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1. how to get rid of man boobs, Obama?
2. this is not the red hot chili peppers but good anyways
3. stipe vs christ
4. long
5. Sarah is great and i love her , silly rabbits
6. so what more can i say
7. about the time i had to get my own rings
8. K hill
9. kelly bonner
10. humming
11. yak
12. kkk
13. cant wait to get out of here
14. us vs them
15. entropy
16. lyrics from a song
17. karen
18. hate my teethe
19. come and watch them multiply
20. New beat
21. rapid eye movement
22. people need people
23. lost my self again
24. d section of the dictionary
25. rumble with my heart
26. pink
27. low
28. she smells like girl taste like poison
29. not as good as the rest
30. series of moments
31. those who know what i dont know refer the yellow, red and green
32. tag me in
33. soma i rot
34. penolpe and george
35. heard things, little bit
36. meat is murder
37. into the arms of love
38. girls are like rugs
39. yell some more
40. brave new blah blah....
41. sonnets come and sonnets grow on trees
42. snatch
43. succumbs
44. foever has nothing on michael stipe
45. all the love in my heart
46. out of time

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