Straight From The Heart

There is no news in this world that already never happened before. Past, Present and Future are all one. What was, what is and what will be are all happening at the SAME TIME.There is no dis-connection, it's a continuation and anyone who thinks otherwise, thinks wrong.
The news is that there is no news.Its made by us, not by the Universe.Let us change the news to good news always, thats the only way this world can survive.
Look out for the next News Bulletin.

If you think that its a mad mad think right.
Can you imagine Writers winning International Recognition writing about tooth brushes held between the breasts of Grandma and people simulated to Cats and Dogs? I can accept Alix Huxley's 'Brave New World' but I cannot accept text which says 'The deformity was a black cat and I put my paw to stroke her fur while she purred...' the writer is talking about a human child, the whole plot is human based. BUT, we are all equated to animals.....
Animals we are....but not Cats and Dogs and Mice and Rats.
Critics are mad, they are pseudo and think that if they do not reward the most UN-understandable script, they wouldn't be appreciated. I really wonder whether the Publishers understand what they are printing!

Treat the disease and not the patient for there is no patient.No one is diseased, they are just sick. Sickness of the soul cuts one off from its higher spirit and its umbilical chord is severed, when this happens, death is inevitable. Treat the soul and not the body for it is the soul that keeps the body and not the body the soul.And yet, when the abode of the soul is defiled and devastated, the souls cosmic connection wanes and its vibrations fall below the level of existence, it is then that the soul decides to leave its worn out and destroyed temple and thats when death of the body occurs. Without the body there is the soul but without the soul there is no body...but a clean body entices the soul to reside longer within its fragrance as it adds its own to the souls. This body is not ours, the soul is.
Message for 2004 is LOVE...LOVE...and more LOVE..., it preserves the soul!It keeps it close to God!

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