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Believe it or Not

The transitory life of this illusionary physical world is temporary. Death
for all on earth is certain.

O what joy is hidden behind
the celestial curtain for those
who believe. Those not so steeped in arrogance to bow down before their Lord and bend the knee.

An unimaginable reward awaits the believers. That is a given. The misdeeds of the misbelievers will confine them eternally to a fiery prison.

From which there can be no release, no escape nor parole. Your body exsist temporarily but eternal is your soul.

Death is not your end. Death is simply the door leading to the next dimension. Where true life begins.

Wherein there can be no falsehood or pretention. The soul's continuation. Heaven or hell. Whether you believe it or not.

Abu Lateef
© 2023

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Believe it or Not