Poetry - John's poems of...LIFE - LIVING &LOVE...JDJ, john jungers

It's free, and always will be.
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2. For EVERY ONE of US
3. CHRISTMAS its a TIME to be LOVING it's a TIME to be FORGIVING
4. Selfishness is SIN
6. Like a fish out of water
7. The LOVE of GOD is In US to SHOW COMPASSION for Others
8. The LOVE of GOD is In US to SHOW COMPASSION for Others
9. Strive to HOLD your Tongue from speaking any NEGATIVENESS
10. Silence is GOLDEN
11. I do NOT need to Watch the NEWS
12. {{{CREATE}}} LOVE not Hate
13. Be slow to Worry and QUICK to PRAY
14. SEEK to be Strong NOT Weak
16. From Frazzled to FAITHFUL
17. Many TIMES a Person WHO is so GENUINE Loving and TRUE
18. The KIND and Loving HEARTEDNESS of Another
19. SomeTIMES just a Simple little POEM that is READ
20. When the Christmas SPIRIT we dont Hear IT
21. When we Lay Down and Close our EYES
22. When I'm Leaving the Congested, California, Concrete Crowdedness, Traffic, and Landscape,
23. Our FAITHFULNESS will Always be Put to TEST
24. GOD {{{whispers}}} to our HEART through the Beauty of NATURE
25. Calm AFTER the STORM
26. When we wear a FROWN
27. When the sun Boldly Rises in your Face
28. When Silent and alone I PRAY
29. The Christmas ELF on the SHELF
30. What is \\\PERFECTNESS///
31. It takes TIME to HEAL
32. We can --ONLY--Do our Very--BEST--
33. When we FEEL in a Low down Spiraling BIND
34. I'm TRYING my BEST
35. When we are JUST Feeling EXHAUSTED and SLOW
36. With NOT Too Many WORDS to Openly Write or SAY
37. A Time To PRAY
39. WE are NOT ALONE and (((GOD)))IS WITH US
40. Knotts Berry Farm--Second-RIDE
41. Knots BERRY Farm--1st RIDE
43. In our Deepest times of HeartACHE WORRY and Despair
44. A Korean WAR [[[HOMEless]]] VETERAN MAN
45. A Person Seeks to Be kind caring considerate and underSTANDING
46. The EXCITING Look in a Sweet CHILD'S Eyes
47. I'm Just \\\\\\\\\\\\SMILING ////////////to the _~>_~>_~>CEILING<~_<~_<~_
48. When WE Hear a SAD and Worried Song
49. With Great HOPE in Humble HEALING Prayer
51. When in a *WARM*and Comfortable >>>ENVIRONMENT<<<
52. Little-LITTLE-Little--BABY--Gabriel
53. Be BOLD
55. EveryTHING has a _SEASON_and a *REASON*
56. Show your Glow
57. Our Prayers
58. A' pinPOINT' of LIGHT
59. What a Person {{SAYS}} to ANOTHER
61. It's NOT abOUT geTTing But it's ALL abOUT With from your heART, What LOVingly You Are GIVing,
62. {{{Minnesota}}} will stay in my Heart and Mind
63. When you awake from a NightMARE
64. When we FEEL MUCH LESS Zest
65. Think {[{[{POSITIVE}]}]}
66. It is a Challenge to always BE your Best
67. New FOUND #Problems #
68. The Forrest stands so Peaceful and Serene
69. Summer RAIN
70. A HOT August Summer DAY
71. The Changing SEASONS from summer to FALL
72. The #Stresses# of DAYS GONE and Past
73. When WE are SITTING on the EDGE of our SEAT
74. Walking and Praying and FAITHFULLY Staying
75. A true Champion, they are as Positive as the shining SUN
76. A WILD DEER Sighting is so EXCITING
77. The Untouched Beautiful MinnesotaCountrySIDE
78. A CHAMPION They Are MOTIVATED and Consistent
79. Many TIMES, we are TRYING, to FIND, the Positive GLOW
80. When You are PREPARING yourSELF for Great SUCCESS
81. ALWAYS --their is -GOING -to ---BE -----s-O-m-E-t-H-i-N-g
83. Keep MOVING Forward, and STAY, in >>MOTIVATING<< STEP
84. When a sweet CHILD is so very Sick with Fever and ILL
85. We ALL have our UPS and DOWNS
86. Walking Humbly GREAT and TALL
87. Sometimes Exhaustingly, with OUR Emotions, and FEELINGS
88. With VISION Clear
89. In *^*^*D-E-A-L-I-N-G *^*^*with ALL Others
90. I'm Happy to see the WILD OutBACK Minnesota DEER
91. When your GOAL is ACCOMPLISHED
92. The CRAZY four Seasons of Extreme, Minnesota WEATHER
93. GOOD NEWS will HEAL, instantly the stressFUL sad and bad news BLUES
94. For EVEN when ALL of the ODDS are Against YOU
96. The Minnesota CountrySIDE My PRIDE
98. Sometimes SUCCESS Stories
99. For WE SHOULD ALWAYS BE **Humble** and**KIND**
100. When things --COME--at us in --A--HURRY--and --RUSH
101. The World FAMOUS CRICKET Night flashin Dancin SHOW
102. On This August CHILLY Unseasonally Cold Morning
103. It Would BE SO Amazing
104. When you are Distressing and Stressing and YOU FEEL GREAT Unrest
105. No matter the HAPPENINGS Rain or SHINE
106. When you are FEELING Stressed
107. BE Sharing BE LOVING BE Compassionate BE Caring
108. Some Folks they HAVE in themSELF such great PRIDEfulness
109. When I Hear the Cool Windy BREEZE
110. Let GO and Let GOD, fight THY every Struggle, Turmoil, Trouble, and BATTLE
111. Staying on the Positive Motivating TRACK
112. When you AWAKE
113. Sometimes when WE FEEL, so LOST, ALONE, and EMPTY
114. Every Early Morning I'm Watching the SAME SQUIRREL
115. Their is Something Special
116. Sometimes we feel OVERWHELMING and OVERBEARING great Stress on our SHOULDERS
117. In Your LIFE, with Every Thought, Word, Prayer, Move, Action, and HAPPENING
118. With GODPRIDE
119. A Song Bird will Happily SING with HARMONY
120. Happiness for us ONE and ALL BEGINS from withIN
121. Out in grand Rapids Minnesota being attacked by the Fiierce Biting Black FLIES
122. A Brand NEW FISHING Boat
123. On my DAiLY Forrest WALKING PATH
124. It is the MOST difficult Thing to DO
125. BE Grateful and APPRECIATIVE
126. In your LIFE the SIMPLEST of every PLEASURES--Forever--ENDURE
127. It is a Brand NEW beautiful GODBLESSED Day
128. Let ******** POSITIVITY********
129. The Forrest gets very Cold and Chilly at NIGHT
130. A Double HOOTING OWL
132. Trying to Find GODSHINES
134. Our Happiness and Joy we will MAKE
135. The AMAZING WILD Forrest BIRDS of every FEATHER
137. New Challenges every DAY in every WAY we must face and ADDRESS
139. With LOVE and HOPE Before YOU, plan a Happy Positive PATH
140. These Minnesota Lovely DEER
141. If you are FEELING down and Out just get out in NATURE and Look AROUND
142. In the SNOW Covered Winter COLD
143. Every New DAY Strive for --PERFECT--GOD Direction
144. I am Looking Forward to the NIGHTLY BRIGHTLY Fire FLY Show
145. The WILD Minnesota TURKEYS
146. A Little Baby RED Squirrel
147. When you SET a POSiTIVE GOAL
148. In the HOT Summer HIGH HUMIDITY
149. The Summer Forrest of Bright and Vibrant GREENS
150. Glow in Every LITTLE and BIG Thing
151. When you see and feel no bright Shinning SUN
152. Sometimes we Feel, DOWN
153. For here on the FORREST Floor, every FEATHER that I have Gathered
154. Coffee in the MorNING
155. When a\\\\\\\\\ New DAY//////// you BEGIN
156. When YOU are FEELING LOST
157. In my POEMS I am REVEALING my every FEELINGS
158. I AM Hoping and PRAYING
159. Squirrel WHIRL
160. With every Single LITTLE LITTLE LITTLE--Thing
161. The WILD Amazing Beautiful Intelligent DEER
162. The OLD Strong and BOLD CENTURION Trees
163. When we have overWHELMING, and OVER flowing--STRESS
165. My Minnesota HEALING TIME
166. BEFORE our WORDS, aloud to any Other, we OPENLY--SAY
167. Two Breathtaking >>>>>>> WILD Dow DEER
168. SOMEtimes a Person FEELS Lonely
169. It's NOW Raining and Raining
170. When you are Out About in the WILD Forrest WoodLANDS
171. To Find Your Peace LOOK WithIN
173. All Things MAY NOT be PERFECT
174. SomeTIMES no Words that We Can Say to others will Matter or Shine
175. When the Waters TURN Turbulent and ROUGH
176. My HEART Goes out to Those who have so Unfortunately LESS
177. On this DAY with THANKSGIVING, we pause Reflect and PRAY
178. Open your ********L-O-V-I-N-G********HEART
180. Tomorrow, it's TURKEY DAY
181. An OLD Rolly Polly GREY Gramps SQUIRREL
182. Two DEER came UP from the RIVER
183. Life FOR US ALL
184. I Heard a WOOD Pecker EARLY at Work TODAY
185. A Pretty Monarch BUTTERFLY
186. SomeTIMES we PRAY, and SAY
187. Worry Causes STRESS
190. Let me BE GODLY
191. A BALD EAGLE high Upon a Tree, on the MISSISSIPPI--River
192. A---P-O-S-I-T-I-V-E---Thought
193. A PARENT PRAYS Night and Day
195. No matter WHAT we are Now DEALING WITH
196. Do NOT take the Wrong PATH
197. On a FRESH and New DAY
198. It is difficult and a Challenge to --LET-GO--and--LET--GOD--take--Full--CONTROL
199. Every New Cloudy OR Shiny DAY
200. Three Pretty DOW DEER
201. This Morning I was WALKING
202. The FORREST is simply AMAZING
204. When on EARTH we FEEL, BEAT with DEFEATs and LOW
205. Out about in the loud Chattering Forrest
206. A DADDY Long LEGS Spider
207. A Proud four POINT BUCK
208. A ThanksGIVING FriendSHIP will SAIL Prevail and START
209. Pause and PRAY
211. Two Lovely DEER
212. For EveryDAY, GOD will TEST our CHARACTER, and METAL
213. Like a Beaming LIGHT
214. Take ALL Things as They COME, FAST or SLOW in Stride
215. SomeTIMES when it RAINS it POURS
216. Keep UP the FIGHT
217. Do NOT Waste TIME being Down Low and SAD
218. If a Person Did NOT, have to Deal with SO Much STRESS
219. When We Keep Thinking and Thinking and PLANNING Ahead
220. After a Hard DOWN FALLING Rain
221. I MET a GentleMAN, who two Years ago Lost his SON
222. LOVE DOVE--Argument
223. We have to DO our BEST
224. When I'm Walking Through the FORREST
225. In the EARLY Morning DAWN
226. In the Minnesota CORN-FIELDS
227. When WE FEEL, like a LOST and BROKEN, WHEEL
228. The Majesticness of Wild DEER
229. When we FEEL GODS LOVE
230. A SONG BIRD will Still SING
231. Do NOT Worry
232. Our HEART Feelings
233. OUTwardly the WAY that we Appear and DRESS
234. Coming to AMERICA with a {{{{{{{{DREAM}}}}}}}}
235. #^#^CLOSURE^#^#
236. At the GO-GO-Travel--OFFICE
237. When with SOME Others Our HEART Feelings we Openly Speak
238. """"""""TECHNOLOGY""""""""
239. When a Person SMILES
240. UnCONDITIONAL>>>LOVE>>>it>>Has_>>No>>END
242. If we LOOK way a WAY back in our Life Living and LOVE
243. Many new Challenges we all will FACE
244. When the SUN RISES in the EAST
245. At PITCH Dark I hear 10,000--Minnesota--CRICKETS
246. When you MEET and GREET good FOLKS it's such of GODBLESSING
247. The Minnesota Field CORN
248. Every LITTLE Thing
249. The Beautiful FORREST Trees
250. The GREEN SummerTIME
251. Every Person with a Loving PET
252. One Hundred YEAR Old Minnesota Olden Barns
253. Progress with any GOAL
254. Sometimes with NO Movement
255. Soft White Clouds of COTTONY WHITE
256. Habit Planning
257. The Crowded BUSY CITY
258. Having an UNCOMFORTABLE Feeling
259. YesterDAYS NEWS
260. When something is WEIGHING Heavily on your MIND
261. When Worry is very, sad, distressing and DEEP
262. Your OWN Children
263. Me and MY DEER Family
264. Seek to FIND Peace and Happiness with SERENITY
265. When Another Person is WEAK
266. Our UP and DOWN Feelings
267. When it's RAINING
268. Wide OPEN Spaces
269. In the OutBACK free and WILD NATURE
270. There is Something ABOUT the Country that IMPRESSES Me
271. When at INTERSECTION, you are Sitting STILL
272. We WILL have HIGH, and HAPPY, days as well as SAD and LOW
273. A TRUE Champions, DAILY Routine
274. When on a Mission Quest and GOAL
275. PeacefulNESS and RestfulNESS
276. What a Wonderful, GODBLESSED FEELING it is to BE LOVED
277. When in the broad Daylight it STILL Feels DARK as NIGHT
278. Progress with ANY GOAL
279. I do not want to WRITE any sad and Blue SONG
280. I saw- a Minnesota WOOD Chuck
281. All Things will NOT Always GO
282. When Your FEELING DOWN
283. Our Life Living and LOVE--Roller--Coaster
284. In Summer TIME
285. When to GOD we PRAY
286. What Use is it to shame and Criticize another
287. For Every Word that you PRAY Write and SPEAK
288. Things FOR US All
289. We CANNOT Expect, another Person, to DO What we DID Not DO
291. Don't WORRY About trying to PROVE, Your EARTHLY--WORTH--to--ANYONE
292. SomeTIMES everyTHING that we have on our LIFE Plate
293. When you Sit and Sweat in the SUN too Long
294. If You ARRIVE to Watch a MOVIE Way too EARLY
295. At the Gymnastics CLASS
296. Learning How to Color and stay steady and straight Within the LINES
297. Halloween COSTUMES
298. ThreePEAT for BELLA at FOUR
299. JUST Going Along With the FLOW
300. BELLA and ME, sitting HEART to HEART, SIDE by SIDE
302. At the SEGA Gymnastics GYM
304. For what great things a Person Claims to FAME to Have--DONE
305. A Person Who is #UnCARING#
306. We Need NOT Worry to Explain
307. The Words Openly, and Aloud, to Others that You Speak and SAY
308. Look at YourSELF in the MIRROR
309. A time to Rhyme and a Time to Shine
310. The Terrible DEVASTATING Northern California WILD FIRES
311. When Another PERSON, Puts you DOWN
312. Sometimes our Darkest and Coldest STORMS
313. What we have we NEED to APPRECIATE
314. PRAY Through IT
315. There is SomeTHING so Magnificent
316. ^^^PROGRESS^^^
317. The SUN is Going to GLOW and SHINES
318. The ROADS that We TRAVEL
319. I AM Watching the Same little ,SQUIRREL
320. On the Minnesota Forrest FLOOR
321. When WE seek to DESTRESS
322. Early MORN SunRISE
323. I was just Minding my own Bussiness
324. StandING BY to STAND BY
325. Whenever STRESS I WRITE about in POEM
327. A Minnesota WILD Beautiful PHEASANT
328. For when with LOVE we PRAY
329. When a SOLID Good Night of SLEEP you LACK
330. I AM a TIMELY Person and NEVER will BE LATE
331. These MONSTER MOSQUITOES in Minnesota I Know I Will NOT Miss
332. The AMAZING Forrest
333. Only GOD in HEAVEN Knows
334. Many TIMES so Much NEGATIVENESS, keeps SWIRLING, around in our Head and MIND
335. Sometimes People they ACT SO Rough
336. A NEW ***Song***
338. Monarch BUTTERFLIES
339. July SKIES of SUNNY Blue
340. Three DEER
341. On a HOT SiZZZLing Summer DAY
342. With MOMENTUM
343. The Hush Quiet and peaceful Serenity of the magical Forrest
344. Sometimes we GET too Ambitious
345. We all have to DEAL with Changing and Rearranging WEATHER conditions
346. How WE FEEL
347. Dreams Remembered
348. Pressures
349. We NEED not To. Stress or WORRY
350. SomeTIMES WE are Sitting at the very Edge of our SEAT
351. We HAVE to Take things as they FALL in Place and GO
352. PAY Attention To>~\>~~\>~~~DEtAIL
353. Our H-A-P-P-I-N-E-S-S
354. Their is something very Majestic about every Four Seasons
355. For each and Every Breath that WE Take
356. On the Side of the ROAD
357. Many TIMES we do not REALIZE our Greatest BLESSINGS Right before our very EYES
358. Pray
359. ToDAY this MONDAY is A ***HOLIDAY*** Observed
360. Sometimes the HARDEST thing to DO
361. When with Hope Faith and LOVE we Pray
362. SomeTIMES*** GOD*** will Bring US DOWN
364. When PRAYER with GOD you SHARE
365. When PRAYER with GOD you SHARE
366. We can DO all things through PRAYER
367. When everything SEEMS like its coming UNWOUND
368. In a PURE deep GREEN Forrest
369. After an ALL night Long, buckets of rainFALL
370. In the Early Morning DAWN
371. Grand Rapids Minnesota
372. Northern Grand Rapids Minnesota
373. In the Early Morning Forrest
374. After a HOT HOT HOT--Humid--Minnesota--Sizzling--JULY
375. SomeTIMES we WALK, SOMEtimes we RUN, sometimes, we Pause, Stand Still, and STOP
376. SomeTIMES things Happen Take Place and OCCUR
377. The TIDE comes IN, and the TIDE goes OUT
378. The TREES in a Forrest
379. OWLS
380. Two Young Spotted, BABY DEER, pretty FAWNs
381. A Female DEER she was in the FAMILY WAY
382. When I Find a BEAUTIFUL Feather
384. In the CITY
385. My Squirrel and Robin Friends
386. EveryTIME, that I Pass by, a MAGNIFICENT, Minnesota--Bald--EAGLE NEST
387. SomeTIMES you FEEL positive SHINE
388. In the DEEP Plush Minnesota FORREST
389. A Person Should NEVER Give up Trying
390. Challenges EveryDAY that we FACE
391. The DISNEY Haunted MANSION
392. The DISNEY Train
393. Acts of Violence
394. It's so EASY to Point fingers at another and CRITICISE
395. Little Little Little Toddler HANDS
396. When we SEEK to be HAPPY
397. An άBER Driver a GentleMAN, named YOSEF
398. A Loving Earth Angel
399. Temecula DANCE
400. When I'm around my Grand Daughters SWEET
401. The Burden of STRESSFULNESS
402. After all of the NOISE, Whooping and Hollering
403. I Spotted Three Dear Beautiful Young FAWNS
404. Building any KIND of a MEANINGFUL Relationship
405. Just as a DAD trying to BREATHE through the Consatant--STRESS
406. EveryDAY in EVERY Small and Big WAY
407. In your LIFE in an iNSTANT, and a, HEAVENLY--GODSENT--Moment, you will BE.--HEALED
408. Minnesota WILD DownPOURING Stormy Rains
409. I'm >>>THINKIN>>>as>>>-IM>>>WRITIN
410. When EVER you may FEEL,down, depressed, devastated, disturbed, hurt, sad, distressed, stressed, and--BLUE
411. To US ALL ON Earth
412. When in our LIFE, we are BLESSED to be Touched by a HEAVENLY--RAINBOW
413. In MY Life Living and LOVE--what-I-Always--SAY
414. Our GOD Loving Faithfulness
415. No Matter HOW Dark this VERY Moment you may BE
416. It takes Discipline, Motivation, and GREAT Sacrifice
417. I gave a Gentleman a Bill of TWENTY
418. Watching NEMO again
420. The DISNEY DUMBO Ride
421. I met a Lovely Miracle Couple
422. When in our everyDAY LIFE WE really Try our BEST
423. No DEER Sightings
424. These amazing Minnesota Forrest TREES
425. This Morning the Birds were sounding an EARLY--0430--REVILLE
426. Walking out and ABOUT in the Down POURING RAIN
427. Two HORSES, in a Field, both-LAZZZiNG, and GRAZZING
429. Rain or Shine
430. In Our Silence
431. When You Close your Eyes, and OPEN your HEART, and LISTEN
432. Set backs, upsets and Disappointments
433. Our METAL of our CHARACTER will BE TESTED
434. Our METAL of our CHARACTER will BE TESTED
435. Protect your HEART
437. When YOU Bake a CAKE
438. Because of YOU
439. She CLIMBED a ROPE and Went clear to the very Tip TOP
440. At DisneyLAND the Happiest Place on EARTH
441. The MARK of a CHAMPION
442. Here in my Minnesota I Dont NEED Materialistically-not-ANYTHING
443. Refreshing Minnesota AIR
444. Pretty Fresh Cut Flowers
445. Two little Chipmunks were Jumping Running and out Having FUN
446. Life is like traveling down a Rushing White Water Stream
447. In my Minnesota Wild Wilderness
448. Not all things will fall Perfectly in Place for us DAY to DAY
449. I think that the WORLD OVER
450. It's not a Good FEELING
451. Reflections of the HEART
452. Others they may TAKE from US
453. Have FAITH
454. With our HEART ARMS and HANDS Open
456. The Magestic, Colorful Desert SUNSET
457. When Watching the Left and the Right Side Point of News
458. Being LIKE CHRIST
459. A white tailed deer Sighting
460. When Things Do not Fall, Perfectly and Exactly in Place
461. Today the BIRDS are very Sluggish And SLOW
462. SIX t BIRDS sitting on a River LOG just Chilling at Riverside
464. A little city Chipmunk PUNK
465. The long dusty Country ROADS
466. The Minnesota CORN
468. The BEAUTY of a \\\RAINBOW///
469. When we WRITE about DEEPLY just What we are FEELING
470. The. FIREWORKS Show
472. +RESPECT+
473. ^*+GOD SHINE^*+
474. The Minnesota BIRDS, are Talking Squawking and Scolding ME
475. When you get Angry
476. Minnesota WILD Weather
477. A Slithering, Sneaking, black and White SNAKE
478. Do not WORRY to KEEP SCORE
479. If your going to SWIM Ocean to Ocean
480. We Set ourselves up for GREAT Outstanding Success
481. Everything has its Timing
482. Well BACK with REBOUND
483. Two BABY Robbins in a NEST
484. A Beautiful Deer
485. When you--- feel ---LOW DOWN and DEPRESSED
486. I would Rather write what my HEART Feels than to Speak
487. AnyTHING can Throw us. OFF. f of our Positive Track
488. When you have a Mission and Plan to Achieve
489. The Minnesota SKIES
490. What on EARTH Every HUMAN BEING they Seek
491. SomeTIMES we Want to Create
492. A Young Baby Minnesota DEER
493. When on a new Early Morning Day
494. When the SKIES are Dreary and Gray
495. When our Momentum gets OffSET
496. A Pretty Red Breasted Robin
497. A Good HEART never will Forget
498. When to. ourSELF we are PRAYing
499. Sometimes we want to Prove to some others our WORTH and WEALTH
500. On Earth GOD Knows OUR Worth
501. Even Though the Skies are Cloud Clear, and SHY-BLUE
502. Keep HOPE Afloat
503. When a Person Feels NUMBNESS
504. A Christian they KNOWS
505. ********Make A Difference********
506. Things Will NOT always be PERFECT
508. Just KNOWING that HE is Always THERE
509. SibLING #########Rivalry########
511. Who we are we will PROJECT that to Others
512. Now this Very Moment as the SUN is Coming UP Shining over the Mountain TOP
513. The Same Old Same OLD Wake UP Routine
514. Halloween--pumpkin--CARVING--Kaylee-- Style
515. Halloween Freight
516. My Kaylee she wrote a STORY
517. With a GOD VIBE
518. Our--CALLING
519. KING>>>and>>>BLONDIE
520. Political DEBATE
521. Be THAT Loving LIGHT
522. Some PEOPLE they have such of a GODBLESSED Loving GLOW with Angelic--HALO
523. Seek to be UNIQUE
524. The Magestic, POWER, of a SUNFLOWER
525. Some People Believe NOT in the Almighty-POWER- of PRAYER
526. With MANY UPHILL, Challenges
527. SHOPPING at TARGET for GIRL-Grand-Daughter-STUFF
528. Bella OH Wella, it's **HER- FINAL** Soccer Game of the Season
529. I FEEL --San-Diego --GLOW
530. Little Kaylee at TEN
531. With her FOUR year old Arms CROSSED
532. The -WORDS- to another that we -SHARE- and -SPEAK
533. Nothing is ever going to be Perfect
534. In ANYthing and in EVERYthing
535. Be KIND to NATURE
536. Here I SIT and Patiently WAIT
537. On this our Mother Earth
538. When sad and bad and tragic news we Receive
539. When I THINK of TIMES that have COME and GONE
540. Waitin for that FIRST little Grin
541. A Person they are Going to CHOOSE
542. A TWELVE HOUR little Bella Adventure
544. When a Person FEELS, Guilty, that's--When--FAITH--Takes PLACE
545. Trying to POST a POEM
546. NoTHING is every GOing to be PERFECT
547. Handling GRIEF
548. SomeTIMES different Folks Show-OFF
549. Christmas is for GIVING
550. At the four year old League SOCCER Game
551. Our HAPPINESS we are going to MAKE
552. From the OutSIDE to the InSIDE
553. A PUMPKIN Patch
554. At DISNEYLAND Here we Stand
555. The DISNEY Winnie the Pooh RIDE
557. Bella **Gymnastics**
558. Baby Gabriel
559. For THOSE who think they can Stand all on their OWN
560. What Does the FUTURE ahead for Us SHOW
561. When WORRY Comes to our HEART and MIND
562. Merry GO Round
563. Bella SHE had Her Hands on Her NOSE
564. When our WORDS to Another--IN--Won't--SINK
565. WAITIN--on--++BELLA++ ***SUNSHINE***
566. I Just Felt >>>>>>>>the<<<<<<<< SWEETEST--SMILE
567. A PErFEcT--LUV
568. Here I am, with my Grandest Grand Daughter
569. A WonderFUL Autumn Season
570. Life GOES ON and we take ONE Day at a TIME
571. With SO Much on our HEART and MIND
572. Bumper to Bumper Traffic
573. Pray--PRAY--Pray
574. A Boyhood Minnesota FRIEND
575. With my every Simple Rhyme Poem and WORD
576. In the Wonderment of NATURE we will FEEL and SEE
577. Fifteen and KAITLYN SWEET
578. With the ACCOMPLISHMENT of ONE little-^Positive^- GOAL
580. Watching the Minnesota Field WILD CORN--GROW
581. A Bright RED Cardinal Pretty BIRD
582. A Minnesota High Flying HAWK
583. WhenEVER you may seem Down and BLUE
585. Every NEW-DAY, we all TRY our BEST to POSITIVELY. Shines
586. The Minnesota MOSQUITO Bite
587. When WE WRITE about DEEPLY just what WE are >>FEELING<<
588. For even in our MOST, Dreary and Cloudy of TIMES
589. Sometimes we Lose our MOMENTUM, MOTIVATION, rhyme and positive SHINE
590. When I'm a FLYING on a PLANE I PRAY and Close my EYES
591. My WILD BIRD Feather Collection
592. The Desert OPENESS
593. Now Traveling Through the--Eastern--California--DESERT
594. In our LIFE, our FUTURE, we do NOT Know
595. There WILL be a TIME and Place
596. When all Around, everyTHING, FEELS, so OVERwhelmingly--Exhausting, and CRAZY-Stressingly--CHAOTIC
597. When Others you SEE, so SMILING, so Care Free, and --PERFECTLY--HAPPY
598. Where EVER that YOU Are
599. In California Driving on the ##FReE-WaY## You SeE
600. With BELLA in my HEART and MIND I'll a BE just a --FINE
601. When a New Storm is Moving IN
602. With OUR HEART we will never Forget People of Some
603. The PEACEFULNESS of the EARLY, pre Dawn-Forrest
604. Listen VERY Carefully
605. Let your WORDS BE as COLORFUL as a RAINBOW
606. A WARM and CARING--{{{HEART}}}---
608. Fear of GRIEF
609. When you FIRST in the Morning AWAKE
610. When you are very-SAVY-and very-FRUGLE-Conserving-and-Wisely--THRIFTY
611. When you Plant a SEED with GENEROSITY
612. When we, REFLECT, PAUSE, and PRAY--and--WRITE--with--OUR--hearts--FEELINGS
613. A person who is courteous, nice, compassionate, and Kind--NOT!!!
617. We ALL Have our CHOICE
618. To THINE OwnSELF stay TRUE
619. I was just a walking taking my SWEET time on an OutBACK Forrest Walk
620. I saw a DEER in the Wide Open Meadow just grazing and eatting Supper and RELAXING
621. When you are UP OUT and ABOUT in the Forrest just STOP and Look AROUND
622. Some Folks they are so BOLD BRASH and CONFIDENT
623. I was surprised to see a DEER, Swimming Across the RIVER
624. The Falling Yellow Changing LEAVES
625. When IN the MIDDLE of the NIGHT
626. When in the WILD GREEN Forrest you are WALKING
627. These Minnesota Lands of --10,000--LAKES
628. You have to SET a GOAL, you have to have a PLAN
629. SomeTIMES we are very ANXIOUS
630. When SomeONE for you Does a KIND THING
631. The times of our GREATEST--HAPPINESS
632. The TIMES that we want to lash out and Attack--we know GOD wants us to hold back and PRAY-BACK
633. Their are times when we feel at a dead END
634. When a STORM is Brewing in our MIND
635. Life is a TEST
636. The Forreset so thick GREEN and Dense
637. A TURKEY, Squabble Gobble ARGUMENT and Fight
638. A TURKEY, Squabble Gobble ARGUMENT and Fight
639. When you are up and out and about in NATURE
640. When you are Really STRESSING
642. The Minnesota DEER and ME
643. A River TURTLE
644. The Distinct Wood Hammering that ECHOES through a Forrest of Green
645. When in a Pure GREEN Forrest you spot a Birch Bark TREE
646. A Painter wants to PAINT
647. When the Beautiful Minnesota Summer SunLIGHT SHINES
649. When you see a BRIGHT-RED-CARDINAL Bird
650. ""SOMEtimes"" --EVERYthing S-H-I-N-E-S
652. One Hundred-Years- PLUS DEEP Rooted. TREES
653. TWO--little--busy--BIRDS --Right here Not too far in Front of ME
654. A ~Squirrels~ fun running Dancing WHIRL
655. What we --GIVE --BACK, in RETURN--we, are Gonna--GET
656. When the Skies are Pretty SHINY BLUE
657. People Do NOT, take the TIME to stay in TOUCH
658. This Early MORN
659. When we are on the ROAD to [[[SUCCESS]]]
660. The More and MORE, That the Future we try to calculate and PLAN
661. With an ^^^^^^^^UPLIFTING^^^^^^^^and--Great--Glorious--GREAT--FAITH
662. I was with a Cast and Rod, open, reel--with Bobber Fishing
663. Squirrel--Quarrel--Argument--and--FIGHT
666. Life's SIMPLE,Little PLEASURES
667. When DECISIONS are MADE
668. I--Spotted --a MAGNIFICENT, Bald EAGLE NEST
670. It is EASY to WRITE, when you FEEL DELIGHT
671. There is a TIME and a PLACE
672. For ONE DROP of INK
673. A Prerty Little ROBIN--BIRD
674. SOMEtimes mayBE GOD Knocks us Down so LOW
675. Walking down a MUDDY old Country ROAD
676. A BABY Little RABBIT
677. In a BACK, RIVER, --Marshy-- Swampy--POND
678. For those WHO, THINK, and ACT, like They, are FAR-ABOVE--GODS--LOVING--HEAVENLY--LAW
679. Two DEER in the RIVER CHILLIN
680. A Pretty ""BLUE""-JAY Feather
681. It REALLY is an (((AMAZEMENT)))
682. A Persons--HEART-BEAT--TRUE or UNTRUE
684. When on EARTH
685. When a Person, --FEELS--, Cloudy --CONFUSION
686. In SOMEtimes, the DARKEST>>STORMS
687. People that we MEET and GREET
688. I Saw a Minnesota little TOAD
689. In CLOUDY, ROWDY, Skies try to Find all of the Pretty--Blue
690. A ++LITTLE ++RAY
691. WORRY--will--Cause--US--###UNREST###
693. SomeTIMES, we Feel the ENORMOUS---WEIGHT--- of the WORLD, on our--SHOULDERS
694. A BIG-CITY, HUMMiNG--€€€--BIRD--€€€
695. When WE FEEL on EARTH, of Little. WORTH
696. After an ALL--NIGHTER
697. Always KEEP, your PILOT, Light AGLOW
698. A Pretty Red Breasted --Mommy--Robin--BIRD
699. A HEARD of --USDA--Grade--AAA--Beef--COWS
700. If you can--STILL--SMILE--in, your, hurt, shame, and Pain
702. With ONE Step at a TIME
703. ITA s NEW--DAY
704. Sometimes our DREAMS
705. Wnen your Standing, Right Next to a Gently, Flowing, and Rolling Stream
706. All things come in PAIRS
707. The TREES in the FORREST
708. Life can Always be a Challenge and a TEST
709. Two Sweet, Spotted, Baby, Fawn--BAMBI--DEER
710. The Forrest has its OWN Personality
711. If you come across a DEER Family
712. Today on August First
713. I Saw HER, Little, BELLA, TEARS, Rolling DOWN
714. When TO little 'BELLA', I Had to Say Good--BYE
715. What is --+*+*+*+*--AMAZING--+*+*+*+*
716. Heartfelt WORDS from Another--INSPIRE--HOPE
718. FEELIN ~>~>~>~>~GIFTED
719. Most DAYs may be the Same OLD Same, in every--WAYs
720. When ~SomeONE,>>>Speciall>>> BELIEVES,~in ~YOU
721. With>>>>>> POSITIVENESS
722. Wild Minnesota--Orange, Pink, and-Yellow--FLOWERS
723. I was Just out and About
724. I Found a Patch of Minnesota Wild--RASBERRIES
725. When we Strive, and Sincerely, TRY to make a POSITIVE Difference
726. When we can Reflect our Kindness
727. I'm not listening to anything BUT--NATURE
728. For ME in the WILD WoodLANDS every new DEER. Sighting
729. When in a Dense Forrest of--GREEN
730. A Flock of Wild Grouse
731. My HOMELAND and ~~PRIDE--
732. When a HEART is\\\\\\\\ GOLDEN////////
733. A*******************FRIEND
734. The WORKS of HEART
735. Find--YOUR --Peace--WITHIN
736. A Persons, Honest, and Sincere, TRUTHFUL, and Honorable--GODLY--loving--HEART-INTENTIONS
737. When IM, passing Through,a Congested- CONCRETE-Jungle--overCROWDED--BIG-CITY
738. Sometimes when we are THINKIN and INKIN
739. I'm Already MISSING MY Forrest. GREEN
740. The MINNESOTA. Forrest. GREEN
742. A Genuine and TRUE Friend
743. When WE are PRAYING
744. Driving on a--BUSY--California--FreeWAY
745. Bus--Movement
746. A Beautiful, [[--DEER--]]-FAMILY--of--Five
747. When WE have ENOUGH --Responsibilities--to DEAL with on our PLATE
748. When I HEARD an Annoying CROW Gang a SQUAWKING
749. P--O--S--I--T--I--V--I--T--Y
750. When I WALK I PRAY
751. When a very Stressful and Distressing Situation is LIFTED
752. When POSITIVE Change is Taking PLACE
754. For Our GOD wants us to be--FAITHFUL--
755. In the Dense Plush and Thick-WILD--Forrest
756. This Early MINNESOTA--Morning
757. We ALL, have GREAT, HOPES, and DREAMS
758. GOOD>>>>>>>>NEWS
759. Two, Squirrels were Causing, so much noise and Comotion,
761. A Young Baby fawn spotted DEER
762. We someTIMES feel Lousiness,with not much ZEST
763. With ***GOD***as your direct and upfront and Foundation and center of Attention
764. Four Geese on a River, Sand Bar
765. Our Happiness and JOY, we must open our Heart and Mind to find
766. FaMiLy DyNaMiCs
767. The pressures of a father
768. With your HANDS Grasped Together
769. The Beautiful GOLDEN Brown MINNESOTA DEER
770. When you are Walking through a FORREST
771. Shine Your HEART--Light
772. When standing Silent and Still
773. In hot humid JULY
774. Look to NATURE
775. With Every new STRESS
776. An Olden CENTURIES old-OAK Tree
777. A WRITER will try to WRITE, between, the--LINES
778. A MINNESOTA, Black and-Yellow--Snake was in the--TALL--GRASS
779. A Beautiful TURKEY FAMILY
780. The Magically Unique BIRCH BARK trees
785. Something about, the--RED-BREASTED--ROBBINS
786. She was >>>BASHFUL>>SHY<<<
787. A Beautiful--MOMMY DEER DOW
788. I Found a--TINY--Little--BABY--TOAD
789. Different PITCHES
790. Now--L-I-S-T-E-N-I-N-G
791. On a New, Morning, Awakening,--DAY--
792. When I LOOK over each and EVERY POEM that my HEART WROTE
793. The Flashing ON and OFF--GLOWING--light of a--FIRE-FLY
794. A--hard-Working-WOOD-PECKER
796. I Watch the Different--SHADES--of--the--TREES
797. I KNOW that I PRAY ALOT
798. It's so Cool to watch a busy-squirrel, running through--the--Forrest
799. A moving rippling fresh water Stream
800. On a Back Dirt Road
801. At Night and LAST CALL for SUNLIGHT
802. A PRETTY RED Cardinal little BIRD
803. Confident Brave and Bold
804. Suffocating--High--HUMIDITY
805. When you TRY to Please MAN
806. When you can SMILE through the RAIN
807. For What GOOD and GREATNESS
808. I Got Caught up in a--SPIDER-WEB
809. I ---WAS---SO---IMPRESSED---and-----A-M-A-Z-E-D---- to SEE
810. I came across two-SWEET-BABY-DOVES
811. A MINNESOTA--Dark-Brown-MOTH
812. I was FEELING, Alone, and so SAD, and--LONELY
813. When you are FEELING, and BREATHING, in--S-T-R-E-S-S
814. It is Such of an AMAZING BLESSING
815. Searching to find the--POSITIVE--LIGHT
816. With a--Clear--VISION
817. With sad bad and Distressing--NEWS
818. A Beautiful, PRETTY, Monarch, BUTTERFLY
819. When we feel as we are going against the natural flow and GRAIN
820. Down-TOWN -San Diego
822. To ALL Others the FriendliNESS that we-SHOW
826. A MINNESOTA--Wood--Pecker-BIRD-is. Hard. , to SPOT-and--FIND
827. When you see a --GREAT-AMERICAN-BALD-EAGLE, --Swoop--and--Glide
828. With a Habit of POEM and RHYME
829. Searching for a-MIRACLE
831. A RED-Cardinal-BIRD, they are Kinda-SHY
832. It is EASY for a Person
833. In the MINNESOTA BackWOODS and Country
834. A Lovely LADY DEER
835. A HEART will Never FORGET Every BEAT
836. In LIFE'S Race
837. The Simplest Things
838. Their is just one, little BIRD , who Refuses to STOP. SInging
839. I saw a Young and Proud FOUR Point Buck
840. In the--BREEEZE
841. Every MORNING
843. ProGRESS may come FAST -_&_- PROgress MAY come slOW
845. When someONE--is--PrayING for--US--
846. In ALL things and HAPPENINGS
847. Peace WELLNESS and Happiness
848. Row after MILE after ACRE after ROW
849. Progress takes TIME
850. The daily STRUGGLE
852. Eight baby ducklings swimming duck to duck, side by side
854. Feather--Collector
856. The BEAUTIFUL--Leaves--of-every--MINNESOTA--Trees
857. I Was--SO-- SURPRISED to SEE
858. I SPOTTED, a --HUGE--and--Heavy--RACCOON
860. MINNESOTA-Mosquitoes--will--STILL-BE-found
861. A --WEEPING-- Willow--TREE
862. 2---little--BABY--Robins in a--NEST
863. The MINNESOTA pine TREE
864. SomeTIMES we FEEL HIGH, and we FEEL--Low
865. In the BIg CITY
866. I Shook a Local--MINNESOTANS --Farmers-sturdy-Hand
867. MINNESOTA--Pretty--Skies-of-BLUE
869. SomeTIMES with a VISION
870. When You are Feeling DEEPLY SAD
871. Positive*** Change***
872. A MINNESOTA--Forrest--as--Wide as-a--SEA--Of--WILD-GREEN
873. Amazing GLOWING flashing on and off--FIRE-FLIES
874. A FEW little SWEET Birds
877. A little lone Humming BIRD on a High WIRE
878. A TOAD was a Hopping across a Country ROAD
879. When we are Praying
880. I'm on SPIRIT-Airlines and-FLYING-to-Las-Vegas
881. Life can BE Confusing
882. We Have to DO our BEST
883. When the Bright and Warm Sun
884. I Found a Pretty little Delicate Wild Bird Feather
885. In a BUSY--BUSY-BUSY- Hustle and Bustle--AIRPORT
887. I CAN Never Claim to FAME
889. A Walk in NATURE
890. In the END
891. A KIND, LOVING, GOOD, Friendly, Smiling, Joyous--HEART
892. I'm not really in the MOOD to WRITE
893. When another NEW-DAY--B-E-G-I-N-S
894. I Walked by Black and White Cows here in MINNESOTA of THREE
895. When your PRAYING in a CHURCH SETTING
896. When YOU hear a MINNESOTA, Mosquito-Buzzzing near your-EAR
898. A MYSTERIOUS night OWL. After Midnight Double--Hoooooting
899. Out in the BEAUTIFUL, wide Open, MINNESOTA--WILD--CountrySIDE
900. When you are-- PREPARING--YourSELF to--SUCCEED
902. SomeTIMES we FEEL
903. Three MINNESOTA--WILD--Buzzards
904. We Have to DECIDE
905. A PRAYING Person
906. Stay Positive and Realistic
907. It's a BLESSING to see things Falling Perfectly in PLACE
908. A FOX on the RUN
909. A LOUD Hollering and ANGRY CROW
910. SOMETIMES we are Sighing
913. The MINNESOTA WILD Summer Rains
914. Having HOPEFULNESS is a TEST
915. Have YOU ever seen a WILD DEER
917. A SILENT, little TEAR
918. In MINNESOTA, I saw Trees of Thousands and Thousands
919. If we LOOK at our LIFE, ahead, too FAR, too FAST too LONG
920. Out ABOUT in NATURE
921. A pure Black BUTTERFLY, with Distinct Markings of beautiful SPARKLING--BLUE
924. Yesterday CRYING she called me on the PHONE
925. I LOVE--the--EARLY, MORN, total and Complete-- QUIETNESS
926. With A crystal Clear VISION
927. I AM who I AM
929. When our Mind feels BURDENED
930. Your Reflection
931. Food Allergies. REACTION's
932. I'm geTTing Ready to AGAIN say a SAD GoodBYE
933. High school dAzE
934. The KIND Words to us that others SAY
935. The SONG that we Rhyme and SING
936. We will REST and be--BLESSED with our Happiness and HEALTH
937. MINNESOTA --NATURE ---Sounds
938. A grand daughters sweet little KISS
939. My MATH Class is Too EASY
940. Do not ever TRY to Sugar Coat and JUSTIFY a Wrong
941. EveryDAY will have its UPS -and- Downs
942. It has BREEN and still is very HOT ths summer in San Diego
943. We BECOME the COMPANY that we KEEP
944. After --SCHOOL --TierdNESS
945. In the CITY--SCENE
946. A child's TENDER Dear SWEET-HEART
947. We all have the CHANCE, to CHANGE our Direction
948. Staying in TOUCH
950. I do Not know WHY
951. Reflect and SHINE
952. Hour to HOUR
953. When a Person Awakes and PRAYS
954. Last night when it was Dark
955. When EVERYTHING falls Perfectly in PLACE
956. What ever we !!speak!!
957. Let PEACE
958. Let you*** POSITIVITY*** LAST
959. SteadFAST
960. Changes
961. For GOD is in NATURE
962. To BE in TUNE
963. Family DYNAMICS--C-h-a-l-l-e-n-g-e-s
966. Nine ONE-ONE, has come to PASS
967. Not too many at ALL--Words--exchanged--Openly--did-we-SPEAK
968. When I am ALL--ALONE, in the QUIET--Silence of the DARK
969. Here in EL-cajon--rancho- San Diego
970. A Toddler will SIGH
971. With BELLA my Last Night
972. A BELLA Work OF ART
973. At-- RALPH'S--Grocery--STORE
974. BELLA--Gymnastics
975. Shine YOUR Light
976. Oh WELL-A
977. I'm just WAITIN for round THREE
978. For every PRAYER
979. I PRAY for HIM
980. At the PARK
982. At the DOLLAR--TREE--Store
983. A Sweeeet-- CHILD'S EYES
984. Nothing can KEEP us Down
985. At the Temecula Library
986. Making Christmas GIFTS, in September
987. When in the AIR. We. Feel. any NEGATIVITY
988. Nothing can COMPARE
989. The HARDEST, Thing to DO
990. Hanging out WITH little BELLA
991. Hair Ribbons of RED--PINK--and--BLUE
992. LearNING how to hold a writing PEN
993. Monique I need some--C-h-A-p-t-C-h-A--HELP--with--feedBACK--pleeeease
994. Just --READY--SET --and --WAITIN
995. Simple WORDS
996. I should be sleeping
998. In the FAR OFF Distance
999. Here I am AGAIN, on the GREYhound BUS a Typing
1000. Again I'm ON the GO
1001. To be >>>FOCUSED>>>and To >>>>>CARRY>>>>On
1002. At THE---99-Cent--STORE
1004. IN~~~THE~~~END
1005. With NEW-DAY, BegiNNing
1006. When we SEE NATURES, LOVING, Nurturing--PRIDE
1007. When our PEACE, SERENITY, and WELLNESS
1008. When you Witness a DEER how they can RUN so FAST
1009. When SOARING Around in the SKY
1010. When we can SMILE through our PAIN
1011. When SIMPLY what we do or say, helps another Person--SMILE
1012. When a Person is in TUNE
1013. At DAYS END
1018. A SILENT, Little--TEAR
1019. Driving TO CaliforNIA
1020. We SOMETIMES Find
1021. On a Cool Glistening MINNESOTA gloomy, misty early MIRN
1022. MINNESOTA and ME
1023. When You see a STARTLED--DEER-- Jump--Leap--and--Through-the-AIR--G-L-I-D-E
1024. Walking through the FORREST
1025. When WE are ALL ALONE
1026. Simple and PLAIN
1027. The WINDs can Suddenly SHIFT
1029. Where- EVER-You ARE
1031. These Beautiful MINNESOTA--BUtterFLYs
1032. When YOU Put your HANDS Together--PALM to PALM--and--PRAY
1034. Where I Came from
1035. Wild MINNESOTA Raspberries
1036. It's so unbelievable to SEE
1037. A Beautiful Blue Herron fresh Water, River-BIRD
1038. MINNESOTA Daylight shining BRIGHT
1039. It's Fun and COOL, to Watch the FIRE FLIES at NIGHT
1040. The TOUGHEST People
1041. When What WE SAY
1042. We ALL Have ALOT ON our LIFE Plate
1043. My Mother she Would PRAY
1044. It's EASY to Glow and Shine
1045. GoAL by GoAL
1046. When Dealing with Any and every and all DISAPPOINTMENTS
1047. Keep your EYES on the ROAD
1048. When we SIT ALONE with our every PRAYER
1049. When I'm in the --BIG-BUSY-CITY-- withOUT NATURE
1050. SomeTIMES we just NEED to STAND STILL
1051. Life Living and LOVE--HAPPENINGS
1052. An OLD SchoolHood BEST Friend
1053. The WRITER--will--WRITE
1055. NOTHING is Ever Going to BE PeRfeCt
1056. POSITIVITY--beats and defeats any and ALL negativity,
1058. Watching my little Bella
1059. Sitting next to my GRAND-DAUGHTER
1060. AnXiously Waiting for something to be done
1061. Be. h a p p y
1062. When you have a SENSE of PRIDE
1063. Many TIMES
1064. The things we SAY--the things we DO
1065. When feeling very TENSE
1066. A Happy GO lucky Person
1068. When we are FEELING UNcomfortableNESS
1069. When you are AWAKE and the sun is --easterly--Sleeping
1070. Turn things+++POSITIVELY+++Around
1071. C-a-r-I-n-G---WAYS
1072. SunSHINE in our HEART, even on the RAINIEST DAY
1073. To be Positive Beautiful--and--STUPENDOUS
1074. Your --BLOOD======LINE
1075. When another Person, makes us feel Great and --Comfortable--WARM
1076. When a person feels MisunderSTOOD
1077. The feedBACK still is not going Through
1078. The CRICKET-CHORUS is Starting --Tonight--A--Little--EARLY
1079. Do --NOT--, stop, and Focus --ON--what's--wrong
1080. With a FOUNDATION of REST
1081. The JOYS of a SIMPLE--Living
1082. With InstaGRAM, and SnapSHOT, and InterNET, so--Worldly--POPULAR and--FaceBOOK
1083. Out HERE, in the MINNESOTA--WILD--BackWOODS-and--COUNTRY
1085. Six--BABY---Ducklings
1086. When You have a-PRO-ACTIVE--and---Very----FOCUSED-----MIndSET
1087. When another Person is with you in-PRAYER
1088. For***US***ALL***B-L-E-S-S-I-N-G-S--W-I-L-L-Abundantly--COME
1089. This ********IS********a********VERY--SERIOUS*********P-O-E-M
1090. What a WONDERFUL Thing it IS--the--BLESSED--PURE-Happiness--and--JOY--that--a--POETRY-POEM--True--FRIEND--DOES--B-R-I-N-G
1091. Some--FOLKS-- RAIN-or-SHINE
1093. In the HOT Nevada Desert here I AM
1095. Walking on a SLLIPERY-SLIMY-SLIDING---Muddy--ROAD
1096. I LOVE, how in the, FIRST-LIGHT, of a-MINNESOTA--MornING
1097. A Cute and Adorable, new BABY, FAWN
1099. An EARLY-MORNING--VIOLENT-Thunder and Lightening--STORM
1101. TWO--Young--BALD-EAGLES
1102. The MINESOTA--CORN--on the--eighth of JULY
1103. A --FRIENDLY--Golden Labrador
1104. No feedback going through and --ON---TRACK
1105. Two Monarch Butterfly's
1106. Do not try to figure everything Out all at Once
1107. SomeTIMES, it is Much Better
1108. It's the MOST Difficult thing to give up CONTROL
1109. Trying to send feedback
1110. EveryDAY, in EVERYway
1111. With Some Folks --we--FEEL--such--wonderful--OPENESS
1113. Rain or NORM, Storm or SHINE
1115. TWO--young MINNESOTA--Baby--SQUIRREL's
1116. Sometimes we are trying to Figure-everything out all at Once
1117. It is an EXHAUSTING FEAT
1118. After an Attack, stab in the Back and ARGUMENT has --OCCURED
1119. I don't like to WRITE when I don't feel RIGHT
1120. With SOME People we will--PUT--UP--with all that we CAN
1121. I'm YAWNING
1122. The GAMES that Some People PLAY
1123. A Beautuful DEER family
1124. I tried to SWAT a GIGANTIC buzzing-flying-ANNOYING--MINNESOTA--FLY
1125. I'm Watching the flying floating --HIGH--Drifting--WHITE--THISTLE
1126. The sneak attack of Stress
1127. There will Come a POINT in TIME
1130. The --WAY-- that some Folks can make you FEEL
1131. When the SURROUND--SOUND
1132. Three MINNESOTA--HAWKS--F-L-Y-I-N-G--swooping--and--G-L-I-D-I-N-G--High--above--the--Forrest--TREES
1133. On a NIGHT Walk
1134. The Beautiful RED BRESTED--Robin BIRD
1136. Stress will KEEP You from MOVEMENT
1137. When You FEEL CONFUSED
1138. Stress feels Uncomfortable
1139. We can be sitting Perfectly--COMFY-Happy--and--WARM
1140. A Yelping, and Barking, and WHINNING, Unattended--DOG
1141. I'm on the--SPIRIT-AIRlines--Flight
1142. When a SIMPLE--POEM, I can--WRITE
1143. When on an AIRPLANE--Just--Before--the--WESTERN--SUNSET
1144. I do not like WRITING, and TALKING, about-everyDAY--STRESS
1146. The MINNESOTA, country Beautiful FLOWERS, of Yellow--White--PINK---and--ORANGE--and--DEEP--PURPLE--W-I-L-D
1147. You will find your JOYFULNESS
1149. We CAN only Change or HABITS that are BAD
1150. When a GODLY--SEED, of FriendSHIP, is PLANTED
1151. The Fresh-MORNING-Day-LIGHT
1152. I PRAY
1153. I thought the Field MINNESOTA--CORN--was suppose to be-KNEE-HIGH--in--JULY
1154. DownPOURING--Spring--RAINS
1156. The Plush MINNESOTA Forrest of GREEN
1157. A YOUNG-PUNK, teenage WOOD-CHUCK
1159. Rain or SHINE--it's my BIRTHDAY-Time
1160. I do not need no--MUSIC--I do no need no--TELIVISION
1161. The MINNESOTA--Thunder and Lightening
1162. The Rains Have Finally CEASED and Moved Away
1163. We Have to PRAY
1164. Every MINNESOTA, plant bush tree and FLOWER
1165. When you Frown
1166. SomeTIMES Things Happen so Beautifully--FAST
1167. In MINNESOTA-summer-Time
1168. ALL Things will, NOT, Always go as YOU Planned
1169. Do ---NOT ---be SET Back
1170. When I'm FLYING in the AIR, I THINK--More--STRAIGHT
1171. PRAY ---ALL---of your--HURTS--A-W-A-Y
1172. Have you ever felt DOWN--and--some People push you DOWN--even--LOWER
1173. Spirit Airlines
1174. Possibilities
1175. Not too many People can you REVEAL
1176. Seek to be GRACIOUS, and KIND
1178. How we DEAL with-every HIT
1179. SomeTIMES we are Anticipating --GOOD-- NEWS
1181. It's the Same --OLD--Same--OLD--MINNESOTA--Routine
1182. Have you ever PRAYED- and Said GOD are you on my SIDE
1183. When our BACK is up against the Wall
1184. I don't Enjoy at all
1185. On my last Leg of my MINNESOTA--HOMEWARD--Bound--Flight
1186. When I'm on an Airplane
1187. Like DAY or NIGHT
1188. We all have our Tolerance level
1189. Don't count your Chickens until they Hatch and Chirp around
1190. When we play the Communication Game
1191. In Life Living and LOVE in NATURE
1192. With Every--SETBACK
1193. Our MIND, will REFLECT Back
1194. Drop OFF and Pick UP, School--ROUTINE
1195. When we PRAY
1197. It is. A BLESSING and a PLEASURE to FIND
1198. Be---P-R-A-Y-E-R-F-U-L
1199. I am Resting
1200. The MINNESOTA Forrest of Beautiful GREEN
1201. A Red Breasted Bird
1202. When I Hear Bird SONGS
1203. I am in my MINNESOTA
1204. Minnesota WILD Grow
1205. Soccer GOAL
1206. Not many and hardly any POEMS have I been POSTING
1207. A PERSONS FriendliNESS
1208. Right here in Front Of me
1209. The Minnesota all Famous COW CHOIR
1210. Walk rest and Pray
1211. A Person FEELS GREAT PeacefulNESS
1212. Butterfly's are a --TRUE--BEAUTY with --NO-DISGUISE
1213. In this whole wide wonderful WORLD
1215. A DAY of Reflecting, and REMEMBERING, Happenings and Situations and--Events with---Circumstances
1216. I saw a Young DEER Couple,
1217. You Just Never KNOW
1218. Trying to find the right words to write and say
1219. A FRIEND
1220. When in the heart of a storm
1221. Keep on a Running GODS--Life--Living--and--LOVE---RACE
1222. I Spotted an EAGLE---NEST
1223. When we are Trying our Best
1224. A BEAUTIFUL--American--Bald--EAGLE
1225. Its easy to Write when we feel alright
1226. Every PRAYER, that I PRAY
1227. The ONLY, Thing That we, have the--Will--and--Power--to--Control
1228. Before you RAISE Your Voice
1229. The MINNESOTA--White--Thistle
1230. Being out in the MINNESOTA, Wilderness---Wide-Open--WILD
1231. The MINNESOTA Maple Trees
1232. My MINNESOTA---Green--SHINE
1233. After a MINNESOTA, Down-Pouring, RAINFALL
1234. A Little, White, Yellow, and Purple, MINNESOTA, Wild-Little-Pretty--FLOWER
1235. In Las Vegas NEVADA
1236. In-------CALIFORNIA---Going--to--the--------BEACH
1237. Before MINNESOTA Was Always on my MIND
1238. Before you Give up on any Person
1239. Well, it's Already Going on Late Minnesota Morning
1240. When you are in a. BUSY, rat race CROWDED--City
1241. Here in Minnesota it could RAIN 23---Hours. A Day
1242. SomeTIMES, we can Think and Look so FAR Ahead
1243. Do NOT Try to Figure EVERYTHING, Out all at ONCE
1244. When i see, an Older Couple, Happily WALKING, Step by Step
1245. The CHOICES that WE, Make
1246. Two Different HANDS, to tightly so LOVINGLY, clinched Together
1247. Try your best to Enjoy this Moment
1248. Today Every Moment of the DAY
1249. Being Out About, and in the Outdoors, with NATURE
1250. SomeTIMES, we PRAY, for a Good Break
1251. A Black and Blue Butterfly
1252. When Walking through a Dense MINNESOTA Woodlands
1253. From every MINNESOTA Bird Song
1254. Many Thoughts, Emotions, and Feelings
1255. The Thundering and Crashing MINNESOTA, Rains
1256. When Flying in the. SKY-WAY way past MIDNIGHT
1257. OPEYEMI--a--Collage Student from NIGERIA
1259. When you Stumble and Fall
1260. When Everything Feels Rowdy
1261. We do not see IT
1262. When you see a Loving Couple together
1263. For Us, What our Future is Suppose to BE
1264. When You put your Head and Face in your HANDS
1265. In MINNESOTA I Feel, a Genuine deep feeling of CALM
1266. The Green Green Grass of my MINNESOTA, Home
1267. No Matter how Dark the Storm
1268. I KNOW that I CAN
1269. Our HEART Intentions will SHINE
1270. Every LITTLE Thing
1271. When I Close my Eyes, I can Feel, GODS, Loving--Peaceful-GLOW
1272. When I Close my Eyes, I can Feel, GODS, Loving--Peaceful-GLOW
1273. Humbleness, and Loving, Faithful, Sincerity
1274. It was Minnesota WILD Exciting
1275. To have COURAGE to FORGIVE
1276. A BABY--MINNESOTA--Squirrel
1277. Guard UP Guard Down
1278. A Pure Bright Beautiful---YELLOW---Pretty--BIRD
1279. I saw my First MINNESOTA--Blue--JAY
1281. The MINNESOTA--OutBACK--Country--WILD
1282. An OLD, OLD---Huge--Gigantic--MINNESOTA-Strong--OLD-OAK-Tree
1284. AirPLANE Mode
1285. A Fourth Grade Play Production
1286. The Land of the Ten Thousand Lakes the MINNESOTA----WILD
1287. For to have the COURAGE, to Continue to CLIMB
1288. Out about in the Country I was a WALKING
1289. I do not miss Driving, a California car
1290. When I was Walking through the Beautiful MINNESOTA--Country-Side
1291. On a Back-Roads MINNESOTA-Walk
1292. MINNESOTA, RainFALL, on a Tin Camper Roof--Top
1293. In MINNESOTA, the White Water--Flowing--Rippling--STREAMS
1294. In MINNESOTA, its Raining, or it's Snowing
1295. I saw a. beautiful, Lucky Shooting STAR
1296. A Baby MINNESOTA Squirrel
1297. A PeaceFUL Lullaby
1299. The SINGING Birds in MINNESOTA
1300. The MINNESOTA--MIDNIGHT-Frog-and-Cricket--Beautiful--CHORUS
1301. A Pretty amazing Bright RED Cardinal Minnesota Little PRETTY--Bird
1302. M-I-N-N-E-S-O-T-A--This-is-WHO-I--AM
1303. Carry up the MOST Hearts
1304. What Matters MOST
1305. I just Dislike how some people make me feel
1306. Finding Theo-Dora
1307. To be Understanding OR Demanding
1308. A SAND Storm
1309. Your Life Happiness with be Blessed
1310. Good times and happy sad and bad TIMES
1311. The Winds of Change
1312. If you are in an --Environment--of--Stress
1313. KING the German Shepard, and a Weiner looooong Doggie named Blondie
1314. Get up EARLY and listen to the Birds Getting up Singing and Chirping
1315. The Writing is on the Wall
1316. When you Begin your Day with EXERCISE
1317. The Human Element
1318. It's Early and the Second DAY of JUNE
1319. Here SHE is sitting close next to my HEART and SIDE
1320. Sometimes it's best for a writer not to WRITE
1321. A KNOCK OUT Punch
1322. When WE are FILLED with HOPE and FAITH
1323. I'm Preparing Myself for this NEW DAY
1324. Dull or GLOW
1325. A SMILE from Far Away , many a MILE
1326. I'm Watching a FLOCK, of CROWS Altogether CROWING
1327. Music I do not Really, Listen, to MUCH
1328. On our Darkest Night
1329. A Person, of GREAT, Grit, and COURAGE
1330. When we are at the END of our ROPE
1332. A Person Will Hold Back NONE
1333. Life is about the Simplest of THINGS
1334. A Bill Collector for Credit Cards
1335. The World over we are Connected to our every electronic Device
1336. What SEED we need to Plant TODAY
1337. Folks on the Golf Course Putting Around
1338. The GOODNESS, of GODS Heart
1339. When a person is very Humble nice and KIND
1340. When we give Generously
1341. When we are STEADFAST, and LOVING
1342. SOMETIMES we are hoping for a BREAK
1343. Going with the Busy City Traffic stop and GO, Stop and GO
1344. For BETTER Times we are always--WAITING
1345. We all face turmoil stress and unrest
1346. We All face great Hurt shame and Pain
1347. EnJOY the Little THINGS
1348. Our Thoughts, Feelings, Prayers and Emotions
1349. A HEART WILL Know
1350. HOPE
1351. From Dark to Light
1352. Everybody has got, Stresses
1353. In Hot Minnesota Lake Summer Water
1354. How we Run our Own Race
1355. When WE get Knocked Down
1356. We may ask Why oh WHY
1357. Trying to seek and find the POSITIVE--Light
1358. When i WRITE in the Middle of the NIGHT
1359. When Patience we can KEEP
1360. Stormy Weather is never going to STOP
1361. Good and Fine
1362. To place a Thread through the Eye of the NEEDLE
1363. Stress Clouds
1364. Trying to Get AHEAD
1366. It's JUST too Early to be Up and Awake
1367. Calm Before the STORM
1369. The Minnesota Grass Hopper
1370. I'm trying to Decide
1371. For WE CANNOT Control
1372. Pray and LET GOD Orchestrate
1373. To Some Others the TRUTH, you CANNOT--SPEAK
1374. The ACTIONS of Others
1375. If ALWAYS, we Told People just how we Felt
1376. A Person who is Sensitive and Sweet
1377. When in Ocean Waters Cold, treacherous and Deep
1378. The rough bumps dips disappointments and set backs in LIFE
1379. Your Guard will stay UP
1380. I can see no Disquise
1381. My BELLA Charm
1382. Feeding a Mallard DisneyLAND DUCK by Right HAND
1383. Heavens WORTH
1384. Have you ever seen
1385. With every, HAPPENING'S with EVERYTHING'S
1386. It is the very Littlest of Things
1388. SomeTIMES it's Hard to Smile
1389. When in a Busy Crowded City
1390. When your HEAVEN on Earth is Taken AWAY
1391. City TRAFFIC
1392. Feeling Uncomfortable
1393. When Knocked off Positive TRACK
1394. When we are Running a RACE
1395. Patience I Fight to FIND
1396. Hold onto your JOY
1398. Just RELAX
1399. When WE reach a Point of NO RETURN
1400. Let your Silence BE Heard
1401. Early. TO School is NOW Cooool
1402. Birds of Same A Feather
1403. A TOUGH slow Movin SNAIL
1404. For ALL of your WORLDLY Troubles
1405. Full Speed ahead TODAY
1406. Challenges
1407. Starting very S--L--O--W
1408. A TREE of weeping Willow
1409. The Power of a Lone Butterfly
1410. The early morning cooing softly soothing--LOVE--Dove
1411. Bring out your BEST
1412. Making SENSE, out of it ALL
1413. Put ONE foot in front of the OTHER
1414. In our Deepest most painful DESPAIR
1415. When I Heard a Bird TWEET
1416. Have you ever heard the early early Pre Dawn, sound of a MINNESOTO. loon
1417. Through even the strongest the hardest and worst and coldest of STORMS
1418. For EVEN if we were ALONE and CASTAWAY
1419. A SMILE across the MILES
1420. Winona Fishing Days
1421. When I FEEL MISUNDERstood
1422. When Bad Lemons HIT us with DOWNgrade
1423. SomeTIMES the things that people Say
1424. I can't deal,with Being Late with Rush
1425. When the Worst Case Scenario Happens
1426. Music to my HEART and EARS
1427. GRAMPS--T-A-X-I
1428. A Reflection of the Past
1429. Little Bella SMILE
1430. Fifth Grade
1431. Some Folks
1432. Life will really PUSH us to the END, of the CLIFF
1433. We can ONLY take so many Low Blows
1434. Right out of the BLUE
1435. When WE are PRAYING
1436. Before you POINT, your Finger at any Other
1437. For any Person, They can Look back on their--LIFE
1438. Simple and SWEET
1440. For Prosperity
1442. Our History is NO MYSTERY
1443. WhenEVER, I hear a Blarring Emergency Siren
1444. It is Positively OR Negatively Impacting
1445. When we Continue and keep on a keeping on a TRYING-to-be--Shining
1446. Everything in time and place
1447. Cuddly SNUGGLY Lovingly--Adorable
1448. When silently HeartFULLY with A LOVING--HEART--WE--PRAY
1449. The communications games some folks PLAY
1450. Before the early dawn
1451. Waiting on the SUN
1452. Genuine Kindness
1453. When I feel a Cold SHOULDER
1454. How the Atmosphere can change
1455. Sitting out on the PATIO
1456. Building a snail house little Bella and ME
1457. Blessings will COME
1458. When we feel down
1459. Everything in HEART and MIND
1460. Rise or fall
1461. I'm Remembering and Recalling
1462. DisappointMENT
1463. HOW could I MESS UP on the CHEER
1464. The Emotional Content
1465. Today's Challenges ups and downs smiles and frowns
1466. Right before the soon to be coming Rising SunSHINE
1467. When we are Confused
1468. People everywhere they have a CELL-PHONE
1469. Pressure Cooker
1470. Bella Park
1471. It's Human Nature to--Seek--GRATIFICATION
1472. I'm trying to find SUNSHINE
1473. I feel so SORROWFUL
1474. Some folks will SAY where was JESUS
1475. Sad NEWS
1476. UNfortunate NEWS
1477. Another High School shooting
1478. When Hope is Lost
1479. Sometimes their is no more that we can DO or SAY
1480. Open or closed
1481. Folks walking by
1482. People they will ONLY Change when THEY DECIDE
1483. For some people with Great Mansion on a Hill
1484. Right here same old same old with GOD I SIT
1485. Today be that ANGEL
1486. The SPOT LIGHT
1487. Love and Trust
1488. Never UNDER-ESTIMATE the Almighty--POWER. Of Loving PRAYER
1489. A ZIPPITY NEWday
1490. Good great and grand things for us ALL will Come
1491. With GREAT Energy
1492. I Have a NEW-DAY Resolution
1493. Progress WILL Come
1494. It is so Easy, for a Person, to Look Down on ---ANOTHER--- Person
1495. What WOULD JESUS do, if he Passed by someone in--NEED
1496. A person can SIT, and KICK-BACK, very COMFY on Couch
1497. At the BARBERSHOP
1498. We could sit ponder wonder complain about WHAT we--HAVE--NOT
1499. When your MOTIVATED your MOTIVATED
1500. In between the Lines
1501. A painter and Artist will paint a beautiful Sunrise
1502. With a simple little RHYME
1503. We ALL are runnin our own RACE
1504. A little bit of GOOD
1506. Happiness is a state of mind
1507. Look on the Bright Side
1508. Boohbah and Bella
1509. This little eight month old baby--on-the--BUS-A
1510. The--MIDNIGHT--SKY
1511. Writing DAY and NIGHT
1512. A GRAMPS Joy and Pride
1513. When things are coming Unraveled
1514. When Surrounded by CLOUDS
1515. A little Baby on the Greyhound Bus
1516. Richies an OLD--FIFTIES Dinner
1517. The DANCE Studio
1518. Trying to STAY--FOCUSED
1519. Communications
1520. Anxiety
1521. What would HE DO
1522. When your Walking
1523. The HURT of SILENCE
1524. With every HEART-BEAT our Blood will FLOW
1525. People are just WHO they Decide to BE
1526. When I DON'T write
1527. Aloud the WORDS, that we Speak
1528. The Writing is on the WALL
1529. When we feel Uneasiness with Tension
1530. Humanely only so much in front of US can we SEE
1531. Minnesota is on my HEART and MIND
1532. When Baking a Cake
1533. Between the lines of MY every Poems
1534. Negative forces bring Us down with Sad Frown
1535. Like a. BOUNCY--Ball
1536. When your GODFOUNDATION is sturdy strong FAITHFUL and BOLD
1537. When all things feel Scattered
1538. The LESSONS of LIFE
1539. The FLY-BY--Silence of a Humming-Bird
1540. BE Cautious--BE Attentive--BE Ready
1542. WhatEVER is Going to Happen is Going to HAPPEN
1543. When we SPEAK, to --Some--Others Upfront and Loud
1544. Do not try to JUSTIFY any Wrong
1545. In the GOOD Times
1547. To UNDERSTAND and Know
1548. From HEAVENS Distance
1549. To be Amazing
1550. My friend Herb Elliot
1551. Good Morning
1552. Watch people how in the Early Morning they AWAKE
1553. No matter Today what is on your WORRY Plate
1554. If our Feelings, we DO NOT Address
1555. A Hoovering Hummmming Bird
1556. When you see a DOG on a Leash,
1557. Nothing is PERFECT
1558. NinJa Turtles
1559. The Olden days Cartoons
1560. Spring Gardens
1561. When we feel Darkness
1562. When Another Person gives US Hurtfulness
1563. When you Talk to some Folks on the Phone
1564. For ONLY HE, will Know
1565. The Mystical Heavenly skies
1566. If you want to be Happy
1567. Our Future
1568. Waking up slow and easy--Or--Fast furious in a rush and Quick
1569. This Mornings starting out a little gray and Cloudy
1570. When at Cross Roads
1571. GODS Angels are Among US
1572. When you watch people how, they Walk
1573. A LION or a Lamb
1574. A little Sweet Hospitality
1575. I watch people how they WALK, TALK, and ACT
1576. Our Mind, may grow weary, and weak, and Forget
1577. Many times I Wonder
1578. Playing SUPER--MARIO
1579. There are NO Human Flaws, that Heaven hasn't already HEALED
1580. Different Levels
1581. It is a BLESSING so REAL
1582. Thank you MOM
1583. Love will Blossum Bloom Grow and Glow
1584. Everyday new Feelings of our Yesterday we are with Dealing
1585. For GOD will Test US
1586. Happiness Laughter, and JOY--we--All--SEEK
1587. A Masterpiece in PROGRESS
1588. A child's play
1590. Shifting Gears, is not always and EASY Peasy Thing
1591. Just sit still
1592. The direction that we take
1593. Let the GOOD--LORD Orchestrate
1594. ALL, of the things that DAILY we must Address
1595. The Early smart Humming bird
1596. It's Just so AMAZING
1597. Happy times good times
1598. I'm gettin MY BellaFILL
1599. A Humming Bird Feeder it's such of a Beautiful Thing
1600. With a toddler this is What is Heard
1601. Daddy BEAR
1602. CHERRISH the Joyous Moments where you ARE
1603. Simplicity
1604. The Reflection of a Smiling GLOW
1605. A little sweet shy GRIN
1606. The Great Positive--IMPACT--of--a--Sweet-CHILD'S--SMILE
1607. A Childs LOVING Innocence
1608. When I WRITE
1609. When WE have Quiet Time
1610. Zip--ZIP-Zip--L-I-N-E--Park
1611. Bella STUDY Time
1612. Oatmeal, and little--Bella
1613. She always will---SAY---Mom I'm Hungry
1614. Different Diverse Personalities
1615. A Childs Prayer
1616. A Childs Prayer
1617. Mommy daughter best friends
1618. The WAY that another Makes us FEEL
1619. Th early morning dawn song of a Long--Coooooooooing DOVE
1621. A persons Heart Intentions
1622. A persons Heart Intentions
1623. I Heard her Giggle
1624. I'm soon to BE --62--and she is soooon to be--GREAT--TEN
1625. In the great state of OHIO
1626. Ear to EAR and HEART to Heart
1627. Soccer with my GRAMPS
1628. A DESERT Flower
1629. You DON'T and you WON'T tell a Person WHAT you FEEL
1630. It's an Exhausting Feeling
1631. Fighting any and EVERY Addiction
1632. The happiness and ZING that a true friend will bring
1633. MAY DAY--Spring---RENEWAL
1634. For EVERY Door that slams SHUT
1635. Trying and dealing
1636. Instead of more and more-S-T-R-E-S-S-I-N-G
1637. It's kinda magic and cooool
1638. A person of GOOD Success
1639. A Pigeon nest
1640. For the Prayers from Some
1641. Just open your EYES and Realize
1642. ENDURING, every challenge, Storm, and Tribulation
1643. No matter what with HOPE Believe
1644. Surrender
1645. Keeping Score
1646. We will never Forget every Road Traveled
1648. When a Person says--MY PRAYERS- are WITH you TOO
1649. When people FIGHT, their every######## Addictions
1650. How are you feeling from--A--to---Z
1652. I Said HELLO to my Little Hummmmmming Bird Friend.
1653. I Hope you are well
1654. A NEW Day a NEW Song
1655. The Rock that we Stand On Strong
1656. After a FLASH FLOOD Rise
1657. The -Outdoor--Adventures--and--JOYS of BOYS
1658. The -Outdoor--Adventures--and--JOYS of BOYS
1659. Rough Seas
1660. pressure########
1661. KEEP-HOPE-Afloat
1662. PRAY-MORE-stress less
1663. Many things are Reflected
1664. Another Sleepless Night, But that's Alright
1665. Don't WORY Don't STRESS
1666. When your HEART, is with GOD , Complete and ELITE
1667. To LIVE-- A--FULL LIFE
1668. For IN ALL, of our TROUBLES
1669. For HE Suffered, Died, and Sacrificed for US
1670. LOVE, gets to have the LAST, Final SAY, of Our LIFE
1671. Where ever that I GO, I FEEL, Others Needs
1672. Love is as BRIGHT as DIAMONDS Light
1673. Lift you EYES and HEART, and give PRAISE to the HOLY ONE
1674. Turn your HEART to the LORD to HEAL
1675. Without---F-A-I-T-H
1676. With--FAITH--Everything, turns up--Roses--and--BRIGHT
1678. What one Person calls Nonsense
1679. The test of time patience prayer hope and Surrendering trusting FAITH
1680. It's a Congested gut Sickness with Colds FEELING
1681. As a Parent you Get a GUT Feeling
1684. Things that KEEP me Awake
1685. The Waves of our Emotions
1686. When a True Genuine Friendship is Made
1687. When Change takes Place
1688. Minnesota SPRING
1689. My Grand Ma, she Never never Never Sighed
1690. To Prove a Point with GOD and Man
1691. Relationships with GOD and MAN
1692. A Picture is worth a THOUSAND Words
1693. Rockin sockin Rollin rough Waves
1694. Walkin on a TIGHT ROPE
1695. Our every THOUGHT WORD and PRAYER
1696. When I write I feel ELITE
1697. A Blooming--Beautiful-Beautiful-Beautiful-- Purple FLOWER
1698. A Simple little KINDNESS
1699. HOPE can be as a Flickering Candle LIGHT
1700. EveryDAY PRESSures and STRESSes HaPPen and OccuR
1701. GOD knows what our HEART and MIND Feels
1702. With every Failure--ENSURE-- that --HOPE --Endures
1703. Praying Resting and Reflecting BETWEEN GOD and ME
1704. Mentally--Spiritually--Physically
1705. In Memory of Former FIRST Lady Barbara-BUSH
1706. iN Memory of my Dearest MOTHER-IN-LAW
1707. No matter what Worries will Always stay on your Mind
1708. When sitting Still
1709. When I'm Walking
1710. Simple Conversation
1711. I Have Been Writin POEMS, for more than a Year or Two
1712. My Uncle Eddie the Wisconsin Mailman
1713. My GRAND-MA
1714. A GLIMMER of Positive SHINE
1715. On our HARDEST DAY
1716. When your on a GOAL
1717. The Greatest Measure of SUCCESS
1718. Everything will be FINE
1719. Slow your Roll
1720. Rain or shine
1721. Why would a Person Choose
1722. A SMILE or a frown
1723. Progress that is so FAST does not always LAST
1724. When one GOAL is Achieved
1725. Which road do we take
1726. For all of the THINGS that you CANNOT Control
1727. Writing to me is Exciting
1728. If I was Blunt straight forward and upfront
1729. I'm very SENSITIVE
1730. For me it's hard to be Quiet and SHY
1731. Every Place you Go
1732. Put your LEFT, foot FORWARD
1733. A Champion they have no time to Complain
1734. Silently Progress
1735. Rather walking a Mile or hundred and One
1736. Let thy Path bring LIGHT
1737. When I WRITE
1738. Things Remembered
1739. When POSITIVE People you are Around
1740. Our Feelings
1741. One Lone--SPRINGINGLY--HAPPILY--Chirpin-Flirting-Singin--BIRD
1742. Get UP and GO
1743. Thy WILL not mine be DONE
1744. Only to God can I speak what deeply I Feel
1745. I feel my MOMENTUM Steady
1746. We look for ANSWERS, in every Direction
1747. When some folks put on a Mask
1748. When DEALING with Others
1749. The Freight Trains going through the Desert lands
1750. If I were an Artist and Painter
1751. Being NEAT, SQUARED AWAY, and Orderly
1752. When I come to the Desert OPENESS
1753. Do not Waste too much time, thinking about YESTERDAY
1754. Do not Waste too much time, thinking about YESTERDAY
1755. The Desert Joshua Tree
1756. The LION, will always Remember the Mouse
1757. For a Person WHO DOES REALLY DEEPY Care
1758. When you see a person standing Strong
1759. What WE can CONTROL
1760. When looking down the long and winding Road
1761. How we Deal
1762. Many things are Easier Said than Done
1763. On FREE Way
1764. I'm here on another Bus ride
1765. People are Different
1766. In the Desert
1767. Some have to carry so much deep hurtful PAIN
1768. From the Ocean Shores to the Desert SANDS
1769. People they Easily Forget
1770. Some People In the Public Eye
1771. When Disappointment comes
1772. To Wait
1773. Check your HEART
1774. In my MIND
1775. Remembering
1776. People that WORRY
1777. Minnesota Winter prolonging Blues
1778. Dont Worry too much BUT Pray MORE
1779. Done Worry too much BUT Pray MORE
1780. If I try to Explain myself to others
1781. For those who put themselves on a. PEDASTAL High
1782. Reflecting
1783. Sometimes the BOTTOM falls out
1784. Just Be Still when you feel Distressed
1785. Plan A--Plan B, and Plan C
1786. Challenges
1787. Stress
1788. When we set a GOAL
1789. When I was Walking
1790. Sometimes our Progress
1791. For a HEART will Keep Score
1792. Being Open Talkative and Friendly
1793. When WE give so Freely
1794. Our every THOUGHT
1795. GOD HEARS, your every PRAYER
1796. For only he the Almighty HE KNOWS
1797. You wont Believe IT not until you recieve IT
1798. I Lye awake
1799. When a person is Praying very DEEP
1800. Walking and PRAYING
1801. Something is gonna Happen
1802. I know that you are with Me
1803. No one can really know
1804. Things will Turn out, and Work out for the BEST
1805. LORD--JESUS--Help, Me to Be---STRONG
1806. LEADERS, will Focus on Finding SOLUTIONS
1807. People that we MEET
1809. Where ever you are
1810. When in GOD we TRUST
1811. When you Observe a child's silly Behavior
1812. Sometimes we slip we glide
1813. I LOVE Trees
1814. Sometimes in an INSTANT
1815. Resting PRAYING, and writing
1816. Go with GODFLOW
1817. Right now, not a sound is Heard
1818. When We try our Best
1819. Always KEEP, your WORD
1820. Before our Success can Soar
1821. When all is smooth and Blue clear Sailing
1822. Rest and Pray
1823. When you feel yourself , becoming Stressed and Unwound
1824. Instead of always Stressing
1825. Emotional Content
1826. When things Happen, let GOD take the Lead
1827. Find the SHINE, in every Cloud
1828. Seize your Day, and take the time to PRAY
1829. When it's Cloudy, and Hard to Smile
1830. Prayer with HOPE will Generate
1831. ANYONE, can GIVE, up on a Person
1832. It is HARD and DIFFICULT, to Wait
1833. The Dynamics of EVERY Family
1834. Bird SONG
1835. Learn to Relax
1836. Some FOLKS
1837. When set backs OCCUR
1838. With a GODGRIP
1839. I Don't Know, What to Do, What to say, or Where to GO
1840. Talk to the LORD for HE, Shall be with THEE
1841. For GOD works for ALL GOOD
1842. The Almighty Power of PRAYER
1843. A GO getter
1844. Trying to be well
1845. I am very in tune and Sensitive
1846. Be Creative how you Live
1847. People they, do not, Realize
1848. When you Develop a HABIT, of Organization
1849. The Human Factor
1850. No matter how DARK Outside
1851. I would rather WRITE, than SPEAK
1852. When Your Walking
1853. In every Drop and Wave of PRAYER
1854. HEALINGLY revealingly the PRAYERS from another can be FELT
1855. Keep BREATHING
1856. Sleeplessness
1857. Everywhere THAT you GO
1858. Have YOU, ever HAD a Vision in a DREAM
1860. When you see someone Walking
1861. A Beacon of HOPE
1862. In our Darkest Hour we will HAVE-GODPOWER
1863. Triumph and Success, or Failure and Defeat
1864. Angels Among Us
1865. I want to seek to talk less and PRAY More
1866. Sometimes SO, much is on OUR Mind
1867. OnLY God KNOWS
1868. OnLY God KNOWS
1869. Motherly LOVE
1870. It's not what you Get, it's what you GIVE
1871. Sometimes
1872. The DEPTH of a TRUE Friend
1873. It's Hard to Explain
1874. I sense, and I Feel
1875. It is so Impressive
1876. We may THINK--SAY--and--PRAY
1877. When others HAVE, so much LESS
1878. TRUST not in Man
1879. Splendorous BEAUTY
1880. If YOU, can Keep on LOVING
1882. For GOD, is a Best Friend
1883. The Value of a Friend
1884. When we are Praying
1885. Hope--L--I--v--e--s
1886. When in the Dark
1887. When in rough Waters, with TURBULANCE
1888. The Happily Happily Hoppity, Hoppity, Easter Bunny
1891. The HUMAN Element
1892. My EASTER Wish
1893. Trying to do Everything for Everybody
1894. Look,Listen and Hear--VERY-very-VERY-- Carefully
1895. Maximize your Happiness
1896. The BEST, seek to Find
1897. When things seem so UNFAIR
1898. No NEED to bring up any negative at all
1899. Ground ZERO
1900. Today SHINE
1901. With No Surprise
1902. When we can Surrender
1903. I Spent the N-i-g-h-t, with my SON, on the Street
1904. A person wants to fight back
1905. A POET Friend
1906. Our own Happiness sometimes we have to Make
1907. I'm Looking outside, at the Cloudiness
1908. A JOYFUL, HEART, wants to SING
1909. Grin and Bare IT
1910. No one wants Pain
1911. Troubles
1912. Emptiness
1913. HOPE will FLOAT
1914. A Love DOVEs Coooing
1915. The ENCOURAGEMENT from Others
1916. Reading my feedBACK
1917. A HEART that is Warm
1918. The --IMMEASURABLE---Value --of --a--True Friend
1919. A Soft Heart
1921. In LA
1922. It's Chillies on the Bus
1923. It's a Long Down hill BUS. ride
1924. Midnight Bus Ride
1925. The biggest JOY, of a BUS ride
1926. Still, Waiting HERE,at the BUS Station
1927. Tommorrow
1928. The Greyhound Bus station Janitor
1929. Here At the BUS Station
1930. A Three Year old Grand Daughter
1931. Three POINT six
1932. We stand Humbly, before GOD
1933. For those who can see your HEART
1934. NATURE--Ten
1935. The different Personalities
1936. The 10%---GOD--RULE
1937. Sometimes it's better to be--Reserved
1938. Our COURAGE, will be Defined
1939. NATURE--Elevens
1940. Anticipated Grand-Kids--Healings
1941. Fourth Grade MATH Homework Now
1942. There is a Place there is a Time
1943. When a Person, FEELS, LOVED, with GLOW
1945. To feel, DEEPLY, the Warmth of a SMILE
1946. My First Hugs, Happened Already
1947. Awake Again, WAY, Before the SUN
1948. Awake Again, WAY, Before the SUN
1949. I'm TIERD
1950. A Fourteen, Year, Old Grand Daughter
1951. NATURE--Nine
1952. Being Grateful, and Thankful
1953. A DROP of HOPE
1954. When Gears are Shifting
1955. When a Challenge has been Met
1956. Old DAY done ----and New DAY begun
1957. Soon in minutes of now. Six
1958. A Persons Metal
1959. Your Life, will be Happiest
1960. Before any Success
1961. Thrive and Strive
1962. PositiveThinking
1963. To TRIUMPH
1964. Success will Happen
1965. The Advice of Others
1966. When in the Cold
1967. NATURE--Sevens
1968. Know where you have been
1969. Everything will always Work out for the Best
1970. When all Looks so dark with Doom
1971. In Severe CHAOS
1972. What Ever Energies in the Universe we Traverse
1973. NATURE--Eight
1974. The Greatest LOVE, of All
1975. For Every Place,of Dark, where you have Been
1976. To LOVE or hate
1977. If you, May, slip, fall, and Stubble
1978. What ever Bad and Sad, that may have Happened to You
1979. The Power of a POEM, in Rhyme
1982. On this World POETRY, Tribute and DAY
1983. A Poem
1984. It's--World-POETRY--D-A-Y--and--It's 0346
1985. So I see it's World POETRY Day
1986. With Patience, Loving, care, Support, and Empathy
1987. Don't get, Bitter, and Hurter Worse
1988. Make your HAPPINESS your Top Priority
1989. For Your every Struggle
1990. NATURE--S--I--X
1991. Every BREATH, that you BREATHE
1992. It is SO, Easy for Some
1993. When Something seems too Good to be True
1995. NATURE--Five
1996. When we Feel in a Slumber Low
1997. No one can comprehend or Understand
1998. The CHOICES that we MAKE
1999. Sweetness
2000. When -Relentless- STORMS- come-POURING- Down
2001. Do --NOT --Wait--for --a--MIRACLE--BE--ONE
2002. Courage
2003. When our Weaknesses, we Meet
2004. When our Lowest FLAWS, we can come to Appreciate
2005. Our Mistakes,will, Make us or Break us
2006. Always PRAY, on your Brightest and Darkest Days
2007. Go with your--GUT--Instincts
2008. Sometimes the Loving GLOW, of Another
2009. The Sweet Little Twinkle in a Childs Eyes
2010. Tri-Cycle Minnesota Bike--Ridin
2011. When YOU can SING
2012. A Brilliant Resilient, FLOWER
2013. Be good -and--GREAT-- with a Word of GOLD
2014. The COMMON--Courtesies
2015. We seek, --Instant--Validation, of gratification
2016. For it is HUMAN NATURE
2017. Every Little, little Little Thing
2018. What WILL, be your Fame
2019. Sometimes we are Surviving
2020. Some Folks at first how they may Appear
2021. New Hope
2022. New Hope
2023. Live Victoriously
2024. Some Folks
2025. I SEEK, to be UNIQUE
2026. Nature--Four
2027. HOW we FEEL
2028. Commitment
2029. The Decisions that we Make
2030. In Every Circumstance
2031. Sometimes we are UP
2032. Sing in the Rain
2033. Nature-Three
2034. The Imperfectness
2035. When WE LOVE
2036. To Reach a Mountain Top, of Great
2037. Trust GODs Grace
2038. LOVE Stays
2039. The LOVE, and Wealth of GOD has --NO--COMPARE
2040. Preservers
2041. When OBSTACLES Occur
2042. We are INCOMPLETE, all Alone
2043. Co-Exist
2044. NATURE--two
2045. Cloudiness and Coldness
2046. Your Bad VICES
2047. absorb the POSITIVES
2048. When UP, OUT, and ABOUT, and Early-EARLY-Early--to--RISE
2049. On Morning NEW
2050. In the Eastern Sky
2051. M.C.R.D
2052. Nature
2053. Things HAPPEN for a Reason
2054. Very Deeply I Think
2055. Positivity starts
2056. The quiet Hope and Anticipation of NEW DAY
2057. The Whistling of the blowing winds
2058. Tryin to figure out
2059. A Time for Everything
2060. Painting a Picture
2061. Chocolate Desire
2062. Summer time
2063. Spring BREAK
2064. Flower Power
2065. When your WORKING DAY and NIGHT
2066. With your Kids it's sometimes HARD to BE HARD
2067. Treat PEOPLE RIGHT
2068. Don't Predict
2069. A Brand New Pair of Shoes
2070. I'm WRITIN my life, Living,and Love, Away
2071. Mango Fruit
2072. It's an Enjoyment
2073. When a Child Becomes I'LL
2074. Take TIME to BREATHE
2075. The Power of PRAYER
2076. When a Rainy Dreary Storm Finally Has Come to Pass
2077. When in MID Storm
2078. At Grand MAs, Supper Table
2079. Burning Trash
2080. Uplifting
2081. Treasures
2082. A GRAMPS away from his Grand-Children
2083. In School
2084. Every NEW Day
2085. The ROAD Traveled
2086. WRITIN readin and Arithmetic
2087. Just WHAT if
2088. CHEEK---to---CHEEK
2089. Happy Day
2090. When the dreary gloomy clouds part
2091. Nothing can Stop a LOVING, Heart from Beating
2092. In Poem and Song
2093. Deep Thoughts
2094. For ALL of US
2095. When I was a Young MARINE
2096. Minnesota -Magic-Corn
2097. When everything is so easy Peasy
2098. Different Walks
2099. Sit and Ponder
2100. Holding the LINE, SECURE
2101. Appreciating Nature
2102. Eager
2103. Hopeful--Hope--Hopefulness
2104. Confidence
2105. When we feel Lower than Low
2106. A GOOD HEART, will always Know
2107. When a Newborn, Baby Child CRIES
2108. Your FUTURE will Glow BRIGHT
2109. The Way, the Wind Blows
2110. The EYES will KNOW
2111. A day anew
2112. Fishin Contest
2113. To be Understood
2114. To have Determination
2115. Very Often I Feel
2116. Do NOT let any other Steal your Peace
2117. Sometimes all of the things that you Feel
2118. Feeling Tension
2119. Collage Championship Basketball
2120. Rail Road Tracks
2121. Sometimes, it's JUST, the Littlest of THINGS
2122. Memories from a hurtful childhood --FOR a-Friend
2123. Awake from a Beautuful DREAM
2124. Waste not Want not
2125. When a little Infant Baby is Finally Fast Asleep
2126. True Friendship
2127. Serenity
2128. Motivation
2129. Hopefulness
2130. Inspiration
2131. Peacefulness
2132. Faithfulness
2133. Prayerfulness
2134. Encouragement
2135. Compassion
2136. Lovingness
2137. Thoughtfulness
2138. I was just talking out Loud
2139. Comforth
2140. The Worst Feeling
2141. True LOVE is as an OCEAN wide
2142. To be SOMETHING, very Special, to SOMEONE
2143. Simple NEEDS
2144. A Great THINKER
2145. A Wonderful Feeling
2146. A GRIN
2147. Standing by to stand by
2148. Just thinking
2149. A Fathers Prayer
2150. All that you can, see and touch
2151. When we are Lookin for Nothin in Return
2152. LOVE, as if it is FOREVER
2153. Let your HEART Sing
2154. On both sides feel the Sun
2155. LOVE Instills Greatness
2156. What is done in LOVE
2157. Human Existence
2158. No one can Really, ever Know
2159. The Fast Moving World Around US
2160. Seek to Find, GODS, Favor Everyday
2161. Finding our PATH
2162. Our WAYS
2163. When a negative Rhyme is written
2164. Life and living
2165. The coldness we feel
2166. LOVE, is Endless
2167. LOVE, is! lasting and Enduring
2168. I'm FEELIN Fire Flys Guilty
2169. Two LOVERS, Connected--FOREVER--Together
2170. A Glimpse of HEAVEN
2171. Take the TIME
2172. I am THINKIN as I'm a WRITIN,and INKIN
2173. The EASTER Bunnies COMIN
2174. Write and Pray Pray and write
2175. TODAY
2176. All that we have is Today
2178. Having Butterflies when you fall in Love
2179. LOVE is an Adventure, that for--a--LIFE-TIME-will-ENDURE
2180. The Breath of LIFE, is LOVE, Pure and Sweet
2181. A Beautiful Dream
2182. Loving Caress
2183. Seize the Moments of HAPPINESS
2184. The Greatest CHARM of all
2185. The FEELING, of being RESPECTED
2186. From Enemy to Friend
2187. When LOVE, touches a HEART, and SOUL
2188. LOVE, will CONQUER ALL
2189. Romance
2190. Without Problems or Pride
2191. The LAW of living Love and LIFE
2192. The everlasting, Brilliant, Light of the SUN-MOON--and--STARS
2193. The TENDERNESS of A Good HEART
2194. When you have a HEART, that is LOVING, and OPEN
2195. Silence is Golden
2196. Gracious and Kind
2197. Angels Among us
2198. There will be TIMES
2199. Rest and PRAY
2200. For HIS LOVE for US Shines
2201. The DIFFERENT, Degrees
2202. SomeTIMES
2203. Worry-ness. .
2204. Hope is in the Air
2205. When you have a SMILE, on your Face
2206. A GOOD soul
2207. A--GRAMPS--HUG
2208. Memories
2209. My -Gramps -and -his --TEN -Foot -Long --Fishin---Cane-Pole
2210. When all is at PEACE, and REST, with PERFECT NORM
2211. Artificial Inteligence--LEXUS
2212. Some HOW, some WAY
2213. When FEELIN Down, Weary, Tierd, and Worn
2214. It's Nice
2215. Keep HOPE in Mind Heart and Sight
2216. The Positive Promise of a New Day
2217. UPS and downs SMILES and frowns
2218. Right before Midnight
2219. Deeply Thinking as I'm writing and inking
2220. I'm just here a THINKIN
2221. I'm kinda at point of Exhaustion
2222. Little jabs
2223. Like Gravity
2224. Peace, and Wellness
2225. A Construction Site
2226. LOVING
2227. L---I---V---I---N---G
2228. L--I--F--E
2229. With a JOYFUL Heart
2230. Keep Everything in Order
2231. In the World when all the Troubles you hear of
2232. Staying HOPEFUL
2233. Relationships
2234. In EVERY Little Thing
2235. Sunlight Brightens a Heart
2236. Slowly the sun rises in the East
2237. Looking on the Bright Side
2239. The Sweet--KISS-- of the Red Cardinal, Bird --in--SPRING-TIME
2240. Birds of a--FOREVER--enduring--LOVING--Feather
2241. In SPRING
2242. The Comfort of a little Pet
2243. Our FATHER
2244. Take the HIGHER Road
2245. The Greatest Compliment
2246. With Confidence
2247. The Traffic, at end of Work--Day
2248. To BE Forgiving
2249. My Mothers Patience is always What I SEEK
2250. In Heart and Mind
2251. A --VERY --Good-- PoetryPoem --FRIEND,
2252. When inside Something just is not right
2253. When inside the Noise is BLARING Loud
2254. Waters Deep
2255. Our pain
2256. In Midst of storm
2257. Empty
2258. When the LORD you Fear
2259. The daylight MOON
2260. Talkin and Relatin
2261. Sometimes things SET us A BACK
2262. We cannot CONTROL
2263. Past STRESS
2264. GOD Knows your every FEAR
2265. GOD is with US
2266. To GOD I PRAY
2267. The Blesing of a little Nap
2268. For GOD knows every STORY
2270. The KIND and Thoughtfulness of Another
2271. GODS LIGHT in Another
2272. Like a Roller Coaster Ride
2273. INWARDLY--when,--I--PRAY
2274. When I PRAY and Close my EYES
2275. Let--GO
2276. Any--DAY--that I'm Not Stressing--I'm--Progressing
2277. Little. DUBBIIE Dog
2278. Nice--AND--Slow
2279. Every BREATH and Chance
2280. SHINE--your--LOVING--Light
2281. Many times we do NOT-UNDERSTAND--GODS--Mission-Goal--Quest--and--Plan
2282. Each and EVERY, POSITIVE Action
2283. When you are Climbing your MOUNTAIN
2284. I am Always trying to Explain
2285. Don't Waste TIME with Worry
2286. In HIS Timing
2287. Writing and PRAYING
2288. Hope will Survive
2289. A Homeless MAN
2290. I WANT to Make a DIFFERENCE
2291. Let your HEART-BEAT--with--TRUTH--and--SHINE
2292. Slowly SPEAK
2293. Every BREATH, and STEP, Forward that you TAKE
2294. Very very--Silent--PRAYERFUL--and----s---l--o--w
2295. Twenty FOUR seven
2296. The SUN, is--Always--GOING--to--WIN--and--RETURN--to--SHINE
2297. When the DEPTHS, of LOW, you, KNOW, and--UNDERSTAND
2298. Seek to be AMAZING
2299. At Cross Roads Intersection
2300. We cant--EXPECT--any other PERSON
2301. PRAY
2302. PRAY
2304. LOVE--or--Hate
2305. When MY Creativity, with--RHYME--is--on--a--ROLL
2306. A--SONG--BIRD--will--STOP--SINGING
2308. When you--CLOSE YOUR--EYES
2309. Many times the WORDS that WE SPEAK
2310. Words we SPEAK, WRITE, and SAY
2311. We are Much--BETTER-- OFF, than Worse
2312. Our TRUE Feelings
2313. Inspiration
2314. When your Taking Water ON in Your Boat
2315. To be more RESERVED
2316. What is the TRUE, MEASURE of SUCCESS
2317. Writing
2318. Writing
2319. It's too LATE to DEBATE
2321. In GODS Timing
2322. Slow and steady
2323. Being Creative
2324. Write and seek
2325. Keeping the Music Going
2326. Rain and Shine
2327. A singer has got to SING
2328. In Every, Rhyme, Reason, and Season
2329. Sometimes we sit ,with slouch and low
2330. Many poetry Lately is Posted
2331. When we sit somber quiet--TIERD--and--VERY--still
2332. We never really Know
2333. This Mornin
2334. I KNOW where I AM
2335. Reflecting
2336. Past memories
2337. I think in INK, about, every ROAD, that I have--TRAVELED
2339. Little-- DUBBIE--DOG--in--the--Kennel--with--STRIKE----3
2340. Little --Tough--DUBBIE--DOG
2341. A MAN to DOG -TALK
2342. The SOUNDS, of little--DUBBIE
2343. You are BETTER, SERVED
2344. Sometimes--we--may--GET--KNOCKED--Down
2345. Sometimes--we--may--GET--KNOCKED--Down
2346. When WE WRITE,---and---REFLECT--in--INK
2347. We ALL, have Something--DEEP--inside
2348. NOTHING---can---STOP--US
2349. Others THEY may think
2350. No one can RIGHTLY Judge YOU
2351. When WE feel, sad with DESPAIR
2352. No need to Worry
2353. We have to SING our SONG
2354. My POEMS, of my, life-LOVING-and living
2355. If to GOD I did not PRAY
2356. A Journey that is LONG
2357. Going the Distance
2358. In minutes of SIX
2359. When the Going gets--Tough
2360. A person with a WEIGHT-PROBLEM--ME
2361. It's Kinda Crazy
2362. Instead of Stressing
2363. Second Guessing
2364. Don't WAIT, don't DEBATE
2365. Dancing in the Rain
2366. Simple and Sweet
2367. The OCEAN Waves
2368. Nature is the REFLECTION of LOVE
2369. The SEASONS of LIFE
2370. The SEASONS of LIFE
2372. Energy and Zest
2373. Yesterday's--Stresses
2374. The song our--HEART--HUMS--and--SINGS
2375. When WRITING with INK and PEN
2376. Motivated
2377. Don't be SAD but be HAPPY
2378. A little simple INSPIRATION
2379. When we can smile, and START our DAY
2380. In ten more minutes
2381. For ME it's Better to WRITE
2382. Dad, what are YOU Doing TODAY
2383. I JUST Want to SIT Still
2384. STAND--your--GROUND
2385. We all HAVE our GOOD Points
2386. GOD HE Knows our every--HEART INTENTIONS
2387. My--POEMS
2389. Heart Warming--and--SWEET
2390. Sometimes things are better off not Said
2391. To those who WE LOVE and TRUST
2392. Some Folks
2393. When all is Calm
2394. In our Heart
2395. The pure Joy of knowing a TRUE-HEART
2396. Early Morning INSPIRATION
2397. Fresh TULIP, Flowers of Red and Yellow
2398. My KIDS
2399. I can't EXPLAIN to Nobody
2400. In our Timing, things won't always fall in place and come
2401. In Communicating
2402. Some Folks they have no remorse or Filters
2403. Wants and Desires,--- Hopes and Dreams
2404. Through the WIND, and The RAIN
2407. I've been PRAYING A-L-O-T
2408. SEEK to FIND
2409. GOD will JUDGE
2411. It is OUR JOB to LOVE
2412. Keeping the lines, OF Family--COMMUNICATIONS--Open
2413. What ever things, may come Your Way
2414. Thoughts, and feelings,
2415. What ever we do, it Won't BE Wrong
2416. Prayer is the happiness--KEY
2417. What in a Minute we feel, may be a Curse
2418. Desert Sunshine
2419. When BREATHING
2420. It's hard to be Debating
2421. A -Flash- Flood, in.-- A --- FLASH, ---OF--Danger can Occur
2422. Know your Audience well
2423. When, Gossipness, Is, in the AIR
2424. It's--so--hard--to--Watch-and--LISTEN
2425. Dubbies SNACK Attack
2426. It's the littlest of Things
2427. When the sun shines
2428. White-water-a-MINNESOTA-stream
2430. In an OCEAN, Deep
2431. In a Broken hurting HEART
2433. Life's Simplest Pleasures
2434. With Winters dark,and Dreary, cold--Wintery--ice-and-Snowy--below-Zero--Freezingly-Breezingly--Wintery--Storms
2435. My MINNESOTA--upbringing--comes--to--my--HEART--and--MIND
2436. Minnesota Spring
2437. What can become of things
2438. The MIGHTY great Northern, Minnesota--MOSQUITO
2439. Hanging in there
2440. No matter how dark the night may seem
2441. When their is dark
2442. The Great Power of a Train, Steam Engine
2443. Be Brave, Courageous and Strong
2444. It never ceases to--AMAZE. Me
2445. In the DARKNESS of the NIGHT
2446. Some folks your Peace they are So Selfishly Stealing
2447. Like Cement
2448. In an OCEAN, of Storms
2449. Humbleness
2450. The TERRIBLE-- TERROR--and --FREIGHT-- from--gun--FIGH!t
2451. The PROMISE, of a NEW DAY
2452. A little louder Compliment
2453. PRAY a little LONGER
2454. Like a Spring Board
2455. Being in the Desert, I feel, the SUN, calmness HEAT, Peace, and QUIET
2456. Our Common sense
2457. Strong, Brave, and Courageous
2458. A state of Calm, with, PEACE, love and Serenity
2459. The Gentler and Easier times
2460. A new day is Beginning
2461. The-- JOYS,--of Growning up for a --Minnesota --BOY
2462. Sometimes, it's, just Better to --BE--Quiet--Private----and--Reserved
2463. When we are an OPEN BOOK, and too Trusting
2464. Talking-Discussing-Relating--and--Debating,
2465. Migraines
2466. Simple words of rhythme reason and Rhyme
2467. The Greatest Pleasure on Earth
2468. I AM a Survivor
2469. The LORD is WITH ME
2470. Expect the BEST
2471. Finding the GOOD, in every Bad
2472. Sunshine and rain
2473. Receiving a bad card
2474. Laughter
2475. Time Passes
2476. When a person feels so lost and alone
2477. Be--GREAT
2478. When in Minnesota it was snowing and snowing and snowing
2479. Little acts of Random Kindness
2480. When I hear about sad and bad Tragic news
2481. When it starts Raining STRESS
2483. My Best Little Friend
2484. It's the Hardest thing to hold the LINE
2485. We all reach a Point, Where we cannot-Budge
2486. Puppy LOVE--pure--and--SWEET
2487. My LOVING, Grand-MAs--ear-to-ear-Chin to chin--Loving--Grin
2488. A kind hearted and Bright kind and thoughtful, word to another that we simply send
2489. A simple look, smile and twinkle of an eye and Glance
2490. A Valentines Day--LOVE--Poem
2491. Two LOVE birds
2492. People are different
2493. Holding the Line
2494. Well--2018--Valentines--day--is--on, its--LOVING--WAY
2495. Learn to appreciate just WHERE you Are
2496. Growing up in small town America, in a-Minnesot-a
2497. Old Memories of my MARINES
2498. The FACT of the MATTER
2499. It's Enjoyable
2500. Recouping and recovering from a Storm
2501. It is the simplest and the littlest, of things
2502. It's Difficult to be Revealing
2503. Why do the great Albatross sea birds fly up so High
2504. Weather with Heart Report
2505. It's an early early cold and chilly mornin
2506. It's Better for me, to Write
2507. You Won't tell a Person, exactly how you, Really Feel
2508. Luck, and Opportunity
2509. To be shaken, leads us to become awoken
2511. In the Midst, and Middle, and Direct, center. Of. of a Raging--Storm--
2512. I'm Redefining
2513. Having Clarity
2514. Standing your GROUND Secure
2515. Sometimes THINGS, have to be SAID
2516. When with another you can reveal what you are FEELING
2517. Wishing
2518. If I WRITE
2519. In a persons eyes
2520. When a WRITER, thinks in INK, so DEEP
2521. In POEM
2522. Around OTHER People I want to smile bright with joy and shine
2523. Trying, trying, trying to find the Sunshine
2524. Challenges
2525. Some folks they try try and try to JUSTIFY, their --Wrongness
2526. When we think of things so deep
2527. Their is a HIGHER Power
2528. We don't even, have to speak, or say one single word
2529. Sometimes you have to Be Brave
2530. Patiently, SIT
2531. The Wonderful, Pure--JOY--of, having a PET
2532. The Different extremes and Levels of a Dream
2533. If a Persons HEART, Intentions, Are Intentionally--SELFISH
2534. Every day, new Problems are Always going to happen and Arise
2535. No other Person, or Human, can ever really Know
2536. I many times, Ponder Think, and Wonder
2537. I'm ALONE GOD
2538. What WE, WISH, for, WANT, and--PRAY--FOR
2539. When, on Earth, a person, Lost their Every Blessing and Heavens Worth
2540. Never SELL, Yourself SHORT
2541. It takes steadfast commitment and Sacrifice
2542. Trying to Communicate and Negotiate
2543. A PERSON, is Going to LEARN
2544. Many times things that happen and occur to us, is just not Fair
2545. The TRICKLE, down effect
2547. From 1974--to--2014--forty--years--of--Work--I--have--endured--and--SEEN
2548. I started Working in the Summer at Central Emementary Sshool, in the Summer of--1974
2549. Happy happy Birthday to the Most Beautiful GIRL
2550. We will REAP, what we PLANT, and SeW
2551. When a Foundation of Faith is Laid
2552. New Construction
2553. In the chilly Early, early Morning Dusk
2554. When I watch an old Movie
2555. When you set a Goal
2556. The only, good thing, about, when, some others hurt you the Most
2557. A Mischievous Sea gull
2558. For us all, things are gonna Happen
2559. Sometimes when a Person, has a True, Loving, and Kind--Heart
2560. The SUN, has to come UP, the SUN, has to GO, Down
2561. When We are Ready
2562. My BEST Friend
2563. Tear Drops of Rain
2564. Winter Woes
2565. Have you ever had to thread the Needle with your Finances so very carefully SO
2566. For What Good is it
2567. A DEEP Thinker
2568. The Harsh, and Mean, acts of another
2569. Every tick tock tick tock of and seconds of every minute in time
2570. A BREATH of FRESH air
2571. A FATHERS Influence
2573. We all, have our own, INTERNAL Struggles
2574. To ourselves WE will Bring
2575. What Matters Most
2576. The simple Value of a Friend
2577. Having Faith
2578. Positive Charisma
2579. Minnesota Pines
2580. Sometimes, we're walking a TIGHT-ROPE
2581. When GOD Opens the DOOR
2582. The old Saying Playing the GAME
2583. Even in our Deepest PAIN
2584. Every Storm shall come to Pass
2585. Dealing with Office Politics
2586. Sometimes it's a Challenge
2587. Spring Back
2588. Trusting
2589. Open up the BLESSINGS, in your life
2590. You can't QUIT
2591. Hopefulness
2592. A time to shine
2593. A person, with bright Faith
2594. Don't set a Goal, too far ahead
2595. When the skies are thundering lightening and storming
2596. All the GLORY
2597. This very precise exact MOMENT, in Time
2598. Resting
2599. From pleasure and happiness to hurt and pain
2600. Impacting
2601. The DEEP, FAITH, imbedded, so LOVINGLY, and FAITHFULLY, in others
2602. It always is a Test
2603. When GOD, is in YOU
2604. The DEPTH, of FAITH
2605. As a Father
2606. When, your in the Middle of a Storm
2607. Our own, Capabilities
2608. Don't point, your Finger at any other in BLAME
2609. When you are READY, you will SUCCEED
2610. When EVERYTHING, is in PLACE
2611. Whatever it is that YOU, Pursue
2612. Uplifting Huming, and Singing
2613. Uplifting Huming, and Singing
2614. The Vapor trail, behind a . High flying Airplane
2615. Day and night
2616. A Poem, is a Poem, is a Poem
2617. When we fall
2618. Candle light
2619. At Walmart, cause I'm Smart, and Grocery Shopping
2620. When a person, HAS, a WEGHT, P-R-O-B-L-E-M--they-HAVE--to--W-O-R-R-Y
2621. We all, are as different as a fiesta to a tesla
2622. Our LIGHT, and HOPE
2623. In a state of Excellence
2624. In a Moments time
2625. Why are some People so Arrogant and Rude in every Way
2626. By the light, of the Silver MOON
2627. The Yellow, orange beautiful MOON
2628. I Remenber, as a Minnesota BOY
2629. In each and in EVERYTHING
2630. When you DEVELOP a HABIT of WRITING
2631. A Compliment
2632. My HEART-BEAT, will always be with my Children, and Grand-Children
2633. Heartwarming and special
2634. To people that I meet and greet
2635. With what ever bad or ugly that's gonna rear it's head and come
2636. I FEEL, the LIGHT
2637. Get ready and set
2638. The unforgettable, sights sounds and smells of NATURE
2639. With a Foundation of FAITH
2640. Rather than, feeling down, with frown, and showing disappointment with Pout
2641. Rather than going fast and furious on my own
2642. When the bottom falls out
2643. For what really does it even matter, when others criticise us much
2644. Sort out the good the bad and the ugly
2645. When we call, and stay in touch
2646. I Wouldn't, have survived, --on--MY--OWN--and made it this Far
2647. We will always remember and never Forget
2648. After a MIRACLE, Happens
2649. It's just Between, JESUS, and ME
2650. When to us BLESSINGS come
2651. Take with, and deal with, just what is on your plate
2653. The sweetness of SUCCESS
2654. People walking with their --DUMB--PHONE--in, their face
2655. Life--Happenings
2656. Truth or lies
2657. It's always nice to get good news
2658. The TRUE, VALUE, of a dear friend
2659. Sometimes we walk a very TIGHT Rope
2660. Deflated defeated and beat
2661. I'm listening
2662. When you look at yourself in the mirror
2663. In even, the very littlest things that you DO
2664. Help me LORD, to better Cope
2665. We all could use a little pat and the back
2666. What matters MOST
2667. When we go fishing
2668. To be deserving
2669. What's IMPORTANT to ME
2670. With NATURE, the pure pristine Beauty OF
2671. When to a stranger we tell our story
2672. CHRISTINA-ANNE, she has never been with ME
2673. We have the Opportunity to Shine
2674. Who ever wants to be a part of my JOURNEY
2676. I see PEOPLE, together as Couples
2677. What we have NOW, is our SPIRIT
2678. Experiences and lessons Learned
2679. It's AMAZING
2680. When we Listen more
2681. The Cosmopolitan
2682. Peaceful, calm, and serene
2683. Listen to your Intuitions
2684. Negative vibes
2685. Disappointment and Failures
2686. Similarities
2687. Seize the day
2688. Think very carefully about just exactly what you speak
2689. Let GO
2690. When I hear gossip -ness, gossip -ness and MORE, and MORE gossip ness
2691. Positive Momentum
2692. Quietly and reservingly
2693. Sit in comfort prayer peace and quiet
2694. The power of loving Faithful, private prayer
2695. To many we are a mystery
2696. Sensitivity
2697. Through my poetry
2698. Always hold on
2699. Everything that I ink
2700. Life is a constant battle challenge and test
2701. Constantly and continuously, and pro-actively
2702. Our emotions will manifest
2703. When a GOAL, is set
2704. Others we may LOVE, but at the same time DISLIKE
2705. There is no need to fuss shout and A-R-G-U-E
2706. Trying to understand
2707. The seed that we plant
2708. Things will come around
2709. With POSITIVE, Momentum
2711. It's a test of our CHARACTER
2712. When with PEACE we are breathing
2713. We all have a choice
2714. Just drifting resting and reflecting
2715. Quietly and confidently
2716. In our most difficult of times
2717. I don't understand
2718. When I was in a rut hard place and bind
2719. When we're running our race
2720. Sitting calm quiet and still
2721. The different levels of communication
2722. Some folks we don't openly say too much
2723. People they just are who they are
2724. We learn to stay silent
2725. Your QUIET, ACTIONS, will speak louder than any WORDS
2726. Hope floats
2727. The clouds can come rolling in
2728. There is Always something
2729. Communication Dynamics
2730. It's important
2731. Before you leap, LOOK
2732. ONE--DAY
2733. Sometimes we may be Bored
2734. We've, gotta pat ourselves on the back
2735. We are going to GET what we expect
2736. Some people they will smile when GREAT SUCCESS, they ACHIEVE
2737. For GOD, he knows our every need
2738. Remember where you have been
2739. Good great and grand things will come your way
2740. Take things in stride
2741. Sometimes it's good to be BORING
2742. Politics with rant and rave debate
2743. Sunny side UP
2744. Fast FORWARD
2745. Things they ALL, happen for a REASON
2746. Fishing
2747. It is AMAZING
2749. My time line
2750. High points
2751. The kind words of a dear friend
2752. What Determines great Success
2753. A LIFE well LIVED, on Earth
2754. When a person is hit with negative after negative after negative
2755. Thoughts and feelings
2756. Take things easy and slowly
2757. Confident and still
2758. Hopefulness
2759. After storm
2760. Laying a Foundation secure
2761. A Natural Leader
2762. Serendipity
2763. Humbleness
2764. Making a plan
2765. Cold windy and rainy
2766. Traffic
2767. What's the purpose and meaning
2768. Silence is GOLDEN
2769. The ROAD
2770. When a person says something deeply hurtful to another
2771. With a vision
2772. Time to change
2773. When in the SAND, you draw a LINE
2774. S-L-A-C-K
2775. The diverse different personalities of some
2776. Lessons
2777. God is Watching
2778. Nature endures
2779. Know where you belong
2780. Sometimes the wind leaves our sail
2781. A new day and a new sun
2782. I've got the flu
2783. When you get attacked with a serious bout of FLU
2784. Put faith and hope in GOD, not man
2785. I'm in TRANSITION
2786. Sometimes, right where we are
2787. The GAMES, that some People Play
2788. Stress will create
2790. It's time for me to be Understanding
2791. It's TIME for ME
2792. It's time, to PICK, Myself UP
2793. A persons good or bad HEART INTENTIONS
2794. If I feel, a NEGATIVE, and a STRESSFUL Vibe
2795. When disrespect and neglect, you are Receiving
2796. When I'm writing
2797. With some people, you don't share, very Much
2798. People they compete
2799. When we are in a BAD, Environment
2800. Some folk, they act so WISE
2801. Severe stress
2802. Stress Threshold
2803. Cartoons
2804. Ice cream
2805. When I Watch. People walk Bye
2806. I can see the AMERICAN, Flag, Flying
2807. Chicken and vegetables in soup diet
2808. When it's sunny bright just perfectly right happy and Warm
2809. How we deal with stress
2810. For HE, the almighty HE, KNOWS
2811. Not really too MUCH to SAY
2812. It doesn't take a lot of WORDS to DESCRIBE
2813. P. E. A. c. e. IS
2814. H. O. p. e. IS
2815. F. A. I. t. h. iS
2816. L. O. v. e. IS
2817. L. I. f. e. IS
2818. Sometimes it's an Uncomfortable Feeling
2819. Sometimes we're walking on egg shells
2820. Create
2821. For those who love to hurt us and make us sigh
2822. When something is wrong
2823. Like a little RECORDER
2824. Nature will endure and survive
2825. Squirrels
2826. When I'm outside, and Walking
2827. From Devastating FIRE,to FLOOD
2828. Ballerina BELLA Girl
2829. Sometimes we wish with our FEELINGS, --others--we could--TRUST
2830. When a rain storm passes
2831. Menchies Bella and Me's
2832. It's the most difficult thing to DO
2833. When I ADD a new POEM
2834. Watching the swaying trees
2835. After the storm
2836. Each new day we have a chance to sing
2837. Pray through your DAY
2838. RAINS
2839. The cool crispness, of a MINNESOTA, Rain Shower
2840. All night long raining
2841. Southern California Rain
2842. We never know
2843. Sometimes
2844. When I'm WRITING
2845. When I'm Hanging out with My little Grand-Daughter--Bella
2846. With little Bella watching a NEW, SILLY, FUN--Cartoon
2847. Car Accident
2848. Bella's Melt down
2849. Idly wild
2850. The sun is already up and rising high
2851. What do we do
2852. I'm UP, and ready
2853. For some
2854. The winds
2855. Happiness will come to you
2856. Pray away every Negativity
2857. Sometimes it takes AWHILE to Digest
2858. When I'm a writing a RHYME
2859. Bella is having a SNACK attack
2860. A little walk with Bella
2861. The Human Element
2862. Up EARLY-EARLY, and a ready to Play
2863. Trying to be UNDERSTANDING
2864. We will decide
2865. Some people that you KNOW, and MEET
2866. Sometimes life can Knock us down, and make us Tierd
2867. When you Succeed
2868. What I KEEP thinking
2869. When you do the BEST that you CAN
2870. Those who seek greatness as Materialistic WEALTH
2871. A person, they will not too soon Forget
2872. I'm in Temecula
2873. Develop a HABIT, of Success
2874. There is ALWAYS something
2875. Some folks, they have, ANGER-MANAGEMENT issues
2876. When BoohBah reads her POEM
2877. BoohBah, and Gramps--Me
2878. BoohBah on THE Piano
2879. Stand up STRAIGHT, and BE--READY
2881. Marinate
2882. Decisions to be made
2883. Twenty four HOUR power
2884. Success and failure go hand in hand
2885. When another person, is angry, and UPSET, and they want to Argue, fuss and Fight
2886. Progress
2887. Watching my Boohbah playing her Video games
2888. Burgers and fries
2889. To win or lose
2890. With the New Year coming Quick and Fast
2891. Trying my best to Communicate
2892. All we can do is our BEST
2893. Writing, and Riding, out, the OLD 2017--YEAR
2894. Writing, and Riding, out, the OLD 2017--YEAR
2895. The JOURNEY, in our LIVING, LOVE, and LIFE
2896. Laughter with a Smile
2897. Staying quiet silent and stealth
2899. A HEALTHY POSITIVE outlook
2900. A New Years Fears
2901. Enjoy this --2018--New Year DAY
2902. 2018--a--New-Day-a-New-Year-a-New-Start
2903. On THIS, NEW-YEARS--Day,when many Folks Awake
2904. The new year--2018--is, here a-new
2905. Peace, LOVE, serenity, FAITH, and HOPE
2906. With a HAPPY NEW YEAR, I don't know how to party and celebrate. But with renewed RESOLUTIONS--I--Focus, and--DEDICATE
2907. Friendship, is as an ICE-BERG thick
2908. Our THOUGTS, lead to PRAYER,to WORDs, we write SPEAK, and share
2909. Whatever --we --are ---TODAY
2910. On the early morn and EVE
2911. How another person , makes you feel
2912. Running the old year down
2913. When a child gets sick
2914. A new light
2915. Stress can ZAP, our. STRENGTH
2916. With THE NEW Year--2018--COMIN
2917. The HOT SPOT, make your own pottery
2918. REFLECTING--of--the--PAST--year, when, we sighed, cried, laughed sang and Grinned
2919. With the coming NEW YEAR, we have RENEWED HOPE
2920. Sometimes, I WONDER, HOW, some folks can even--FALL-asleep
2921. Now at THE end of the YEAR
2922. We will FIND what we SEEK
2923. HOPE lives on
2924. Heart warming
2925. Heart warming
2926. The PLAN, of attack
2927. Waiting and waiting
2928. Different Pitches
2929. Warm and Bright
2930. For the FAMILY of dear ROY
2931. A YEAR A NEW
2932. HOPE for Tomorrow
2933. When your--SICK--at home with the--FLU
2934. My daughter--in-laws--BEST--friends---little--baby--NIECE
2935. My Grand-Daughter,--WILL--S-O-O-N--turn, a--DOZEN--YEARS
2936. My Daughter-in-LAW the--V.P.
2937. Goal by goal
2938. ExCeRcIsInG
2939. Playing Mario--KART
2940. Turn around Negative energy
2941. A Christmas Prayer
2942. Emotional--MESS
2943. Right now I don't like, how I FEEL
2944. Miracles CAN Happen
2945. Christmas brings forth, many Emotions of New and Old
2946. The Day after Christmas
2947. Christmas Shine
2948. Christmas Shine
2949. On Christmas DAY
2950. On THIS 2017 Christmas DAY
2951. In ONLY a few Minutes more
2952. Christmas-Eve--2017 th Party
2953. 2017--at--CHRISTMAS--TIME
2954. Before-- Midnight, --on --Christmas--Eve
2955. The SPIRIT of Christmas
2956. When you Exercise
2957. For it matters. NOT
2958. Don't BE sad
2959. BORN again
2960. The LORD, of ALL. CREATION
2961. It's DADS--BIRTHDAY--Tommorow
2962. When your the new--KID--in, town
2963. Happiness will FIND you
2964. For all that we hope for
2965. Find YOURSELF
2966. When a Heart of GOLD
2967. Pray for those who have so much less
2968. Let your HEART light--GLOW
2969. Let their be--PEACE--on--EARTH
2970. Christmas JOY and Excitment
2971. Christmas JOY and Excitment
2972. I don't think, that anyone, takes criticism, very well
2973. Sometimes, we are happy, sometimes, we are glad
2974. Mayonnaise--daze
2975. Celebrating the 5th Birthday of--the-German-Shepard-KING
2976. Nothing is ever going to be--PERFECT
2977. In this life,living, a, LOVE--Rat--Race
2978. What does it matter to have. FAITH, LOVE, and TRUST
2979. When we are PRAYING
2980. Trying to HOPE for the very BEST
2981. When I Close my EYES
2982. Little- LORI--Anne
2984. When feeling discouragement
2985. Three SIMPLE words
2986. Researching the effects of Eczema
2987. Christmas shine
2988. IF you slip, slide and fall a back
2989. Sometimes
2990. I want my Grand-Daughters to KNOW
2991. A young lady at soon to be TWELVE, so brilliant sweet elite and bright
2992. What STAYs, in my HEART, and MIND
2993. Chuckie-Cheese--BoohBAH and MEs
2994. If I--WAS-EIGHT--I--would--BE-be-BE----in--THIRD-GRADE
2995. My Grand-daughter Kaylee--and--Gramps--me
2996. Spending TIME with my -Grandest-Oldest--Grand-Daughter--Kaitlyn
2997. Christmas Morn
2998. In the Carlsbad Lagoon
2999. Kids dont realize
3000. A beautiful Bright, Yellow Orange Sunset
3001. I know the Progress that I have made
3002. I'm JUST PLUM tierd
3003. A fathers baby chicks
3004. Kaylee and her -TOYS
3005. My Booohbah Rhyme
3006. Another all-NIGHTER, is done
3007. I'm GLAD I held back
3008. A PROUD moment in TIME
3009. For THOSE of us who HAVE-a--SAD--And--UNHEALTHY-BAD-V-I-C-E
3010. LIFE is JUST too SHORT
3011. Sometimes their is nothing more that we can say
3012. Sometimes we feel kinda mundane numb and slow
3013. Praying Power
3014. Sometimes things fall right in perfect place
3015. This little dog-DUBBIE and ME
3016. I'm looking at a FLOWER, and I see the Natural Beauty in its Power
3017. A great POEM has natural Fluidity
3018. When we feel another hates us
3019. NO one wants to be ALONE
3020. Good news
3021. In everything and in--ALL--things
3022. Sometimes the sun is out , but with thick cloud cover can't be seen
3023. It's NICE to BE NICE
3024. I'm TRYING to find CHEER
3025. Stress can KNOCK us a back
3026. When I PRAY
3027. At the base of a MOUNTAIN
3028. It's THE 17th of DECEMBER
3029. WHAT--I--know--in--my--HEART--for--SURE
3030. A FATHERs eyes
3031. It MATTERS
3032. Minnesota Sledding
3033. When SCHOOL is out for two-weeks--of--Winter--BREAK
3034. My MINNESOTA time
3036. Here on POETRYPOEM, wishing you all the very BEST
3037. HIS Healing TOUCH
3038. Shoveling the MINNESOTA snow
3039. Don't be wishy washy messy and cluttered
3040. We've gotta roll with the punches
3041. A sun set in the west
3042. Anyone can, and NOT EVERYONE CAN
3043. A heartful loving person
3044. Waitin and debating
3045. I really dont know why some folks get so down and low
3046. MINNESOTA, really, is WEIGHING--very-VERY-very--H-E-A-V-Y--on--MY-HEART-and-MIND
3047. Peace of HEART, and MIND,--I---FIND
3048. We all are a constant work in progress
3049. GOD has EVERY,-SITUATION-,and- HE,--is-- in --CONTROL
3050. I'm feeling a little tense and stress
3051. Scenery on a bus ride
3052. The bright and bold presence of a flower
3053. Sometimes, I feel, in a very--SLOW, and a very--SOMBER--MOOD
3054. Every time I hear a SIREN
3055. Communicating with SOME, folks really is a TEST
3056. For ALL of the things that I could so --EASILY--say
3057. Starting the day really the same old same old way
3058. The bitter Minnesota cold
3059. On the Minnesota lake ice
3060. Another day beginning
3061. With clarity
3062. What WE give we're gonna get
3063. I'm sitting here right near the Christmas tree
3064. The STYLE, and STRUCTURE of A --POEM
3065. Sometimes as I'm movin and travelin place to place
3066. Sometimes I WONDER
3067. Sometimes, our emotions, and feelings can TURN, on a DiME
3068. Some people, they can be so cutting
3069. Do MIRACLES happen
3072. Good great and grand things come to those who wait
3073. When we're feeling all alone
3074. A POEM is a WORK of. H-E-A-R-T
3075. Listen with your EARS and HEART
3076. Be of GREAT FAITH, strong, BRAVE, and COURAGEOUS
3077. When our boat is sinking and taking on water
3078. Many things we cannot humanely comprehend , or understand
3079. Deep inside of us
3080. A FATHER, feels UNREST
3081. TURBULANCE or rest
3082. Humbleness
3083. I think that in ALL, things all we have to do is try our BEST
3084. When things are OFF keel
3085. An EYE, OPENING event
3086. The WARMTH in a SMILE
3087. New Construction
3088. Our WAY with WORDS
3089. Set a GOAL
3090. Be THE LIGHT
3091. I'm always thinking
3092. EGG-Alergy-FREE
3093. Sometimes we have to, stand up a little taller
3094. Taking NyQuil
3095. Taylor
3097. Our FEELINGS
3098. To be understanding, or demanding
3099. Sometimes it's the--SMALLEST--things---that,-- make --us--HAPPY
3100. A tulip
3101. Writing everything out
3102. A traffic jam
3103. When I was a kid
3104. My--five-thousandth--posted-POEM--here--on--poetrypoem
3105. When I travel on the BUS
3106. City. LIGHTS
3107. When I feel--GREAT-STRESS--I, get a cough, and colds
3108. The Distinct, sound of a Canadian Goose
3109. The Mansion House, sitting atop the hill
3110. Relationships
3111. The HOLY spirit,of a LOVED, one being near
3112. For those who own no HOME
3113. When your alone
3114. When I look at trees
3115. I KNOW, what my HEART feels
3116. Regrouping, recouping, readjusting
3117. Sometimes we feel in a state of confusion
3118. For I KNOW, who cares about ME, the MOST
3119. Steele Canyon-old-1928-Built, Bridge
3120. Don't EVER take people for granted
3121. Plan-A--plan--B--plan--C
3122. Kaylee and me
3123. We really can't expect
3124. Avoid the NEGATIVITY, and the HOUNDING, of others
3125. A story book family
3126. It's BETTER, to BE--SAFE--than--SORRY
3127. Trying, really trying,--TO--understand
3128. To SURRENDER, and be trusting
3129. Trying to STAY FOCUSED
3130. Family dynamics
3131. A good movie
3132. Kind heartedness
3133. For all of the good, great, and grand times that we have felt
3134. Like a BOW with ARROW
3135. Sometimes in RHYME
3136. For US ALL
3137. No matter what
3138. Ravenging WILD fires
3139. What stays on your mind
3140. Celebrations of the NEW YEAR
3141. Sometimes the MOST, important verse
3142. Grocery shopping
3143. Sometimes, it's just NICE
3144. Forty to GO
3145. For every clime and place
3146. A NEWBorn Mother
3147. Another DAY, closer to Christmas
3148. Negative--critique
3149. When another we ENTRUST
3150. Negativity--IGNORE
3151. Do not let anything, OR anyone deter you
3153. Good TRUSTING, friends of MINE
3154. Smile or frown
3155. When we get knocked down dirt LOW
3156. A simple small compliment
3157. Sometimes WE, all have to experience, HEART-ACHES, and pain
3158. It feels so good to write
3159. Sometimes we want to fight
3160. Our--HEART--will--SHINE
3161. For the--BIGGER picture--GOD--he--KNOWS
3162. Sometimes it takes us to fall
3163. One very simple little compliment
3164. Seek to understand
3165. When THINGS happen
3166. After shock, after attack
3167. Empathy and sympathy
3168. Lessons in LIFE
3169. When your use to running in the RAT-RACE
3170. What we DISH out and SERVE
3171. When another is trying to do you WRONGER
3172. When we look in the mirror
3173. I LOVE, to write a RHYME
3174. With MERCY and GRACE
3175. Heart intentions
3176. Turn IT around
3177. Thinking, and reflecting--WRITING--and--SINGING
3178. I JUST erased a LONG-long-LONG--poem that I WROTE
3179. Like night and day
3180. To be around and near, a negative person
3181. For a Bully they love to fight
3182. The DEPTH, and IMPACTING, meaning of a POETIC, rhyme
3183. The GOLD medal test
3184. Weather report
3185. So I saw it coming for a--L-ON-G--time
3186. It's just AMAZING
3187. Think about the things that you DO
3188. Have FAITH, and PRAY, because TODAY, it's gonna BE a GOLD medal DAY
3189. Sometimes
3190. When things all, fall in place
3191. I really BELIEVE,
3192. Many things could be SAID
3193. The words, that we speak, and choose
3194. Think ABOUT it
3195. I know, that IM, a work in progress
3196. Waitin to SEE, BELLA, soon
3198. Listen UP
3199. Be HIS strength, PROTECT him oh LORD
3200. Just waiting in the car
3201. To thine ownself stay true
3202. Hoping --and--Praying--TO -- find
3203. When YOUR, feeling pressure
3204. Waiting to find
3205. My BOOHBAH--time
3206. A HEART,will, SMILE
3207. For ALL, of the UPS, and DOWNS
3208. I'm like a--RE-CHARGING-Battery
3209. The JOY, and HAPPINESS, that a--HEART--is--FEELING
3210. The VERY-very-VERY, littlest, of things
3211. Now I'm with MY, wonderful, --GRAND--Daughters-- of--THREE
3212. Jocelyn just changed the color of--My---IPAD
3213. The trials and tribulations for a father
3214. Not much to be --saying --but a lot to be --P-R-A-Y-I-N-G
3215. You don't GIVE, someone your TRUTH, if them you don't TRUST
3216. Not sure of the outcome
3217. I'm finding peace and comfort
3218. Sometimes when we feel, off--TrAcK
3219. Sometimes we HAVE very LITTLE to WRITE and SAY
3220. Sometimes when we feel we have troubles
3221. Sometimes it's HARD to find
3222. Christmas time, is suppose to be the--HAPPIEST--time
3223. Everyything works out for the GOOD
3224. Starting out slow and easy
3225. For what is it that you dream of and seek
3226. For HEAVENS sake
3227. The ORCID flower
3228. Words heard around the world
3229. The sweet eyes of a child
3230. When we feel, unrest, and stress
3231. Why do some folks try to put others to shame
3232. To be in depth, with reason
3233. When you look in the mirror you should see
3234. Words can iNSPIRE, and HEARTFULLY, LOVINGLY--FOREVERINGLY--prolong, and last
3235. In the eyes their is no disquise
3236. The sun, is already up and BRIGHT, with, DELIGHT, and shining
3237. The sun, is already up and BRIGHT, with, DELIGHT, and shining
3238. For the BETTER good
3239. For EVERY,many, and, many, a, set back, and DEFEAT
3240. For the company that we keep
3241. The smile of a grand child
3242. Trying to achieve
3243. To BE or not to BE
3244. As a father you will reach the POINT of no return
3246. Don't think twiceness
3247. The road traveled, to success, may be winding, hard and long
3248. Trying to accept
3249. In communication, what once was comfortable
3250. A--Famous poetic genious
3251. I look UP, because I know that I am going to be. SOMEBODY
3252. A song bird will sing
3253. I know -YET, --that, I'm NOT GOING---A---B-A-C-K
3254. I'm on my own
3255. In between
3256. People they have a choice
3257. We have to let things go
3258. For we cannot explain to anyone
3259. When your meditating praying and resting
3260. Our greatest hope
3261. With every PRAYER, and WISH
3262. For ONLY,HE, can know
3263. When OUR hands come together and PRAY
3264. A good heart will never skip a beat
3265. Even in our deepest pains
3266. What a wonderful world it is
3267. Listen to that INNER voice
3268. A habit
3269. Some folks they are a LEGEND, in their OWN mind
3270. Starbucks coffee
3271. A persons genuine firm or weak grip and handshake
3272. Looking out a home window
3273. I--GOT, --OFF, --of--my --POSITIVE---M-O-T-I-V-A-T-I-N-G---track
3274. Kind-- thoughtfulness
3275. My poetry
3276. Thinking thinking thinking
3277. Trying to find a reason
3278. For-HE-the, almighty,-HE-knows, our, HEART,--the-- same
3279. Lemons to lemonade
3281. Keep CALM, and stay HEALTHY
3282. A THANK-YOU note
3283. No one can judge another so QUICK and harsh
3284. In EVERY, place and time
3285. Tenacity
3286. Post Thanksgiving
3287. When at your LOWEST when you were down
3288. Holding onto your PEACE, and REST
3289. Sometimes when we have a long fuze
3290. A person, they should be very discreet
3291. A holly jolly Christmas
3292. When we feel, pain, hurts, and despair
3293. PAST, Christmases I'm reflecting on and am REMEMBERING
3294. Sometimes WE, just have to do OUR, best to, FORGIVE, people
3295. Christmas lights in the windows will so be lite up with Joy and glow
3296. Between a ROCK and a HARD space
3297. Black Friday is back
3298. PEACE in your HEART, seek to FIND
3299. High PRIDE, either you OWN it or LOSE it
3300. It's early THANKSGIVING MORN
3301. Thanksgiving day gatherings
3302. Thanksgiving day gatherings
3303. Life lessons will put a person in their place
3304. A, little bit of goodness, and a little mercy, and a lotta love
3305. A friendship, vanished, kaput, and gone
3306. Unexpected financial problems and woes
3307. If another says to you that your--KINDNESS--is--your--WEAKNESS
3308. With peace love and blessings
3309. Sometimes in even the greatest and deepest misunderstandings and divide
3310. Seek to find your GREATNESS
3311. Poems of love generosity gratefulness and THANKSGIVING
3312. When you can,--BRAVELY-- turn your cheek
3313. Put forth LOVE,in,your path and ways
3314. Stay still, and listen to your HEART-BEAT
3315. See the WORLD , at it's greatest WONDER
3316. When you are devastated and wounded, and hurt
3317. My LOVING Aunt Dorothy
3318. I JUST, now got the sad news
3319. Listen and PRAY
3320. Grace CHANGES everyhting
3321. To have and seek to find The likeness of his GODLINESS
3322. For his GLORY, and your GOOD
3323. Unbreakable
3324. My Grand-daughters I dearly miss
3325. Sometimes a writer may write a poem
3326. Where I GO, I, GO, with THEE
3327. In our DEEPEST, DARKEST fears
3328. Hold steady and fast, your--FAITHFUL--LOVING--STANCE
3329. To have ungratefulness, is to show foolishness and is insane
3330. Be a SERVANT, and a FRIEND
3331. The WAY, TRUTH, and, LOVE
3332. When others PUSH, themselves from us--AWAY
3333. Call on his---HOLY--- name
3334. When a person speaks the truth
3335. To have felt LOVE, and JOY, or no JOY, and LUV, at all
3336. Everything counts
3337. Life, living, and --LOVE-- stresses
3338. To MOVE a mountain
3339. Every extreme HIGH, and Every, extreme-LOW
3341. In your DEEPEST times of hurt pain and DESPAIR
3342. Politics and Religion
3343. Sometimes, even the tiniest flicker of light
3344. To --sir-ricky--a-GIFTED-and-INSPIRATIONAL--amazing-GREAT--POET
3345. The THANKSGIVING--feast, and meal
3346. What we are thinking
3347. Hold onto your MOMENTUM
3348. Today what we do, pray and say
3349. Maybe sometimes things are better when things are unsaid
3350. Sometimes it's just hard for us to make sense
3351. We make, and create our reality
3352. Sometimes our progress in a day Is not the best
3353. Find your PEACE, of HEART
3354. When with some others communications become closed
3355. When with some others communications become closed
3356. Stay steadfast FAITHFUL, and strong
3357. A person never will FORGET
3358. When we hold back -from--showing---GRACE--and-FORGIVENESS
3359. When we hear an ANGELS beautiful ANGELIC--loving--voice
3360. When somebody believes in you
3361. Sometimes our deepest and our greatest sadness
3362. I'm tryin to keep my head up, and not drown, and swim
3363. Sometimes we struggle with our Emotions, and our--feelings
3364. Sometimes we may speak to much and too soon
3365. Trying to comprehend and UNDERSTAND
3366. Sometimes our problems attack us all at once, and the same time
3367. Sometimes we are just doing our best walking the tight rope
3368. With a foundation of LOVINGNESS
3370. As his PURE-LOVE is as deep, as high, as wide as great
3371. The sound of footsteps in sub zero --freezing-MINNESOTA-winter weather
3372. Standing your ground
3373. To rather of loved or to, rather of not loved at all
3374. Like hot or cold
3375. Trying to understand
3376. To BE your own CHAMPION
3377. To lose weight and KEEP, it Off, you Need to be wise
3378. I spend a lot of my time, ON this little IPAD, of mine
3379. Changing and rearranging
3380. Remember when
3381. When your climbing your mountain top
3382. When a person, they have a foundation of I'LL-WILL
3383. Some people you will give slack and trust of ten thousand miles
3384. Let KINDNESS become YOU
3385. People they really just don't know
3386. Keep sailing
3387. A--SINCERE--caring, and loving--FRIENDSHIP
3388. From FAITH to HOPE
3389. A person never gets use to feeling neglect
3390. This late morning, I'm trying to just get up and out and going
3391. Things don't happen always the way we choose
3392. When you walk out the door,put, On--your--PEACE--shoes
3393. Rather to vent to any other,it's just BEST, to PRAY, along thy way
3395. For HE will NEVER, give UP, on US
3396. For those who LEFT, BRIDGES BURNED
3397. Walking the fine line
3398. Hold on TIGHT, a little LONGER
3399. On my--TWO--YEAR--RACE
3400. General, love care and sincerity with honesty and truth
3401. We are NEVER, alone even in th deepest pitch, DARK
3402. A state of EXCELLENCE
3403. The best of the BEST
3404. Faith , leads to hope
3405. Stay FOCUSED, PRAY, and FAITHFULLY, stay and have--GREAT-unwaivering--HOPE--and--TRUST
3406. BE ready, because FUTURE, storms are gonna come
3407. An,--OLD--MARINE--CORPS -friend
3408. The race
3409. Positive exercise and movement
3410. If their is any NEGATIVITY around
3411. The ROCK, that I CLING to
3412. Sometimes what we want wish hope and pray for to be
3413. Get up and about with MOTIVATION, exercise and --MOVEMENT
3414. Realize how you are BLESSEDED
3415. It's very easy for another to put down and criticise--someone
3417. To BE, human is to--ERROR
3418. Try to find the LIGHT, that you have--NOW
3419. EVERY, FAMILY, they have DRAMA
3420. The BROTHERHOOD, and the LOVE, and BOND, of, a, MARINE
3421. JUST, take a CHANCE, on, PRAYER
3422. Maybe sometimes a person is--- S-T-A-R-V-I-N-G--- for affection
3423. Tonight I really was trying to sleep
3424. Who KNOWS what TOMORROW brings
3425. A HINT of JOY
3426. When I go--C-R-A-Z-Y--grocery shopping
3427. When -you ---SET-- a --GOAL, --keep --your --EYES--on -the -PRIZE
3428. To --be --BEAUTIFUL --and --GODLY
3429. For me, even the littlest compliment of smallest tap on the back
3430. In ANY, political debate
3431. Sometimes things can feel so overwhelming
3432. When your--CLIMBING--your, mountain
3433. Keep--HOPE--afloat
3434. Dense fog
3435. Feeling restless
3436. SEMPER--FIDELIS--always--faithful
3437. The suns gonna come up again in the morning to shine
3438. Sometimes the air we breathe gets--STRESSFUL--and-- thin
3439. Sometimes the road we travel--Has --UNEXPECTED--twists, bumps, and turns
3440. Walking the fine line
3441. Rest in the LORD
3442. First and foremost you have to LOVE--YOU
3443. Sometimes the writing is on the wall
3444. Mindfulness
3445. Sometimes the worst thing it turns out to be the best
3446. Sometimes we stand with our back up against the wall
3447. Even though
3448. Don't let the--NEGATIVITY---of--any--other--BRING--you--DOWN
3449. Do ALL, things with LOVE, moving FORWARD
3450. The PRE--Thanksgiving--seventeen pound Turkey
3451. Empty
3453. Just keep breathing
3454. MASTERFUL, --and---S-P-E-C-I-A-L
3455. Sometimes our greatest--hurts
3456. The narrow and broad road
3457. Early--FALL
3458. They know, they all --PUSHED--ME--AWAY
3459. Oh --DEAR -LORD--, not another disastrous devastating, mass shooting
3460. FOCUS, on HIM, and TRUST, in HIM
3462. What can you do
3463. Looking ahead in your life
3464. For he, is very--FOND--of--YOU
3465. Tryin to explain
3467. Poems and words that are UPLIFTING
3469. Tony
3470. Different communications
3471. From the mountains sky high
3473. Sometimes I FEEL, am I GOOD enough
3474. Just thinking and reflecting
3475. The happenings and events of our life
3476. By DESIGN
3477. PRAY for a GREATER cause and UNIVERSAL--BLESSINGS--and--GOOD
3478. From darkness and defeats to greatness and elites
3480. From cold to WARM
3481. FoR HEAVENS sake
3482. Gentle! Kind, thoughtfulness
3483. Is their a connection
3484. Emotional C-O-N-T-E-N-T
3485. A call from an old friend
3486. Your --GUARD --will BE. UP
3487. In a poem, your feelings become known
3488. The ONLY thing that matters is the MISSION
3489. When somebody does you harm and wrong
3491. When your feeling uneasiness
3492. Their IS, CIVIL U-N-R-E-S-T
3493. HEAL, into WHOLENESS
3494. First you think what your going to say then you say what you say then YOU--PRAY
3495. When A HEART BEATS
3496. Louder than ANY word
3497. Life it's just much too short
3498. A JOYFUL friend
3499. A friend is a friend in your greatest need
3500. A CHERRISHED--FOREVER friendship
3501. The DEPTH, of a FRIENDSHIP
3502. When you cease to--S-U-R-R-E-N-D-E-R
3503. When ALL, else FAILS you seek to PRAY
3504. Even in, the darkest dark
3505. I DON'T think
3506. Lonliness and emptiness
3507. In LOVE, young naive and dumb
3508. Clarity
3509. The love care concern compassion, FRIENDSHIP, and companionship
3510. JOY and PRIDE
3511. Blue eyes
3512. Be WELL, and --H-A-P-P-Y
3513. A MAGNIFICENT, And CARING, person
3514. Something in me has shifted
3515. I don't know
3516. Direction
3517. Validation and inspiration
3518. Your KISS is what I have ALWAYS MISSED
3519. We have never YET, even MET
3520. When another shows you complete elite and TOTAL--TRUST
3521. When a HEART LIGHT goes out
3522. Funny you would write one too
3523. Feeling JOYFULNESS
3524. Two little LOVE birds sitting in a tree KISSING
3525. How could it BE so
3526. You never fail to put a SMILE --in--MY--H-E-A-R-T
3527. I am not WITHOUT possible FLAW
3528. My words of love are so bountiful
3529. My reality
3530. I'm THINKING about YOU
3531. Sometimes with ALL the information, to another we give
3532. Our E-M-O-T-I-O-N-S
3533. A TRUE HEART cannot lie
3534. With ALOT of years of rejection
3535. Feeling--N-E-R-V-O-U-S-N-E-S-S
3536. Sometimes time goes by, so very-very-very--SLOW
3538. What WAS before now is no MORE
3539. I'm UP, already and--JUST--WAITIN--on--the--BEAUTIFUL--shining--JOYOUS--SUN
3540. In the UNIVERSE, the POSITIVE, ENERGY--that--WE--P-U-T--OUT
3541. Minnesota down-pouring RAIN
3542. Walking WITH stride
3543. Talking about BAD habits
3544. A HEART when touched so LOVINGLY, JOYOUSLY much
3545. A LOVING, HEART, wants to be LOVED, and CHERISHED
3546. Writing is what I do best
3547. Is their a POSSIBILITY
3548. Thoughts turn into our emotions, and become our feelings
3549. If YOU, we're to MEET ME
3550. For a SPECIAL--PERSON--in--MY--M-I-N-D
3551. A person WHO, is a TOUGH, BRASH--mean--B-U-L-L-Y
3552. A--HEART--will--ALWAYS-always-ALWAYS--K-N-O-W
3553. When your heart feels something JOYOUS and POSITIVE
3554. When I TRAVEL on the bus
3555. Your positivity and creativity
3556. I saw a little GRAY SQUIRREL on a chain link fence
3557. A heart will not open up and relate
3558. In between my lines of rhyme
3559. If aloud, direct, up front, and in your face
3560. A HEART feels WEAK
3561. When a HEART, is TOUCHED with LOVE
3562. One DAY, Every, person, in--SOME-WAY--their--TOLL--they--GOTTA--PAY
3563. The sun is now, SHINNING-shinning-SHINING, in my--FACE
3564. When a SONG-BIRD, is, SONGLESS
3565. When a SONG-BIRD, is, SONGLESS
3566. BELIEVE, in your, SELF-WORTH
3567. A--P-E-R-S-O-N--who-is-MEAN-SPIRITED
3568. Just LIKE--PURE-pure-PURE--G-O-L-D-GOLD-G-O-L-D
3569. Outside what are all the B-I-R-D-S-talking about
3570. Start your day with SUNSHINE
3571. Feeling U-N-V-A-L-I-D-A-T-E-D
3572. Creativity--CREATIVITY--Creativity
3573. Finally SHE is takin a little NAP
3574. Share with others, how you feel BLESSED at your BEST
3575. On a POSITIVE note
3576. For EVERY word or two that I may write or say
3577. S-o-m-e-t-I-m-e-s
3578. With positiveness we try our BEST, to BEAT, and DEFEAT, any little and GREAT, a negativeness
3579. Back -from -the--BALLET--CLASS--- with- --little-LITTLE-little---B-E-L-L-A
3580. Another new DAY with BELLA
3581. Another new DAY with BELLA
3582. Feelin empty alone and blue
3583. Bella she is SITTING, right here BESIDES, me
3584. I haven't watched the NEWS, now for AWHILE
3585. From an argument
3586. Bella and H-A-L-L-O-W-E-E-N
3587. When a person is feeling SO SAD, lonely and ALONE
3588. When a massive argument occurs
3589. In our deepest and in our darkest hurts and despair
3590. Minnesota is where My HEART reigns
3591. Maybe ONE DAY you will C-A-L-L
3592. When a HEART feels troubled sad, and blue
3594. Focus and drive
3595. Procrastinating--AND--Debating
3596. Their --will---always--be-GOOD--people--and--bad
3598. Life can BE like a trampoline
3599. The TULIP flower
3600. A weeping willow
3601. A weeping willow
3602. I want to HOLD someone's hand next to my HEART forever
3603. I am real not a pretender
3604. I have just posted on poetrypoem--my--four-thousand-and-five-hundreth-Poem
3605. A heart will FOREVER remember
3606. To hear a person chuckle and laugh
3607. When a person feels rejection
3608. When a person feels rejection
3609. From our hurtfulness and our shattered brokenesss
3610. Supported and encouraged
3611. AMBER is such of a beautiful name
3612. LIFE -just -K-E-E-P-S--knocking on our--DOOR
3613. The deepness of a TRUE friendship
3614. Smile laugh out loud and giggle and smile again
3615. There is never a thing as TOO much LOVE
3616. If what you SPEAK, and FEEL, is really TRUE
3617. Trying to impress
3618. Little precious sweet BABY--LORI--ANNE
3619. Singing in the SUN, and SMILING--in--the--rain
3620. Im NEVER alone as FAMILY is always around--M-E
3621. So MUCH is on my MIND
3622. Sometimes a person can look at themselves and say Oh im NOT--GOOD--E-N-O-U-G-H
3623. Sometimes maybe A-writer -will-- SAY --and-WRITE--too MUCH
3624. Sometimes you have no more TIME to hesitate
3625. Fairytail-ish
3626. Imagination and desire
3627. Everyone is DESERVING of happiness
3628. Life is WORTH LIVING
3629. To go past where it has not YET --begun
3630. Be CAREFUL and STAY --G--R--O--U--N--D--E--D
3631. ALIZA and my KAYLEE
3632. Our HAPPINESS has to come from within FIRST
3633. When a person feels unappreciated
3634. From having--NOTHING--to--Having--everything-EVERYTHING-everything
3635. To YOURSELF be GENTLE and -K-I-N-D
3636. In a MOMENT of TIME
3637. It always takes the stronger person
3638. Shuttle bus
3639. Sittin here with kaylee and me
3640. POSITIVELY--willing--and--THRILLINGLY
3641. The WAY that another can make you F-E-E-L
3642. To tell a PERSON that you L-O-V-E--them
3643. A HEART will continue TO. S-H-I-N-E
3644. To the NEXT level
3645. Maybe someThing in my Life, living, and LOVE, as for the--BEST--and--BETTER--SHIFTED
3646. To be trusted
3647. With love and joy in your heart
3648. Words of JOY, bring to s Sad HEART--sunshine
3650. I JUST cannot STOP, thinking about the MADNESS
3652. From devastation and dismay
3653. G-R-A-T-E-F-U-L-N-E-S-S
3654. With every family friends and foe
3655. LOVE is the bottom line
3656. The SUN is going to COME UP in the MORNING
3657. When YOUR BACK is --UP--AGAINST the WALL
3659. Look and seek to find
3660. Many times we all feel sadness
3661. LORD when im slipping
3662. When we FEEL EMPTINESS
3663. Your heart-beat
3664. Finding your HAPPINESS
3665. To be a cut ABOVE, the REST
3666. When distressing
3667. SOMETIMES---w-e---just--NEED--to-sit--S-T-i-L--L
3669. Minute by Minute
3672. Some people they sing just like a WARM-UP-SONG
3673. With SOME folks
3674. Always on my MIND
3675. In--EVERY-every-EVERY--LITTLE--and--G-R-E-A-T--thing--have--a----WIINING----VISION
3676. Through every COLD And RUTHLESS hard STORM
3677. We need to TAKE CARE of and RESPECT,--our----BELOVED--PLANET--MOTHER--EARTH
3678. With HEAD and HEART
3679. FOCUS keep movin, dont stand still and RUST
3681. Get a habit
3682. When a GOAL is SET
3683. I dont even care no more to watch very much T.V.
3684. Yesterday at the gym, i met this ELDERLY man
3685. Halloween excitement
3687. BE--KIND to yourself
3688. The POWER of our WORDS
3689. RIGHT now RIGHT exactly where you are AT
3690. Here their is a lone little --FLY-- disturbing me
3691. Another EARLY morn
3692. Flying a kite
3693. A--GODLY--L-I--G---H----T
3694. Prayin and hopin
3696. L--O--O--K------UP
3697. Through our FAITH with LOVE and HOPE
3698. Challenges
3701. Caring LOVING and sharing
3702. S-O-M-E-T-I-M-E-S
3703. From your feelings
3704. What we put out back to us in RETURN we will ATTRACT and REFLECT
3705. One of the finest persons here on earth
3706. When we FEEL, like we dont MEASURE up
3707. We all have so many EMOTIONS
3708. The HAPPINESS and JOY that we. GIVE
3709. HAPPY--THOUGHTS--and--a--WISH--for--a--GOOD--DAY
3710. In my every simple POEM
3711. Im going to get on my way
3712. A heart of gold only knows how to love true
3713. Why does a HEART, always REFLECT back to all the things that HAPPeNED, to them of the very very very--WORST
3714. If i get to HEAVEN, before you do
3715. Watching a good PICTURE-SHOW, at the MOVIE THEATER, is the BEST, FUN, and ENJOYMENT--for--ME
3716. A HEART, that is so LOVING, and TENDER, is, made OUT of GOLD
3717. The SWEET, innocent voice of a GRAND-CHILD
3718. Heart-WARMING-comments-words-and-FEEDBACK
3719. The beauty of nature is a blessing to mans worth
3720. Find your PEACE, in NATURES pristine BEAUTY, SPLENDOR, and SERENITY
3721. Seasons come and seasons change and go
3722. Life is a test
3723. When THE people that you LOVE, don't know your WORTH
3724. Even the LITTEST bit of KINDNESS
3725. EVERYTHING-BEGINS, with-- peace,LOVE, serenity, FAITH-HOPE--and--REST
3726. For i know this MINUTE just where i am and STAND
3727. Sometimes it takes a long time
3728. Temptation
3729. A person, who is HONEST, and SINCERE
3731. The DEVASTATION in the WORLD
3732. Like night and day
3733. When we FEEL negativity, we have to FIGHT to beat it with POSITIVITY
3734. Things happen
3735. When we get OLDER
3736. Prescription--M-E-D-I-C-I-N-E
3737. It takes GREAT-SACRIFICE
3738. To be persistent and consistent
3739. On the road to success
3740. When you get older and you look back at your LIFE
3741. All that really matters in the end
3743. Maybe when a person, keeps looking and hoping to meet. That special one
3744. A--C-H-A-M-P-I-O-N--of--CHAMPIONS
3745. Some people THEY will never change
3747. My EMOTIONS run DEEP
3748. Heaven on earth
3749. Thoughtfulness leads to kindness
3750. Sometimes a GOOD HEART gets so DEVASTATINGLY damaged and HURT from others whose HEARTS are BAD
3751. Just a LITTLE, past MIDNIGHT
3752. The CHANGING. Record. Breaking. Devastating. Weather
3753. An INSPIRATIONAL, word, phrase or POEM
3754. A kindness that is REMEMBERED
3756. A HEART that is TREASURED
3757. When someone tells you that you are magnifico
3758. My next POEM
3759. Why even. Waste the time
3760. My little brother
3761. A new day is coming
3762. What is the master plan
3763. Feeling ALONE and LONELY
3764. Dont let STRESS, knock you down, and out and put you out to PASTURE to REST
3766. Sometimes when your FISHING
3767. The mighty OCEANS blue
3768. KUDOS and a job well done
3769. Sometimes rejection im expecting
3770. Companionship
3771. A babies whine
3772. The tide goes out and the tides come in
3773. Its BETTER, to have GENEROSITY, with GOOD DEED
3774. In our life living, and LOVE, their is always a HOOK
3776. When you GET KNOCKED DOWN
3777. Holding back from pay back and attack
3778. Sometimes the very--WORST--things
3779. All my CHILDREN
3780. A PLACE where WE WILL be LOVED
3781. Spend TIME with the people that care about you the most
3782. I have been BLESSED, to KNOW
3783. How WE MOVE and HOW we THINK
3784. Poetry lacking poetry stacking
3785. Life can be like a THOUSAND PIECE--PUZZE
3786. My accomplishment is when i write a simple POEM as THIS
3787. Trying to stay on the POSITIVE move
3788. Tryin to sit up straight
3789. Just passing the time
3790. With some people you have to stay professional
3791. What i THINK, And what i SAY, and whats in my HEART
3792. Duby duby the little SMILING DOG
3793. Todays fender-bender
3794. I know STILL ive got a long way to go
3795. Hold onto your footing
3796. The HOLY SPiRIT
3797. Maybe someone will see my HEART through my -EYES
3798. Sometimes a person, just cant go to sleep
3799. What KIND words can DO
3800. Close your eyes tight
3801. Holding THE line
3802. Heart and mind
3803. Why do people make the MISTAKES, that they make
3804. Before YOU can FIND any OTHER
3805. P-A-S-S-I-O-N
3806. With ALL, im always trying to be finding mercy grace and UNDERSTANDING
3807. For anyone CAN handle success
3808. He is LOVE
3809. Its very difficult to deal with gossip , negative talk and politics
3810. Keep your eyes on the PRIZE
3811. Some things are just not even worth debating
3812. When im away from my grand-daughters-for-even-a--DAY--them--i--BEGIN--to--MISS
3813. Some things are just--BETTER--off, not said
3814. The--FUTURE
3815. September--eleven--will--soon--END
3816. You know, my every life, living, and LOVE story
3817. 911
3818. Being around gossip and politics
3819. Pause reflect be silent MEDITATE and PRAY
3820. Childs P-L-A-Y
3821. A smile so special and sweet
3822. The WAY that she takes my hand
3823. With some folks all you can DO, is listen
3824. Natures -PERFECT-timing and clock
3825. With a HEART as BIG as a. CAR
3826. The FEELING of being dearly LOVED
3827. All that i know for definate sure
3828. Trying to make sense of the nonsense
3829. When climbing a ladder
3830. It doesnt matter
3831. In life the storms that we face
3832. Right now i dont even care
3833. Sometimes im hoping and looking and seeking to recieve a compliment
3834. A person who has ATTITUDE
3835. The approaching hurricane IRMA
3836. Im PRAYING, for the folks in the AFTER, math of the TEXAS. HURRICAINE--DEVASTAtING--STOrM
3837. When i think about my --FANTASTIC--FABULOUS--WONDERFUL--GREAT--FOUR
3838. Accelerated--MATH
3839. Ninth GRADE CHEER
3840. Going-OUTSIDE
3841. BELLA-bella-BELLA--TIME
3842. Be CAREFUL
3843. Re-FOCUS
3844. Before a long race challenge event and run
3845. Im BETTER off than i THOUGHT
3846. To be SENSITIVE or to be insensitive
3847. We could all use a little MORE encouragement
3848. Prepare for tomorrow
3849. Dealing with DISCOURAGEMENT
3850. The CHAMPION that i AM
3851. Sitting again right next shoulder to shoulder to my GRANDEST grand daughter of NINE
3852. Striving to be staying focused on positivity
3853. Im always doing the BEST that i can, wherever i stand
3854. Hurtful WORDS
3855. Pay ATTENTION to your NEIGHBOR
3856. Trying to figure and sort things out
3857. Champions dont have no TIME. For. Lowness
3858. Kind-heartedness
3859. To--BE--and--BECOME--the--BEST
3860. To be average or to BE A CHAMPION
3861. Some --PEOPLE --GIVE --and --SOME --People. --TAKE
3862. Sometimes--FOR--OTHERS--IF--WE--DO---too--MUCH
3863. Dont TELL other people WHAT YOU FEEL
3864. N-E-G-A-T-I-V-E----Vibes
3865. Im -RETIRED--and -AM-NOT --WORKING--- NO---MORE
3869. Hope for a BEtTER TOMORROW
3871. My boohbah time
3873. At the steel canyon high school FOOTBALL game
3874. Being with my little NINE YEAR OLD Grand Daughter
3875. Life can be like a BOWLING game
3876. Sometimes when i write
3877. Can you even IMAGINE
3878. Compassion. And. Courage
3879. F-o-c-u-s
3880. F-o-c-u-s
3881. Rain rain rain and rain
3882. Natural--Disasters--on--mother--EARTH
3883. S--o--m--e--t--i--m--e--s
3884. Sometimes you just have no more WORDS to SAY
3885. A point of NO return
3887. Holding THE line
3888. I want to SUBMIT my PHOTO
3889. I WANT to BE DIRECT and UPFRONT and To the POINT and BLUNT
3890. Searching for that POSITIVE LIGHT
3891. When you feel stress and pressure. Just. PRAY
3892. The WINDS come and they GO
3893. For the well to do and the folks who HAVE more than plenty
3894. After a FALLING OUT argument
3895. Our. HEART. LIGHT. Will. SHINE
3896. A. VERBAL. Pat. On. The. BACK
3897. With COMMUNICATIONS to others LET. Things. Settle. And. DIGEST
3898. Having HOPE for a BETTER TOMORROW
3899. Through TRUST and FAITH
3900. Let GO and let GOD and BE still
3901. LOVE--GOD--and--LOVE--PEOPLE
3902. Sometimes--We--FALL
3903. Dont--GIVE-UP--the--SHIP
3904. Toughen--UP--and--GET--a--GRIP
3905. Full speed. Ahead
3906. Sadness-hurtfulness--lonliness
3907. GOD--knows--our--every--wish--care--and--CONCERN
3908. In--PERFECT--timing
3909. Keep WALKING--through--your--STORMS
3910. We--ALL--FALL--DOWN--sometimes
3911. Just awhile ago the COMPLIMENT
3913. Falling OFF track
3915. EVEN--though--PROGRESS--may--BE--SLOW
3917. Going through the MOTIONS
3918. Find. Your. STRENGTH. From. WITHIN
3919. There IS a TIME and a PLACE
3920. To some i could be LOOKED at --AS--being--weak-and-coward--but-to-GOD-i-know-im-LOOKED--at--as--A--CHAMPION
3921. We are what WE think about--EVERYDAY
3922. Sometimes with our--VOICE--we--want to speak to another and be --HEARD
3924. Tryin my best to do everythin for every body
3925. T-r-e-a-d-i-n-G--WATER
3926. Gossip--sends--out--bad--Vibes
3927. In between EACH line
3928. Another--DAY
3929. Tighten. UP
3930. Im--STRONGER
3931. Im--STRONGER
3932. Words said or written
3933. We--REAP--WHAT--we--SEW
3934. The--JOURNEY
3935. A-long-HARD-CHALLENGING-ROAD-ahead
3936. While--WAITING
3938. Things may not always go as we wish for hope for or plan
3939. The--GOOD--in--the--bad--the--HAPPY--in--the--SAD
3940. Even--though
3941. Thick dense fog
3942. A-l-o-n-e
3943. Deflated
3948. Fragile-and-HANDLE-with-CARE
3949. Wishing --praying--and--HOPIN
3950. Sunrise to sunset and all the DAYLIGHT--in--BETWEEN
3952. For-i-REALLY--DO--believe--that--GOD--TESTS--our--METAL
3953. SHOW--all--OTHERS--LOVE--and--RESPECT
3954. For---ONLY---we
3955. How -our -THOUGHTS, -are--WEAK--or--STRONG
3956. Thoughts-feelings--emotions-and-words-that-rhyme
3957. To--LOSE--a--POUND--in--A--DAY
3958. We all could use a LITTLE, bit of ENCOURAGEMENT, and. LIGHT
3959. Disturbance--and--T-u-RBUL-a-N--CE
3960. INSTEAD--of--always--HOPING
3961. WE--all--SEEK--to--FIND--a--COMPANION--and--A--GOOD--LIFE--LONG--FRIEND
3962. Growing--PAinS
3963. At -the -BEACH--TODAY--with--my--little--BELLA
3965. Trying--to--KEEP--HOPE--AFLOAT
3966. The--EXAMPLE--that--we--SET
3967. Simplicity
3968. Trying to FIND the BEST in ALL
3969. What we all. NEED
3970. When we are at our WEAKEST
3971. When your on the--POSITIVE-----TRACK
3972. Usually i can write so fast at will
3973. From being somber, tierd, and, blue, to great- as --GOOD-AS--NEW
3974. Somber tierd and blue
3975. HoLdInG--BaCK
3976. You just never really know
3977. Dealing--with--DEEP--DARK--SADNESS--and--LONELINESS
3978. A young man holding up a cardboard sign
3979. When --things-- are --GOING --so--WELL
3980. Pressure
3981. I-dont-think-that-folks-JOIN-a-Gang
3982. You ARE unique
3983. Momentum before the SUN
3984. Picking--UP--the--PACE
3986. E xtreme--SACRIFICE
3987. Sometimes when we PRAY for CHANGE
3988. Nature
3989. When a person FEELS EMPTY and HOLLOW
3990. Summer--SHADE
3991. Your--HONESTY--you-will--NOT--SHARE
3992. Driving--THROUGH--the--COUNTRYSIDE
3993. Driving--THROUGH--the--COUNTRYSIDE
3994. When you see a person--WAY--OFF-- the RIGHT TRACK
3995. When with my FEELINGS i SPEAK
3996. A-SMOKERS-cough-and-cough-and-cough
3997. A--persons--EYES
3998. Sometimes-and--REALLY--MOST--ALL--of-the--TIMES
4000. When--another--TELLS--me--im--VERY--KIND
4001. Wherever. That. I. TRAVEL
4002. When my EYES. Are. OPEN
4003. Looking outside THROUGH the. WINDOW
4004. With some FOLKS
4005. The GAME that PEOPLE PLAY
4006. When--people--TREAT--YOU--COLD
4007. The-UNIQUE-sturdy-SURVIVING-DESERT-joshua-TREE
4008. When i MEET some ELDERLY
4009. For--those--GLUED--to--The--INTERNET
4010. When you see a brand new house being built
4011. Some--FOLKS--they--could--CARE--LESS
4012. You--WONT--Tell--a--PERSON--just--what--you--HEARTFULLY--FEEL
4013. S--m--O--k--e
4014. For us ALL each and EVERY ONE
4015. The--HALO
4016. C--o---m---p----l----i-----m--------e-------n------t---------S
4017. C-o-n-s-i-d-e-r-a-t-i-o-N
4018. RELAX
4019. Very soon AGAIN i WILL be HEARING IM AWAKE--in--the--MORNING--AGAIN
4020. When you see an UNKEPT person, with HYGIENE, and CLEANLINESS, in NEGLECT
4021. Blue-SKIES
4022. On a PEDASTAL we must put ourself-HIGH
4023. Good--GREAT--and--grand--THINGS--are--SURE--to--COME
4024. When WE recieve LESS
4025. You are NEVER READY for STRESS
4026. Grasshopper
4027. With--HOPE--and--JOY--
4028. A--GOOD--MOVIE
4029. PROTECT-your-HEART
4030. When a person has a--GOOD--HEART--so--LOVING--OPEN---and--TRUE
4032. Dealing with hurts, neglect, and reject
4033. Sometimes MAYBE some things are just NOT meant to be
4034. I feel tierd
4035. I dont know what im HOPING for
4036. Sometimes and maybe most of the time
4037. Feeling--sorrowfulness
4038. Its NICE to be NICE
4039. Disappointment
4040. Mistakes
4041. Another disappointing setback
4043. WATIN-- for --the --SUN--to --SHINE
4044. Im already up and atom and READY freddie for the DAY
4045. Always FOLLOW your HEART
4046. Sometimes when you LEAST EXPECT IT
4048. Waiting at the Walmart check out LINE
4049. Feelings
4050. With a WALK on --The---BEACH
4051. A--LITTLE--act--of--KINDNESS
4052. A--LITTLE--act--of--KINDNESS
4053. Weve GOT to APPRECIATE
4054. Empty--HEART
4055. In a SIMPLE short POEM
4056. Sometimes when everything has been the same old same old song
4057. Sometimes when everything has been the same old same old song
4058. Why--WAIT
4059. To be friends
4060. Sometimes a person gets use to expecting neglect
4061. Disappointed
4063. Confused
4064. Life. Is. Like. FISHING
4065. Anticipation
4066. Sometimes we are JUST trying our BEST to find-enough AIR to breathe
4067. Some-FOLKS-can-BE-so--Destructive--and--demanding
4068. Its--HUMAN--nature
4069. Look--UP
4072. For-WE-JUST--never-never-never-REALLY--know
4073. For-WE-JUST--never-never-never-REALLY--know
4074. Inspire the greatness in others
4075. Simple words that are written and said
4076. A-simple-and-little-SOFT-WORD
4078. Great sacrifice
4079. An--outing--at--the--pool
4080. Keep--hope--afloat
4081. Waterfall
4082. Waterfall
4083. The rudness of another
4085. Poetry IN motion
4086. Writin and rowin
4087. Some people
4088. Somber-and-slow
4089. How can a person of great richness
4090. Sometimes all that we need is a creek of light
4091. Greatness awaits us
4092. Waitin for change
4093. The. WORDS. That. We Say. Out. Loud
4094. Dark cloud
4095. What we put out to the. UNIVERSE
4096. What is SUPPOSE to BE
4097. The eye of the beholder
4098. Diary
4099. Problems come and problems go
4100. I think that every single POEM that is POSTED on POETRYPOEM--is--a--GOOD--POEM
4101. Rainy day
4102. What-i-know-FOR-sure
4103. P-R--A---Y
4104. My day begun
4105. Greatness--awaits
4106. Emotional
4107. When you see-another OFF track
4108. The--TATTOO--that--MANY--MANY--MANY--proudly--WEAR--and--display
4109. We-create-our-own-rest-or-unrest
4110. Gods-ways
4111. When you have no one to look you in the eye
4112. Not--my--type
4113. I--KNOW
4114. Olden--days
4115. A--BIG--GAME--hunter
4116. A--BIG--GAME--hunter
4117. WHAT--IS--_A--real--PoEM
4118. Things CAN throw us off track
4119. Humbleness at. Our best
4120. When --a --PERSON-- ACHIEVES-- great-- SUCCESS
4121. Poetrypoem--is--my--home--SWEET. Home
4122. I---already----w r o t E
4123. EncourageMENT
4124. SWEET--or-Sour
4125. Mercy--and--Grace
4126. The--CHANGING--MOODS--of--others
4127. PEOPLE
4128. When-you-watch-and--HEAR--folks-speak
4129. My---2003--SEQUIA--CAR
4130. I--cant--WAIT
4132. Here- i -sit- in -the-- BUS --Terminal-- one -more. -Time
4133. Im here NOW in TEMECULA
4134. When others RUFFLE your feathers
4135. What -WE -all -WANT -is. -to--BE. --HAPPY
4136. Just--a--little--bit
4137. The--DIfFERANCE--of--other--PEOPLE
4138. What--you--wish--and--HOPE--for
4139. We--BECOME--just--EXACTLY--who--we--ARE
4140. Harmony--and--HAPPINESS--complete
4141. I--KEEP--score
4142. LIFE--events--sometimes--cause--us--RESENTS
4143. Dont run away from trouble if you do it may become double
4144. Be-an-example-and-lesson-of-charity
4145. A-flower-waiting-to-bloom
4146. A--step--FORWARD--is--a--DREAM--waiting--to--come--TRUE
4147. Hope floats
4148. Its--all--about--intentions
4149. When you help others GET on track
4150. THE--TEST--of--your--METAL
4151. When OTHERS treat you so less
4152. To show humbleness
4153. Be--precise--exact--and--nice
4155. When--you--FEEL--lonely--and--alone
4156. EARLY--to--RISE--and--EARLY--to--BED
4157. BE--WISE
4158. KINDNESS--that--is--SHOWN
4159. WORDS---in---a---POEM
4161. Words--that--are--TRUE
4162. True--WORDS--written
4163. Minnesota--RACCOON--Dog
4164. Peace and happiness
4165. On my cousin jimmys Wisconsin FARM
4166. Remorse and regret
4167. In--LIFE--as--with--the--WEATHER
4168. When someone LISTENS to you NOT
4169. A--MERE--ant
4170. The --SIMPLE --PEACE, --that --a--FLOWER --BRINGS
4171. When someone trys to put you down
4172. My poems of my life living and love are my legacy
4173. Generosity--leads--to--prosperity
4174. Smile--or--frown
4175. A --GENTLE --loving --SMILING --face
4176. Some PEOPLE they CAN. kEEP. On. SMILING
4178. Nobody is any different
4179. WE are ALL trying our BEST to FIND our WAY
4181. Right this moment my mind feels blank
4182. That little grand-daughter of mine
4183. Going--to--the--movie
4184. I am a PEOPLE watcher
4185. A--MOTHERS--LOVING--touch
4186. Its SMOTHERING. To be. Around. Constant. NEGATIVITY
4187. Some may look to me and say that my--KINDNESS--is--my--downfall--and--WEAKNESS
4188. A--BEAUTIFUL--ORCHID--flower
4189. Courtesy --kindness --and --thoughtfulness
4190. When YOU dont SEE any PROGRESS
4191. With some people
4193. When YOU awake
4195. Turn it over to GOD when stuck
4196. Its------EASY--EASY--EASY------to--SLAM--a--DOOR
4197. Sometimes life roads get ROUGH
4198. Sometimes the rain just doesn't stop
4199. The ENERGIES of the UNIVERSE
4200. We all could use a little good NEWS today
4201. I MISS her
4202. i --FEEL--like--i--AM--the FACILILITATOR--and--the--ADMINISTRATOR
4203. Seems like
4204. Nice--one
4205. When another is OFF track
4206. Sometimes
4207. Playing games with a persons heart
4208. Everyday--in--Everyway--Everybody
4209. Doorway to your heart
4210. Some folks their big smile tells it all
4211. G--20--summit
4212. Hold onto your dream
4213. Music--soothes--the--mind--body--HEART--and--soul
4215. Free--Entertainment
4217. Sometimes i dont THINK, i am going to, WRiTE
4218. Everytime im involved with negative talk
4219. CONTINUE--to --SHINE
4220. They both agree
4221. When YOU FEEL your blood boiling
4222. Be silent quiet faithful prayerful and still
4223. If you had your choice
4224. I--think
4225. Just now i had a good talk with my brother
4226. Negative talk
4227. Happiness and glee
4229. The golden silence before the sun arises
4230. It FEELS much better to WRITE about HAPPINESS and DELIGHT
4231. Its easy to be--HAPPY
4232. What to do
4233. In --GODS-- EYES--WE --are --FAMOUS
4234. Sometimes lessons have to be learned
4235. Stand your ground
4236. In times of abundance and pleasure and in times of hurt and loss
4237. The --devil -- trys to get inside of us and disrupt
4238. I write about--my----LIFE--LIVING---and--LOVE---feelings
4239. Some people say
4240. When another they put you down
4241. When you believe in your MIND-SIGHT--that you possibly can achieve
4242. Those that you are around
4243. Always THINK about your GOALS
4244. I--KNOW--what --it --FEELS --like --TO --BE--DISRESPECTED
4245. Some --WISH---to--BE--FAMOUS--and--a--MILLIONAIRE
4246. Arrogance-- and --defiance
4247. Gratitude--with--a--GOOD--attitude
4248. Dependability--and--reliability
4249. SOMETIMES-- TIME --passes --us --by --so --FAST
4250. Lord do you see me
4251. With -GODS- SPIRiT -IN -THEM
4253. Problems that we have to face
4254. Its 111degrees in baker california
4255. A smiling face
4256. I feel the wind at my back
4257. Like night or day
4258. Sometimes--i--write
4259. Fast foods, snacks, and snacks, soda, sweets, and, candy
4260. Everywhere that you go
4262. America from every little bity city, town, and great big city
4263. Cotton ball clouds, in blue skies above
4264. How can we ever really understand
4265. Happy FOURTH,from, sea to shining sea
4266. Duty--courage--commitment--honor--and--bravery
4267. I KNOW the RACE that i am IN
4268. What does it MEAN. To be unpresidential
4269. Food FOR thought
4270. A LOVED ones SPIRIT
4271. Look to NATURE to calm and NURTURE
4272. Listen --TO-- the --birds --sing
4273. A red breasted robin
4274. Sometimes i cant WAIT to get up when i feel DISRUPT
4275. When a person feels used
4276. A. Tiny speck of light
4277. When a person DROPS you like its HOT
4278. Some people their feelings are COLD as ICE
4279. Have you ever given yourself feedback i JUST DID
4280. What can i do what can i say
4281. So TODAY ive written poems of TEN
4282. Its DIFFICULT when we have to PUSH, ourselves to others
4283. Swimming pool
4284. Confusion
4285. Its not easy to be UP, when you feel DOWN
4286. Confidence scale
4287. Have you ever been to any other place
4288. The GREATNESS of ---AMERICA--- for WHICH it STANDS
4289. Hope with a person HAS to stay alive
4290. The universe knows
4291. The waiting game
4292. Learn to APPRECIATE every season
4293. Luck will find you
4294. Visualize. A. Happy. Outcome
4295. When discouraging thoughts creep and seep in
4296. Uplifting--images
4297. Sit with your STILLNESS, calm and quiet
4298. JULY
4299. A GOOD movie
4300. Things, in, your, life, living, and, LOVE, can, become, unraveled
4301. Lessons--TO---learn
4302. Through--PRAYER--SHARE
4303. Sometimes if you tell SOME, people WHAT, you, FEEL
4304. With all peoples they are on --DIFFERENT--LEVELS--ya--KNOW
4305. What is said ---NEGATIVELY,---SHAMEFULLY---and---HURTFULLY-------to---PERSONS--one--or--TWO
4306. BILL--PAY
4307. Stiff and sore
4308. Nothin is ever goin to be perfect
4309. Sixteen--minutes--and--fifty--one--seconds
4310. Peace joy, and happiness
4311. A new day has begun
4312. A new day has begun
4313. Inspiration
4314. Never give up, never quit
4315. Hard work pays, OFF, and practice makes-PERFECT
4316. MATUMAINI--means--HOPE
4317. Relaxin and reflectin, and greatness expectin
4318. Build your, life, living, and, LOVE foundation
4319. My first mile
4320. Steadfast and strong
4321. The GOOD in ALL others SEEK to find
4322. The ocean breeze
4323. Stay positive and focused
4324. When i recieve a compliment
4326. Attitude
4327. Writing POEMS, of HURT and PAIN
4328. Writing for JOY
4329. I know, that i am truly blessed
4330. Sunshine and the BEAUTY of NATURE
4331. Faith and belief
4332. Kind and caring words
4333. Many times people get overwhelmed
4334. Thank you kindly for your friendship and support
4335. Blessed. Memories
4336. Some folks put themselves on a PEDASTAL, so--SELFISHLY--HIGH
4337. Not- too -many -folks -take- the -energy -or -the -time
4338. We --may --think --wish --pray --hope --and --dream
4339. Teen stress
4340. Her gentle LOVING touch
4341. When- a -person --FEELS ---MICRO-MANAGED
4342. One mistake
4343. The RACE
4344. I love to write about happiness
4345. A flowerless plant
4346. Some people they are always trying to pick a fight
4347. Honorable or dishonorable INTENTIONS
4348. She -is -so --BUSY---talking -to -everybody
4349. Sarcasim--negativeness--defiance--angryness----and--deceit
4350. Delightfulness
4351. With simple positivity
4352. Try today
4353. Its appreciated
4354. A little bird softly a chirpin
4355. In poetry we can relate
4356. Stalemate
4357. Choices
4358. Let it GO
4359. Goin outside to walk talk and explore
4360. The INFINATE-- WISDOM--of--the--HEART
4361. One of the HARDEST THINGS to do
4362. We all are HUMAN, and do the best that we CAN
4363. Clear as day
4364. Feeling LOST and SAD
4365. Some people are so so so selfish
4366. When a person says to themself that they dont care no more
4367. A little compliment
4368. Negative energy
4369. Its SO easy for some, to be cuting, and NOT--LOVING
4370. Being around drama
4371. No body else can sway or change us and TELL, us what to DO
4372. With encouragement
4373. When PROGRESS is slow
4374. Waiting for a rainbow to appear
4375. Before you talk PRAY
4376. The WORLD stage
4378. Its the END of the DAY
4379. Everyone, with, everything, is, ALWAYS, in, a, RUSH--RUSH--RUSH
4380. Its the little things that mean the most
4381. We cant wait
4382. We have to believe, that we can WIN, and GREATNESS. AcHIEVE
4383. N-U-T-R-I-T-I-O-N
4384. A special DAY for a FATHER
4385. It leaves a MESSAGE, when folks can AGREE, to DISAGREE
4386. Walking through the dark
4387. At the end of th day
4388. Criticism