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tough love with guidance from god above:
keep your heart pure with gods love:

your children can get out of hand:
when they get older they dont need there parents to help them stand:

when they were young and had a fall:
you were there to pick them up and to help them stand tall:

now when they are all grown:
they act like they are all alone:

your own children they soon forget all for them that you have done:
they dont remember all you did for them everyday since they were young:

it hurts when there words and actions to you can be so ruthless:
it leaves you feeling so much less:

if you know that you have done the best that you can:
then what more do you have to give man:

tough love means the bottom has fallen out:
tough love means there are no more words to shout about:

tough love means you have to take a stand:
tough love means respect you now demand:

tough love means that you will not move or budge:
tough love you do hold a grudge:

tough love you must teach your children right from wrong:
tough love it could last so long:

tough love you cannot give in:
tough love if you stand your ground with gods love you the parent can only win:

tough love you do it with all your heart:
tough love you hope that honesty and communication can start:

tough love you just know you have to take a stand:
tough love ---- respect you must demand:

tough love you teach your children what is rifght:
tough love you are ready to endure a lengthy fight:

tough love you know its right:
tough love keep god as your guiding light:

you learn to let go let god and with god all battles can be won:
have tough love try to enjoy life be happy and smile--have fun:

your own children can really bring you down to your deepest low:
have tough love dont let it happen--keep within you gods loving glow:

tough love and with your heart with god you know what is right:
tough love with god as your guiding light:

07-december 2009--john d. jungers

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tough love