Ping For The King

Pic of Me reading...Jerry,Elvis,Myself and Joey
This picture was taken on July 20,2008.
This was a very special day for me.
I was invited as a guest speaker to another church.
It was to share some of my poems and whatever else God laid on my
heart with the youth group.
There is not words to tell you the joy I felt then and in my
daily walk to lift up my Lord and Savior and to encourage someone
along the way.
After church in the afternoon I went to my sister's house for
both a visit and birthday celebrations,3 in one :-)
This picture oddly enough seemed to have some sort of interference :-)
but I was blessed on this day to share also with my nephews,Elvis,
and Joey,their family and my son.
God has definitely given me a ministry through my poetry,
that as in the world, rap seems to be so popular ...
but most any songs/poems I write can be read in rap style
but giving God the glory and I have had many young people recite
my poems in rap version as well.For what the devil meant for harm,
God can turn around for good.Our words are seeds, and we will reap
what we sow.I am blessed to reap a wonderful harvest due to the words I carefully speak out.As you may know by now,sharing God's word and love fills my heart to overflow!!
Have a blessed day in the Lord!!
Your Brother In Christ; Albert Ping

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