My Everlasting God

 My God, it's only you in my life.
The only True God that's right.

 My loving and righteous God;
Giving me every breath I take;
Even when I make mistakes.

I want to share with the world,
 all I know about you.
No other God will do.

The many loving things you provide,
shows just how much,
for me you care in pride.

I know you'll always be there with an approved nod,  
for me, the world.
My everlasting God.

True to heart your word bought us  together as one;
That's when my real life begun.

Forever, I'll hold you foremost in my heart and mind.
 You're truly one of a kind.

The epitome of Love so true.
Whatever you ask of me,
I will surely do.

Without you, my life means nothing you see.
I realize life without you Jehovah,
there is no me.

In the depth of my heart and soul, you reside.
I take pleasure wearing your name with pride.

For you mean the world to me.
That's why you will always be;
My Everlasting God, eternally.

Inspired By My Loving God Jehovah
By Berine

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My Everlasting God

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