My Beliefs Sift through All That Discourages When I am Adjacent To Happiness

I don't know what to write

I dont know what to write


what do I say that would begin to convey these emotions translate feeling into fluid motion
like how so much goes unnoticed, the afterthought moves so quick and you're so slow the melodic
 mood its here then broken our almost full, tipped empty.

Forrest full of living things ignorant to the tracks so many paths of change,
that was then and what will be, you lose yourself in the interim,
what is now I am here cups full of envy
whispering I am whole and you feel so heavy


 good as gone, the moments lost what were you expecting

Stoke the fire & come up burnt saturate the dawn an ashen memory

wanten for color always wanting

pleeding  begging

for more


shook the foundation til it was worth bending

casualties of war not worth mentioning

My dearest love the streets are empty

I only gave you what you came for


hold me back

hold me down

Drown me in my desire to exhale

If the light grows dim let it fail

Im more than ready

to breathe


a spinning chasm

Suffering the final forget me now

feel gravity getting heavy

surrendering to the cold of our summers ending

A fleeting flame flickers in that

Indian September

relenquished quietly

No need to remember

How to breathe


Written by Heather A. Crumley  11/21/2013 copyrights.  






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I don`t know what to write

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