Berine Thompson Welcome To POETRY IN MOTION ************* ********** The poetry you are about to read will be WORDS OF WISDOM, OF THE HEART, MIND & SOUL, THOUGHT PROVOKING, CAPTIVATING YOU! into coming to know, ME!

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A people and the land blessed by Jehovah

Psalms 37:29 The righteous themselves will possess the earth And they will reside forever upon it Hebrew 6:18 in order that, two unchangeable things in which it is IMPOSSIBLE for God to lie A true and long awaited reality, the PARADISE EARTH Jehovah God promised from the beginning of time is very, very near at hand for all those living up to God's requirements. Come, BE THERE! ***Make a book-marker for this site*** Click on "Poetry" to your left to read my poems. Click on "News" to read the latest about my poetry and site. Click on "About Us" for more information about me. Thank You For Visiting POETRY IN MOTION! Please note this site is a COMPILATION of poetry, that was created during various times in my life. Poetry written as a child in grade school to our current time. The collection will not just be adult poetry but poetry specifically for children as well and request personalized Poetry



A promised new earth for the meek where happiness, peace and beauty will permeate throughout all eternity SultryRose's Signatures

Please understand there may be some thing presented in my writes that may catch your attention such as typing in all caps. Poetry in that type set was typed many, many years ago when I was very young. When I first started saving my poetry on disk I used the caps because I did not know anything about typing and I could not type. I found I made less errors when I typed like that. However since then I learned what is meant by typing in caps, though screaming at my readers was never my reasons for using the caps. So if you come across some of my poems typed in that way please know I am aware and when I get the chance eventually I will retype all the poetry that are in caps. Bear with me and please don't take offense.


A heavenly government that will lovingly embrace the entire world of God's righteous servants with love, justice and spiritual prosperity  You will find different levels of maturity and quality in my writes. Please consider the range in time and age in my writes when you critique. Example if you read a poem that sound childish nine out of ten the poem was written when I was a child and if that information is considered when critiquing you may find that write to be excellent for the child I was at that time, yet not considered mature or of the best quality in our current time if the write was thought to be by an adult.


Romans 1:20 For His invisible (qualities) are clearly seen from the world's creation onward, because they are preceived by the things made even his eternal power and Godship so that they are inexcusable


I would also like to state not all my poetry is about me and all my experiences but some are. Some poetry were a matter of request. I have many issues and topics I have written about, however they were requested writes. Most thoughts are expressions of reality in some way. Lots of my thoughts are founded from current events and from Gods perspective. While there are governing factors for the thoughts I express, my soul intentions are always to be encouraging to all. Not just for others to see the need for changes in oneself or life but for me as well. Never is the intent to put anyone down. Sometimes in being honest and dealing with reality and truth it may appear as a put down but please know I put no one down. How can I when I'm no better than the next person no matter who they are or what race of people they are. It's about making positive progress and change in all our lives. That change should be a change that would be pleasing and acceptable to God. After all our lives have no specific color but our lives should reflect God, receiving blessings now and here to come if we are living in the way He requires. (Please consider this info when critiquing)

See The Mightiness of Our God Jehovah! SultryRose's Signatures

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