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Purify YourSELF and R E F L E C T, GODS LOVE, in Your Faithful LIVES

GOD is the C R E A T O R

For GOD can DO ALL Things

All of Nature, in SpringTIME

With a Faithful Confident V I S I O N

Everywhere we Are, Everywhere that we GO

Walk with GOD, and BE Brave, and as, S T R O N G, as a Great LION

We have the OPPORTUNITY, to have V I C T O R Y, over the Past

Mothers N U T U R E

Be Courageous, Strong, and BRAVE, and with Great FAITH**P R A Y**

Our HEART. Will Know

A TRUE Friend, is Your H E A R T S, Blessing

FolloW GO: DirectioN

Our Simple P R A Y E R S

When WE FEEL, Stressed and Troubled, and OUR, Mind Wanders, Very L O W

Never GIVE Up P R A Y I N G

Know GODS H O L Y, Word, and BE--O B E D I E N T-to--IT

When we P R A Y and ask GOD for Holy Heavenly W I S D O M

With FAITH in your Life Living and Loving You will Find Peace and Balance


For GOD is With US

For Stress Strife, and Troubles, for US, ALL, will come of D E V A S T A T I O N

Keep UP, the GOD Faithful and GOD Praying PACE

All things will, not ALWAYS, GO, as PERFECTLY, Exactly as We PLAN

Be a Person who hears from GODS LOVE

You JUST Never Really K N O W

In Nature GODS Love is everywhere

Life is What we make it to BE

When with WHAT, in our LIFE, with we are D E A L I N G

You need not look to the LEFT, or the RIGHT, BEHIND You, Below You, or in FRONT of YOU, but look UP to seek G O D S--HOLY--Light

GODS WAYS is Always the Best Ways when we PRAYS

For GOD puts us through the Fire, and WILL, Challenge and Test our Metal and **F A I T H**

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my name is john ...........i was born in a small town and raised on a country mile: i learned as a small boy how to stand tall and walk with a smile: mom and dad they gave us all the love they had: they picked us up when we were down or feeling sad: i remember dad on christmas eve in santa claus we all believed: we couldnt wait for him to come dad he always made it so much fun......................................................................................................................................................this is my original song that i wrote in august of 1994 when the writing bug hit me and i just couldnt stop writing. would be driving the car and something would come to me and if i didnt write it i would loose it. even would wake up in the middle of the night something came to me and id have to write it or loose it. so when you write it is your masterpiece because it comes from your heart, jdj:

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