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2. Farewell Marilyn
3. In Memory of My Father, Taylor Austin Pennock, DC
4. L is for Love
5. The Very Special Jeans In My Life
6. My Dearest Close Christian Friend, Jean collections
7. Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world plus collections
8. Jesus Christ is the Light of the world collections
9. On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand Collections
10. My Lord Jesus Christ is well able to delver me collections
11. Open my eyes, my Lord, so I may see collections
12. The Garden Year
13. Harbingers of Doom, a single large Tsunami wave is scheduled to completely cover the three west coast states of: California, Oregon and Washington at the exact same time.
14. It was God's amazing grace that first set me free! collections
15. The Blessing by Kari Job Engl and Joshua Aaron Hebrew
16. Please pray for America and the rest of the world today!
17. Before You Speak...THINK!
18. "My Soul is rich and beautiful because of you."
19. "My Soul is rich and beautiful because of you."
20. Our King is coming back again soon someday!
21. We Are The Children of The Most High and The Most Holy Lord God! collections
22. What A Wonderful Word This Will Be Collections
23. What A Wonderful Word This Will Be Collections
24. Train up a child in the way he or she should go!
25. Mirranatha! Mirranatha!
26. Any day now I shall be released collections
27. We shall be released!
28. Overcoming
29. "Do not be anxious about anything."
30. "The Light of the world is Jesus."
31. Psalms of Joyful Praise!
33. We shall overcome someday!
34. Only God's Love Can Really Conquer All!
35. She dances for an audience of only one.
36. She dances in bright colors.
37. To God Almighty be the glory!
38. Lord you are more precious than diamonds.
39. We should really seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness.
40. Wherefore art thou oh Lord?
41. Wherefore art thou oh Lord?
42. When will we ever learn?
43. The Angel of Death The Cornovirus (COVID-19)
44. Women, Let Your Candlelight Shine.
45. Jesus Christ, would you please remember.
46. Jesus please remember
47. When I close mine eyes for the very last time.
48. Jesus Christ walks with me.
49. Jesus Christ Loves The Unborn Children Throughout The World.
50. Act Justly Love Mercy Walk Humbly
51. We are called
52. L is for Love collection January 23, 2020
53. poems of January 22, 2020
54. When I first enter my heavenly promise land.
55. If you want to have a friend why not be one?
56. This time next year.
57. I believe in you.
58. I believe in you.
59. Poems of 2019
60. Why not be, "kinder than necessary."
61. Always remember,"have courage and be kind."
62. Please realse me!
63. Just for today.
64. Whenever I feel all alone
65. Jesus Christ, please release me.
66. 350 Degrees
67. 350 Degrees
68. If I only could.
69. Happy 64th birthday 2018!
70. Poetry collection of recent poems 2018
71. Help is on the way.
72. Phone home.
73. Life is just a brief whisper in the wind.
74. A new life in Christ Jesus!
75. Where have my poetry accounts gone?.
76. Young men of wrongful courage and conviction.
77. Whenever we call, Jesus Christ will answer us.
78. Come and worship the LORD!
79. We are called...
80. A candle in the wind.
81. Accepting God's pardon.
82. "A Candle in the night."
83. Is your name written in the Lamb's Book of Life?
84. As the stomach turns
85. Consideration
86. Lost websites
87. The time of our departure is almost at hand.
88. God's love is the only real answer.
89. Psalm of Worship and Praise!
90. I feel so sorry for those who do not believe in Jesus Christ!
91. David's Song of Praise!
92. Honor your Father and Your Mother
93. Welcome back poetry poem.
94. Fairest Lord Jesus
95. Psalm of Deliverance!
96. No adult material is not allowed on poetrypoem!
97. I will use larger fonts.
99. Be thou my vision
100. I saw the light!
101. Believe in your heart!
102. Satan has no more power over me!
103. Deliverance! Deliverance!
104. Dazzling White
105. Will I be ready for the coming of the LORD!
106. "Faith Can Move Mountains."
107. Kind-- Hearted Hand
108. Books of Remembrance
109. Happy New Years 2017
110. Sounds I like.
111. "When we all get to heaven."
112. Demons flee when Jesus Christ sets us free!
113. Dark is the night!
114. The Golden Key that unlocked my heart's door.
115. My Life as a poetry commentator.
116. Check it out!
117. Jesus Christ, please have mercy on my, beloved nation.
118. When we all get to heaven!
119. One thousand times.
120. My heart yearns for his return!
121. Worship the LORD our GOD
122. When will it ever end?
123. Special effects and formated poetry
124. Beloved Lord Jesus Christ!
125. Tomorrow may never come.
126. Poetry.com needs to restore my poems!
127. Jesus Christ is the light of my world.
128. What can wash away my sins?
129. Why do I love Jesus?
130. Forgiveness
131. Create in me a clean heart!
132. Poetry site 3385 Roxy54/October Country
133. National Day of Prayer
134. Thank you Poetry.poem
135. I know I can
136. Jesus Christ rescued me!
137. Jesus loves even me
138. April is National Poetry Month
139. In the loving arms of Jesus!
140. April 22, 2016 is Earth Day
141. Jesus Christ's love casts out all fear.
142. Since I cannot sleep
143. The Way I used to be.
144. One poem a day
145. Poetry.com
146. We shall over come!
147. Agents of Death and Destruction
148. Building Blocks
149. I have other poetry sites
150. Jesus Loves Even Me!
151. Just for today!
152. Let's Celebrate Life
153. October...come she will.
154. I will pray
155. I am hoping I will get my poems back
156. Where have all my poems gone?

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