Riding the Spirits

In my 27 years of life that was my first written "profound"word at the age of 9 in a poem inspired from an essay I had to write.Thus the love of words continued.From many triumphs and trials and a scrap of memory from a book burned there remains this:
I could really learn to like this if I tried.Yet,I have trouble doing this knowing all the undue tears I have cried...
That is honestly where my journey to adulthood really began.My life in a home with a disabled step-father and an imbalanced mother.Was always a challenge.It always left the imagination a very welcome vacation spot.
So, as they empty pages began to fill,my hope did as well.Writing became my spirit.I have been broken down and confused many times but there still remains the possiblity of accomplishment.[I'm still here]
I once believed I would be buried with my work.Leaving all my ideals to the winds.As art became more of my life I realized ,however,that even one person can make a difference.For every locked dorr there is someone somewhere...That holds the key.
Art is my life,writing is my spirit and music is my soul.Thank you for joining me on this journey...

***Afterthought:the stranger was originally written in 1992 and was published once in 1995 in something local here called the VOiCe...It is still a favorite of mine to share publicly to this day***

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