way For a Sinner In Coming to God
1377. Be Free to Serve God Always
1378. Twelve Years and Four Months Ago
1379. Easter, An Acrostic
1380. The Wonderfulness of Ronnie J.
1381. The Composer I Know As Ronnie J.
1382. Judith Is My Sister and Friend
1383. Lyle B. and the Morning Sun
1384. Lyle Remains To Be Very Personable and Kind
1385. Faith Is the Key That Unlocks the Door to Heaven
1386. God's Beautiful Tree Has Totally Flourished
1387. The Loving Kindness of Lyle B.
1388. Janie and Janet In the Forest
1389. Love On the Rocks
1390. The Sunny Day Is Something Beautiful
1391. The Insurmountable Love of Ronnie J.
1392. The Indescribable Love of Lyle B.
1393. I Am Amazed
1394. From a Nobody to
1395. From a Nobody to Somebody Was Myself
1396. Affirmatively Giving Peace
1397. The Rolling Waves
1398. Ronnie's Love Is Open and Freely Given to All
1399. The Lightheartedness of Ronnie J.
1400. Lyle B. Is a Most Wonderful Man of Whom I Love
1401. There Is Ultimate Peace In the Darkness
1402. Are You Wandering Far From God
1403. Never Allow Yourself to Be a Reprisal For Anything
1404. The Damned Regrets I Have to Ponder
1405. Counting Your Christmas Blessings
1406. Christmas Expectations
1407. Never Wish To Become A Nobody
1408. Christmas Is Six Months and Six Days Away From Today
1409. Give God the Praise For Everything
1410. Lean; Upon the Lord, Always
1411. Stand the Test God Has For You
1412. Be Prudent and Wise With All You Do
1413. Seek the Lord First and Foremost To Be Happy
1414. Let There Be Peace On Earth
1415. Win the Lost At Any Costs NO Matter What It May Be
1416. The Caring and Kind Soul of Ronnie J.
1417. Be One to Always Trust the Lord
1418. Let The Church Bells Ring
1419. When All Is Lost Seek the Lord
1420. Be Careful of Every Wind of Doctrine
1421. Ronnie and the Atlantic Ocean
1422. The Longsuffering Of My Brother Ronnie J.
1423. Ronnie and the Christmas Tree
1424. Ronnie and the Holly Wreath
1425. A Loving and Gracious Brother Was Lyle B.
1426. Happiness Derived By One Man Known As Ronnie J.
1427. Above All Be Found Faithful
1428. Stay In Fellowship With Jesus
1429. Share the Peace of God With Other Christians
1430. Jesus' Reward Is Your Recompense
1431. Fellowshipping With God
1432. Carmen Is a Special Lady I Know
1433. A Lone Picker In God's Vineyard
1434. God Has Chosen Terry S. to Help Me
1435. Christmas is Not That Far
1436. Kayce Is Most Beautiful and Caring
1437. Cindy Is a True Friend and Great C N A
1438. Lasonya Is a Most Beautiful Lady and Friend
1439. Genna Is a Top Notch Lady
1440. Facing the Inevitable Today
1441. A Most Cordial Man Named Lyle B.
1442. Lyle Would Be Aghast With Me
1443. Mom Was Something I Never Praised Her For
1444. Punctuality, An Acrostic
1445. Side With the Lord and Be a Winner
1446. Procrastinate, No Never
1447. Halloween Is Getting Close
1448. The Ever Present and Wonderful Ronnie J.
1449. Lyle Is a Force of One Man To Touch Many Lives
1450. The Joy of the Winter's Chill Surrounds Us
1451. Mom Is In Heaven Today and Always
1452. Ronnie Is My Christmas Gift All Year Long
1453. Mom Sings the Triumphant Song
1454. Miss Gina, This Is Your Birthday
1455. My Contrite Heart Is Offered to God
1456. Hide In the Rock of Ages Always
1457. Kara, I Offer Many Happy Returns to You
1458. The Glory of Sunshine
1459. My Happiness of Knowing The Morning Birds Belong to God
1460. Trust and Obey the Lord In All Things
1461. Take Joy of the Flowers Around Us
1462. Jesus' Imminent Return Could Be Today
1463. The Genuine Love of Ronnie J.
1464. The Superlatives of Lyle B. Are Many
1465. Enjoying the Blessings of God
1466. Let NO Man Wander
1467. Live By e
1468. Live By Example
1469. Sow No Discord Among the Brethren
1470. Mary Ann, An Acrostic
1471. We Are Fortunate to Have Cheyenne With All She Does
1472. Lyle and the Morning Glories
1473. An Overcast Sky Is Still Perfect
1474. Mom Was Always Fair to Her Children
1475. Ascension, An Acrostic
1476. Lyle and the Happiness He Gives
1477. Allow Jesus to Be Your Light Always
1478. Allow the Songs of Zion to Fill Your Life
1479. The Blessedness of Lyle B.
1480. Autumn Brings About Non-Immutable Changes
1481. Consecrate Your Life to God
1482. Among the Doldrums
1483. I Am No One Special
1484. Having God Take First Place
1485. Think and Consider An Outcome
1486. The Snow Remains In Winter's Chill
1487. Acknowledging the Wonder of Jesus
1488. Christmas All Over the World
1489. The Blessings of My Brother Ronnie J.
1490. Giving God the Praise In All Things
1491. Seek the Lord Today
1492. Depend Upon the Lord Always
1493. Making Things In Your Life Count
1494. Be Wise to the Wiles of the Evil One
1495. Be Patient and Stand Firm
1496. Allow Jesus to Take Control of Your Life
1497. Living No Longer In Sin
1498. Lyle Is a Brother I Sorely Miss
1499. Never Let a Day Pass You By
1500. Ronnie J. Is a Treasure In Anyone's Life
1501. Spare No Expense to Honor God
1502. Rayshica Is God's Blessing to All
1503. Count Your Blessings All Year Long
1504. The Cardinal and the Robin
1505. Christmas is a Time of Joy and Glad Tidings
1506. The Grandest Time In Newport
1507. My Time In Newport's Heritage of Newport
1508. Christmas Happiness Is God's Gift To All People
1509. We Can Never Be Forlorn Trusting Jesus
1510. Rayshica, A Maiden of Beauty
1511. Rayshica and the Nightingales
1512. There's Nothing Special As a Mother's Love
1513. An Inmate Is No Different Than Myself
1514. Another Autumn Day Which Seems Like Summertime
1515. Surround Yourself With Positive People
1516. The Ever Changing Leaves
1517. Ronnie Is a Straightforward Shooter
1518. Let's Look at Things Through the Eye of Faith
1519. The Birds Are God's Gift to Us Everyday
1520. Advocacy Is A Thankless Act
1521. Never Lose Your Equilibrium
1522. I Wish to Make A Statement
1523. Remembering My Parents On Valentine's Day
1524. The Immeasurable Love of Lyle B.
1525. Ronnie On the Prayer Bench In the Garden
1526. Mom and One Christmastime
1527. The Artistry of a Man Named Ronnie J.
1528. Ronnie Is Excellent In Every Way
1529. Ronnie and His Wonderful Love to Me
1530. NO True Peace Without Jesus
1531. Lyle, You're a Treasure to My Soul
1532. Let's Live Our Lives in God's Will
1533. Ronnie Offers Me Joy
1534. Go Ahead and Fight the Battle You Are Deemed to Fight
1535. Exhibit Your Spiritual Life Today
1536. Jesus Is the Best Orator
1537. Peaceful Slumber Is Ours For the Taking
1538. Choose This Day Whom You Will Serve
1539. Ronnie Is Someone Extremely Wonderful
1540. Janessa Is One Dedicated Lady
1541. Winter Will Be Here In Six Days
1542. Lyle is a God-send Which I Am Thankful
1543. As Winter Time Approaches
1544. The Awesomeness of God's Blessings
1545. The Understanding Lyle B.
1546. The Spooky Trailer
1547. Ronnie Is Nearer and Dearer Than Ever
1548. Mom Is No Longer Burdened But Is Freed
1549. Ronnie Is So Majestic In His Presentations
1550. Being Receptive of the Autumn Season
1551. Christmas Will Be Here In a Matter of Days
1552. Ronnie Has An Orifice to Worship God
1553. Comforted by the Spirit
1554. Diego and the Waterfront
1555. The Blazing Hot Sun
1556. Have You Ever Thought of the Mount of Transfiguration
1557. Never Lose Hope In Jesus No Matter What Happens
1558. Seeing the Rainfal Makes Me Feel Lugubrious
1559. Janie and Janet During Christmastime
1560. Happier Times Are Coming For All People
1561. Living Upon The Wild
1562. When the Clock Strikes
1563. Never Be Found To Be Unthankful
1564. Experiencing the Love of God
1565. May We Always Be Respectful Towards God
1566. Honoring A Great Man Named Ronnie J.
1567. Ronnie, the Wonderful Man You Are
1568. The Pendulous Clouds Behind the Trees
1569. Enjoying the Fields of Clover
1570. Revisiting Ebb Tide
1571. Pamela and the Oceanside Today
1572. The Inclement Weather Is Something Positive
1573. Winter Time Will Be Here One Week From Tomorrow
1574. Watching the Ships At Nighttime
1575. The Glorious Hibiscus
1576. With Jesus There Is Tranquility Always
1577. Accentuate the Positive
1578. Be Docile and Timid
1579. Rediscovering the Beauty
1580. Inside Ronnie's Heart Justice Is Called Upon
1581. Ronnie and the Morning Birds
1582. Facing the Encumbrances By Faith
1583. Miss Mary Ann Truly Is a God Send
1584. Discover the Lord During Christmastime
1585. Shout the Praises of God
1586. The Epitome of Someone Special Is Ronnie J.
1587. Ronnie Is Always One of Truth
1588. My Brother, Ronnie and 2014
1589. The Evergreen Tree At Christmastime
1590. Use Spontaneity To Your Advantage
1591. Experience Christmas Anew
1592. Christmas Should Come With Expectancy
1593. Today Is the Day to Reckon With God
1594. God Makes Living Most Special
1595. Harboring Righteousness Is the Way to God
1596. Ronnie Is a Treasured Soul
1597. The Awesomeness of a Directive From God to Lyle B.
1598. Ronnie Is My Brother and Mentor
1599. God's Abiding Light Is None Other Than Jesus, His Son
1600. Give God the Praise
1601. Remembering the Good Times
1602. Mom Will Enjoy Christmas With the King of Kings Forevermore
1603. The New Day Is Part of Winter's Chill
1604. Time to Think of Thanksgiving
1605. Finding Peace In Jesus
1606. The Kindness of Lyle B.
1607. The Snow Has Ended
1608. Facing A Bright Tomorrow With Jesus
1609. The Wealth of an Autumn Day
1610. Be Guilty of Leading A Fruitful Life
1611. The Ever Watchful Ronnie J.
1612. The True Heart of a Friend
1613. A Modern Day Patriot Known To All As Terry S.
1614. Sandy and Her Personal Worth
1615. Carmen Is a Genius With a Great Heart
1616. Without Expectations We Have Nothing
1617. My First Recollection of Newport
1618. Christmas Is the Happy Time of Year
1619. Make Your Decision For Jesus Today
1620. Make It a Point To Trust Jesus
1621. My Mind Turns Toward the Holidays
1622. Make Today Count For Jesus' Sake
1623. Ronnie Is My Brother and Friend to Boot
1624. Where Is the Intangible Peace You Have
1625. Tomorrow Will Be Thirteen Years and Three Months Ago
1626. Ronnie Is a Very Humble Man
1627. Christmas Will Arrive In Ten Days
1628. Ronnie Is a Man I Adore
1629. A Word of Wisdom From George Wordrider 1
1630. When the Darkness Occurs
1631. The Wholesomeness of Ronnie Is Most Endearing
1632. Remember the Lord Jesus Christ This Holiday
1633. Let the Merriment of Christmas Permeate Your Heart
1634. Forget Not the Lord
1635. The Only Way Is Up For Ronnie J.
1636. Lyle Has Kept My Innermost Secrets to Himself
1637. The Monumental Man I See In Terry T.
1638. God Has Power For the Intangible Things of God to Bless Others
1639. The Glorious Heart Of A Man Named Ronnie J.
1640. The Blessedness of Knowing Janie and Janet
1641. When the Sun Sinks In the West
1642. Did You Get What You Wanted For Christmas
1643. Being Thankful For Being Alive
1644. An Apology to PP
1645. Jesus Is the Rock of Our Salvation
1646. Joyous Expectations Are Ours
1647. Make This Year Count For God
1648. Nothing Is Ever Too Hard For Jesus
1649. Forget Not Where You Came
1650. Trekking Through the Woods
1651. What Are Your Expectations For 2014
1652. Not All Angels Are Grown
1653. Possibilities and Probabilities
1654. The Christmas Which Almost Wasn't
1655. When A Bough Breaks
1656. Never Let A Moment Slip
1657. Christmastime Will Become a Memory Soon Enough
1658. God Protected Me From a Prowler
1659. When All Seems Lost There Is Still Jesus
1660. The Lover's Enchanted Evening
1661. Jesus Will Always Remain Firm
1662. Our Thoughts Turn to Thanksgiving
1663. Ronnie and the Auspicious Day
1664. Perplexities Are Hard To Understand
1665. The Beauty of the Silver Maple
1666. Let's Share Love This Afternoon
1667. Be Respectful To Those Older
1668. Hearing the Birds Singing to God
1669. Watching the Ships Come
1670. Never Doubt the Lord
1671. A Month and Twenty-one Days Away
1672. Perpetuating the Gospel
1673. Jesus Is the Great Comforter
1674. Eight Years and Ten Months Ago
1675. Clamoring For Peace
1676. Honoring the Lord In All We Do
1677. Mary, My Friend and C. N. A.
1678. The Goodness of God
1679. Ronnie Is a Composer Which Is Wonderful
1680. Janie and Janet Upon the Grassy Knoll
1681. Happiness Is Ours Because of Jesus
1682. Facing Another Day In Confidence
1683. One Lonely Rose Found In the Snow
1684. Face Impending Doom If We're NOT Saved
1685. Honoring Ronnie On HIs Birthday
1686. Another Day of Hearing the Morning Birds
1687. Let Freedom Ring Loud and Long This Year
1688. Be Merciful To Us, O Heavenly Father
1689. Getting Out the Holly Wreath
1690. Chelsey In Christmastime
1691. Its the Joyful Time of Year
1692. Hearing the Cardinals Sing
1693. Being Respectful to God
1694. Diego Paints Another Ocean Scene
1695. The Clarity of One Brother to Another
1696. Life With Ronnie J. Is Something Wonderful
1697. With Wintertime Why Wear Gloves and Hats
1698. The Gentle Heart of Ronnie J.
1699. Prudence and Wisdom Go Hand In Hand
1700. Ronnie Is a Most Honest Man I Implicitly Trust
1701. Lyle Is a Treasure From God
1702. Give God the Praise That Rightfully Belongs to Him
1703. An Easter Childhood Memory
1704. Work With the Lord Not Against Him
1705. The Upcoming Fall
1706. Mom Is God's Emissary For All Time
1707. Lyle Remained to Be Focused
1708. The Coldness Has Returned Within the Winter's Chill
1709. The Winter's Chill Is God's Which Is Forever
1710. Never Let Your Principles Slip
1711. Ronnie, You're the Greatest
1712. Don't Let a Day Pass You By
1713. The Haunting of the White Covered Bridge
1714. November First Is Today
1715. The Haunting of the Night
1716. Seeing the Beauty of the Blue Sky
1717. Christmas Is the Blessing of God
1718. The Ever Wonderful Ronnie J.
1719. The Amazing Life of Lyle B.
1720. The Ever Comforting Ronnie J. Towards Others
1721. The Incomparable and Candid Ronnie J.
1722. Making Your Way Clear
1723. Today Isi Another Autumn Day
1724. With the Winter's Chill There Is Peace
1725. Jess Is Her First Name
1726. Find Peace and Solitude In Jesus
1727. Never Be Angry With God
1728. Luther Toms Found In the Water
1729. Sunday Is the Day of Rest
1730. Facing An Uncertain Tomorrow
1731. Courtney in Kentucky
1732. Ronnie and the Rosary
1733. Dawn Is Drawing Near
1734. Experience the Darkness
1735. Seeing the Beautiful Water
1736. Learning to Watch and Pray
1737. A Bleak Thanksgiving Day Remembered
1738. When All Else Fails There Is Hope
1739. There Was a Man Named Herbert Rotchford
1740. The Awesomeness of God
1741. The Beauty of Angels
1742. Mom Is Totally Fixed Upon Jesus
1743. The Adoring Love of One Brother Towards Another
1744. There Is a Spring Day Within Winter's Chill
1745. Awake Out of Sleep
1746. Making A Lasting Difference
1747. Lyle is a God Send to All Who Know Him
1748. Have a Spirit of Equality Today and Everyday
1749. Mom and Dad Are Waiting Today For Us
1750. The Wonder of Sunlight
1751. The Northern Lights
1752. Let the Rains Proceed
1753. Christmas With Ronnie
1754. Having a Happy Time in the Lord Jesus Christ
1755. Today Is Now Christmas Day
1756. Never Use Chicanery
1757. Pondering a Massive Fortune
1758. The Winter's Chill Is Beginning to Go Away
1759. Show Your Joy and Never Be Sad
1760. Wonderful is the Lord
1761. Sleeping in Quiet Slumber
1762. Fall Is Truly Upon Us
1763. Man's Time is Nothing Compared To Eternity
1764. Be Mindful of Your Roots
1765. Be Known As An Honest Man
1766. Always Let Your Light Shine
1767. Love Is the Key Gift For Everyone
1768. Basking In the Love of Jesus Today
1769. When the Darkness Turns to Day
1770. The Windswept Waves
1771. Speak Out For Jesus Against Sin
1772. Show Others The Right Way
1773. Upon Arrival Count Yourself to Have Attained
1774. Rachel and the Weeping Willow
1775. Getting Lost In the Abandon Of Life
1776. Don't Be Peculiar Be Particular
1777. The Beautiful Green Grass
1778. Listen to the Bells Chime
1779. Work and Rest Not On Your Laurels
1780. He Wasn't Guilty
1781. Honoring Kris--Dreamweaver
1782. Tis the Time of Harvest
1783. Never Let A Day Go Unnoticed
1784. The Composer Ronnie J.
1785. Christmas Is the Joyful Time of Year
1786. A Favorite Christmas I Remember
1787. The Beautiful Chrysanthemums
1788. Heavenly Excitement
1789. Never Use Chicanery
1790. A Child's First Christmas Should Be Wonderful
1791. A Christmas Wreath of Pine Cones
1792. Will Jesus Return on Christmas Day
1793. Using The Sprigs of Holly On Christmas
1794. The Nightmares of One Veteran Forty Years Later
1795. Coupled Your Life With Dedication to Serve Jesus
1796. The Ghost In the Ambulance
1797. There Is Peace In the Light of God
1798. Experiencing the Holidays Anew
1799. Keep Your Eyes Transfixed Upon the Lord
1800. Working For Jesus Is A Joy
1801. Be Careful of What You Sow
1802. Remembering Lyle Is Most Precious
1803. Never Fear the Rain
1804. Remembering Times Gone By
1805. Life Is Meaningless Without Jesus
1806. In the Garden is Peace and Contentment
1807. The Happiness of Knowing One Man Named Lyle B.
1808. Let Your Light Shine For Jesus
1809. Make Room In Your Heart For Jesus Today
1810. The Spirit of Life Is In Ronnie
1811. Acknowledging Tots and Her Work
1812. Christmas Expectations Are Happy Ones
1813. Never Be Dismayed or Downtrodden
1814. Where Jesus Lives Is a Home
1815. Peaceful Memories of Lyle B.
1816. There Is Happiness In Knowing Ronnie J.
1817. Resting Quietly In Jesus Is Always Right
1818. Victory Is Found In No One But Jesus
1819. Quiet Were the Morning Birds Today
1820. Unusual Things Are Found In the Word of God
1821. Thanksgiving Should Be All Year Not One Day
1822. Sweet and Holy Savior Help Us
1823. The Glory of God
1824. Giving God the Praise For Everything
1825. Be Happy In Jesus
1826. Use Your Voice to Please the Lord
1827. Never Expect the Unforeseeable
1828. Rely Upon the Lord Jesus Christ Always
1829. This Is the Month of Celebrating Our Independence
1830. Don't Be Guilty of Floundering Around
1831. Love the Lord Without Failure
1832. Give the Praise to God For the Sunshine
1833. Proclaim the Victory Through Jesus, the Lord
1834. The Endurance of a Warrior
1835. Don't Let the Lord Down
1836. In A World All Our Own
1837. Never Fear For Jesus Is Near
1838. Are You In Love With Jesus
1839. Deliver The Good News to Everyone
1840. The Awesomeness of Wendy
1841. Let the Festivities Begin
1842. Experience the Call of the Mountains
1843. Courtney and the Kentucky Mountains
1844. On A Cold Winter's Night
1845. With Great Expectations for Christmas
1846. Living in Columbia, North Carolina
1847. Look to Jesus For Your Help When You're Troubled
1848. Never Feel Blue But Be Happy
1849. Mom and Her Splendiferous Ways
1850. Ronnie Is My Loving Brother and Friend
1851. Lyle Will Always Remain a Great Man
1852. Enjoying a Peaceful and Quiet Sunday Afternoon
1853. Facing a New Tomorrow
1854. A Christmas Miracle
1855. The Ever Watchful Eye of the Lord
1856. Christmas With Rachel and Her Love
1857. Jesus May Come Christmas Day Are You Ready to See Him
1858. Be Kind to Strangers And Ones You Don't Personally Know
1859. Find Yourself in God's House Every Sunday
1860. There Is A Great Epitome Within Ronnie J.
1861. Happiness Is Mine Remembering Lyle B.
1862. The Morning Birds Were Silent Today
1863. Give God the Praise For Everything
1864. Find Acceptance In Jesus Today
1865. Nearing the Shore At Jesus' Feet
1866. Does God Reign Supreme Within Your Heart
1867. With God All Is Possible
1868. Honoring the Lord on the Lord's Day
1869. Honoring the Prayers of the Righteous
1870. Miss Mary Ann Is a Dear Soul for Jesus
1871. Over the Mountain and Through the Woods
1872. In the Stillness of the Night
1873. Lulled by the Evening Breeze
1874. Today, Mom Is Part of the Heavenly Kingdom
1875. The Peaceful Man Known As Lyle B.
1876. Not Alone, In the Darkness
1877. Make Your Life Count For Jesus Christ
1878. Praise the Lord I Hear the Morning Birds Singing
1879. The Awesomeness of Heather
1880. The Beauty of the Orchid
1881. Cling to Your Upbringing
1882. Janie and Janet Admiring the Maple Tree
1883. A Family of Special Ladies
1884. Janie and the Holly Bush
1885. The Blessings of God Are Upon You
1886. A Man of God Speaks In Central Africa
1887. Every Time I Look Skyward I See the Blue Sky
1888. The Graciousness of Our Lord
1889. Let Your Light So Shine Before Men
1890. Looking Forward to the New Year
1891. Mrs. Bailey and Summertime
1892. The Lovely Chrysanthemums
1893. Always Be Prudent and Wise
1894. Give God the Praise For This Autumn Day
1895. The Wonderment of Lyle B.
1896. Use Your Affirmation to Honor God
1897. Lasonya Is a God Send to All Who Know Her
1898. Picture Yourself Basking In the Love of Jesus
1899. Mom Was the Absolute Best God Gave Me
1900. Being A Responsible Citizen
1901. An Autumn to Remember
1902. Make My World Go Away
1903. Having a Heart of Thankfulness
1904. Christmas Wishes
1905. The Winter's Chill Will Be Coming to a Close Soon
1906. Seek to Please the Lord Jesus Christ Always
1907. The Freedom My Brother, Ronnie, Gives Me
1908. Find Immeasurable Happiness In a Conk Shell
1909. Memorializing A Great Man Named Lyle
1910. The Heartbeat of a Great Man Named Ronnie
1911. Christmas Time Is Jesus' Time
1912. Birds Don't Chirp In the Rain
1913. Give God the Praise Continually And Never Falter
1914. Let the Joy Bells Ring At Christmastime
1915. The Ever Wonderful Lyle B.
1916. There Is Always a Way to Remain Happy
1917. What Will Be Happening Tomorrow
1918. The Art of Thankfulness Exercised
1919. The Caring Mr. Larry C.
1920. The Small Corsage
1921. The Wonderful Time of Experience
1922. Using Candor Wherever You May Go
1923. Never Lose Hope
1924. Chagrining Is the Wrong Way to Go
1925. A Wonderful Life Is Found In Jesus
1926. Forever In Blue Jeans
1927. Let the Lower Lights Be Burning
1928. My Magnificent Friend, Mr. Larry C.
1929. Don't Pass Up the Opportunity of Serving Jesus
1930. May the Rock Be Called Upon By Yourself Today and Everyday
1931. Happiness Surrounds My Heart Hearing the Birds
1932. Lyle's Wonderful Love Pleases Me
1933. Through the Eyes of a Great Man
1934. Positive Expectations
1935. A Wonderful Christmastime
1936. Donning Our Gay Apparel
1937. Fall Is the Time For Collard Greens
1938. It Was Truly A Silent Night
1939. Facing An Uncertain Tomorrow With Jesus
1940. A Christmas Fireplace
1941. Let the Light of Jesus Shine Through You to the Lost Man
1942. Incorporate The Best Practices For Your Home
1943. Country Poet and the Ballerina
1944. The Closeness of Friends
1945. Circumventing the Truth
1946. Making Peace With God
1947. Shun the Obtrusive Path
1948. The Essence of Laura
1949. Beyond the Spectrum of Reality
1950. Changes in Human Behavior
1951. Deciphering the Will of God
1952. From a Son to a Loving Mother
1953. Fulfilling A Dream
1954. When the Clouds Encircle Me
1955. The Incessantly Cold Air
1956. Lyle Is a Human Treasure and a Brother
1957. A Christmas Nativity
1958. Playing For Jesus Is A Joy
1959. Figuring Out God's Purpose
1960. Christmas Joys Are For Adults Too
1961. When All Is Lost There is Jesus
1962. My Christmas Expectations
1963. Be Truthful Always In Your Responses
1964. The Peaceful Sunrise
1965. A Child's Expectancy of Christmas
1966. A Christmas Memory
1967. Imaginations Running Wild
1968. We Don't Talk Anymore
1969. Christmas Joys Are For Everyone
1970. Never Lose Sight of Who You Are
1971. Sympathy Is Not the Answer
1972. Watching the Pouring Rain
1973. Why Am I Here
1974. Never Let Them See You Cry
1975. Drifting So Far From the Shore
1976. Embracing the Night
1977. The Lonely Bear In the Window
1978. The Touch of Lyle's Hand
1979. It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year
1980. Learning To Share the Blessings You Have
1981. The Personal Wealth of Ronnie J.
1982. Lyle and Christmastime
1983. Christmastime, As Seen Through My Eyes
1984. Experience the Joy of the Lord
1985. This Is My Song A Serenade to You
1986. Overflowing Joy
1987. Mom Will Stand For Justice At All Times
1988. Live Today Without a Care
1989. Lyle Sets My Heart To Singing God's Praises
1990. Ronnie Is Someone I Can Trust
1991. Lyle Is Sorely Missed Today
1992. The Sweetness of Mary, My Friend
1993. Man's Own Decadence
1994. Not A Ghost of a Chance
1995. Admiring A Great Lady Known As Darlene L.
1996. Two of My Favorite Friends
1997. Feel the Spirit of the Night
1998. Losing Yourself in Contemplation
1999. Wonderful Is the Night
2000. Experiencing Peace
2001. Through the Broken Window
2002. Acknowleding Lyle B.
2003. Look Into the Languid Eyes of Jesus, Your Savior
2004. Make the Day A Worthwhile Day
2005. Jesus Is the Shelter In Which We Can Hide
2006. Never Choose To Be A Sluggard
2007. Happiness Is Found In a Person--the Lord Jesus Christ
2008. Christmas Joys Are Ours To Share
2009. Cognizant and Mindful Of Who We Are
2010. Feelings Are To Be Shared
2011. What A Wonderful Day This Is
2012. Fellowship For Christ.An Acrostic
2013. An Autumn of Yesterday
2014. The Strength of My Brother Ronnie J.
2015. A Steinway With Roses
2016. Mom's Special Touch
2017. The Love of Brandon
2018. The Brightness of the Firmament
2019. Sing Hallelujah Every Morning
2020. Give the Lord Praise For Everything
2021. How Majestic Is the Throne of God
2022. Experiencing the Beauty of the Green Grass
2023. Ever Wondered On Colloquialisms
2024. Erasing the Past
2025. Never Be a Polluter
2026. Relax In the Goodness of God
2027. Basking In the Love of God
2028. Set Your Affections High
2029. Peace, Utter Peace Comes From God
2030. Shout Hallelujah to the King of Kings
2031. Never Be One to Give Up
2032. What Does the Future Hold For You
2033. The Love of One Man
2034. Freedom To Express Yourself
2035. Thanksgiving Is Upon Us
2036. Never Lose Sight of Who Jesus Is
2037. Leave Your Burdens With the Lord
2038. Country Poet Is God's Emissary
2039. The Language of Trees
2040. A Christmas I Spent Alone
2041. A Holiday With Mrs. Aspenburg
2042. Christmasing With You
2043. The Holidays of Yesterday
2044. In the Midst of Trouble
2045. Heaven Becomes Greater By the Moment
2046. May There Be Peace Upon the Earth
2047. The Kindness of Dawn
2048. My Own Halloween Story
2049. Longing For Christmas
2050. Christmas Memories Are Made of These
2051. Making the Best of a Situation
2052. Joy Will Come In the Morning
2053. One Will Never Be Let Down
2054. Admiring the Ocean and Sky
2055. Be Thankful For God's Blessings
2056. The Wealth of Stern Advice
2057. The Love of a Grandfather
2058. Christmas Joys Are For Everyone Today
2059. The Heart of a True Man Is Ronnie's Heart
2060. Keep Your Eyes Transfixed Upon Jesus
2061. The Beauty of an Autumn Day
2062. Find True Peace in God
2063. The Awesomeness of a Man Known As Ronnie J.
2064. A Note of Praise For a Man Named Lyle B.
2065. Happiness Is Mine Due to the Morning Birds
2066. Finding Peace In God Isn't Hard
2067. The Watch Care of Someone Special Named Ronnie J.
2068. Miss Pat and the Beach House
2069. Making Much of the Lord
2070. Nine Years and Six Months Ago
2071. The Brother I Know As Ronnie
2072. When the Sun Sets
2073. Hear the Sound of the Whippoorwill
2074. Facing Another Day With Jesus
2075. Honoring Cisslyn Ramdeo
2076. Bryan and Clarissa At Christmastime
2077. The Morning Songbirds and Ronnie J.
2078. The Life and Times Of Lyle B.
2079. Two Weeks Till Christmas Day
2080. The Spontaneity of the Morning Songbirds
2081. God's Creatures Great and Small
2082. Acquiring God's Favor
2083. Rejoice, Its Christmastime
2084. Are You Dreaming of a White Christmas
2085. Christmas and I
2086. Alison Is a Decent and Special Lady
2087. Acknowledging Your Personal Peculiarities
2088. Experiencing Peace From God
2089. Being a Friend to a Stranger
2090. Don't Lose Your Spirit
2091. Overcome Your Evil With Good
2092. The Wind and the Willows
2093. Sacrificial Giving Hurts No One
2094. Let the Tempests Blow
2095. Overcoming The Circumstances
2096. The Tribal Maiden and the White Wolf
2097. Seeing the Wonder of His Might
2098. Jesus Is No Ordinary Man
2099. Be Not Dismayed God is Over All
2100. Marvelous Is the Lord Jesus Christ
2101. The Beautiful Christmas Lights
2102. Lyle B . and His Wonderful Love to Me
2103. The Great Man I Know As Terry S.
2104. Wonderful and Matchless is Jesus
2105. The Lonely Dolly Named Serina
2106. John Lee and Pizza Shop For Their Wives
2107. Ashland and Emily On Christmas Morning
2108. The Elder Siblings Named Dennie and Martha
2109. Lyle B. Is Remembered
2110. My Favorite, the Christmas Holly
2111. Contemplation Is Always Desired
2112. Involve Yourself in the Nation's Affairs
2113. Let Not Your Heart Ever Be Troubled
2114. The Awesomeness of a Man Named Lyle B.
2115. Heaven Shines Upon Ronnie J.
2116. The Makings of a Great Holiday Includes Jesus
2117. The Morning Birds Were Heard Today
2118. Live Life Without Murmurings
2119. Let the Rains Come
2120. Le the Rains Come
2121. An Endearing Peril of Sadness
2122. Sacred Seasons
2123. Facing the Immutable God
2124. The Forlornness of Someone Dying
2125. Give Everything You Have to Jesus
2126. Never Let Dismay Show On Your Face
2127. Oh, Hear the Herald Angels Sing
2128. Come Before His Courts With Praise
2129. May the Joy Continue
2130. Be A Doer of the Word
2131. The Loving Qualty of Lyle B. Is Most Exemplary
2132. The Whispering Sound of Love
2133. Christmastime Is Here
2134. Practicing What You Are Preaching
2135. The Cohesiveness of Lyle B.
2136. Ronnie and Sunday Morning
2137. Remembering Lyle and His Love
2138. The Connectivity of Jesus and Ronnie J.
2139. Lyle B. Is God's Gift to the Lonely of Heart
2140. May God's Richest Blessings Be Upon You, Ronnie J.
2141. Ronnie and the Altar Guild
2142. Ronnie's Christmastime 2013
2143. Ronnie and the Country Church
2144. Ronnie, the Impeccable
2145. Ronnie and Christmastime
2146. Lyle, You Are Very Much a Part of Me
2147. The Stroke of Midnight
2148. Christmas Bells Are Ringing
2149. The Spontaneity of Mom and Her Love For Jesus
2150. The Offering Of One Man Fulfills Another Life
2151. Happiness Was a Quality Lyle Always Had
2152. The Winter's Chill Is Perfect Coming From God
2153. Lyle Is a Very Determined Man to Succeed
2154. The Coolness of the Winter Air
2155. Never Become Complacent
2156. Walking With God
2157. Mom Remained to Be the Disciplinarian
2158. The Candor of a Man Named Ronnie J.
2159. The Lord Gave Us the Holly Bush
2160. What Will Transpire When Jesus Comes
2161. How Pertinent Are Your Morals
2162. Give the Lord Jesus A Resounding Yes
2163. The Awesomeness of God's Glory
2164. Shout It On the Rooftops
2165. The Prayer Warrior Known As Ronnie J.
2166. A Great Person To Remember Is Lyle B.
2167. Admiring A Veteran Named Terry S.
2168. Knowing When To Stop
2169. In the Valley of the Gardenias
2170. The Beauty of the Ocean
2171. Give Your All To Jesus Today
2172. Watching the Fir Trees
2173. Experiencing the Wealth of Time
2174. King Jesus and the Country Poet
2175. See the Stars In the Heavens
2176. Where Will You Be Found On Sunday
2177. Do Not Fear the Pain You Face
2178. Doing A Good Deed
2179. Let the Joy Bells Start
2180. The Quantity of the Man Known As Ronnie J.
2181. Remembering the Saints on All Saints Day
2182. Now Comes the Changing of the Leaves
2183. With Gentle Voice He Speaks
2184. Experiencing the Wonderfulness of the Rotchfords
2185. Make Up Your Mind to Serve Jesus
2186. Shout the Praises of Our God
2187. Eight Years and Nine Months Ago
2188. Concentrate On the Positives of God
2189. Country Poet Makes Jesus Smile
2190. Ronnie Is the One I Thank God For
2191. This Is the Time for Candy Canes
2192. The Fortitude of Terry S.
2193. Lyle Is God's Gift to So Many Today
2194. The Blood Stained Black Leather Gloves
2195. Experience the Wind
2196. When the Day Fades Into Evening
2197. Offering Devotion To God
2198. The Sunset Valley
2199. A Man of Greatness is Lyle B.
2200. Let Go of the Shackles You Bear
2201. Feel Free to Experience Life
2202. Happiness Is Mine, Saith the Lord
2203. Heavenward Bound Am I
2204. Honoring Mrs.Ruth Bailey Today
2205. Be Lucid in Your Thinking Always
2206. Run With Patience
2207. The Christmas Wreath
2208. Let the Rains Continually Fall
2209. Pray All the While
2210. Share the Good News
2211. Always Praise Jesus
2212. Mom, Dottie and Vestal In Heaven
2213. Christmas and Pine Cones
2214. Singing Christmas Carols
2215. How Purposeful Is God
2216. Let the Joy Bells Ring
2217. The Unparallel Caring of a Man Named Ronnie J.
2218. Remembering One Great Man Named Lyle B.
2219. The Wonderful Man Named Ronnie J.
2220. Dr. Deb Never Circumvents the Truth
2221. Dr. Deb and the Incredulous Patient
2222. Dr. Deb and the Fine Art She Possesses
2223. Getting A Birdseye View Of the Future
2224. Discerning the Facts
2225. Nothing Like Sweet Communion With Jesus
2226. The Wonder of Autumn's Beauty
2227. The Wonder of Having Friends
2228. The Wonder of Sunshine
2229. The Kindness of One Named Ronnie J.
2230. Tirelessly Work to Honor God
2231. Giving Your All to the Lord Jesus Christ
2232. See the Chrysanthemums Grow
2233. See the Daisies and Rejoice
2234. If No Plans To Succeed
2235. The Wonderfulness of Lyle B.
2236. Climb Every Mountaintop
2237. Forgetting the Past
2238. May God Bless My Friends
2239. May God Bless Monique, Our Founder
2240. Nothing Like A Sister's Love
2241. Is Life Without Expectations Really Life
2242. Nine Years Ago on the First
2243. A Matched Pair of God's Creations
2244. The Wonderful Life of Ronnie J.
2245. Facing An Assured Tomorrow
2246. Seeing the Birds Freely Flying
2247. Christmas Is Swiftly Coming
2248. The Drive of One Man For His People
2249. Ronnie and Past Christmas Memories
2250. A Moment With My Brother Ronnie J.
2251. When Facing A Calamity
2252. When Disappointments Come
2253. There Is A Charge I Have to Keep
2254. The Worth of A Single Soul
2255. Become Stern As a Rock
2256. Hearing the Morning Birds Is My Delight
2257. Reacquaint and Reaffirm Your Position In Life
2258. Present Yourself Faultless Before the Father
2259. Trusting Jesus Is All You Have To Do
2260. Give Your Best to Him
2261. Never Be Perfunctory
2262. Be Heady and High-minded
2263. The Beautiful Hyacinth
2264. The Merciful and Purposeful Savior
2265. The Annunciation of Jesus
2266. The Beautiful Christmas Tree
2267. Remembering the Good Days
2268. Two Great People, Pizza and Serina
2269. The Wonderfulness of the Season
2270. There Is No Shame In Jesus
2271. Circumspectly and Happily Walk
2272. Thanking God For a Person
2273. The Beautifulness of the Sea Oats
2274. Experience the Beautiful Waterfall
2275. Never Be A Sluggard
2276. The Humbleness of My Brother and Friend Ronnie J.
2277. Ronnie and Lyle Together Again
2278. How Wonderful Is Jesus
2279. Admiring the Beautiful Flowers
2280. Hone In the Memory of the Morning Birds Singing
2281. Peaceful is the Ocean
2282. The Ax Is In Her Head
2283. Face Tomorrow With Jesus
2284. Remember the Good Old Days
2285. Mom Never Purposely Failed Me
2286. The Long and Winding Road
2287. Circumstances Sometimes Elude Me
2288. Be Freshly Minded In Your Thinking
2289. Live Your Life According to God's Direction
2290. Miss Mary Ann Is In the Upper Echelon
2291. Admiring Kris Dreamweaver
2292. Admiring Cisslyn and Country Poet
2293. On A Day Like Today
2294. A Heaven Sent Treasure Is Ronnie J.
2295. Facing an Empty House
2296. Frivolous Things Are a Waste of Time
2297. Trust the Lord Always In Everything
2298. John Lee and Wendy On the Beach
2299. Never Stop Walking With the Lord
2300. It's Christmastime Once More
2301. Giving Your All to Jesus
2302. May There Be Peace For Everyone
2303. Experiencing the Green Leaves of Spring
2304. The Repentant Thief Upon the Cross
2305. Give Of Your Best to the Master
2306. The Magic of Love
2307. The Ever Caring Ronnie J.
2308. The Beautiful Heavensentgirl1
2309. Sacrificing Life and Limb
2310. The Majesty of His Greatness
2311. Facing Another Day
2312. May You Feel the Blessings of God
2313. Sharing Love on the Beautiful Lake
2314. Hush, Little One
2315. Dr. Pamela and Her Christmas Tree
2316. Remembering Mr. Rotchford On His Birthday
2317. Time For Remembering Lyle B.
2318. Spontaneity Is Sometimes Useless
2319. Feeling the Gentle Sea Breeze
2320. Striving for Perfection
2321. Letting Your Voice Be Heard
2322. Allow Your Light to Shine For the Lord
2323. Dr. Deb Goes Out on a Limb For Her Patients
2324. No One Prepared Me For My Own Decadence
2325. Loneliness Is My Nemesis
2326. Joy Fills My Every Being
2327. When the Darkness Falls
2328. Make Your Life Work
2329. Never Let Temptations Get the Better of You
2330. Withstanding the Ocean Currents
2331. Patricia, My Friend and Supporter
2332. A Never Ending Circle
2333. Jessie and Beatrice Tour Radio Island
2334. When the World Ends
2335. When the Cloud of Doubt Comes
2336. The Pleasantness of Dr. Deb
2337. Trusting the Lord Is Simple
2338. Never Walk On Your Own Accord
2339. Figure Out Your Problems With His Help
2340. Hooray For the Blood of Jesus Christ
2341. Happiness Reigns Within Me
2342. Peace to A Non-peaceful World
2343. Fight the Good Fight With God
2344. Facing A Lonely Tomorrow
2345. From the Grave He Speaks
2346. Facing the World Without You
2347. Walking In the Midnight Hours
2348. Come Let Us Reason Together
2349. When the World Abuses You
2350. Fight To Win the Battle
2351. Three Wonderful People
2352. The Ominous Black Sky
2353. Another Pendulous and Ominous Night
2354. The Beauty of a Green Lawn
2355. Giving Strength to the Weak
2356. Make No Mistake Jesus Is Coming
2357. Patricia Receives a Dozen Roses
2358. Mending Friendships
2359. May the Lord Lead The Way
2360. He Never Left Her For Good
2361. When the Clock Strikes Midnight
2362. Facing Another Cloudy Day
2363. When the Snow Covers the Trees
2364. Peace When There Is No Peace
2365. Finding Peace Is Easy With Jesus
2366. Shout For Joy Jesus Is Coming
2367. The Thrilling Days of Yesterday
2368. walk Along With Me In Prayer
2369. Join Me In Heaven
2370. Never Fear For Jesus Is Always Near
2371. Dr. Deb's Love of the Water
2372. Lost In the Wonder of You
2373. Unbridled Love
2374. The Humbleness of Jesus
2375. Walking Canes and Hair of Gray
2376. There Is No Magic Cure
2377. Lord Jesus, Walk With Me
2378. Comforting An Old Friend
2379. With the Lord's Help
2380. Waste Not Your Future
2381. Give An Ear to the Message
2382. Walk With Jesus and Never Alone
2383. Facing An Unforgettable Tomorrow
2384. Daniel and Pam in God's House On Sunday
2385. What A Wonderful Word
2386. Experiencing the Sunshine
2387. Immeasurably Trust God Always
2388. Never Dispute God's Word
2389. Find Peace And Harmony In Jesus
2390. Where No Man Stands Alone
2391. Be Among the Living
2392. A Walk Along the Calico Bridge
2393. The Wonder of You
2394. May My Love Never Be Ennui
2395. You Are Simply Ravishing
2396. Come Up Hither
2397. Dispelling the Night
2398. Abandon and Lose Yourself In the Night
2399. Chagrining the Circumstances of Life
2400. Walking In His Marvelous Light
2401. Never Let the World O'er Take You
2402. Walk Along the Seashore With Me
2403. Discovering a New Way
2404. On An Auspicious Occasion
2405. Jesus Never Let Me Down
2406. Facing the World Unafraid
2407. Rejoice in the Lord Always
2408. When Will the World End
2409. Will You Face Another Day Without Jesus
2410. Come to Jesus Without Delay
2411. Janie and Janet Discover A Green Meadow
2412. When All Is Lost
2413. Strike Up the Band
2414. Give God the Praise For Everything
2415. Figuratively Walking With God
2416. May My Affirmation Be Pleasing To God
2417. Peace Among the Shadows
2418. Consider the Weeping Willow Tree
2419. Concentrate on the Positives
2420. Let Our Voices Be Heard
2421. Ask Jesus To Be By Your Side
2422. Facing Another Wonderfully New Day
2423. Speak to the Lord Always
2424. A Smile Beats A Frown
2425. Experience the Sunshine
2426. Find Peace In the Light
2427. Peace In the Quiet of the Night
2428. The Beautiful Jennifer
2429. Jesus, the Wonderful Savior
2430. When Looking For Help Look To Jesus
2431. Finding Eternal Peace
2432. Peace In the World
2433. True Chivalry Is Not Dead
2434. I Have a Purpose
2435. Be Mindful of Jesus
2436. Walk to Please God Not Man
2437. To The Ladies of Poetrypoem.com
2438. Rejoice, Jesus Is Coming
2439. The Dedication of a Servant
2440. Nothing Is Impossible With Jesus
2441. Masking To Hide the Real Person
2442. When the Midnight Hour Comes
2443. Peace In the Morning Hours
2444. The Loss of a Loved One
2445. Peace and Quiet
2446. Basking In the Love of Jesus
2447. Trust the Lord When All Else Fails
2448. Take the Time To Discover Jesus
2449. Never Be A Double Minded Person
2450. Simplicity Is Most Desired
2451. The Caring Heart of Heather
2452. Letting God Take Over
2453. In The Summertime
2454. My Time Upon the Earth
2455. Have Tomorrow Take Care of Itself
2456. Beyond A Reasonable Doubt
2457. The Budding Orchids
2458. Facing A Calamity
2459. Peace In the Sunset Hours
2460. When The Sun Shines There is Peace
2461. Peaceful Memories
2462. Making Life A Little Simpler
2463. Give Peace A Chance
2464. Perilous Times Shall Come
2465. Facing A Peaceful Tomorrow
2466. Yield Yourself to God
2467. Make It A Point To Always Seek the Lord.
2468. Fight the Good Fight1
2469. Gain the Courage You Need In Jesus
2470. A Lady of Equanimity
2471. In the Sweet Bye and Bye
2472. Nothing Hurriedly Done Is Worth Very Much
2473. May Your Life Be An Example
2474. A Perplexed World Is Our World Today
2475. From the Vast Unknown
2476. A Breathtakingly Beautiful Portrait
2477. When the Dark Clouds Gather
2478. Imminent Peace Is Found In the Lord
2479. Walking by the Shore
2480. Christmas is Drawing Nearer
2481. When the World Changes
2482. Shine Your Light For Jesus
2483. There is No Peace To the Wicked
2484. Upon Waking This Morning
2485. Watching the Tide Roll
2486. An Extremely Large Heart
2487. Walk According to the Grace Within You
2488. An Afternoon Drive
2489. The Rabbit Got Away
2490. Finding Subliminal Peace
2491. When the Lord Returns
2492. Take Jesus At His Word
2493. Remarkable Truths
2494. Jesus Is the King of Kings
2495. Experience the Good Life
2496. Be At Peace With Your Fellowman
2497. Let Not the World Disturb You
2498. When All Is Peaceful
2499. The Gorgeous Roses
2500. Being Parsimonious and Impecunious
2501. Experiencing Lethargy
2502. Give of Your Best to Jesus
2503. Walk In Undeniable Love
2504. Facing An Awful Catastrophe
2505. When the Wind Blows
2506. Jesus is the Ultimate Conqueror
2507. The Windswept Currents
2508. Facing Another Day In Peace
2509. With Jesus Man Cannot Fail
2510. Heaven Is An Actual Place
2511. Listen for the Rain To Fall
2512. Finding Immeasurable Peace
2513. Peacefully Walking With Jesus
2514. When All Seems Hopeless There is Jesus
2515. Make Your Way to Jesus Today
2516. Singing With a Merry Heart
2517. Be A Willing Servant of God
2518. A Unique Bond Was Ours Between Lyle and Myself
2519. Count Your Blessings
2520. Forever And a Day
2521. Sometimes There Is Pain
2522. I Am Not A Loser But A Winner
2523. Forge Ahead Until Tomorrow
2524. There Is A Lonely World
2525. Never Be Defeated
2526. Worthy Is the Lamb That Was Slain
2527. Sing Praises to the Lord
2528. Make A Name For Yourself
2529. Enjoy and Experience the Sunshine
2530. Wholly Live Your Life to Please Jesus
2531. Freely Accept the Holy Ghost
2532. Let Us Love and Not Quarrel
2533. Facing Another Day With Jesus, the Righteous
2534. Always Consider the Lord
2535. Purpose In Your Heart
2536. Come Before His Presence With Singing
2537. Shout Hallelujah
2538. With A Christmas Spirit
2539. Feeling Wonderful is a Treasure
2540. Walk Not According to Your Own Will
2541. Oh See the Daffodils
2542. Never Be Ludicrous Or Incongruous
2543. The Wonderful Miss Avia
2544. Leaving Your Mark Upon the World in Literature
2545. Facing An Uneventful Day
2546. Do You Ever Talk to Jesus
2547. Making A Lasting Impression
2548. Making Scriptural Provisions to Please God
2549. Pamela and Her Night Out
2550. Being Mindful of Past Mistakes
2551. May the Lord Be Remembered Always
2552. Let Your Light Shine Before Men
2553. She Never Let Me Down
2554. Experiencing Real Joy
2555. Being Bewildered
2556. A Lover's Passion
2557. Squandering Time and Money
2558. Where Does The Time Go
2559. Facing the Inevitable
2560. Walk In the Newness of Light
2561. Be A Worker Never Slothful
2562. Never Be Guilty of Chicanery
2563. Come Before Him With A Grateful Heart
2564. Vindication
2565. Even Though It Isn't Mother's Day
2566. May the Love Shine Within Your Eyes
2567. Facing the Encumbrances
2568. Making a Point to Honor God
2569. Giving God the Praise
2570. Chagrining Is My Lot Today
2571. Fondly Speak of Me
2572. Let Me Feel of Your Loving Arms
2573. No Half-way Measures Are Acceptable
2574. Finding Peace In the Storm
2575. Freely Give of God's Grace
2576. Get Away From the Conventional
2577. Make Room In Your Heart For God
2578. Never Steal From Another
2579. Don't Be A Stick in the Mud
2580. Let Us Love the Whole Night Through
2581. Being Congenial
2582. Never Let Faith Die
2583. Never Be Hornswagled
2584. Let's Experience Peace
2585. Be Mindful Of Who You Are to God
2586. Forgetting Past Mistakes and Sins
2587. Living Your Life In Shambles
2588. Ponder the Wealth of Your Life
2589. Dr. Pamela's Turn To Smile
2590. The Effervescence of Dawn
2591. Nothing Is Ever Accomplished By Fighting
2592. Make No Provisions for the Flesh
2593. Pamela's Trip To Europe
2594. Separation For God's Service
2595. Culminating the End of the World
2596. Giving God the Praise He Deserves
2597. Using Decorum In All Aspects of Life.
2598. Making Preparations For God
2599. The Whispering Sands of Time
2600. The Sands From the Outer Banks
2601. Finding Fault With Another
2602. All Too Soon the Green Leaves Will Manifest Themselves
2603. Ronnie Hears the Steeple Bells
2604. The Ever Inclusive Jesus
2605. The Awesome Blue Sky
2606. Valentine's Day Is Swiftly Approaching.
2607. The Special Psychologist, Dr. Deb
2608. The Loving Generosity of Ronnie J.
2609. The Exemplary Life of Ronnie J.
2610. The Richness of One Named Lyle B.
2611. Ode to the Fallen Snow
2612. The Tender Hearted Ronnie J.
2613. The Very Special Lyle B.
2614. A Country Drive Is Something Special
2615. The Wealth of the Rain
2616. The Blessing of Another Birthday
2617. Church on Sunday Morning
2618. Hold Unto Everlasting Life
2619. The Beautiful Daffodils
2620. God's Children Are Called Home
2621. Take a Trip to the Ocean
2622. The Blessings From God Include Ronnie J.
2623. The Magnificent Ronnie J.
2624. Snow Is In the Forecast
2625. Blissful Joy In Knowing Lyle B.
2626. Valentine's Day Is Only Four Days Away
2627. Lose Yourself in the Night
2628. The Beautiful Hues of Spring
2629. When a House Isn't a Home
2630. A Sunday Morning Back in Time
2631. Do You Still Have the Christmas Spirit
2632. The Caring Heart of Ronnie J.
2633. Lyle B. Offers No Innuendo
2634. The Snow Cometh
2635. Why?
2636. A Purposeful Heart
2637. The Kind Hearted Lyle B.
2638. Never Aimlessly Roam
2639. The Lord We Love Is Forever
2640. The Wonderful Love of Ronnie J.
2641. The Awesomeness and Candor of Lyle B.
2642. Simply Roses
2643. The Snow Continues
2644. A Sunshiny Day
2645. Karen Is a Blessing to Michael and Also to Me
2646. The Wonder of the Trees
2647. Do As the Song Says
2648. Flowers for the Sweet
2649. A Caring and Wonderful Man Named Ronnie J.
2650. A Dedicated Member of Society Is Ronnie J.
2651. Remembering Lyle B. on Valentine's Day
2652. The Blaring of God's Trumpets
2653. Is Jesus Your Main Valentine
2654. The Free Spirit of Ronnie Doesn't Need Anything Troublesome
2655. Looking To Jesus
2656. The Blessings of Another Day
2657. A Vase of Pink Carnations
2658. A Sunday Morning Spent With God
2659. Soon the Green Leaves Will Return
2660. Spring Will Be Soon Forthcoming
2661. Remembering the Honeysuckle Vines
2662. The Spontaneity of A Man Named Ronnie J.
2663. Beautiful Isle of Somewhere
2664. Never Lose Your Perspective
2665. The Heavens Declare the Glory of God
2666. What a Wonderful Day This Is
2667. Listen to Your Heart Always
2668. On a Shadowy Evening
2669. The Wonderful Distinction of Lyle B.
2670. Never Take More Than You Give
2671. The Kind Heart Within Ronnie
2672. What A Wonderful Example Is Lyle B.
2673. The Brotherly Love of Ronnie J.
2674. The Kind Hearted Love of Lyle B.
2675. Jessie and Beatrice On Valentine's Day
2676. Bryan and Clarissa On Valentine's Day
2677. Michael and Melody So Much In Love
2678. The Glory of the Sun
2679. Pamela Has Gone Oceanside
2680. When Jesus Permeates the Sky
2681. The Wonderful Heart of Lyle B.
2682. Wonderful Is the Night
2683. The Life of the Blue Jay
2684. Diego Paints the Redwoods
2685. Spring Is On Its Way
2686. Never Be Dispondent But Be Joyful
2687. Forgetting the Awful Times of Sadness
2688. The Effervescent Ronnie J.
2689. Three Nails
2690. The Blessed Resurrection
2691. Walking Along the Shoreline
2692. The Awesome Blue Sky Is All Around
2693. All Eyes On the Crucifixion
2694. Forever Adorned In Heaven
2695. The Wonderful World Beneath the Sea
2696. Adoring the Savior Is Ronnie J.
2697. The Ever Wonderful Lyle B.Memory Lives On
2698. Be Effervescent and Lively Always
2699. Crying From the Cross of Christ
2700. Enjoying A Sunday Afternoon At Home
2701. The Ever Enduring Love of Lyle B.
2702. Is Your Heart On Fire for God
2703. A Loving Childhood Memory
2704. Love's Enduring Ways
2705. Climbing the Ladder of Success
2706. Never Be Down Trodden Or Dismayed
2707. The Crown of Thorns
2708. The Auspiciousness of Ronnie J.
2709. The Great Wonder of a Man Named Lyle B.
2710. My Brother, The Baby Sitter
2711. The Day the Sun Will Quit Shining
2712. Heavenly Music From a Church Steeple
2713. The Ocean's Roar Within a Shell
2714. Experiencing Temporal Lobe Seizures
2715. The Indian Brave and the Princess
2716. The Raging Rains
2717. Another Childhood Memory
2718. The Expediency of the Lord
2719. Ronnie and The Sunday Morning Dove
2720. Remembering a Man Most Special Named Lyle B.
2721. The Christmas Box
2722. God, the Creator
2723. Twelve Years and One Month Ago Today
2724. With Jesus, Happiness Is Assured and Insured
2725. Without God, We Cannot Stand
2726. Live Forever, In Jesus
2727. Never Let A Day Pass
2728. The Old Farmhouse By the River
2729. Reliving the Memories of an Requited Love
2730. Jesus Will Return; Are You Ready
2731. The Wonderful Hearted Lyle B.
2732. On An Auspicious Day Like Today
2733. Apple Pies In the Windows
2734. Be a Leader Not a Follower
2735. Soon the Green Leaves Will Come
2736. The Indwelling of the Spirit of God
2737. Are You Ready to Face Eternity
2738. The Beauty of the Chrysanthemums
2739. Ronnie J. Stands For What Is Right.
2740. Lyle, What a Dear Man You Are
2741. Being an Heir Is Something Wonderful
2742. Enjoying the Blue Sky
2743. Wonderful Is the Lord Jesus Christ Always
2744. Do You Hear the Church Bells Ringing
2745. An Auspicious Day With My Brother Ronnie J.
2746. A Wonderful Soldier Named Lyle B.
2747. An Afternoon of Love In the Sand Dunes
2748. Listen to the Whistling Trees
2749. Courtney, the One Who Cares
2750. Life Is NO Easy Game
2751. When Someone Special Comes Along
2752. Winter Time Still Is Manifesting Itself
2753. The Unforgiving Rain Has Fallen
2754. Lyle B., A Precious Man I Know
2755. An Amazing Man Named Ronnie J.
2756. Never Let Them See You Cry
2757. A Loving Christian Named Ronnie J.
2758. A Magnificent Soldier Named Lyle B.
2759. When Nighttime Surrounds the Heart
2760. Live Your Life With Glee
2761. A House Divided Cannot Stand
2762. The Green Leaves of Spring
2763. Wonderful Is the Lord Jesus Christ
2764. The Wonder of the Nighttime
2765. The Day of the Gladiolas
2766. Do You Have the Christmas Spirit Today
2767. A Caring Spirit Within Ronnie J.
2768. The Loyalty of a Man Named Lyle B.
2769. The Ever-circling Clouds
2770. The Widening Chasm of Feelings
2771. A Broken Man Is Exalted
2772. The Beautiful Magnolias
2773. Far Beyond the Starry Sky
2774. The Valley of Death
2775. The Old Country Home Place
2776. On Our Way to Church
2777. Lyle, a Caring Man
2778. The Giving and Wonderful Heart of Ronnie J.
2779. The Superlatives Are Enormous In Lyle B.
2780. Mom Was a Servant of the Lord Jesus Everywhere She Was
2781. The Giving Heart of Ronnie J.
2782. The Camaraderie of Lyle B.
2783. The Crowning Day Could Be Today
2784. Watching the Beautiful Sunset
2785. Let Us Remember Who We Are
2786. Find Peace and Shelter In Jesus
2787. Jesus Will Always Be King
2788. When a Home Becomes a House
2789. April's Flowers Are God's Gift to All
2790. Seeing Through a Glass Darkly
2791. The White Ascending Clouds
2792. How Wonderful Are the Memories
2793. The Gates of Pearl
2794. A Birthday Wish For Janet
2795. A Quiet Sunday Afternoon Time Stands Still
2796. It Is Good to Chuckle
2797. Be Guilty of Retaining Good Thoughts
2798. Happiness Belongs to God
2799. Allow Your Light to Shine
2800. Finding Peace Within a Flower
2801. Ronnie, A Wonderful Brother and Friend
2802. Beautiful Are the Trees
2803. Don't Remain a Failure
2804. When I Was a Child
2805. Reliving the Past and the Camellias
2806. Getting Over the Doldrums
2807. Finding Peace When There Is None
2808. The Watery Soldiers Converge On the Valley of Roses
2809. Heaven Draws Nearer Each Day
2810. Please Jesus Always
2811. Remembering the Days of the Home-cooked Pecan PIes
2812. Be Of Good Courage Always
2813. A True Brother and Friend Is Ronnie J.
2814. Remembering A True Veteran Named Lyle B.
2815. The Memories of a Loving Home
2816. Where Is the Snow
2817. Never Be Nonchalant to Jesus
2818. Remembering Aunt Essie's Concord Grapevine
2819. Christians Are Diamonds in the Rough
2820. Seeing the Morning Doves Flying Overhead
2821. My Life As an Oak Tree
2822. The Gentleness of My Brother Ronnie J.
2823. A Great Homemaker Named Lyle B.
2824. Nine Years and One Month Ago
2825. Thinking of the Hummingbird
2826. My Love and I
2827. The Ever Wonderful Ronnie J.
2828. A Wonderful Man Named Lyle B.
2829. An Acrostic For Easter
2830. Lyle Has a Transparent Feature About Himself
2831. Wonderful Are the Memories
2832. The Days Of Peace Will Return
2833. Love's Burning Embers
2834. An Honorarium For Tots
2835. No Strangers In Heaven
2836. The Valley of the Dogwood Trees
2837. Ronnie and the Songbirds
2838. The Effervescence of Lyle B.
2839. From a House to a Home
2840. A Cat Named Verna
2841. A House Upon the Hill
2842. The Real Meaning of Easter
2843. Living In a Country Meadow
2844. Life's Simple When You Are a Child
2845. Life's Simple When You're a Child
2846. The Wonder of Sunshine
2847. I Ponder My Usefulness to Jesus Today
2848. Don't Let Encumbrances Get In Your Way
2849. The Watery Soldiers Are the Rain We Feel
2850. Wait and See the Flowering of the Trees
2851. The Wonderful LIfe of Lyle B.
2852. Lyle's Bright Light Still Shines
2853. Hearing the Ocean's Roar
2854. How Majestic Are the Mountains
2855. The Vastness of Ronnie's Love
2856. How Vast Is Lyle's Love to All
2857. A Loving Memory of My Mother
2858. A Special Time With My Dad
2859. Life's Simple Pleasures Are Free
2860. The Pleasantries of the Green Grass
2861. An Apple Pie Is In the Oven
2862. Prayer is the Key to Everything
2863. Make Known Your Needs to Jesus
2864. The Ever Caring and Wonderful Ronnie J.
2865. The Never Tiring Lyle B.
2866. The Watery Soldiers Have Returned
2867. God;s Perfect Flower Garden
2868. Two Lovers At a Crossroad
2869. Courage to Face Tomorrow
2870. The Ever Wonderful Mr. Larry C.
2871. Recognizing Silverindian Today
2872. A Precious Lady Named Dollie
2873. Holding Unto the Intangibles
2874. When Ronnie Met Jesus
2875. Ronnie, A Man With A True Heart
2876. The Perserverance of a Man Named Lyle B.
2877. The Watery Soldiers Have Gone Away Today
2878. The Happy Fields of Marigolds
2879. Come Before His Presence With Singing
2880. Giving the Lord Thanks
2881. Making a Joyful Noise Unto the Lord
2882. The Magic of the Ocean Blue
2883. A Childhood Experience
2884. The Love of an Animal
2885. There Is Never An Acceptable Excuse
2886. The Heart of a Loving Home
2887. A Schoolhouse Memory
2888. The Black and Ominous Clouds
2889. Ronnie Says Goodbye to Louisa
2890. A Field of Roses
2891. I Remember Lyle Today
2892. The Wealth of Knowing Lyle B.
2893. A House That Love Built
2894. When I Met Ronnie
2895. A Quiet Sunday Afternoon
2896. Spring Has Sprung
2897. Jesus Is the Captain of My Boat
2898. Peace Among the Leaves
2899. Forgiving Is Always Right
2900. The Sweetness of Ronnie J.
2901. The Night of the Lepus
2902. The Ever Beautiful Chrysanthemums
2903. The Hours Quickly Pass
2904. A Loving Home Is a Godly Home
2905. The Pecan Trees of My Past
2906. Let the Bible Stand Forever
2907. Walking In the Midnight Hour
2908. The Affection of Ronnie Is Wonderful
2909. Ronnie, a Man of Great Character
2910. The Spontaneity of a Man Named Lyle B.
2911. The Pendulous Clouds Overhead
2912. I Recall a Childhood Memory
2913. God's Never Ending Love
2914. Never Overstep Your Bounds
2915. God's Perfect Color Scheme
2916. A Loving Home I Remember
2917. Jesus Is Lord of All
2918. A Most Gracious Man Named Lyle B.
2919. Ronnie, A Great Gentleman
2920. The Wonderfulness of Lyle
2921. Reaching Your Goals Is Attainable
2922. Being Friends Through Thick and Thin
2923. The Caregiver I Know Named Ronnie J.
2924. The Humbleness of Lyle B.
2925. The Duty of a Soldier
2926. The Orange Colored Marigolds
2927. The Blessings From the Rotchfords
2928. The Green Leaves of Spring Are Here
2929. Exercise Your Prerogatives
2930. See the Sea Waves Crashing
2931. The Kind Heart of Lyle B.
2932. Sunday Morning and Ronnie
2933. A Man of Prayer Named Ronnie J.
2934. An Amiable Ronnie
2935. A Constant Companion and Friend Is Lyle B.
2936. A Derelict Finds Hope
2937. An Everlasting Light is Found
2938. A Freedom Never Before Experienced
2939. A Great Cloud of Witnesses
2940. A Heaven to Gain and a Hell to Shun
2941. An Inquisitive Mind
2942. A Jubilee Is Coming
2943. A Keepsake Is a Real Treasure
2944. Kahlil Lee, An Acrostic
2945. An Open Minded Ronnie J.
2946. A Wonderful Friend Was Lyle B.
2947. Jesus is More Than Real
2948. Freedom Is Something Most Wonderful
2949. Singing Is From a Merry Heart
2950. The Life I Now Lead
2951. Worship the Majesty of Jesus
2952. Keeping the Home Fires Burning
2953. The Wonderfulness of Crissy
2954. The Loving Heart of My Mom
2955. Jesus Is Looking For You
2956. Loving Is Easy With Jesus
2957. Strike Up the Band
2958. The On Going Love of Ronnie J.
2959. Surround Yourself With Positive Thinkers
2960. Never Let Them See You Crying
2961. Culminate, An Acrostic
2962. A Confident Man Named Lyle B.
2963. Whisper a Prayer to God
2964. Let the Joy Bells Ring
2965. Confounding the Wise
2966. Playing the Game of Life
2967. Feelings Are Important to Everyone
2968. A Home I Remember
2969. Life At Its Best
2970. Finding Love Is Easier
2971. Hearing the Church Bells On Sunday Morning
2972. Acknowledge the Truth Always
2973. Is Your Life In Shambles
2974. The Spring Time Is Here
2975. Let Your Light Shine Before Men
2976. Listen to the Joy Bells Ringing
2977. Another Childhood Memory Is Mine to Share
2978. A Man Among Men Is Lyle B.
2979. This Is the Time For Weeping
2980. Is Your House a Home
2981. Nine Years And Two Months Ago
2982. The Awesome Green Leaves of Spring
2983. Remembering Bob G. Today
2984. The Beautiful Blue Pansies
2985. Are We Still A Thankful People
2986. The Awesomeness of Ronnie J.
2987. The Day Mom Entered Heaven To Stay
2988. A Victory Celebration Is Given By the Lord
2989. A Loving Adult Memory
2990. Where Will You Be
2991. In the Valley of Sunshine
2992. A Wonderful Man Named Ronnie J.
2993. The Ever Wonderful Lyle B.
2994. The Calling of the Wind
2995. Jesus Is the Giver of Peace
2996. The Shifting Sand
2997. A Moment In Time
2998. A Mother's Love Is Far Greater Than Any Other
2999. Are You Thinking of Christmastime
3000. Home Is a Wonderful Place to Be
3001. A Man So Caring Is Ronnie J.
3002. A Caring and Wonderful Man Named Lyle B.
3003. I Feel Violated By a Scam
3004. The Old Home Place Looks the Same
3005. Special Holidays Are Most Wonderful
3006. He Looked Beyond My Faults
3007. Rowing Away From the Shore
3008. Jessie and Beatrice During Easter
3009. When I Look In Your Eyes
3010. The Special Love of Ronnie J.
3011. Nothing Like The Fresh Morning Air
3012. The Ever Considerate and Caring Ronnie J.
3013. An Outstanding Citizen Was Lyle B.
3014. Peace Belongs to the Lord
3015. Never Give Up Believing Jesus
3016. Easter Is a Time To Remember Jesus
3017. Ronnie, a Caring Man is He
3018. The Sweetness of Lyle B.
3019. Do You Hear the Voice of Jesus Calling
3020. Finding Peace In the Rock of Ages
3021. Humbleness Is the Key to Happiness
3022. Use Your Faculties for Jesus' Sake
3023. Strangers NO More
3024. Be of Tender Heart
3025. Cognizant, What Does It Mean
3026. There Is Happiness In Knowing Jesus
3027. Ronnie and Easter Sunrise
3028. Lyle Is Aware of Easter Sunrise
3029. The Easter Sunrise Is Almost Here
3030. What Does Easter Mean
3031. The Crucifxion Remains In Our Hearts
3032. Give Glory, Honor and Laud to Jesus
3033. Easter Morning and Ronnie
3034. Ronnie and Midnight At Easter Time
3035. Easter Morning and Lyle
3036. Nothing Is By Happenstance
3037. Find Peace In Jesus
3038. Give Credit Where Credit Is Due
3039. Admiring the Blue Ocean
3040. The Storehouse of Jesus' Love
3041. Freedom To Face Another Tomorrow
3042. Remembering Lyle at Easter Sunday
3043. Let the Storms Come
3044. Make Your Life Count For Something
3045. God Is Above All Do Not Be Dismayed
3046. Easter Is a Time of Reflection
3047. A Loving Man With A Great Heart Is Ronnie J.
3048. May the Bells Chime On Easter Sunday
3049. An Even Tempered Man Named Lyle B.
3050. The Wonder of God
3051. The Willingness of God
3052. Come and Be Heard
3053. Soar With the Eagles
3054. Give God the Glory
3055. Hold No Hatred Against Anyone
3056. Love Your Neighbor Always
3057. The Fortitude of Ronnie J.
3058. A House Divided
3059. Mom Is Herald As Someone Special In Heaven
3060. The Unwavering Love of Ronnie J.
3061. The Kindness of One Man Named Lyle B.
3062. Then the Day Came
3063. The Beauty of an Easter Sunrise
3064. A Heavenly Promise Is Kept
3065. Walk Among the Gardens
3066. Discovering Life Through Jesus
3067. Finding Help In Time of Need
3068. A Bright and Cheerful Day
3069. Jesus Never Makes a Mistake
3070. A Wonderful Soul Is Ronnie J.
3071. The Understanding Ronnie J.
3072. The Loving Lyle B.
3073. Walking With Shadows
3074. Feel the Evening Breeze
3075. Walking to Please Jesus Is Not Hard
3076. Give Of Your Best to Jesus
3077. Be Obedient to the Will of God
3078. What Are You Up To
3079. Reaching the Pinnacle of Success
3080. Getting Lost In God's Love
3081. A Bright and Wonderful Easter Sunrise
3082. Do You Smell the Cherry Pies
3083. Lose Yourself in God's Love
3084. Find Yourself In God's House This Sunday
3085. Raise Your Voice In Song
3086. The Wonder of Katrina
3087. Let the Blessings Flow As You Sing
3088. A Man of Purpose Was Lyle B.
3089. The Blessings of Ronnie J.
3090. Concerns of Today Are Ephemeral
3091. An Easter Sunday Drive
3092. Experience the North Eastern Wind
3093. Lose Not Sight of Your Goals
3094. Be Careful To Confound the Wise
3095. Never Be Guilty of Doing Evil
3096. The Awfulness of the Crucifixion
3097. From My Bedroom Window
3098. Let Us Rejoice and Be Glad
3099. Let Us Serve the Lord
3100. A Contrite Heart Is Made Glad
3101. Easter Sunrise and Ronnie J.
3102. The Memories of Lyle and Easter Sunrise
3103. The Superlatives of Jesus
3104. Tempt Me Not
3105. Facing Facts Will Help Mold You
3106. Never Let Chicanery Get a Hold
3107. Be One Who Is Gentle
3108. Feel the Freshness of the Breeze
3109. Let the Watery Soldiers Fall
3110. A Memory of Mother
3111. Do Right To Always Please the Lord
3112. Take Notice of the Flowers and Trees Around You
3113. Easter Morning and Ronnie J.
3114. Easter Time and Lyle B.
3115. Remembering An Easter Sunday
3116. The Beauty of the Easter Lily
3117. The Precious Gift of Easter
3118. Spend Easter Loving Jesus
3119. Finding Peace On Easter Sunday
3120. Proclaim the Good Tidings On Easter Sunday
3121. Show Your Love to Jesus Everyday
3122. Acknowledge There Is an Easter Sunday
3123. Easter Sunday and Courtney
3124. Do You Think About Easter
3125. Does Heaven Celebrate Easter
3126. Easter Morning and Myself
3127. The Wonder of the Morning
3128. Easter Monday and Ronnie J.
3129. A Peace Within Our Hearts
3130. The Loveliness of the Easter Lily
3131. The Tumultuous Wind
3132. Remembering Dad and Mom Again
3133. Mankind Needs Some Explanation
3134. Becoming A Winner Is Always Best
3135. Determination, An Acrostic
3136. Failure Is Never Excusable
3137. A Home I Fondly Remember
3138. Never Be Forlorn In Your Thinking
3139. Walking Along the Seashore
3140. Never a Shadow of Doubt
3141. There Is NO Confounding God
3142. The Joy of Having a Mother Like My Mother
3143. A World of Love From Ronnie J.
3144. The Spontaneity of Lyle B.
3145. When the Morning Comes
3146. Facing a New Day
3147. Free the Spirit to Serve God
3148. Never give Up On God
3149. Possibilities, An Acrostic
3150. Run With Patience Always
3151. Succeed At Any Costs
3152. A Heart Full of Love is Jesus' Heart
3153. Never Turn Away From Jesus
3154. Win the Coveted Crown
3155. Enjoy the Sunshine
3156. A Wonderful Man and Friend Is Lyle B.
3157. The Blessings of the Trees
3158. The Nighttime Cometh
3159. Let Us Be Free to Love
3160. Facing Another Day With Jesus
3161. The Call of the Lord
3162. Feel the Lord's Moving Upon You
3163. Be Mindful of Your Blessings
3164. Walking the Narrow Road
3165. Twelve Years and Three Months Ago
3166. Live Your Life For Jesus
3167. Recuperative Powers, An Acrostic
3168. Allow Jesus To Rule Over You
3169. Walking With Jesus Is Always Right
3170. Never Let Your Candle Burn Out
3171. Valentine's Day With Jesus Is Something Wonderful
3172. Make Way For Jesus
3173. Worshipping the Lord Jesus Christ
3174. Find Yourslf In God's House
3175. The Wonderment of Ronnie J.
3176. Lyle and His Heart Full of Love
3177. The Wonderment of the Rotchfords
3178. When I Wake Up to Sleep NO More
3179. Let There Not Be Any Upheaval
3180. Jubilation, An Acrostic
3181. Circumstances, An Acrostic
3182. Rest For the Weary Is Found In Jesus
3183. Shun the Profane
3184. Make Peace With Your Neighbor
3185. Enjoy the Nice Spring Day
3186. One Day I Will Ascend As Angels
3187. Life and Its Necessities For Living Right
3188. A Man Who Knows My Heart Is Ronnie J.
3189. A Loving and Warm Hearted Man Is Lyle B.
3190. Sunday Is the Lord's Day
3191. The Calming Effect of Jesus
3192. Surround Yourself With Kindness and Gentleness
3193. Cherishing the Memory Of Lyle B.
3194. Brothers Like Ronnie J. Is a Treasure
3195. The Caring Heart of Lyle B.
3196. When Faith Overtakes Evil
3197. Be A Steward For God
3198. May Flowers Will Incessantly Bloom
3199. A Most Thoughtful and Loving Brother Is Ronnie J.
3200. The Incessantly Love of Lyle B.
3201. You Must Circumspectly Walk
3202. Let the Trumpets Sound
3203. The Special Love of Ronnie
3204. The Wonder of a Man Named Lyle B.
3205. Confidence, an Acrostic
3206. Growing In Newport, An Acrostic
3207. Perplexities, an Acrostic
3208. Perplexities, an Acrostic
3209. Chicanery, an Acrostic
3210. Perfunctory, an Acrostic
3211. Make a Positive Statement of Faith
3212. Embroilmentl, An Acrostic
3213. I Am a Sinner Saved By Grace
3214. Basking In the Love of Ronnie J. Is Wonderful
3215. Strength to Become a Mother
3216. Be A Witness for Jesus Everyday
3217. The Green Leaves Have Come
3218. Heaven Is Getting Closer All the Time
3219. Embroilment, An Acrostic
3220. Is Your Mind Set On Christmas
3221. Experience the Beauty of the New Day
3222. Let Joy Encompass Your Heart
3223. The Ever Watchful Eye of Ronnie J.
3224. A Purposeful Man Named Lyle B.
3225. Personification, An Acrostic
3226. Make a Joyful Noise to Jesus
3227. Doctor Deb Is Exemplary In All She Does
3228. The Incomparable and Undisputed Man Named Ronnie J.
3229. The Giving Spirit of Lyle B.
3230. God's Great Greenery
3231. A Simple Mistake Is Still Wrong
3232. Fear Not Man But Do Fear God
3233. The Epitome of Wendy
3234. The Wonderful Admiration of Ronnie J.
3235. Happy Mother's Day To All Mothers
3236. Lyle B. A Most Wonderful and Inspiring Man
3237. Happy Mother's Day to You, Mom
3238. Zandra and Ty, Mother and Child
3239. The Dancing Green Clovers
3240. Respectful, An Acrostic
3241. Home, a Most Loving Word
3242. See the Waves Dancing
3243. Church Bells Are Ringing
3244. Wonderful Is the Night
3245. Expectations, An Acrostic
3246. The Undaunted Ronnie J.
3247. The Simply Amazing Lyle B.
3248. A Mother Like Karen
3249. The Lovely Green Grass Of Home
3250. Heavenward I Am Bound
3251. How Blue the Sky
3252. The Worthless Doll Named Pollyanna
3253. No Disdain In Ronnie J.
3254. Unaltered Peace Found In Lyle B.
3255. The Storm Clouds Are Rising
3256. Spring Into Action
3257. Smell the Blueberry PIes Through the Window
3258. Living Among the Trees
3259. Are We Still a Thankful People Today
3260. Pollyanna Finds a New Home
3261. Happiness Comes When the Sun Is Out
3262. The Sincerity of One Man Named Ronnie J.
3263. No Disdain Found In Lyle B.
3264. The Beauty of the Wisteria
3265. Misfortune Happens to All People
3266. The Lovely Chrysanthemums Are Alive
3267. Do Your Ever Ponder Anything
3268. Christmas Is Getting Nearer
3269. The Wonderfulness of Ronnie J.
3270. The Captivating Lyle B.
3271. The Chirping of the Birds On A Great Morning
3272. Let Your Emotions Free Today and Rejoice
3273. Do the Work of Him That Sent You
3274. The Morning Sun Has Risen
3275. Be Happy Always
3276. Doldrums Are a Waste of Energy
3277. Be Captivated With the Holiday Season
3278. The Ever Patient Ronnie J.
3279. Lyle B., A Wonderful Human Being
3280. The Brightness of the Sun
3281. Cleave Unto the Lord
3282. A Home I Remember Today
3283. Passionately Yours
3284. Love Under the Lamplight
3285. Nearing Home
3286. Ronnie, the Ever Understanding Man
3287. Let Your Mind Wander
3288. Be Free of Expectations
3289. The Morning Birds Are Singing
3290. Positively Thinking
3291. Shep, My First Dog
3292. Never Too Early
3293. Thankfulness, An Acrostic
3294. The Resiliency of a Man Named Ronnie J.
3295. Lyle B., the Wonderment of the Man
3296. The Morning Birds Are Singing To the Creator
3297. Let the Sun Shine Again
3298. Recollections of the Past
3299. Mom Was An Humble Lady
3300. Let the Joy Bells Ring In Your Heart
3301. The Returning of the Blue Sky
3302. Doctor Deb, My Psychologist and Friend
3303. The Morning Birds in Flight
3304. Going Home
3305. The Awesomeness of My Brother Ronnie J.
3306. Lyle B., My Brother I Loved
3307. The Sun Is Out Today
3308. Give Praise to Jesus Everyday
3309. Let the Joy Bells Ring On Sunday
3310. Ronnie J., and the Deep Soul Within Him
3311. Lyle B., and the Sunny Sunday
3312. The Silence of the Morning Birds Today
3313. The Wonderful Beauty of the Trees
3314. Oh Come Let Us Adore Him
3315. Have You Ever Seen a Cloudless Day
3316. Let Us Be Thankful
3317. A Sobering Thought
3318. Be Kind to Everyone You Meet
3319. Let the Joy Bells Start
3320. Where Have All The Songbirds Gone
3321. The Beauty of Carmen
3322. Ronnie J. and His Love For Me
3323. Lyle B., A Man of Valor
3324. Ronnie and HIs Simplicity
3325. Lyle B. and His Wonderful Heart
3326. The Morning Birds of Yesterday
3327. The Birds From God's Creation
3328. May the Lord Be Exalted For All Time
3329. A Part of My History As a Child
3330. Never Lose Hope
3331. The Joy of Christmastime
3332. The Beautiful Trees
3333. Time Won't Heal A Broken Hearted Me
3334. The Effervescence of Ronnie J. Today
3335. Lyle B. And the Love He Gave Me
3336. I Heard the Morning Birds
3337. See the Shimmering Light
3338. Mom Encouraged Me to Play My Keyboard
3339. Dr. Pamela's Night of Joy
3340. The Awesomeness of Lyle B.
3341. Greatly Blessed Am I With Ronnie J.
3342. When Mom Left the Earth Her Duties Ended the Same Day
3343. The Silence of the Morning Birds
3344. Circumspect, An Acrostic
3345. Living Your Life Through Jesus' Love
3346. Facing the World In Turmoil
3347. Fight the Good Fight of Faith
3348. Be Guilty of Loving the Lord Jesus Christ
3349. A Cloudless Heavenly Sky
3350. Lyle B., A Man Worthy of Remembering Always
3351. The Effectiveness of Ronnie J.
3352. The Invaluableness of Lyle B.
3353. The Hiding Morning Birds
3354. Ordination, An Acrostic
3355. Exercise Your Faith
3356. Let the Wind Freely Blow
3357. Learning To Give Praise to God
3358. The Candor of Ronnie J.
3359. Lyle and Midnight, Man and Pet
3360. The Deafening Silence of the Morning Birds
3361. Give Your Strength to the Lord
3362. Be Strong In the Lord
3363. An Humble Man Is a Used Man
3364. Circumvent, An Acrostic
3365. Listen to the Falling Rain
3366. Its Time to Be in Church
3367. The Steadfastness of Ronnie J.
3368. Be a Worker In God's Vineyard
3369. Happiness Should Be Y our Proclamation With Winter's Chill
3370. The Wonderful Rothcfords Today
3371. The Faithfulness of Ronnie J.
3372. Celebrating the Life of a Great Man Named Lyle B.
3373. May the Lord Reign Supreme Always
3374. The Clarity of a Man Named Ronnie J.
3375. A Sense of Security In a Man Named Lyle B.
3376. A Miraculous Healing For My Brother
3377. Nine Years and Four Months Ago
3378. Affirmation, An Acrostic
3379. The Beauty of Melody, My Friend
3380. The Beautiful Song of the Morning Birds
3381. Today Is Now Sunday
3382. Let us Not Forget Who We Are
3383. The Loss of Two Lovers
3384. Give Credence In All Things Pertaining to Jesus
3385. A Beautiful Human Being Named Ronnie J.
3386. Lyle B., A Wonderful and Loving Human Being
3387. The Magical Sounds of the Morning Birds
3388. See the Wonderful Flourishing Trees
3389. Christmastime Will Be Here In Six Months and Twenty-three Days
3390. Life Is a Gift Don't Throw It Away
3391. Be Respectful Of Your Elders
3392. Parsimonious, An Acrostic
3393. Never Close Your Mind to Reality
3394. The Wonderfulness of Lyle B. That I Remember
3395. Where Are the Morning Birds
3396. Let Us Love One Another
3397. Lugubrious, An Acrostic
3398. Heaven and Happiness Go Hand In Hand
3399. Waste Not What God Has Freely Given You
3400. Be Faithful To the End
3401. Never Give Credence To A Sin
3402. Finish The Work God Has Called You to Do
3403. Credence, An Acrostic
3404. Fellowship for Christ, An Acrostic
3405. Make Way For the Faithful
3406. Avoiding the Grim Reaper
3407. The Wonderfulness of Beatrice
3408. The Wonder of Chelsey
3409. Miriam, The Special Lady I Know
3410. Elizabeth, a Special Lady Is She
3411. Wanda, The Magnificent Nurse
3412. Impecunious, An Acrostic
3413. The Wonderful and Caring Ronnie J. Today
3414. Life With Lyle B. Is a Treasured One
3415. Past Gifts Are Memories Today
3416. Don't Put Off Today's Necessities
3417. Find Peace in Prayer
3418. The Righteous Will Stand the Test of Time
3419. Idiosyncrasies, An Acrostic
3420. Will, A Genuine and Caring Man
3421. Let the Chips Fall Where They May
3422. Always Give a Truthful Answer
3423. Happiness With Lyle Was Great
3424. Never Let Your Defenses Down
3425. I Think I Hear the Morning Birds
3426. Don't Let Encumbrances Overtake You
3427. Today Is Another Day Without the Morning Birds
3428. The Exuberance Remembering Lyle B.
3429. Learn To Be A Patient Person
3430. The Ever Wonderful Ronnie
3431. The Never Ending Love of Ronnie J.
3432. The Beauty of the Chrysanthemums
3433. Lyle Is Someone Exemplary
3434. Hearing the Morning Birds Puts My Mind At Ease
3435. Come to God Always Empty Handed
3436. With God All Men Are Free
3437. Celebrate Your Independence
3438. Christmastime Is Six Months Away From Today
3439. The Ever Amazing Love of Ronnie J.
3440. The Staunch Supporterf Known As Ronnie J.
3441. The Highly Motivated Man Known As Lyle B.
3442. The Morning Birds Are In Slumber This Morning
3443. The Act of Circumspectly Walking Is Important to All
3444. The Wonder of a Man Named Ronnie J.
3445. Happiness In Knowing Lyle B. Is Mine
3446. Longing To Hear the Morning Birds Singing
3447. God's Provisions Were Ours
3448. Find Unaltered Peace In Jesus Christ the Lord
3449. Nine Years and Five Months Ago
3450. The Wonder of a Tree
3451. The Beautiful Eastern Gate
3452. Ronnie Lightens Up the Way to Honor Jesus
3453. Miriam Is a Lady On Whom I Can Trust
3454. I Believe It is Time for the Birds to Come Again
3455. Ronnie and His Wonderful Spirit
3456. Lyle B. and His Love Toward Me
3457. The Stillness of the Morning Birds
3458. The All Sufficient Lord Jesus Christ
3459. Sunday Is the Day of Residing In Jesus
3460. Make No Mistake All Are Accountable
3461. Janie and Janet Proclaim the Lord and His Blessings
3462. Never Be Complacent For Any Reason
3463. A Gift of Another Year Is Truly a Blessing
3464. Remembering Lyle B. In a Special Way
3465. The Morning Birds Are Somewhere Else Today
3466. Spread Your Wings and Freely Fly
3467. Allow Jesus to Make Your Accomplishments For You
3468. Be Happy When We Have the Rains
3469. Find Peace and Contentment In Jesus Always
3470. Mary Ann Is Someone Special
3471. The Wind Swept Clouds Are In Sight Today
3472. Feeling Much Better About Yourself
3473. The Endearing Life of Lyle B.
3474. I Believe I Hear the Morning Birds In Song
3475. Dr. Harris and the Oceanside
3476. Experience Life As God Intended
3477. Find Peace and Serenity In Jesus Only
3478. Never Be Nonchalant About Spiritual Things
3479. Be Generous With Your Love
3480. Happiness Is Found In Jesus
3481. The Giving Heart of Ronnie J.
3482. There Was Something Special In Lyle B.
3483. A Memory of the Morning Birds Is All I Have
3484. Be Precise and Never Perfunctory
3485. Let Love Be Understood By All
3486. The Unexplainable Lyle B.
3487. Pamela and the World Around Her
3488. Facing the Inevitable With God Is a Breeze
3489. Comfort the Fallen and the Downtrodden
3490. Happiness Is Found In Jesus Christ The Lord
3491. Pamela's Happiness Today
3492. Life and Its Expectancies
3493. Love and Love Again
3494. Christmas Is Getting Ever So Much Nearer
3495. The Monumental Love of Ronnie J.
3496. The Gentle Heart of a Man Named Lyle B.
3497. The Silence of the Morning Birds Is Deafening.
3498. Never Relinquish Your Happiness
3499. The Pristine Waters of San Martin
3500. Janet's Maple Trees
3501. Facing the Grim Reaper Is Easy With Jesus
3502. Perfunctory, An Acrostic
3503. Give God the Praise He So Deserves
3504. Am I A Vessel of God's Grace to Others
3505. My Brother, Ronnie J.
3506. The Meaningful And Spirited Lyle B.
3507. Hearing the Morning Birds Is So Grand
3508. The Blessings of Life Are Mine Today
3509. This Is the Time to Praise God For the Summer
3510. Be An Instrument of God's Grace
3511. Look to Jesus For Everything
3512. Use God's Will and Never Your Own
3513. Light the Way of the Sinner
3514. Do Jesus Right All the Time
3515. Because of You, Ronnie J.
3516. A Great Gift Is Now Gone
3517. The Morning Birds Found In Another State
3518. Rejoice; In the Lord Always
3519. Never Let Your Defenses Down
3520. Be Circumspect In Your Delivery
3521. In a Field of Clover Is Beauty
3522. Never Lose Sight of Who You Are
3523. Be Strong; In the Lord
3524. A Day Of Blessing Is Ordered By the Lord
3525. The Graciousness of Mr. Larry C.
3526. Sound HIs Praises Everywhere You Go
3527. Greatly Blessed Am I With Ronnie J.
3528. The Blessed Life of Lyle B.
3529. I Believe I Hear the Morning Birds Singing
3530. Twenty Plus Years Ago
3531. Time Is of the Essence
3532. Make Your Calling and Election Sure
3533. Give It All to Jesus
3534. Peace Belongs to God
3535. Always Act Accordingly to Jesus' Will
3536. Never Regret Serving God
3537. Reserve Your Life For Jesus
3538. Circumvent, An Acrostic
3539. Lead Someone To Jesus Today
3540. A Childhood Memory I Recall
3541. The Cohesiveness of Ronnie's Love to Me
3542. A Special Man Named Lyle B.
3543. Too Late For the Morning Birds Today
3544. Pamela In the Field of Tea Roses
3545. Pamela and the Cow Lilies
3546. Pamela Overlooking the Field of Daffodils
3547. The Beautiful Daffodils Remembered
3548. Pamela's Return to the Ocean
3549. Floundering Around Is Inexcusable
3550. The Loveliness of an Ebony Queen
3551. Happiness Ensues Remembering Ronnie J.
3552. The Thoughtful Ronnie J.
3553. A Very Blessed Man I Know As Lyle B.
3554. The Morning Birds Are Singing Today
3555. Pamela Takes a Flight to Paris
3556. Be Respectful of Those Above You
3557. Be Realistic and Never Perfunctory
3558. Allow Jesus to Fight Your Battles
3559. Light the Way Whatever You May Do
3560. Perfunctory Is Never the Way to God
3561. Adhere to the Principles of God
3562. Make the Day Count for Jesus
3563. The Never Ending War For T. S. and E. S.
3564. Forget Not Where You Came From Nor Where You're Heading
3565. Never Become Despondent But Be Outgoing and Kind
3566. Use Your Intellect For the Better
3567. The Wonderment of Ronnie J. and His Love
3568. An Ever Present Love From One Who Is Gone
3569. The Morning Birds Have Manifested Themselves Today
3570. Dr. Harris Among the Chrysanthemums
3571. Circumspectly Walk to Please the Lord Jesus Christ
3572. Continually Exhibit Your Faith
3573. Show the Power of God; In Your Life
3574. Falter Not In Your Plan to Serve God
3575. Idiosyncrasies, An Acrostic
3576. Pamela and Her Love For Jesus
3577. Jesus Is Our Bridge to Life and to Heaven
3578. Vindication, An Acrostic
3579. Brighten the Corner Where You Are
3580. Jesus Will Always Be First With His Children
3581. Pamela and the Green Grass Beneath Her Feet
3582. Wondrous Joy, I Heard the Morning Birds Singing Today
3583. The Magnificent Ronnie J.
3584. A Special Man I Know Is Lyle B.
3585. Jesus Remains To Be Wonderful With the Morning Birds
3586. Dr. Harris and Her Doll, Rachel Sabrina
3587. Pamela and the Waterfall
3588. The Amazing and Wonderful Pamela's Orchids
3589. Never Have a Nonchalant Attitude
3590. Pamela and the Giant Trees
3591. The Accolades of Dr. Pamela Harris
3592. Jesus Is the Ultimate Wonder
3593. The Highly Esteemed Ronnie J.
3594. Remembering An Illustrious Man Named Lyle B.
3595. The Woods Are Silent Without the Morning Birds
3596. From Mountains to Ocean, Pamela Sees It All
3597. Pamela As a Life of a Tree
3598. As the Dogwood Blooms, So Does Pamela
3599. A Bit Of Heaven On Earth With My Brother Ronnie J.
3600. The Watch Care I Received From Lyle B.
3601. The Morning Birds Are Stilled Today
3602. Pamela's Bungalow On the Ocean
3603. Dr. Harris and the Moonlight
3604. The Watery Soldiers and Pamela Today
3605. Pamela On Her Birthday
3606. A Wonderful Man I Know As Lyle B.
3607. Hearing the Morning Birds Today is My Gift From God
3608. Pamela and Rachel Sabrina Together
3609. Continually Give God the Praise
3610. Pamela and the Beautiful Chrysanthemums
3611. Christmastime Is Five Months and Five Days Away
3612. Pamela Revisit the Ocean
3613. Pamela and the Field of Cow Lilies
3614. Pamela and the Ocean At Night
3615. As the Winter Time Unfolds
3616. Thoughts of Mom During the Holidays
3617. God's Gift for Me Is the Love of Ronnie J.
3618. Lyle Is a Wonderment of Joy To My Soul
3619. The Epitome of Someone Most Special As Lyle B.
3620. The Morning Birds Are Once Again Singing Today
3621. Pamela and the Not So Quiet Patient
3622. Dr. Harris and the Gardenia Bushes
3623. There Is Peace In the Valley For All People
3624. Pamela and the Home Cooked Meal
3625. Pamela, the Intellecutal Doctor
3626. Pamela, the Gracious Lady She Is
3627. I Heard the Afternoon Birds Singing on Sunday
3628. Hope Always and Never Give Up
3629. Life With Dr. Harris As My Doctor Is So Wonderful
3630. Heaven's Gain Is Earth's Great Loss
3631. The Wonder of a Man's Love Found In Ronnie J.
3632. God Be Praised For Lyle B.
3633. The Love of God and the Morning Birds Singing
3634. Pamela and the Fresh Cut Orchid
3635. If Need Be, Be A Martyr For Jesus' Sake
3636. Pamela and the Green Grass Of Home
3637. May Pamela's Name Be Perpetuated For All Time
3638. The Candor of Dr. Pamela Harris
3639. Pamela and Her Home On the Ocean
3640. Dr. Harris and Her Love For Her Patients
3641. A Most Punctual Man Is My Brother, Ronnie J.
3642. New Beginnings For Ronnie J.
3643. Remembering A Dear Man Named Lyle B.
3644. Peace Is Mine With Hearing the Morning Birds
3645. Randy and Sweet Potato Pies
3646. Twelve Years and Six Months Ago
3647. Dr. Pamela Harris' Richest Rewards Are Yet To Be
3648. The Pinks In Dr. Harris' Garden
3649. Pamela and the Roaring Waves
3650. Diego Commissioned to Paint Dr. Pamela Harris' Mural
3651. Pamela and Her Love's Night of Seclusion
3652. The Remarkable Ronnie J.
3653. Esoterically Never Applies to Lyle B.
3654. The Morning Birds Have Flown Away
3655. Never Leave Important Things Up To Chance
3656. Be a Responsible Citizen No Matter What
3657. Pamela's Favorite Cow Lily and Tea Rose
3658. Pamela, The Physician
3659. Pamela, the Lady of Distinction
3660. Dr. Pamels Harris Before the Lord
3661. Pamela and Her Time of Working
3662. Build Each Other, In the Faith, of the Lord Jesus Christ
3663. A Blessed Man Named Ronnie J.
3664. The Comforting Knowledge of Knowing Lyle B.
3665. Hearing the Morning Birds Is Something Most Special
3666. When You Think of It Who Are You
3667. Perish Evil Thoughts For Jesus' Sake
3668. Keep Your Mind Upon the Lord Jesus Christ
3669. Pamela's Beautiful Ebony Hair
3670. Dr. Pamela Harris' Kindness Touches Me
3671. Pamela's Loving Heart
3672. Pamela's Second Night of Seclusion
3673. Lyle B., A Most Caring Man
3674. The Incomparable Ronnie J. Today
3675. I Believe Lyle B. Is In Heaven Today
3676. Jesus Has Answered My Prayer of the Morning Birds Singing
3677. The Exceptional Quality of a Man Named Ronnie J.
3678. The Ever Amazing Lyle B.
3679. The Stillness of the Morning Birds Today
3680. Always Have an Attitude of Gratitude
3681. The Beautiful Green Leaves of Summer
3682. Mr. Herb Rotchford Is One of God's Blessings To Me
3683. Remembering the Morning Birds Singing Is a Treasure
3684. The Wonder of a Friend Like Ronnie J.
3685. Heart of Hearts I Love Remembering Lyle B.
3686. The Beauty of the Morning Birds Are For the Taking
3687. Living For Jesus Is the Key Thing For All Time
3688. Somberness, An Acrostic
3689. Nothing Happens Without God Knowing
3690. The Act of BeingFriendly Takes Very Little Initiative.
3691. Touching People's Lives Is What Ronnie Does
3692. Learn to Be Faithful All the Time You Serve God
3693. The Wonderfulness of Ronnie J. Today
3694. Thanksgiving Day Happens in Three Days From Today
3695. My Wonderful Brother Ronnie J.
3696. A Loving and Wonderful Brother Named Lyle B.
3697. The Morning Birds Are Freely Singing Today
3698. Overcome Evil With Good
3699. Ranting and Raving Never Does Any Good
3700. Pamela and the Ocean Around Her
3701. The Remarkable Ronnie J. Today
3702. What A Sweet and Personable Man Named Lyle B.
3703. The Morning Birds Sounded Off Today
3704. Never Let Temptation Overtake You
3705. Pamela and the Crowning Day
3706. Never Consort With the Enemy
3707. The Blessed and Linger Memories of Lyle B.
3708. What A Blessed Morning With the Morning Birds
3709. Contemplate Your Future With Jesus In Mind
3710. Give What You Have In Jesus' Name
3711. Pamela and the Upper Echelon
3712. Pamela Wins Best Doctor Award
3713. Pamela and the Ocean Blue
3714. Pamela Remembers Rachel Sabrina Today
3715. Pamela and the Dogwood Trees
3716. The Beauty of Deborah
3717. The Matchless Human Love of Ronnie J.
3718. The Never Great Ending Love of One Who's Gone
3719. Within My Mind I Have Heard the Morning Birds
3720. Be Guilty of Serving the Lord Jesus Christ
3721. Wake With a New Purpose
3722. Pamela Shares Her Love
3723. Pamela and Her Never Ending Love For Her Patients
3724. Pamela Sees the Tea Roses
3725. Pamela Sees the Pink Sunset Clouds
3726. Pamela and Her Night of Seclusion
3727. Pamela and the Oceanside
3728. Lyle Is Someone Most Special For Eternity
3729. The Winter's Chill Is Lingering Around Today
3730. Mom Is a Great Peacemaker and an Emissary For God
3731. Miss Mary Ann Is a Lady Who Challenges My Heart
3732. There Will Always be a Place In My Heart For Jesus
3733. Serve the Lord With Gladness and Singleness of Heart
3734. Be a Light to Someone Who Is Lost
3735. Ronnie Is a Full Time Emissary of God
3736. Lyle Is the Most Considerate of All
3737. The Lord Is Always Perfect With Winter's Chill
3738. Mom Was God's Choice to Proceed the Rest of Our Family
3739. Beautiful Are the Flowers of Spring
3740. Ellie Mae Believes God Thus She Is My Sister
3741. Ronnie is Outstanding With All He Does
3742. Lyle Made It a Much More Decent World to Live Being Here
3743. The World Seems to Be Less of Winter's Chill
3744. The Lessons Mom Taught Me Carry On Today
3745. Ronnie Has Never Been Narrow Minded 1
3746. Lyle Was a Fair Man All the Time
3747. We Can Rejoice It is Now Spring
3748. Mom Is Celebrating Easter With the Savior Today
3749. Accentuate and Celebrate This Most Sacred Day Known As Easter
3750. Ten Years And Two Months Ago
3751. Be Assured and Confidentr Always With Jesus
3752. Miss Mary Ann Is Special and Extraordinary
3753. A Vietnam Veteran Initialed T. S. Deserves My Honor and Praise
3754. Ronnie Has Been Sick But Getting Better
3755. Lyle and His Love of the Blue Iris
3756. All People Should Honor God and His Provisional Grace
3757. Mom Is Honest and Just Thanks to Jesus
3758. The Vietnam Veteran T.S. Came Home A Survivor
3759. Miss Mary Ann Is a Great Lady and an Astute Professional
3760. May Ronnie Be Blessed For All Time
3761. The One Who Accentuates My Life Is Lyle, My Brother
3762. It Is Spring Upon God's Order For Its Time Being Here
3763. Mom Was Pleased to Offer Herself Upon the Altar of Service
3764. God's Choice For His Emissary Is a Man Named George
3765. As Spring Has Arrived So Have the Birds
3766. Face the World's Atrocities By Employing God's Help
3767. Karen Lights Up the Room Upon Entering
3768. Miss Mary Ann Is Truly God's Treasure to Others
3769. Christmas Is Two Weeks and One Day Away
3770. Use Your Caliber For God's Reasons
3771. Karen's Hair Shines As the Firmament
3772. Miss Mary Ann Is a Genuine Person For All to See
3773. A Poem About Kris--Dreamweaver
3774. Ronnie Ia a Loving Sort of Man
3775. Lyle Faces a New Day Living Within My Heart
3776. Guess What I Heard This Morning--a Cardinal
3777. Mom Always Knows the Right Thing for Me
3778. Miss Mary AnnTouches My Life
3779. Miss Mary Ann Is One of the Lord's Children
3780. This Blessed Day Is God's Gift to All
3781. The Initialed T. S. Serves God Today and For All Time
3782. Mom Has Been Commissioned to Serve God Everyday
3783. The Spring Flowers Are Here In Their Season
3784. Never Walk In Despondency
3785. Ronnie Is Wonderfully Sensitive
3786. Lyle Was Always Credible About Everything
3787. Softly Do I Hear the Birds This Morning
3788. Mom's Continuity Was Always Needed
3789. I Am Here to Honor T. S. and Wife, E.S.
3790. Let's Enjoy The Springtime and Its Flowers
3791. The Serenity of God Is Freely Given to George
3792. Miss Mary Ann Is An Excellent Choice For a Friend
3793. Ellie Mae Is My Blessed Sister Whom I Love
3794. Doctor Deb Is Not Only My Psychologist But Mentor
3795. The Morning Birds Are Joyfully Singing
3796. Eternity Presented Itself to Mom One Day
3797. To My Dear Brother Herb Rotchford
3798. Lorie Is a Wonderful Lady and Friend
3799. Cindy, My Therapist is Top Notch
3800. Lindsey and Her Position At Cherry Point Bay
3801. Miss Mary Ann Chooses the Lord
3802. Courtney Is a Great Administrator
3803. Lyle Was a Self Motivator
3804. Freely Listen to the Birds Singing This Morning.
3805. Mom's Security is No Longer Temporary But Forever
3806. Ronnie Adheres to the Lord Through Sadness
3807. Lyle Has Experienced Sadness but Became Strong
3808. The Birds Are Making Music Outside My Window
3809. Mom Was Part of the Kingdom Years Ago
3810. Make the Day Brighter By Following Jesus
3811. Serve the Lord Everyday With Joy
3812. Janessa Is a God Send For So Many People
3813. The Sincerity of One Named Ronnie J.
3814. The Stoutheartedness of Lyle B.
3815. Hear the Lovely Music of the Birds This Morning
3816. Mom's Position Is to Praise God For Everything at all Times
3817. Far Exceed Your Expectations to Honor God
3818. It's Better to Choose the Narrow Road Not the Broad
3819. Mom's acceptance Sealed Her Eternity
3820. The Sharpnss of One Named Ronnie J.
3821. In the Early Morn I Am Able to Hear the Birds Singing
3822. Miss Mary Ann Is One of God's Angels on Earth
3823. Hear the Lovely Music of the Birds This Morning
3824. Live the Right Way and Be Blessed of God
3825. Triumphant, An Acrostic
3826. God's Orchestration of the Birds Is Here
3827. The Wonderfulness of God Is Seen Through Lyle B.
3828. Miss Mary Ann is a Wonderful Lady All the Time
3829. Doctor Deb Is the Psychologist for Me
3830. Ronnie, What A Difference You'
3831. Lyle Is a Man Of Justice, Love, and Peace Towards All Men
3832. A Tender Thought and a Bird's Melody
3833. Mom Is Free Today But Was Reserved Before Jesus Came
3834. Mind Your Manners No Matter What Your Age
3835. Don't Crowd Out Jesus For Any Reason
3836. Some of Our Early Risers Are Our Singing Birds God Gave to All
3837. Miss Mary Ann Is the Lady Of the Hour
3838. Walk In the Power of His Strength Always
3839. Mrs. Ruth Bailey Is the Lady of the Hour
3840. God Will Eradicate Ronnie's Billows
3841. Climb a Hill In the Higher Elevations to Be Close to God
3842. If Lyle Were a Flower He'd Be a Periwinkle
3843. Never Find Yourself Walking Without God's Power
3844. Never Find Yourself Walking Without God's Power
3845. Come to Acknowledge the Birds That Sing
3846. With God and Only Him Can We Make the Evil One Go Away
3847. The Wonderfulness of God Is Seen Through Lyle's Eyes
3848. Make EachSunday a Red Lettered Sunday
3849. Give Your Respect to Whom It Is Due
3850. Lisa and Salina Are Two Special Ladies and C N A's
3851. Let the Dark of the Night Have No Power Over You
3852. The Goodness of God Is Freely Given to Ronnie
3853. Mom Is God's Treasure Waiting For Me Someday
3854. Ronnie Is My Mainstay Even In Bad Times
3855. The Birds God Has Given Us
3856. Lyle Was God's Gift to All Who Knew Him
3857. Ronnie Is the Most Optimistic and Caring Man I Know
3858. Lyle Is a Man That Always Offfers Love
3859. In Eight Days We Will be Experiencing June
3860. Ellie Mae Is a God Send to the People She Knows
3861. Mom Is Most Acclimated To Heaven
3862. Miss Mary Ann Is a Friend to All She Knows Including Me
3863. In the Cool of the Night Are God's Singing Birds
3864. The Most Captivating Man Was Named Lyle B.
3865. Ronnie Shares With Me His Every Happiness
3866. Ronnie Is My Brother As Well as My Companion
3867. Felicia Is a Top Notch Lady and Housekeeper
3868. The Brightness of Felicia Is Something Grand
3869. Mom Was Very Coherent The Day She Passed Away
3870. June Is So Picturesque to Others and Myself
3871. In the Quiet of the Night The Birds Are Singing
3872. Ronnie Is a True ManTowards Everyone He Knows
3873. God Allowed Miss Mary Ann To Be In His Image
3874. Mom's Burdens Were Gone After Jesus Came
3875. Mom Was Consecrated and Dedicated to Jesus For All Time
3876. Mom Would Protect Me From Harm
3877. T. S. and E. S. Always Show Their Love For God
3878. In the Midnight Hour There Is Notable Peace With the Birds
3879. In the Early Morning Hours Is Freedom
3880. The Birds Will Often Sing In the Eveing for Jesus
3881. Ronnie Is a True Soldier of the Cross For Jesus' Sake
3882. Be a Constant Worshipper As Mrs. R. Bailey
3883. Ronnie Gives Me Love Everyday I Live
3884. Blessed Are the Rotchfords For All Time
3885. Miss Mary An Is a Gift From Almighty God
3886. T. S. and E. S. Honoring Their Mothers Today
3887. Lyle's Peace Is Now Back in Heaven
3888. Mom Was Primarily First Place Over Other Ladies
3889. Karen Remains to Bless My Life With Her Kindness
3890. Fiest Time At Cherry Point Bay
3891. Lyle Was Taught Well by a Loving Mother
3892. Asia Is an Atypical Lady With Her Own Beauty
3893. Heaven Is One Heartbeat Away From Eternity
3894. Ronnie is a Most Patient Man Blessing My Life
3895. Mom Is Basking In God's Love Everydasy For She Is In Heaven
3896. Our Hearts Should Go On Believing As the Birds That Sing
3897. God's Love For the Birds Is Less Than Our Love From God
3898. Man Will Never Cause God to Wait
3899. The Genuineness of Ronnie J.
3900. Notable Singers Within the Trees
3901. The Indescribable Lyle and His Love For People
3902. Mom Is Waiting For the Day to Have Us Home
3903. Under the Starlight Sky
3904. Jesus Will Come Back to Earth Again
3905. Karen Brings Sunshine to Our Room
3906. Courtney Our Dear and Blessed Administrator
3907. Are You Protected by God's Hand
3908. I Have Belief In Ronnie J.
3909. The Uniqueness of Lyle B.
3910. The Birds and the Steeple
3911. The Marks of One Contemplating Hurting Themselves
3912. Mom Is Complete; In Heaven
3913. Ellie Mae Is My Sister and Hard Worker at Cherry Point Bay
3914. Asia Is a Special One Whom I Think Most Highly
3915. If You Are Going to Be Puffed Up Pray Instead
3916. Christmas Anyone?
3917. Justice Called and Mercy Answered
3918. Ronnie Out on the Range
3919. The Birds Are an Inspiration of Goodwill and Harmony
3920. Mom Is the Credence of All That's Holy
3921. Allow Jesus to Be Your All In All
3922. Decline the Puffery of the Evil One
3923. Embark Upon Jesus and No One Else
3924. Make Use of All the Faculties At Your Disposal
3925. Trust and Obey Jesus Always
3926. Find Contentment and Peace In Jesus' Name
3927. Find Contentment and Peace In Jesus' Name1
3928. Never Do Something That Is Shameful On Your Own Accord
3929. Respectfully Carry Your Load For Jesus Everyday
3930. May God Give Peace Where There Isn't Any
3931. Be Of Good Stewardship to Follow Jesus' Leading
3932. Incessantly Do As You Are Told By the Lord
3933. Purposely Plan to Pray Without Ceasing
3934. The Understanding Man Known as Lyle B.
3935. Nothing But the Best From Ronnie J.
3936. My Gloves Are a Turn On
3937. The Pretty White Gloves
3938. The Watery Soldiers Return
3939. Today Mom Is In the Highest Heaven
3940. Lasonya and the Midnight Dance
3941. The Dancing Sunflowers
3942. Jerry and the Lost Gloves
3943. There Is Peace Within the Melody of the Birds
3944. Why I List Mom Fourth and the Birds Third Place
3945. Do You Hear the Birds Singing?
3946. Be Found With a Scriptural Heart
3947. The Importance of Doing Things Well
3948. Make Everyday Count for Jesus
3949. Melody Is a Sweet Person As Well As a Song
3950. Ronnie, My Brother Who Loves Me Through and Through
3951. Give the Peace That Only Can Come From Jesus
3952. The Long Nightmares Will Someday End For Terry
3953. Lyle, a Man Who Is Purposeful and Kind
3954. Having Ronnie Within My Life Is Like Royalty Is Mine
3955. The Essence of Lyle B. Is Still Within My Heart
3956. Thank God for the Morning Birds
3957. Freedom From Nonchalant Attitudes
3958. Be Exemplary All the Time to Show the Lord's Praise
3959. Miss Mary Ann Is a Wholesome Lady
3960. Josh Is a Dear Friend and Brother In Jesus
3961. Jeanna Is a Treasure In Anyone's Book
3962. The Universality of Ronnie J.
3963. Miss Mary Ann Is Highly Regarded Someone Special
3964. The Melody Makers Of God Is His Creation
3965. Don't Lose Sight of Christmas For Keeping It All the Year
3966. Spend Quality Time In Prayer Seeking God's Face
3967. The Blind Man's Lament
3968. Walk Into the Field of Daisies
3969. Personally, Mrs. Bailey Is the Higher Echelon of Society
3970. Something That Behooves Me Is Mom's Excitement In Heaven
3971. The Lone Flower In the Forest
3972. The Kindness of Lyle B. Is Great
3973. Five Months and Eighteen Days Will Be Christmas Day
3974. All Rugged Roads Are Smooth With God's Help
3975. Face the Day With A Song Within Your Heart
3976. The Quality of Time With Ronnie J.
3977. The Free Quality of Love From Lyle B. to Myself
3978. God Walks the Dark Hills For and With His Children
3979. Mom Is Rejoicing Every Day While In Heaven
3980. God's Affirmative Blessing With a Melody
3981. Do We Find Ourselves Floundering Around While Souls Are at Stake
3982. Thirteen Years and Five Months Ago
3983. To Me, Miss Mary Ann Is an Exemplary God Send
3984. The Wealth of a Brother
3985. Make Much of Today It Won't Happen Again
3986. Mom Is Remembered Today For Her Love
3987. Make Much of the Lord's Creation--The Birds
3988. Christmastime Is Quickly Approaching
3989. Of All the Birds Our State Has the Cardinal
3990. Thoroughly Ponder The Things of God
3991. The Far Watches of the Night
3992. Rejoice There Is Joy In the Far Watches of the Night
3993. With Ronnie By My Side I Have Peace
3994. Knowing Lyle There Is Contentment and Peace
3995. God's Blessing Happens to Sing
3996. Mom Is a Special Emissary of God
3997. Allison, An Acrostic
3998. My Brother Accepts Me Without Question
3999. Lyle's Time Was An Educational Time for Him
4000. Describe What You Know In Righteousneness
4001. Mom Is In Heaven Glorifying God and Jesus For All Time
4002. The Morning Birds Sing a Sweet Refrain
4003. Heaven Is Prepared For the Christians to Enter
4004. Allow Jesus to Direct Your Every Movement
4005. The Sovereignty of Ronnie J.
4006. Mom and My Bedroom
4007. Living In a World of Chaos and a Shameful Leader
4008. My Time On the Carolina Princess Is All a Memory
4009. Utter Peace Comes From Above At God's Hand
4010. Experience the Joy Only Jesus Can Give
4011. Do Not Forsake the Lord to Follow Another
4012. Leaving This World Behind
4013. The Happiness I Found Within Lyle B.
4014. The Freeness of the Birds Is Active Today
4015. Mom Taught Me the Right Way of Living
4016. There is Peace Which Is Everlasting From God
4017. The Wonderful Story of Terry S. and Wife, Ellie S.
4018. Comforting the Aged
4019. The Damned Regrets I Have to Ponder
4020. Ten Years and Five Months Ago
4021. The Oracles of God Are Found Within Ronnie J.
4022. The Brilliance of Lyle B. Shines Through His Love
4023. The Afternoon Bird's Melody
4024. Mom Is Glorifying Jesus While There With Him
4025. Will You Let Jesus Come Into Your Life
4026. Never Claim To Be Someone You're Not
4027. Perish the Thought of Ever Harming Yourself
4028. Gain Insight of Who You Really Are to Jesus
4029. Barbara, We Welcome You to Cherry Point Bay
4030. Miss Mary Ann Is a Precious Friend to so Many
4031. Will Is a Nurse of Whom I Have Confidence
4032. The Beautiful Whispering Voice of Ronnie J.
4033. The Most Influential Male Person That Has Left the Earth
4034. Be an Influential Soldier of God
4035. The Quietness of the Morning Birds
4036. Memories of One Christmastime With Mom and Dad
4037. See the Ocean and Be Mindful of Its Power
4038. Watch For the Lord to Come
4039. Ever Love the Lord Jesus and Claim Him For Your Own
4040. What May I Do For Jesus Today
4041. The Quiet Times for Ronnie J.
4042. The Birds Are Now Ever So Quiet
4043. Feel the Rushing of the Mighty Wind As You Look For Jesus
4044. Always Allow Jesus to Be Your Friend and Savior
4045. Miss Mary Ann Is a Top Notch Lady To All People
4046. You'll Never Figure God Out But You Must Believe Him
4047. Come Before His Presence With Singing Today and Everyday
4048. Why Do People Have to Choose to Be So Ignorant
4049. August 18th, 2015 A Day of Sadness
4050. Never Be Abased Nor Falter
4051. A Lesson Well Learned Is Invaluable Always
4052. From Here to Yon Is Where You'll Find Jesus
4053. Dedicate Your Entire Body to God
4054. Be a Faithful Steward Of the Lord's Army
4055. Discover the Joy of Following Jesus
4056. Be Unyielding to Serve Jesus All the Time
4057. The World With Ronnie J. Is Most Wonderful
4058. Lyle Is a Treasured Human Being for All To Know
4059. The Coming of the Morning
4060. Long Is the Night
4061. The Fortitude and Strength of T.S. My Brother and Friend
4062. Mom's New Home Is Heavenward
4063. Julie Is Someone Most Special
4064. Janessa Is a Most Beautiful Young Lady
4065. Courtney is a God Send to All People
4066. The Flight of the Melodic Birds
4067. Happiness Is Mine Due to Ronnie J.
4068. Mary, My Friend and C. N. A.
4069. July 9th Forty Nine Years Ago
4070. A Man Named Herbert Rotchford
4071. The Glorious Lady Known As Miss Mary Ann
4072. Christmastime Is Almost Here
4073. Ward Off the Impossibilities With Jesus
4074. Mom Is Someone Who Was Touched By God
4075. The Glories of the Melodic Birds
4076. The Happiness I Receive From Lyle B.
4077. Always Allow Jesus to Be Your Savior
4078. I Have a Temporary Peace Given by Ronnie J.
4079. There Was Never Any Mediocrity With Lyle B.
4080. The Reverence of the Melodic Birds
4081. The Wonderfulness of Mom, Rachel Elizabeth Brickhouse
4082. It's Almost Time to Shout Hallelujah
4083. Cleave Unto Righteousness Which Comes From God
4084. God's Provisional Grace Allows Me to Hear Harmonious Sounds
4085. The Meaning of a Brother
4086. Lyle Warms My Heart As Always
4087. Guide Me Into All Truth, Dear Jesus
4088. Let the Little Ones Believe In Jesus, Our Lord
4089. Mom Cared to Be Faithful to Jesus
4090. Brianna Is a God Send to All Who Know Her
4091. Christina Is Our New C.N.A.
4092. Mom's Education
4093. There Is No Need to Be Contemptuous
4094. Miss Mary Ann Is a Great Person
4095. My Dark Night of Pain
4096. Jesus Is the One To Bring Peace to Any Heart
4097. The Melodic Birds Have Gone Away From Me
4098. Sahara Is a Precious Lady
4099. Miss Mary Ann Is a Wonderful Lady
4100. Forever Count Your Blessings From God
4101. Fight the Good Fight
4102. Peace Within the Night
4103. An Ominous Night
4104. The Quietness of the Birds Is Deafening
4105. Mom Was One to Pay Her Bills
4106. Because of Lyle Happiness Is Near
4107. The Clarity Of One Named Ronnie J.
4108. Ronnie's Love Over Sweeps My Soul
4109. lyle Is Someone Great To All People
4110. Mom and the Cottages
4111. The Melodic Birds Have All Been Stilled
4112. Wendy Is Most Exemplary
4113. The Tenacity of A Great Man Named Ronnie J.
4114. Quickly Have the Months Flown
4115. Ten Years and Six Months Ago
4116. Bitter Tears From Lies Spoken
4117. A Sumptuous Meal
4118. Mom and the Collard Greens
4119. The Wonderful Melodies I Have Heard
4120. The Wealth of Ronnie J. Is Something Great
4121. Lyle Is a Wonderful Brother and Friend
4122. My Kinship With Lyle B. Is Something Wonderful
4123. Dan, The Quiet Man Who Cares
4124. Robbie Is the Man To Touch My Life
4125. Lyle Is a God Send to Many People
4126. The Happiness of Knowing Ronnie J.
4127. Peace When There Is None
4128. There Have Been Some Birds to Return
4129. Mom and a Particular Christmastime
4130. The Man Named Herbert Rotchford
4131. Miss Mary Ann Is a Unique Lady
4132. In the Heart of the Night
4133. No One Is More Understanding Than Ronnie J.
4134. The Quietness of My Brother Lyle Is Deafening
4135. The Morning Birds Sing A Precious Refrain
4136. Mom's Countless Tears
4137. The Wallingford Saga
4138. Comfort an Old Soul Today
4139. Devotion, What Is It
4140. Lindsey Is a Great Lady and Treasure to All
4141. Miss Mary Ann Is One to Be Epitomized
4142. Christmas Merriment Is Ours To Share
4143. Lasonya Is a Most Gracious Lady and Friend
4144. Miss Mary Ann is a Friend to the Friendless
4145. Kayla Is a Special Lady and C.N.A.
4146. Poeticbear Welcomes Jessica to Cherry Point Bay
4147. Carmen Is an Exceptional Lady
4148. The Closeness I Have With Ronnie J.
4149. Lyle Brings Me Exceptional Joy
4150. Christmas Joys Are For Everyone In the World
4151. Pendulous Clouds
4152. The Peace We Have Comes From God
4153. Feelings of
4154. Feelings of Rapture Are Mine Thanks to Jesus
4155. A Night So Long Was Never Endiing
4156. Mom Is Now Comforted In Heaven With Jesus
4157. Seeing the Melodic Birds Again Is My Wish
4158. Lyle Is At Peace Today I Believe
4159. The Quiet Contemplation of Ronnie J.
4160. Ellie Mae Is My Sister By God's Provisional Grace
4161. Cheyenne Is a Great Treasure to Us All
4162. Courtney Is a Great Friend and Administrator
4163. Miss Mary Ann Returns
4164. Mom's Determination
4165. Today I Heard the Birds Singing Again
4166. No Turning Back For Ronnie J.
4167. Asia Is a True Example of a Great Lady
4168. Ronnie J.Is Someone Most Special and Blessed
4169. The Never Ending Blessedness of Lyle B.
4170. The Ever Heartwarming Melodies From the Birds
4171. Mom and Mr. Stroud
4172. Indian Summer Will Soon Be Upon Us
4173. I Am Happy When Will Is My Nurse
4174. The Perilous Times Will Come
4175. Learn to Forgive the Offenders