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You in-steeled hate with spirit filled chains;
Yoke stiffened neck, erased our name!
Tribes tainted by blood-mixing in veins;
Strands weakened mane as Fallen spread lames.

You Traded souls for hiddden knowledge;
Feared Hebrew Babes and threw them
off ledge.
You dangle on my People's
for speckled crumbs of Humble

This humble pie tastes better, bitter.
We laying waste your hybrid litter.
Bare crosses get lost, follow Savior.
Small portions of grace displays favor .

Twas written the head becomes
the tail;
The Auction block be ready for sale.
The Serpent's Seed be slavers-no bail;
His-story shall be future tear-trail.

Our fringes hang loose, flowing with wind;
They bring us close to Israel, old friend;
New cover-rings on vessel, fresh blend.
Our Homeland calls out Yahweh to mend.


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