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Penniluck McGinnis Our Mum did indeed pass away from this earth on the 20th June 2018 after an extremely short diagnosis of cancer.

She often voiced that she felt that she had not made her mark on the world. Her poetry shows her family were the most important aspects in her life.
Generally though, she felt she did not leave much....I think that having nearly half a million hits and the amount of poems on this site, which are much less than half of the ones
she did show what an impact she had.
Unfortunately many of the comments that people left have been deleted but if you feel any of her poems touch some part of you,
please leave a message in the guest book, we find them so comforting.

I know she told me that when she found out from a message that someone had left her about one of her poems and that it had impacted them in some way,
it made her feel that what she wrote was worthwhile.

Most of her poems are an amazing legacy of her feelings for her 9 children, her step children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and their families as well
as her own parents and siblings and friends.

For us, having this site which she has contributed to means the world and is the greatest gift she could have left us - it is testimony to her love and we are so blessed.
Miss you Mum, thank you for the legacy xxx
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