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1. I'm Not Retired_ Getting Refired_Hallelujah
2. Celebrating Life of a True Man of God
3. Make Forgiveness Your Love offering
4. The Gift That Multiplies
5. Religion Kills_Relationship Heals
6. " Blessings Come In Many Forms "
7. July 4th ,2013 - Return To :2 Chronicles 7:14
8. The Essence Of A Mother(Reshare)
9. Dying to Live_Prayers To Give
10. 1 Cross + 3 Nails = 4Given(a special share)
11. The War Was Won
12. ~+~The Hour Of Grace~+~
13. Come Out Of Her My People_ pt.2
14. Come Out Of Her My People-Pt.1
15. I'll Never Forget...9-11(on 11th anniversary)
16. Eternal Life is ONLY In Christ
17. I Often Wonder...
18. Message In A Bottle (prompt 26)
19. Many in The Valley of (needed)Decision pt.2
20. Many In The Valley Of (Needed) Decision pt.1
21. " P R A Y E R "
22. Baptism of the Holy Spirit - Additional Gift
23. On July 4th-To Impart What's On My Heart
24. Thank-You My Heavenly Father Above
25. Magical Or Miracle Defined In The Bible
26. Is It Worship Or Music(k)
27. Roses Will Bloom Again As Will Man
28. The Earth Is The LORD's and the Fulness Thereof
29. Our World As We Knew It (Prompt 16)
30. The "Essence" Of A Mother
31. Alone With God (prompt 13 Monet)
32. Because Of Calvary I've Been Set Free
33. "A Journey Back To The Cross"
34. Remembering Jesus' Love (Repost)
35. Without The Cross No Salvation Is Given Us
36. Have Faith In God's Living Word
37. To God Be The Glory Forever...Amen
38. Peace Be Still...
39. Happy New Year-For Blessings Draw Near
40. The Greatest Gift If We Only Receive
41. From My Heart To Yours, My Love Pours
42. I Have SO Much To Be Thankful For!!!
43. Spiritually Blind Until A Renewed Mind(Reshare)
44. Thank-You Veterans and All Whose Served
45. What Fellowship Does Light Have With Darkness?
46. In Loving Memory...10-8-11-To Phil and Stephanie_In Endless Love
47. In Remembrance Of 9 -11_On 10th Anniversary
48. In Loving Memory Of Kaitlyn_Divine Message Given
49. ~+~The TREE Of Humility ~+~
50. My Jesus Isn't Just A Prophet
51. In Loving Memory Of Our "Bossman"
52. Happy 1st Birthday Mara_My Lil' Princess
53. Cause and Effect_Do Not Neglect
54. Memories and Remembering Honorably
55. The Greatest Love I 've Ever Known
56. Let Us ALL Pray on This National Prayer Day
57. Jehovah-Rapha_The Lord That Heals
58. Resurrection Day-For Many Has Passed Away
59. "The Truth"-Do You KNOW Him?
60. My Dear Precious Jesus;
61. What Words Are you Speaking Out?
62. At Midnight With YOU...
63. On The Outside Looking In(CHRISTmas)
64. A Poem With Apology in Christ Love(re -Christmas Pt.3)
65. Can Two Walk Together Lest They Be Agreed?(Pt.2)
66. Happy Thanksgiving Day to All (proclamation)
67. Don't Seek or Live For Others Approval
68. Thank-you Veterans and Brave Soldiers(revised)
69. Spiritually Blind Until A Renewed Mind(Reshare)
70. "Halloween"The Devil's Holiday ( The Truth Biblically)
71. The World Says;...My Still Small Voice Says...
72. The Devil Has A Playbook
73. ~+~ Soldiers Of The Cross~+~
74. Victory "In Christ" Paid At Calvary
75. A Tragedy By Cruel Intentions:(suicide)
76. In Remembrance Of 9-11
77. Bible Prophecy Is Playing Out
78. ~+~ The Cross Stays On My Mind~+~
79. Speaking Of Boundaries and Dwellings
80. Get On Board The Train Of The Lord
81. Christian Or Carnal Minded Children?
82. With Love For My 1st Great Grandbaby :Mara Michelle
83. Happy Father's Day To ALL Dad's Today
84. Another Child Gone Too Soon
85. A Gift From Above-Happy Birthday "My Love"
86. A Letter To My Papa Ish-Gone A Year-Still Missed
87. ~+~"IF" Is So SignIFicant~+~
88. A Birthday Blessing (from Mama Dori 6-4-10)
89. Let Us Remember Daily (memorial day)
90. Strife And Envy Is Works Of The Enemy
91. The Purpose Of The Crucifixion : Many Are Missin'
92. IF...You Believe_Do Not Be Deceived
93. A Watchman On The Wall Is My Call
95. From The Heart Of A Mother
96. Happy Mother's Day My Mama Dori 2010
97. Join Me In Prayer For Our Nation
98. National Prayer Day_God's People Must Pray
99. A Message From Above Sent With Love
100. Birthday Blessings For You My Friend,Lee (and Codyli in heaven)
101. I've Come In Love To Share...Are you There?
102. ~+~Remembering Jesus' Love~+~
103. Death Couldn't Hold Him
104. Whose Report Will You Believe?
105. Come One Come All For An Altar Call
106. Worthy Is The Precious Lamb Of God
107. Signs Of The End Times
109. Hold Fast To The Heartprints Of My Soul
110. ~+~ What Would Jesus Do?_Love You Too!~+~
111. Worship In Spirit And In Truth(on easter)
112. A Word In Season _To Be Given
113. A Message I just wanted to share
114. Be A Victor ...Not A Victim
115. I Must Be About My Father's Buisness
116. Beware;Lest You're Caught In The Devil's Snare
117. Jesus Prayed For Many Before His Agony
118. By Faith We're To Walk In "Truth"
119. Broken Until His Word Was Spoken
120. Give us THIS DAY Our "DAILY" Bread
121. ~*~A Special Tribute To Evangelist Ethel Buchanan~*~
122. My Heart Belongs To The Keeper Of The Stars
123. We're To Work Out Our Own Salvation
124. I've Never Been This Homesick Before Lord
125. Fight The Right Foe!!
126. On The Outside Looking In
127. The Lighthouse Is Lighting My Way
128. ONLY...The Truth Shall Rescue You
129. Miracles Still Happen-Testimony by poetryechoes
130. With Love To My Heart Adopted Sis Sherrie
131. A Tribute To : Teachers Of The Truth
132. The Holy Spirit Has Done It Again
133. The Father,The Son,The Holy Spirit In One
134. I Decree: Eddie's A Poet of Doxology
135. Her last words..."Mother don't let me die" Dedication to 11yr.old haitian girl
136. Parents And Children I Pray You'll Listen
137. PRAYER FOR HAITI'S-Won't You Speak It In Agreement
138. Happy New Year Of Our Lord 2010
139. A Picture Of Calvary...Are You Listening?
140. Thinking Of You...(Dedicated To Debbie Wagoner)
141. Whose The One...???
142. Lord Of ALL...Or Not Lord At ALL
143. Speaking Of Angels....Dedicated to Doris-Jacobs Covington
144. ~*~ Our Life Pebble~*~
145. My Christmas Wish Is For God To Take Away
146. Removing CHRIST From CHRISTmas Is Ludicrous
147. Happy Birthday Joyce Ann Geyer 2009
148. His Love Will Sustain You
149. "Always A Warrior" Tribute to Terry Sasek
150. "The Greatest Love Story...EVER"
151. SOME...Wear A Mask
152. Jesus Is Always There And He Cares
153. In The ~*~Nick Of Time ~*~
154. Donnie And Renae's Wedding Day
155. Happy 76th Birthday Mama
156. Our Passion And Vision Are God Given
157. For Your Name Sake_ Persecution I'll Take
158. Happy 11th Wedding Anniversary(both earth and heavenly)
159. ~*~Weeping Endureth For A Night~*~
160. An Unseen Hand_Creator And Friend
161. Dedicated To:My Neighbor And Friend(Sandy Jones)
162. Whatsoever Ye Do In Word Or Deed
163. ***Shattered...But The Blood...***
164. Today...In America...
165. Family ...Means So Much To Me
166. STOP!!! In The Name Of Love!
167. "America" Needs An Awakening
168. There Is A Healing Touch
169. Happy Daddy's Day To My Papa Ish
170. Today We Celebrate...
171. For So Long....Ishy And Dishy
172. ~*~In Loving Memory Of My Papa Ish~*~
173. God's Connected Cross-Shared with permission
174. Happy Birthday To Me and To God Be The Glory
175. The Word Of God We Must Adhere
176. Tribute To Anita Ayers
177. As A Man Thinketh...
178. Happy Birthday Vickie Lynn aka "Noodle"
179. Tribute To Our Brave Soldiers-Past and Present
180. In Loving Memory Of My Precious Uncle Bob
181. Sweet Fellowship-I Just Want To Praise Him
182. Pray and Trust In The Creator of Life
183. Child Of God -Jesus Loves You
184. Refine _O' Lord _All Mankind
185. His Plea Even From Trees
186. Jesus' Death Burial,and Resurrection
187. I'm Coming Back...
188. A Celebration Of Jesus' Resurrection
189. Jesus Arose and Satan's A Defeated Foe
190. Because Of Me_You Died On Calvary
191. On Purpose For His Purpose
192. Urgent Recall Notice
193. Tribute To Arthur Blessitt And "The Cross"
194. An Open Vision _From God_Urgent Prophetic
195. A Plea To Mother's Out There
196. Dear Jesus , I Come Humbly To Thee
197. Jesus Is The "ONLY" Way
198. Rise Up Your Voice Against Pro-Choice
199. ~^~A Precious Gift From God ~^~
200. In The Measure Ye Judge...
201. The Word "LIFE" Has An "IF" In It
202. Love and Forgive For to Eternity Live
203. Happy Birthday Shawn,With Gratitude and Love
204. Praises Be To The Holy Trinity
205. In God I Trust And Abide
206. The Sweet Savour Of My Lord and Saviour
207. You Have The Key To My Heart
208. For All My Valentines With Love
209. Jesus Is Re-Minding Me
210. Praises I Sing To My Soon Coming King
211. I've Been Brainwashed!
212. A Season Of Change...Let Healing Begin
213. At Last Your Dream Came True
214. TESTIMONY...This song has a previous dream told
215. This Is The Day And Year
216. Happy Birthday My Dear Ally
217. My Plea And My Prayer
218. In 2009 _Let The Glory Of God Shine
219. Jesus' Birthday Cake Story (Had to share)
220. Hearken...That Still Small Voice
221. Happy New Year_Draw Jesus Nearer
222. Most Precious Christmas Gift
223. I Want To See You In Heaven
224. Pride Births Self Righteousness
225. O' Taste And See ...Thanksgiving
226. Self Pride Destroys More Than Your Life
227. As It Was...
228. The Battle Scars Within
229. Campaigning For Jesus
230. Let Them That Hath An Ear Hear
231. B.Y.O.B. PARTY
232. A Godly Foundation Equals A Blessed Nation
233. God Will Not Be Mocked
234. A Prayer For Our Nation's Restoration
235. Nobody's Pro-Abortion? How Clever!
236. Majesty And Beauty Surround Me
237. Twenty Years Ago You Our Mama Passed Away
238. A Fighting Chance
239. Word Of Knowledge -Part Three
240. Word Of Knowledge -Part Two
241. Word Of Knowledge - Part One
242. The devil Is Mad And I Am Glad !
243. My Angel Lives
Pam, My Childhood Friend 2008
245. God's Spoken Word I Heard
246. We Must Remember Our Jewish Brethren
247. H-U-M-I-L-I-T-Y
248. We Didn't Meet By Chance
249. As A Man Thinketh So Is He
250. The Voice Of Innocent Blood God Hears
251. Our God Will Avenge Them (9-11poem)
252. A Prophetic Word Given To Share
253. We Were Blessed With Kenny Our Eldest
254. It's A Family Affair That Cares
255. What Satan Attacks_I'll Get Back
256. ~!~ Wisdom Thou Art My Sister~!~
257. He Has My Life Planned Out
258. Poetrypoem Family We have received A Miracle
259. I'll Cry My Last Tear On That Yesterday
260. To God Be The Glory
261. Sweet Jesus_The Redeemer Of My Soul
262. I Pray...One Day At A Time
263. Everything's Gonna Be Alright_IF...
264. In Loving Memory Of My Grandpa Roberts
265. My Elvis Turned Thirty Today
266. A Rose In Hand Until We Meet Again
267. The Beatitudes Is What Our Attitude Should Be
268. Fellowpoets... This Poem's For You
269. *+* I Have An Addiction *+*
270. Elvis_ You Touched My Heart
271. Walk In Love And Forgiveness
272. I Vote For The Bible
273. The Awesome Lion Of Judah
274. Father's Love Letter
275. Thank-You For The Cross Of Calvary
276. Reflect On Respect Or Reject_Will You Regret?
277. A Rescue From Troubled Waters
278. We Have The Option Of Adoption
280. Seek And Replinish God's Kingdom
281. Music To Minister_Words To Empower
282. A Midnight Cry Of Disobedience
283. Take Heed Before You're Deceived
284. Forget Not To Give God Glory
285. The Beauty And The Bees
286. Since I Met You JESUS
287. Get Things Right Before You're Left
288. Streams Of Living Water
289. Be Aware : A Jezebel Spirit Is Out There
290. Trust And Obey Fourteen Fourty A Day
291. Shouldn't , Wouldn't , Couldn't
292. Run Not To the Phone But To The Throne
293. Happy 17th Birthday To My Nephew
294. To My Double Brother ; With Love
295. Praise You Lord Jesus
296. Wake Up And Pray Up
297. From Generation To Generation
298. A Cry Goes Out
299. A Picture Paints A Thousand Words
300. Keep Me On Your Wheel Lord
301. It's July 4th Again!!
302. Trusting In You To Save Their Souls
303. Urgent Word Of Knowledge
304. Put Agape Love in Your Heart
305. The Father That Loves Us Best
306. Happy Fathers Day And Birthday My Man
307. ~+~ Unforgiveness Is Unforgiven ~+~
308. Like A Rose_The Master Unfolds
309. Love To My Other Mother
310. Words Can Bring Blessing Or Curse
311. The Storms May Come
312. Sharing My 53 rd Birthday
313. "Cross" Road Leads To Calvary
314. Celebrate God's Word
315. Our Heroes _Like Knights In Shining Armour
316. You're Eighty Years Young Today
317. The Day My Daddy Passed Away
318. As It Rained_The Beauty Came
319. Dottie Rambo;Queen Of Gospel Music
320. She Was "Mama" To Me
321. Jesus Is Calling Unto You
322. The Heart Of A Mother
323. A Special Gift On Your Birthday
324. Mama ; Watch For The Roses Again
325. Thank God for My Sis Linda
326. The Beauty Of Trees
327. Shake him UP_ Shake him LOOSE
328. ~*~Today_You Said Good-Bye~*~
329. A Life Denied Yet His Voice Lives On
330. For Women
331. ~^~Your Bride Awaits~^~
332. Blessings On This Your Wedding Day
333. Today Your Hand Is Given In Marriage
334. A Call To Higher Ground (gift from Mama Dori :-)
335. Our Lighthouse Leads Us Home
336. Reflect Christ In You
337. ~+~We Shouldn't Compare Sufferings~+~
338. There's A Healing -Waiting For You
339. The True Resurrection Day
340. Creation_In The Beginning
341. Death Couldn't Keep Him In The Grave
342. ~+~A Love Letter To Linda~+~
343. It Shouldn't Hurt To Be A Child
344. Obituary Of Jesus
345. Three Crosses On A Hill
346. When The Party's Over
347. God Is Speaking; "Hearken Unto Me"
348. Such A Precious Gift_A Seed Sown Today
349. In Loving Memory Of Our Aunt Sylvie
350. With Us Through The Storm
351. Two Hearts Intertwined
352. The Great Physician Of Our Heart
353. Birthday Blessings For My Sister In Christ; Ethel
354. Loving Memories Of My Grandma
355. God's Blessings For All Child Caregivers
356. Remembering Jesus' Love
357. Into Your Hands
358. A Heartfelt Blessing For My Lord
359. Longing For ; Journey To The Sky
360. Hurting People , Hurt People
361. Awaken By The Holy Spirit
362. In Loving Memory Of London Marie Sherwood
363. Tribute To Heath Ledger
364. ~^~Diary Of A Godly Mom And Dad~^~
365. ^O^Maddie Has Her Wings Now^O^
366. I Wanna Dance With Jesus
367. Birthday Wishes to My Sweet Friend Ally
368. A Different Kind Of Christmas Poem
369. Merry Christmas My Precious Cyber Friends
370. Merry Christmas My Love ; From Above
371. ~*~CHRISTmas Time is Here Again~*~
372. The Spirit Of Thanksgiving
373. Thank-You.... Brave Soldiers
374. Halloween?
375. Happy Birthday Dear Pam...2007
376. Loneliness Is A Feeling, Jesus Came to Heal Them
377. Let's Take Back America
378. Love Letter From Your Lilí One- forgiveness
379. A Prayer Poem For All Mankind
380. Praises Be To Jesus for Ultimate Freedom
381. Happy Birthday Linda! from Linda Rice
382. Happy Birthday To a very special angel.
383. To Pastor Linda
385. Please...Don't Weep For Me
A Letter to Mama in care of Jesus
387. ~^~Mothers Are God's Helpers~^~
388. Why Protestants Protest
389. National Prayer Day and anointed message
390. Subliminal Criminal
391. Happy Resurrection Sunday
392. ~+~The Cross Stays On My Mind~+~
393. ~*~We Didn't Meet by Chance~*~
394. Happy Birthday Ethel 2007
395. Lil' Princess 1st Birthday
396. Shhh...It's Dave Geyer's Birthday :-)
397. My Mess With Age From The Heart
398. Happy 3rd Birthday to Nana's Lil' Man
399. ~+~ NOT OF THIS WORLD ~+~
400. + Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth +
401. Holy Communion....So Sacred (2 poems)
402. A Measure of Faith for the New Year
403. Wishing You a Prosperous New Year!
404. Mary Did You Know with Clay Aikens Sing along
405. I Excepted My Greatest Gift...Have You?
406. Have A Jabez Christmas
407. My Shepherd's Cane by Margaret Cross
408. To My Aunt Linda " Together Forever"
409. I Know ...That I Know...
410. Dec .13th Is Your Special Birthday Joycie (Geyer)
411. Congrats Aletha and Mike
412. Born To Save The World
413. ~^~Bowing Down~^~
414. A Tribute To Linda < from my dear prayer warrior
415. A Couples Legacy gift from our Goddaughter
416. Happy Birthday to My Goddaughter and Friend
417. ~ * ~Let Us Give Thanks~ * ~
418. Praise You Holy One,Thank-you For My Church Home
419. In Loving Memory of the life of Emily Perez
420. It's Your Birthday Pam 2006
421. My Sweet Precious Savior I honor you on the day of Atonement
422. Rebuilding Lives From The Ashes and Dust
423. A Birthday Wish For You
424. ~*~The Law Of Life~*~
425. "Despite Everything I Have Done" (A Share )
426. ~+~ Hallelujah He Saves ~+~
427. Are Ye Rapture Ready?
428. ~+~ God's Precious Word ~ + ~
429. I Give Thee The Glory
430. ~^~There's A Gift Within~^~
431. He Gives us a Choice
432. ~^~Garden Of Love ~^~
433. A Visit From An Angel
434. Marital Bliss For Mike And Denise
435. I Wanna Be More Like Jesus
436. A Birthday Gift From My Lifelong Friend Pam :-)
437. Happy Fathers Day
438. May God Bless All Fathers
439. ~^~We Cry Abba Father~^~
440. ~^~Ambassadors For Christ~^~
441. ~^~Love Sent On Mother's Day~^~
442. Another Tool Of Satan
443. Flows From His Blood On Calvary
444. Happy Birthday To June In April
445. ~God's Beauty Surrounds Me~
446. ~ She's Mama's Girl Still ~
447. Happy St. Patty's Day My Friend
448. ~Love Message to All~
449. Elvis Sings;Crazy Little Thing Called Love
450. ~Three Little Words~
451. Why Can't Christmas Be CHRISTmas??!!
452. " It's A CHRISTmas Tree "
453. You're Forever Young
454. ~^~Glory To The King~^~
455. Jesus Is In Control
456. Anniversary Gift From Pam 11-24-05
457. ~^~ Thanksgiving ; Daily ~^~
458. Our Anniversary
459. Halloween Is Not My Thing
460. Seventeen Years Ago,My Mama Went Home
461. The Days Draweth Nigh
462. ~*~Crown Of Thorns~*~
463. Birthday Greetings To Lee
464. ~A Walk In The Park~
465. ~^~The Love Of Deanna~^~
466. ~^~ We're Like Family ~^~ Pam's B-day 2005
467. Happy Birthday Helena
468. "My Deepest Sympathy"
469. Remembering Elvis...A Child Of God
470. ~^~ Hearken Unto Me ~^~
471. Lord...Save My Children
472. ~^~ From Victory to Tragedy ~^~
473. ~^~ The Unknown Soldier ~^~
474. God Bless And Cleanse America
475. THOU ART THE POTTER(highlight Words*to read
476. A Birthday Gift from Pam
477. Memorial Day;God Bless America
478. ''Hung By The Tongue'' Job 6: 24, 25
479. ~*~Memories Of Mama...Last Day~*~
480. A Poem Shared By ~Valentyne Lang~
481. ~*~I Exalt Thee...~*~
482. ~*~ A Birthday Valentine ~*~
483. ~*~ My Hope And Prayer~*~
484. Happy *70th* Birthday Elvis
485. ~*~He Is My Strength~*~
486. ~*~Passion In Our Eyes~*~
487. ''You're Everyday Sweethearts''
488. ~*~Hearts And Kisses Heaven Bound~*~
489. Forever Is Just A Little While
490. Father God...Are You Crying?
491. My Seeing''The Passion Of The Christ''
492. Did You See... Mels' Movie?
493. Passion Of Christ...''Written & designed for Linda''
494. Linda's Gift/Another Year Mom
495. My ~Angel~ Is Alive !
496. Mama...The Man That I Am
497. ~~~~~ *L I N D A* ~~~~~
498. Linda's Pride (poem from friend)
499. ~*~Poetic Heart~*~
500. A Poem For You
501. ~Angels~_ Before Their Time
502. Ellie Elephant and Her Shawnee
503. Salute;To The Heroes
504. *~Gods' Extended Gift Of Love~*
505. Fibromyalgia ~The Pain Of It All~
506. Females; Dying To Be Thin
507. Heaven Has~ *My Sister*~
508. My Lil' Hero~*~Mattie~*~
509. Dear Carlie...Rest With Thy Father
510. Home Is Where The Heart Is
511. Shawns' Lil' Boy ''Reggie''
512. Congratulations My Dear Friend
513. Take just a moment for silence....
514. ~*50*~ Years Of Love
515. Designed By The Masters Hand
516. Peaceful Calm Serenity
517. My One...My Only
518. When Silence Is So Loud
519. My Precious Mama
520. True Friend and Kindred Spirit
521. My Funny Lil' Clown
522. A Day Of Tragedy
523. My Brother ; My Friend
524. ~Employee Award~
525. My Gracious Friend
526. Lifetime Of Love
527. ~*~ A True Love Story~*~
528. Happy Birthday ~*~ My Jesus~*~
529. What Can We Do?!
530. Karieonna...We Miss You Lil' Darlin'
531. Happy Birthday :-) ''Pinkie''
532. Sending Christmas Greetings To Heaven
533. Happy New Year ~2005~
534. ''IF..All Nations Unite Under God''
535. ~*~ Friends Are Gifts~*~
536. Today...I Cried Lord
537. I Know Your Pain My Friend
538. My Love For My #1 Auntie
539. ~*~Number One~*~
540. Happy Birthday To~*~ Linda~*~
541. ****Strangers *** Candy****
542. ~*~ YOU ~*~
543. Beautiful Friend
544. My Savior Divine
545. ~^~The Magic Of Friendship~^~
546. ~*~Your Love's A True Testimony~*~
547. Your Light Shines On...
549. Our Hearts Beat As One
550. A Mothers' Touch_Once Upon A Time
551. Happy Birthday ; My Mama
552. Reunited With Family
553. Oh What Beauty To Rejoice
554. In The End_We'll See Our Children
555. Just Walk Away
556. Come for a visit_Won't you?
557. Wal-mart Rolled Back Our Friendship
558. ~*~ My Amazing Ginny ~*~
559. A Mothers' Love Is Free
560. Mourn....For The Children
561. My First Born
562. Mama...Was You There?
563. Lord...Help Our Country
564. My Escape... Into Poetry
565. Just....Missing you Mama
566. My Angel Garden Pond
567. Blessings...To All Gods' Helpers This Day
568. Shine On... Our Brother
569. The Daughter I Didn't Have
570. Our Greatest Teacher Yet
571. ~*Couple Of Eternity*~
572. Broken Hearts And Trust
573. Some_ Just Can't See
574. Strength In Weakness
575. Pain; Before Surgery
576. Our Heavenly Rose
577. Together_We'll All Be
578. Never_ Actually Grown
579. A Better World...Behold!
580. Just Don't Forget Love....
581. Joey....My Boulder :-)
582. My Jesus Apparition ( pic and poem)
583. My Brother_Were We To Be Twins?
584. Angel Mama; Happy Mothers Day
585. Been Down That Road Before
586. Ideas... Flood My Head
587. If That Phone Rings Again
588. You Matter To Me
589. Son; You Are My Rock
590. We Are Blood Family...Tammy
591. A Birthday Celebration
592. PJ and Other Worthy Fellow Poets (revised )
593. Where's The Compassion ?
594. My Winning Haiku
595. Your Hugs Of Love
596. Our LORD...The Reason For The Season
597. Thankful_For The Beauty
598. Hi Pam...Are You There?
599. Kudos My Man...You're One In A Billion
600. Girlfriend; You Are Unique
601. My Tears You Won't See
602. Pretty Lady ; Yet Alone
603. Halloween... Is Not My....Thing

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